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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A night with friends

group Bearsfan 2018-10-29

What I don’t think Stacy knew was that while we were playing games and stuff Sarah was getting pretty close with me. Stacy and Josh came over to watch our game but were soon bored just watching someone play arcade and soon my wife challenged Josh to a game of pool downstairs and off they went. Then Sarah started rubbing my cock through my jeans every time we cleared a level to go along with the French kiss. Neither of them were making any shots any longer and the shots were beginning to take longer and longer to line up, until Stacy was on the table getting pounded by my best friend Josh.

Dry Spell

group spuddick 2018-10-29

I went back around to Maxwell's other side, out of Karissa's sight. "Come here, Karissa," I said. I guided her hand back and forth, letting the tips of her fingers brush further and further under the towel until I could feel his ass rising beneath them. Karissa's hand began to follow the length of Maxwell's dick, stroking it. Her right hand was passing over Maxwell's rippling abdomen while her left was stroking his cock, almost instinctively. I leaned over the bench, ass still covering Maxwell's face, and took him in my mouth. I kissed Karissa's shoulder, running my hands down her body, clutching her hips, her ass. I took Maxwell's dick into my hands and pressed it into Karissa's pussy.

Working late again

group BarbKann 2018-10-29

I slid my mouth off the cock I was sucking and turned my attention toward the young guy sitting behind me. The guy in front of me pressed my mouth back down on that big head as the cock behind me pressed into my ass. I leaned over just a little and gave it a lick, before he grabbed my head and pressed himself into my mouth. Here I was bouncing on this big-headed cock in my pussy as this guy starts fucking my mouth. The two men continued fucking me for a few more minutes, until I felt the cock up my ass begin to twitch, as he shot his cum in my asshole.


She surprised me

group RCPUDGE 2018-10-29

I got hard immediately, thinking of the sight of Carol's mouth around Mike's cock. Mike watched as Carol went down on my cock.  After sucking me for a few minutes, I noticed Mike's cock had reached full 9 inch erection. Gently, I removed her mouth from my cock and said, " Honey, I want to see you suck Mike's cock." Mike was slowly masterbating as she moved toward him. Carol stood passively on her knees as Mike fucked her mouth I suggested she lay on the sofa and masterbate and I would jack off and cum in her mouth while Mike watched. Mike watched as Carol came to orgasm and I emptied my cum into her waiting mouth.


Swing Set

group BrandyWynne 2018-10-29

Charles cleared his throat and he slowly said, “Both Caty and I have thought long and hard about this and we want you both to do the same. Caty turned back to us and said, “We just wanted to let you know that if you have any interest in sharing a bit more of your life with us, we would love the opportunity. We couldn’t wait for our friends and by the time they arrived in our room, I was riding Jason slowly, moving up and down his lovely cock as his hands grasped my breasts. I heard Caty and Jason kissing behind me and since only one of Jason’s hands was on my hip, I knew where his second was as well.

Tara Catches A Ride To Paradise

group Road_Runner 2018-10-29

After a few draws he offered it to Tara and she just shook her head no, so John passed it to Max, who took several long pulls. She wasn’t sure if sharing the joint had relaxed her or if it was just that these guys were damn good looking, but she could feel herself becoming a little excited by them. Max and John had sat up and took keen interest as Daren and Tara came up from the river. Tara, with her eyes only partly open in pleasure, realized the guys had come over to watch her and Daren. Tara pulled Max closer by his cock and turned her head to take him in her mouth as she continued to stroke John and be fucked by Daren.

MF couple meet a FF couple

group justdoomnow 2018-10-29

To emphasise this point, she spread her legs, scooped out her cum-filled pussy, spread the hot, sticky fluid all over my cock and started to bob her head up and down on my thick member, deep throating me, till I could take no more and spurted deep inside her mouth ....and like a good girl, she never wasted a drop, drinking it all down and looking like she thouroughly enjoyed herslf, licking her lips and smiling contentedly. It got me so turned on watching your cock slide in and out of that girl's mouth, then when you laid her onto her back and started to fuck her, well I came immediately."

A Porn Star Is Born Ch. 01

group sahebji 2018-10-29

Your cock used to become so hard that with her it gave me also lot of pleasure," chachi said, smiling, "Yes, those were the days." chacha said. "Yes, those were the days," chacha said fisting his half erect cock, "but that ungrateful girl had to get married." "Babu, when I heard chacha say that he will fuck us then tears started to run down my cheeks," Amita said to me. "Do din tak pahele tau mujhe maarta phir wohi mujhe chodeta (For the next two days the bastard first beat me and then fucked me)," she said wiping her tears, "then he threw me to his dogs laughing evilly and telling them, "Ab tum log bhi iss kutiya ki choot ka mazaa lo (Now you enjoy this bitch's cunt also)."


Our New House

group DeepImpact4U 2018-10-29

But later I was to find out the true answer, but now it was my turn to fuck her, I climbed on top of her and spread her legs apart and lowered my body onto her. I gave her a deep passionate kiss and rubbed her own pussy juice from my face to hers, this really got her excited. Maria wanted to suck on Julia’s cunt and laid her back on the bed and quite proficiently began to lick her pussy. Yeaaah it’s good sir Glen,” Maria said, then she began to scream. She came hard and I shot my load deep inside her.

Her fantasy not his Part 1

group emz1 2018-10-29

Matt and Mia were taking a summers shopping trip in the local town and being the hottest day so far shorts and a top were a good call, or lack of shirt as her boyfriend revealed his well toned and tanned body to the rest of the world. “Oh this is my boyfriend Matt.” (I mean who could miss the 6ft4 toned tanned topless god, his hand still firmly resting on her left cheek, even she was finding it hard to fight her sexual urges bubbling deep down inside her!) “Thanks Mia, Matt still clothed are we, oh but looks like someone wants to come and come help my smother lotion into Mia, hasn’t she got a great body and where did you get those tits you lucky bitch hehe.”

His Brother's Cock

group RestraintsRequired 2018-10-29

"So I took his huge cock in my hand, fingers barely wrapping all the way around his shaft and started stroking him as I licked his sack that was tensing with pleasure. John walked in front of me stroking his length.  'Go on baby, get that tight ass ready for me to destroy.' Bianca's tongue found my rim and began flicking around. John went over to Bianca, 'get my dick nice and wet for me baby.' My arms began to tremble as I stayed in my position, thinking about the cock my ass was about to consume. Between the moans of John's pleasure from having his dick sucked, and the anticipation, I was about to start begging him to fuck me when I felt his tremendous, hard cock rub against my soaking wet pussy."

Ms Marca / Mother and I Part 3

group MsMarca 2018-10-29

I went forward and up to the second deck to the captains landing and as I came up the last few steps he looked at me and said,   "Oh when you come see me you cover up, but for the other guys you let them see it all!"   "Oh captain that is not the reason I was getting to much sun and I don't want to burn!"   "I know sweetheart just giving you a hard time; your mother told me all about you and she told me what a jewel you are and how close you two have become on this trip."   "She told you we are mother and daughter?"   "Don't worry, you girls little get away week of fun goes no where, I'm not saying a thing, after the way your mother made me feel last night she could ask me for the world and I would give it to her she is something special."   With that I moved next to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek as my t-shirt covered nipples touched his arm and I put my arms around his neck.

A Walk on the Wild Side...

group boo_dreaux 2018-10-29

Another round of drinks and one of the guys leaned in and asked if I'd like to smoke a joint with them. Moving tall-guy onto the bed, onto his back, I knelt and started sucking him with gusto, offering up my ass for short-guy to fuck me doggy style. When he buried himself inside of me and started slowly stroking it in and out, I took tall-guy deep down my throat, almost gagging me in the process. The harder and faster short-guy fucked me, the deeper I sucked tall-guy into my mouth and throat. He had just finished his own climax when I pulled short-guy between my legs, the two of us fucking each other like minks.

A Bisexual Haitian Couple

group Samuelx 2018-10-29

I watched as Stan got down on all fours and Sarah began to lubricate his asshole with some Vaseline. Sarah looked really sexy while fucking Stan with the dildo. I got underneath Stan and sucked his cock while he got fucked by Sarah's dildo. Sarah and I sat on the bed and watched Stan and Albert do their thing. Even though I like women, I will always gasp when I see a good-looking man of any race getting naked. Stan sucked Albert off until the young Black stud came. Sarah obediently got on all fours, shaking her ass at me while watching Stan and Albert. Apparently, Sarah's macho boyfriend loved getting fucked in the ass by a man.


After school activities.

group spiritguide_23 2018-10-29

Want to learn about sex from two older men that know how to treat a woman?" The whole time he had been speaking, he had slowly been leaning into me. His last words were spoken so close to my face that I felt my hair blow in the breeze from it. Mr. Baker let out a moan and moved his far hand to the back of Mr. Brown's head, ensuring that I could still see the action. Mr. Brown had continued his licking and had just began running his tongue around Mr. Baker's head when I looked back down at him. Is he just sucking or is he moving his tongue to, Mr. Baker," I asked as I watched the man beside me begin to bob his head a little faster.

Sandwiched Between Love

group x3holly 2018-10-29

The feel of her large breasts squishing against my own caused a small wave of liquid arousal to slide out of my pussy. Ever so carefully I pulled away from her hold, and expert hands to analyze her body. She watched with wide eyes as her boyfriend's hands slid up my body, finally landing on my tits. A small pout formed on her face as she slowly pulled her dress upwards, allowing her own hands to dance over her body. My fingers dug into my own breasts, causing a loud moan to escape my lips the harder I squeezed. Grunts and profanities were flying out of my mouth like a cheap whore, I couldn't stop sliding back against her fingers, causing the swollen cock within me to jump.

Peter And Jill

group glenda 2018-10-29

Encouraged by her legs parting, Peter began caressing the inside of her thigh, venturing closer to her exposed panties.  Looking down between Jill's spread legs, I could see that Peter had pushed Jill's panties to one side and had two fingers inside her cunt lips. Peter, seeing Jill's advances on me, began to finger-fuck her wet cunt faster and faster. Peter removed his cum-covered fingers from Jill's cunt and placed them on her lips, allowing her to suck on them. I moved my right hand down onto her exposed cunt and gently ran a finger along her wet cunt lips. As we all sat back enjoying our drinks I looked down at Jill's still-exposed cunt lips, still wet with her juices.

Lucy Fucks The Neighbours Part 2 of 2

group bikerbear600 2018-10-29

I started fucking Jane's arse with my finger, Martin matching my stroke with his hand and cock. I looked back under my body to see Jane use her free hand to squirt baby oil on Martin's cock, lubricating it as he continued masturbating against my leg. Jane gently pulled her fist out of my pussy but Martin kept his finger moving in my arse causing my body to quiver every time he pushed into me. Jane sighed and closed her eyes, her face on her hands as Martin slowly fucked her arse for the second time. Jane shuddered and gasped then pulled off Martin's cock, moving up his body and sitting on his face, her clit pressed into his mouth.

Their Little Stut

group CelebritySkin 2018-10-29

I couldn't keep my screams of pleasure in any more, especially since my fantasy was coming true: two older guys fucking me hard and showing me that they knew what to do. I could tell they were both enjoying the fact that I was so turned on, but Tony realised that if I got louder, their wives would hear and we would be caught, so he moved his hand round and placed it over my mouth to stifle my screams. “Let me have a go with your pussy now!” Tony moved round as Mike swam behind me and placed his hands on my boobs and squeezed my nipples. Tony felt me cum all over his cock and fucked me faster as his orgasm came just as intensely as mine.

An Evening With John

group NVMii 2018-10-29

Becky and DeeDee could see my pussy and were watching to see if John could actually fuck me. He lined his cockhead up with my cunt, slipping his cock up and down and then I felt my pussy lips starting to spread. The combination of a stretched cunt, a pounding huge cock, clit sensations and John's weight holding me down, brought on the best orgasm I ever had. I felt John's huge cock pulsing in me, he was pumping cum deep into my pussy and the thought of that plunged me over the orgasm edge again. With Becky kissing me, DeeDee sucking my nipples and rubbing my clit, and John's cock sliding in my cunt, I orgasmed again.

She Made An Amazing Three

group rockinshell 2018-10-29

His rock hard cock deep in my mouth as she sucked on my clit. She began finger fucking me as I started rocking his cock in and out of my mouth. I began slamming my mouth on his hard cock as she began fucking me with her fingers and eating my sweet pussy. I was ready to cum and she knew it, she again clamped down on my clit and slammed her fingers deep inside me as I came all over her lips and deep throated my boyfriends cock once again. I wasn’t real sure what to do to make her feel good, so I just started tasting her, moving up to her sweet clit and taking it in my mouth.

Big City Adventure

group Hottie24 2018-10-29

My mind began to picture her naked, laying back on the bed of our hotel room, while Benny ran his large hands over her pert breasts, fingering her nipples...My body jerked slightly as Benny touched my arm, bringing me back to the present. She bends down and begins to slowly lick my juices I moan at the feel of her tongue her fingers parting my lips until my clit is exposed to her waiting mouth. Watching him as his dick disappears in her sweet hole I slide my fingers down to my pussy, drenched in juices I begin to finger myself, new waves of pleasure shivering over my body as I listen to Sarah moan in pleasure as my husband fucks her stupid.

After the Reception

group pashe196 2018-10-29

While Brad and the bridesmaid loaded the flowers into the back seat of the car, Todd pulled me aside and said, “Steve’s going to be sitting in the passenger seat. After handing her and Todd each a glass, he said, “Well, since I didn’t get enough glasses, Brad and I will have to drink from the bottle. Tom didn’t look happy, but he shrugged and said, “Look, I took her husband by the longest route I could think of, and going back that way he’ll probably wind up in the traffic from the race track. Steve stepped in and pulled Tom away while Todd ran some water into the empty champagne bottle and handed it to her.

Me and The Hockey Team

group emilyadina 2018-10-29

They were all joking around and Troy the captain suddenly said to our goalie Brian, “Dude, you get a shutout and I will find some girl to give you head.” The locker room erupted in laughter, knowing that defeating our rivals with a shutout was nearly impossible. All at once, Nick shoved his cock deep down my throat at the same time I felt a cock head against my pussy lips, slowly rubbing up and down; teasing me. I wasn’t prepared for how big Troy’s cock was, I hadn’t really gotten a good look at it before, but I didn’t need to look now, I FELT it as he rammed it hard and deep inside my pussy, burying his whole length in one thrust.