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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sunshine's Trip

group *Snatch 2017-10-08

The two young men looked at Sunshine then at each other for a second before the taller one said "Thanks, we've been standing here for a long time." Jim moved behind Sunshine and gently pushed her forward onto Alex's chest. She felt her mouth on her clit and moaned loudly as Lucy sucked it hard while the cock pushed deeper into her hole. Another female joined the group fucking Sunshine, she moved to stand at Sunshine's head and took a handfull of her hair to pull her face up so she could lick some pussy. One of the men came over to watch then positioned himself behind Rachael and began fucking her ass while Sunshine licked her pussy.


Carries New Life Ch. 3

group Tom Donner 2017-10-08

Her arms and legs were shackled just as Tom had imagined the woman Carrie had told her about earlier. Tom had to force himself to turn away from the scene to look at Carrie's reaction. I could never think of abusing or humiliating a woman like you see in this video, it's just a harmless fantasy that I use to make myself cum. Carrie turned to him and said "Tom, I want to ask you something and I hope you will give me a straight answer." "Like you said, Tom. It's not real. "Because if that can turn you and your brother on maybe I could have you both together, like in my own fantasy." Carrie replied.


A Soiree in Sarasota Ch. 1

group nobodynosme11 2017-10-08

During work each day, she would lock herself in her office and finger her clean?shaven cunt to thoughts of her swinger pals: Eric, the amazingly gorgeous but short man she's had her eye on (Queenie's heard he has a 10 1/2 inch cock with a 3?inch head); Sue, her shapely best friend with the DDD tits; Harry, Sue's husband, only 8 inches (poor fellow, he's the smallest of the bunch); and Bobby...hmmm Bobby... "Hang on a sec, I dropped something," Queenie said, bending over and giving Derrick a full view of her gorgeous cunt, legs spread open. Queenie jumped into the shower and shaved every inch of her body, started with her long legs, and ending with her pussy.

Luv in Paradise

group sexygurlie 2017-10-08

Well anyways she got in a car accident, and she's gonna need some one there with her to help her out for a week, until her brother gets back from Europe. When they were sitting, Kianna moved closer to Charles and said with gleaming eyes. He felt her hand moving on his legs and it made him jump a little bit. "Well maybe she doesn't have to know what her husband did while she was away." She replied moving her hand farther up his leg. Charles went and sat down next to her, pulling her down to the bed with him. then Kianna got to her feet and gently took the girl in her hands.


group goofballme 2017-10-08

Villette and Stan were getting pretty comfortable, some kissing and fondling a playful splash here and there with each other and Helen and began chatting and getting to know a bit more about each other, and returning some splashes...But soon everyone was ready to head back to camp and start up a fire and get to roasting some marshmallows, not to mention we were in need of some more alcohol. But soon after I feel the warmth of Helens tongue and lips giving me the attention I so badly wanted she pulls away and I realize that I'm not the only one who is getting the pleasure of her magic tongue, she pushes my hand from Villetes' mound and begins to lick and kiss...

The Beach Lover

group barbie2k 2017-10-08

They all three came ashore hand in hand, naked save for sun-bronzed skin, and cast themselves down on the warm white sand a mere few meters away from me. Long black curls spread like a fan on the beach, the tallest of the three lay with her toes still in the sea foam. Then, when a froth had built upon the swelling lips of the exposed labia, the smallest and most kinetic of the three slid a finger deep into that dark cove. No orifice resisted the sea slick-fingers of her companions. She was slick and salty as the Mediterranean, and we rose and fell together as if riding waves at sea.

A Good Hott Meal

group Ed0613 2017-10-08

April undid a couple of his shirt buttons and giggled a little when she said, "Mae, how far do you want me to go?" It was obvious that they both had already had a few drinks. She indicated a chair and said, "You are at the head of the table, Mr. Paris, like the man of the house, April will be over there and I will sit closest to the kitchen." Mae was being troop leader again when she said, "Okay guys, let's have a shower and do it again, only this time I want to be at the head of the table and sit on Mr. Paris' face."

Double Dip

group RejectReality 2017-10-08

Her face a little red, Vanille accepted the necklace and said, "I guess not." She put the truck in park, steeled her nerves, and opened the door. Vanille got over her shock at the beauty of the place and followed Matthew's waved instructions to pull up on a gravel pad with electrical and water hookups. "How's the business?" Vanille asked as she walked to the back of the truck to open the doors. "Looks like you had a good day," Karen remarked as she walked over from her trailer, pointing at the plastic jar full of beads. Having not even noticed Karen walking up, Vanille started and covered her eyes with her hand in embarrassment.


Well... Ch. 08

group Pegleg 2017-10-08

After dinner we all returned to our rooms to change for a night out and having been advised of a quiet respectable place to enjoy an intimate evening I put on a pouch, slacks and a short sleeved shirt while watching Mary slip into a plum coloured thong and matching ¼ cup bra with a little black dress over the top. I wanted it to go on for ever but it never does and as James came all over Ann's face while Brian jetted his offering over her bum, Mary took me from Tanya's mouth and with final words of encouragement pointed my prick at her and said, 'drown her in your cum darling, drown her for me now'.

THE f****y "Caught In The Act"

group JaxsonCurry 2017-10-08

Tammy took his cock quickly and pushed her light skinned face down over his dark "I like the way your cock feels in my hand, Dad." Roni whispered to him. Dan cock pulsated in Roni's mouth as jet after jet shot hot cum Tammy let a long low moan escape from her mouth as Connie's hands took her cues. Connie heard Tammy ask her if her fingers felt good playing with her milk, suck my nipples hard." Connie pressed her fingers tighter around Tammy's Roni pumped the last drop of cum from her dad's cock as he pulled into Roni quickly sat up and stuffed her dad's cock into his pants and Before retrieving her hand, Connie gave one of Tammy's large breast a light

Au Pair

group silverace1 2017-10-08

When he found that magic sensitive pad and started to rub it while he sucked on her clit, Elsa exploded in an orgasm like she had never experienced and her mouth left Mandy's cunt long enough for her to scream out as she sprayed Eric's face and hand with her tasty cum! As she lay there, her ass still high in the air and her head resting on Mandy's thigh, She felt Eric's cock at the soaking entrance to her pussy so she moved her mouth once again to Mandy's clit and curled her own three fingers upwards to her boss's special spot.


Good Evening

group diversions44 2017-10-08

John led Vince to the bar while Laura and Cara headed to the kitchen. Cara watched as Laura dipped her fingers in her wet pussy and then placed them on Vince's lips. Laura held Vince's cock at an angle and guided it into Cara's well-fucked pussy. Oh,YES!" Vince said, briefly lowering his face from Laura's snatch to look through at his wife's pussy sliding on his cock. She watched as a woman's hand reached around, grabbed the cock and guided it into Cara's mouth. She could feel another orgasm building between her legs, but she couldn't moan because her mouth was full of cock and her head was being held firm by Laura's hands.


Portia's Birthday Gift

group Moked Out 2017-10-08

Right about the time she got her wits about her enough to tell my wife I was standing behind her I 'gave Aunika a shush sign' and grabbed my dick and pointed to my wife's lewdly spread legs and then motioned for her to push her head back down into her pussy so that I would have better access to her up turned ass. My wife's embarrassment and angriness really sent her over the edge; I came inside of her twice as I held her shuddering body against my still hard dick for ten minutes straight as Aunika was still laughing at her while she played with herself one handed and jiggled and teased Portia's breast with her other; Portia went delirious on us.


It Takes Two, But Three's Better

group Bri the bi 2017-10-08

Cassie intended to go pantie free, and as she entered the kitchen drop something, bend down to pick it up and give Carl an eyeful of her pussy. "Finally, you notice," Cassie laughed as she spread her legs wider, "I've been trying to get you to see all night." she continued as Carl slipped a digit inside her moist cunt. "Yes, Steve, fuck me while I suck this monster." Cassie panted, before planting her mouth over Carl's cock again, this time taking as much as she could without gagging. At the same time, I felt Carl in her vagina jerk hard and spill his second load into the rubber separating him from my wife's cervix and cunt.

A Long Weekend Pt. 04

group bonnyg 2017-10-08

"Yeah, but Jane says we don't have to be too early...we've got all night" She kissed him again and rose to walk to the bathroom "I'm having a shower and getting changed." Steve watched her through his still sleepy eyes, her naked body silhouetted by the bathroom light from the darkened room. Sarah whispered and chuckled "Those boys are quite buff though wouldn't say no!" She watched Steve light his cigarette and then they both looked deep into each other's eyes, knowing that even though she teased him incredibly, they both loved each other. Sarah squeezed her other hand and looked seductively at Steve, seeing his eyes widen, mouth open, gasping silently, as she parted her legs for him, sluttishly wider.


Welcome to America

group firemoon 2017-10-08

Elise gave me the hotel information and phone number then moved close to hold my hand, brushed my face with her velvet smooth cheek and blew moist hot kisses on my neck as she breathed in my scent and I hers, her breast nudged mine, the heat of her hip warmed mine, and sent chills through my body. He pulls my hips down on him and I feel his hot, hard penis deep inside me, Elise moves one hand to my erect clit and rubs quickly, “Come on, lovely, It’s okay to cum.

Tomorrow Knows

group why4u 2017-10-08

Sandy started to have a massive body spasm and I pulled out her ice cock she tried her best to squeeze her legs closed but I wasn't moving, she begged me not to do that again and before she could say anything else I pushed it back in with a quick smooth thrust I was deep in and out again and Sandy had lifted her ass up off the couch I licked and sucked her pussy warming it up and Sandy couldn't speak but laid there moaning and I was sucking her pussy again I gave her the ice again and again, and I as sucked her clit she came again in my mouth.

Summer 1971: Second Slice

group davidwatts 2017-10-08

"Well, if you keep looking at me like that you gonna make me horny" Angela said matter-of-factly. "He don't care Davy, because he's not much of a pussy eater anyway" Angela said, and then yelled "Hey Dominic! I was in the hands and mouth of an expert and as I felt my cock tense and tingle, Angela knew what was about to happen and so she took me out of her mouth long enough to say "Look at me Davy." I looked down as Angela began stroking my cock slow and hard using both her hands, her fingers running roughly over the head and pointing it just inches from her face. "Looks like another shower for me" Angela said and then hollered at Dom to save her some hot water.

The Tales of the SS Fountain of Youth Ch. 3

group PeterR 2017-10-08

Roy got on his knees and started to lubricate Heather, with his saliva, while she had Jack in her mouth, getting him ready for later. They walked back to their hot tub, lied down and spread chocolate syrup over Delilah's body and added raspberries, using the syrup to hold the berries in place. Starting with her neck he licked his way to each nipple, and was rewarded by watching them get erect and eating the raspberry and chocolate as a reward. She kissed Patrick and started to lick off the chocolate, getting rewarded as she ate the berries around his nipples and watched him shudder. Feeling his balls starting to tighten, Delilah took his shaft into her mouth, licking off the chocolate, and eating the berries at the same time.

Naked and Fruity

group Learningfast 2017-10-08

She felt her mind go blank with pleasure, her body was suffused with delicious sensations, her clitoris and her vagina were both pulsating, her mouth was dry, inside the blindfold her eyes were crushed close shut as the orgasm possessed her. Four of the men came and lifted her onto the double bed, whilst Malcolm took the blindfold from her eyes and her shoes from off her feet, with the trailing remains of her stockings. The man felt up between her lips and popped two fingers into her vagina, opened them slightly, and an even greater volume of fruit juice and pulp came from her.


An Orgy in Venus Villa Ch. 04

group kinkydreams667 2017-10-08

"Ahhhhh....hmmmm..." The black man grunted, camera zoomed in, as his shining ass muscles clenched, huge sack of bull like swollen balls was hitting furiously with whacking sound on widely open cunt lips of the woman he was fucking in grotesquely stretched brown rimmed anus. His dick was rock hard, after so long, and it would not be too daring to take it out and pump, as no one would be coming in this heavy rain and he could hear the ring of lift to pull his shorts up, if at all disturbed by the caretaker, delivery man or a chance visitor.

Temporary Girlfriend: Christmas Holidays Ch. 03

group Romantic1 2017-10-08

While we were having coffee after dinner with Carl, Katelyn, Doug and Beth, I moved around the table and pulled another chair up so I could be near Josh. After Doug took our two glasses, Carl came and took the tray to the other end of the long sofa so he could serve Beth. I turned to Doug and started to massage his cock, slowing masturbating him as I held Beth's neck to my face for another kiss. I liked Beth's taste and Carl didn't seem to mind my cleaning him up -- in fact he was more than cooperative and kissed me whenever my lips and tongue got near his mouth.


Saturday Job with a Difference Ch. 02

group LucyCanyon 2017-10-08

Without giving Cal too much warning I slipped my mouth slowly back off, my tongue flicking away at the sides and head of his cock as it made the return journey and finally left it free, hard, erect and throbbing, desperate for relief. Before he could consider this further I handed him the last item and it was something he had seen before - the black latex knickers Lucy had been wearing when we started this game the first time Cal was here. Cal's fine cock was standing erect for much of the time and I could feel myself getting well lubricated, my pussy lips opening slightly as the juices began to flow at the thought of the control I was having.


A Beach Story Ch. 01

group Tommy50 2017-10-08

The two women got along great and we had lunch together at a small restaurant on the beach but the day ended and we said our good-byes and left for the day. They were talking and I was really listening but I overheard something like "yes" and "that would be good" and "if you don't mind" and then Mary said to me "I'm going back to Lisa's room to see what it looks like, so you stay here and keep an eye on our things". I got in the water before the people on the beach started to stare and Mary was right behind me. Lisa went to her room and packed a small bag and we packed up our beach stuff and about 5:00 we all got in the car and headed to our hotel.