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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Just One More Time

group saustin5432 2017-10-08

Clara replied about an hour later with a brief e-mail detailing that she really wanted a hot guy to escort her to a party that her husband thought she was skipping. "I thought it might help if I lubed you up a little," she said as she sat full back into her seat, leaving her breasts exposed to my wandering eyes. "Your dick looks good being stroked like that," Clara said. Let's not make it worse by getting into a fight," Rick said as he turned and walked over to a group of friends leaving Clara alone again. "What are you doing you stupid bitch?" Rick said and Clara pulled another, thicker leather strap from under the chair and slapped him across the mouth.


Marriage Spice Pt. 02

group JimBob47 2017-10-08

Shortly after James left to meet his friend at the gym, Louise arrived home, not expecting to find some kinky new underwear and a note that would instantly get her heart racing and her pussy begin to get slightly wet at the thought. The all stood at the end of the bed, switching sides this time, Louise proceeded to raise a leg beside the unknown stranger that had been helping her husband fuck all her holes tonight. She felt her husbands familiar hands cup her ass cheeks to help hold her up while he delicately bent his knees slightly to line up his own hard member with her puckered rear entrance and slowly straightened, easing it into her tight rectum.

Surprise from Erik

group Sinara 2017-10-08

And my face, with my smooth skin, snub nose and huge brown eyes looks like the face of a little girl, so this nickname stayed. I wouldn't like to go to a party, so we planned to meet at my place to drink some beer with Erik, chat about guys and chicks, acquaintances at our university and watch some porno movie just for fun. Lame was so old, that it was imaginable that he wouldn't notice if one of his students wasn't in ecstasy because of his lecture, but because of someone other's hand in her panties, even if they were sitting in front of his table.


Flight Moves

group radtea 2017-10-08

The blonde flight attendant--mustn't call them stewardesses these days--had just passed forward and I watched her nicely rounded ass sway until she stepped through the curtains separating us working folks from first class. I don't know how it happened, but the door must have snagged on the curtain somehow, so when I opened it I stepped not into the cabin but into the flight attendant's area behind. The blonde must have liked what she saw, because she slipped quickly through the curtain and just as quickly shed her skirt and panties, lifting herself up onto the stainless steel countertop that formed the back wall of the cabin. If the brunette noticed any of this she gave no sign, and I contorted my body to bring my face down between the blonde's open legs.

A Night at the Movies

group PhxSexFiend 2017-10-08

I licked her pussy while I fucked my wife while she sucked a stranger's cock. As the guy pulled out of my wife's mouth the woman stepped back and knelt down, sticking her pussy over my wife's face. As the guy pulled out the mystery woman lowered her pussy directly over my wife's mouth and the man's cum dripped directly into my wife's waiting mouth. My wife began bucking her hips up against my cock, still buried in her pussy. I began pushing my cock into my wife's pussy. When I pulled out of my wife's pussy, his cock buried itself inside me once more. My wife who was watching the action as she sucked another cock began moaning loudly and shuddering in a massive orgasm.

Living With a Goddess Ch. 06

group WellHungNerd1 2017-10-08

"Actually," I said, leaning across the bar and looking the woman right in her eyes, "I'd love it if you sucked my cock." "Is that what you want, sir?" Megan asked, looking up at me with that pretty face, framed by her flowing auburn hair. Megan's pale blue eyes lit up in excitement, and a flicker of a smile flashed across her face, reminding me of the sort of face Violet made at moments like this, when my plan became clear to her. The woman began frantically moving her hands, jacking me off between her breasts with incredible speed, the fire of arousal in her eyes as she stared, open mouthed, at the sight of my cock disappearing again and again into her soft, pillowy flesh.



group SexyNoises 2017-10-08

It throbbed in my hand and I moaned softly as I read how she'd tell him to put his big cock in my ass and fuck me like I needed and wanted. Sarah had said she could just hear our moans of pleasure as Bill fucked his hard cock deep into my ass. He told Sarah that I now had his cock in my mouth and she asked how it felt. After teasing me a little more with his fingers he slowly pulled them out and I felt his hard cock on the crack of my ass. Sarah was told that he now had his cock in my ass and we heard her whimper on the phone.

A Natural

group SoftShoulder 2017-10-08

While Houston and Marti are kissing, Howie moves his wet fingers away from her body. Marti strokes her breasts and cries out, "Ah, I'm cumming again – can't stop – Oh fuck!" With that, Houston pulls out the vibrator and goes down on Marti's pussy, sucking up her juices and thrusting his tongue into her puss. He can't help himself -- he teases her clit and plunges his tongue into her cunt – "Oh so tight and juicy wet, Marti." He tenderly pulls apart her pussy's lips and carefully inserts the soft oval box into her. Baby, that feels good!" Cara continues to watch Houston's vigorous finger fucking of Marti.


Full Service

group Larry Taylor 2017-10-08

Late one night with no customers in sight, I was drooling over some imaginative fuck pictures and stroking my eight-inch cock under the counter when a very expensive foreign car pulled into the only full-service bay. He pulled on the leash until my cock met her throat, then slackened it and said in a hoarse whisper, "Now suck him off." When I gazed down at my beautiful fellatrix, I could hardly believe my eyes. Late at night, when I feel that I am the only person in the city who is not in a warm bed, stroking my cock to pass the time, I glance toward the full-service bay, hoping to see a big, shiny black car pull up to the pump.

An Evening In

group newtolit72 2017-10-08

At this point Brett walked around the corner of a large DVD display stand and saw the sexy woman at the checkout counter. Brett, Todd, and Derrick all looked at each other, and the word vibrator became a hot word that suddenly caused each of them to stir with the thoughts of Megan using the vibrator all alone. By the time she got off the phone the man behind the counter had already rung up her purchase of the DVD, so Megan paid for the movie and headed out the door. Brett moved up to the head of the bed as well, so that he was now on the other side of Megan with his hard cock sitting just inches from the face fucking that Todd is giving her.


Oliver's Lesbian Surprise

group SarumBoy 2017-10-08

As Naomi moaned with pleasure, Francesca withdrew her hand and moved down her body, planting her face between Naomi's legs. Though scarcely five minutes had passed since Oliver had shot his load over Naomi, he felt his cock hardening at the sight of these two beautiful women immersed in pleasure. Naomi stared at the sight of Oliver's shaft moving in and out of Francesca's pussy; from where she sat she could see very detail of the veins on his cock. She looked up at Francesca's breasts bouncing up and down in time with Oliver's thrusts; then further at her face, eye's closed in ecstasy has his massive shaft filled her pussy again and again.

Ron's Journal 05

group Hypoxia 2017-10-08

I let my day-worker friends talk me into going to a bar/club one night, the Holy City Zoo. We had been smoking opium. They had visited MariLyn and me in San Francisco the previous spring, staying only a few short teasing days. And that is how I found myself pedaling a 3-speed fat-tire girl's bike down Canyon Road and around the Santa Fe Plaza with my guitar on my back, maybe with bags of food in the big front basket. I learned they lived on a small farm near the Finger Lakes in upstate New York and were heading home from a trip to San Francisco, where they had stayed with one of Nancy's old lesbian lovers.


What Happens in San Diego...

group ArdentHemingway 2017-10-08

Once the door closed behind them, Candie pulled her cover-up off over her head, threw it over her shoulder, struck a pose, and said, "I'm going to take a shower; would you like to join me?" My shorts were off before she had taken three steps toward my part of the suite. She broke our kiss only to whisper dirty thoughts into my ear, "oh yes, fuck me, I love the feel of your big hard cock buried deep in my pussy, I want to feel you fill me with your come, oh that's so fucking good, my pussy is so wet for you, I love the feel of your hands on my ass".


4 Wide Screen New Year's

group Cactus34 2017-10-08

Her cough is much better." He took a sip and looked to Arno.

"Marita went on a photo shoot to Mount Shadow Ski Resort. Errol, Kyle and Zach are all here." 
Suddenly Marita's nose and one eye filled the 120 cm screen. Involuntary yummy noises came out of me as Marita welcomed Cindy and Akiko with laughs and hugs. The willowy brunette Cindy and the cute little Japanese Akiko doffed heavy white terry cloth robes a hotel provides for heading to the pool. Cindy and Marita leaned in for a closer inspection of Akiko's exposed quim. Errol pointed and giggled, "Look at Cindy watch Marita. "No." Akiko and Marita's faces looked to be touching Cindy's suntanned butt.


A Fantasy Lived

group sarah_kitten_2003 2017-10-08

Her nipples became hard under his smouldering gaze and she could already feel her cunt moistening, ready for whatever cock would be inside that particular place. She felt a warm glow come over her as he started to slide his cock in and before she knew it he was fucking her ass so deeply she screamed in pleasure. The feel of his cum inside her led her to orgasm and as her cunt spasmed around the first mans aching cock he came inside her too. Still being fucked in both her ass and her cunt, she continued to suck her boyfriends cock as the glow from her orgasm washed over her.

Three's Company Ch. 02

group Raymone 2017-10-08

Sheryl 's hands are squeezing her ass as she helps Cindy grind her pussy into her face. "Oh shit!" I moan from the sensation of having my cock sucked and stroked then suddenly bitten when Jill licked Sheryl 's ass. Cindy is sitting up grinding her pussy into my mouth then leans forward trying to kiss Sheryl but she is too busy sucking my cock and rubbing my balls. Jill has moved over to Cindy and they are lying in each other's arms watching me feel Sheryl 's pussy. Sheryl obliges moving her face to Jill's wet pussy, spreading her lips with her fingers and exposing her swollen clit. She licks and gently sucks Jill's clit as her head rolls backwards as she tightens her legs against Sheryl 's face.


Just Dessert

group heathermonaco 2017-10-08

You fill my throat with hard flesh, and I look up at you as I slide the tip against the back of my throat, across the soft washboard of my palate, until I'm sucking only on the tip, my tongue circling and lapping it inside my closed mouth. I plunge you back inside, swallowing you up, sucking and lapping at you with each stroke, then circle your cock with my fingers, twist and push down, listen to your moan mingle with her moans, and notice that her breathing has changed, and that he is inside her, his long, thick cock pressing against her other sweet spot.

The Teachers Tale Part Two

group VintageKnickersLover 2017-10-08

What he then made him realise that this was the actual surprise, Julie was a transsexual, he wasn't sure what amazed him most, that such an attractive girl was now sporting a large and very hard cock or Harriet's hunger to take it so readily into her mouth? "James darling, I have let her fuck me in my cunt and my arse and believe me if you like a finger in your bum, and most men do, you will just love her cock in there, c'mon sweetie, you have come so far finish the course with me?"

Private Show Ch. 01

group nakedskin2000 2017-10-08

She looks up at me and says, "Julia wants you to participate but you have to wear a raincoat and you can't cum in me, ok?" I get between her legs and start to lick her pussy all the while wishing you would come out from hiding spot and take her place. She slips a raincoat down to me and moans, "Fuck me for Julia. I put the raincoat on and slam my cock into her pussy without ceremony. While kissing me you grab my still hard cock and slide it into your wet pussy. Our kissing becomes moans and grunts,"Uh Uh, Oh my love, fuck me baby!" You begin to moan, "Oh Clint, fuck my pussy, fuck me baby.

The Blowjob Booth

group DetectiveWhite 2017-10-08

"How about you forget about my itty-bitty little episode of speeding and I'll give you a really good cum-swallowing blowjob?" The pretty blonde girl in the white jeep cheerfully suggested. Officer Bannnister turned the bright, glittery card over and read "Blowjob Booth Employee Kristi." Below was a small, amusing cartoon of a smiling, nude brunette sucking an over-sized penis on her knees. It sounds like you're sucking dick...are you giving a blowjob right now when you should be getting ready?!" Kristi tried valiantly to not sound irritated. You should see this cock I've got in my hand now..." Jordan's mouth gave a long, wet sucking sound as she sucked the aforementioned penis over the phone for Kristi to hear.


Willing Sacrifice

group Araw 2017-10-08

But Maia-seh was strong and healthy, and she walked with great dignity as is fitting for a holy woman. To their right, all the unmarried women formed a somewhat shorter line, and to their left Maia-seh and Asbjorn Freysgodi would stand. He looked at her and said, "Maia-seh, for longer than many of us have lived, your body has preserved the Pact and Freyja's peace. Then a huge grin spread on her face, she ran to Asbjorn and hugged her young husband and kissed him, before taking the place of the godi's wife at his side, smiling from ear to ear. "We thank you for your sacrifice, Sigrun of the Lake People." Then he looked at the lined-up men and grinned.


Belinda's Last Adventure (Continued)

group jpscorp 2017-10-08

As I worked on convincing my wife to let me stay in Vegas for a few more days, my cock was getting hard at the sight of Belinda laying naked on the bed smiling at me. One little mexican guy,obviously tired of stroking himself, pushed past the rest, climbed on top of Belinda and started fucking her tits using the puddle of wet cum recently shot on her as lube. As for Belinda, I know I gave her the thrill of her life during her last days and I can appreciate what she experience because since I've been in this place, I have had more hard cocks in my ass and mouth than I can count.

New Horizons Ch. 1

group Bob Peale 2017-10-08

She was wearing her usual "going to get her hair done" outfit, jeans and sweatshirt, but today she felt a little self conscious about it - after all, technically she was going to a "spa". Someone in Houston or Dallas or Austin (the place changed every time she heard the story) had come up with the idea; outfit a monster Winnebago like a day spa and travel between a group of small towns on a regular schedule, bringing "big city pampering" as the slogan went. He wasn't any taller than her (5'6"), with shocking white hair cut a little long for her tastes, a round, soft jaw and full lips.

Lee's New Apartment Ch. 03

group unexplored_worlds 2017-10-08

It was no surprise to Lee that Matt was snapping photos of his fuck with Rob; he was now working on a side project with a few friends of his, a queer sex blog. Matt got in front of them, spread Lee's legs, and took a photo of the two of them, mid-fuck, Lee's swollen cock peering out between Rob's fingers, blown up tenfold on the big flatscreen. When he came in for a closeup Lee took Matt's cock in his hand and started stroking it; it was fully stiff and it jumped at Lee's touch. Rob fucked faster til he came; then Matt increased his pace, sliding in and out of Lee's dripping wet hole as he came too; then he worked Lee's cock with his fingers until Lee came a third time.