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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

What Really Happened Ch. 01

group jpearce21 2017-10-08

When Carrie pushed Michael from between her legs and got onto her knees, demanding a proper rimming, Kelly became so turned on she stripped her satiny panties from under her long t-shirt and used them to rub her clit. While Alicia panted like a slut on the living room carpet, her sweats and panties wrapped around her knees and her oozing cum coating the thick hairs of her pussy, Kelly pulled her fingers from herself, left the panties stuck into her and descended into the basement. When the sound of Michael's cock slapping into Kelly's pussy became wet and squishy from the flood of cum she released, Carrie gripped her shoulder and picked her up with the finger in her asshole, tossing her aside effortlessly.

First bi Threesome MMF

group ccrlover1 2017-10-08

After my ex and I swapped with Ron and Jessica a few times Beth said she did not want to do it anymore. When Jessica took her next turn she pulled a wild card and I thought, I hope she wants me to play with her. She leaned over and took my dick in her mouth and it felt so great I didn't know how long I could last, especially thinking about how good Ron's cock had felt in my hand. Jessica took my cock in her mouth as Ron watched and then leaned down and licked my balls. Even though the feeling of Ron still sucking my cock was intense I kept licking Jessica's clit and soon she came again.

Bonfire Fairytales Ch. 03

group GreyGoose 2017-10-08

So Katie says to me, 'Really Julie, you should let him massage your legs—he's really great.' Playfully, I kicked my legs over to Josh's lap telling him to give it his best shot." Sara giggled as I slid my hands up under her right knee, feeling, I hoped, the same kind of pleasure Julie described. At first I fought with myself not to feel sexual pleasure at the touch of another woman, but when Josh followed Katie's lead, I gave up the fight and simply let myself enjoy the touch of both their hands. Julie knew exactly what she was doing, and she watched with devilish pleasure as my hands feasted upon the tender sinews of Sara's long, sleek legs.


Traveling for Pleasure Ch. 2

group alexandraaah 2017-10-08

When I came out into the room, Miles looked me up and down and said, “Well, Alex, you just look good enough to eat.” I blushed and Veronica slapped him lightly and called him a flirt. The scene was so hot that I leaned my head back and heard myself saying “oooh, I like that.” Miles had positioned himself on the bed now and continued to watch the scene unfold. Miles told me to put one finger in her pussy and tell him what it felt like. He slowed down his stroking and said, “Alex, would you like Veronica to get you off?” I could barely speak. I felt my own flooding juices and, keeping my hand in my vagina, said “I’m very, very wet Veronica.”

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 42

group SteveWallace 2017-10-08

Sheila showed me a photo that Elsa texted that showed her hostess, Greg's wife Kim, riding Sean's cock as Pam kissed her and held one breast pulling the nipple out from her body in a way she explained was highly arousing. How would I react if Pam wanted to go off with some guy for a long weekend, and I knew they'd be fucking up a storm the entire time? Sean asked a prudent question, "Do you want Elsa and me associated with the project or to recuse ourselves because of our relationship with you?" We girls had a buzz about the idea of building a house somewhere, and at work Sean, Greg, and I were excited about the new business such a project might bring into the firm.

Private Lingerie Shopping

group sirhugs 2017-10-08

She then released the mounds, only to delicately run a single finger along the lacy top of each bra cup, the tips reaching under the edge to rub Paige's bare flesh. Eva had stepped aside, her shoulder still brushing Paige's arm, her hand still on my wife's hip. Without further warning, Eva tugged me forward using my cock as a handle, and drove my manhood deep into my wife's wet waiting willing cunt, so quickly that I almost had my hand trapped inside, and I did feel the shaft rub along my wrist. I looked down at Eva then, and noticed that somehow, a couple of buttons had come undone, so that her blouse had fallen free from her tits, exposing those delicate pink nipples to my gaze for the first time.


The Dateless Drones

group WayneGibbous 2017-10-08

I stroked him for a few minutes as everyone slowly did themselves, then I asked, "Lois, Anna, either of you want a turn on Dan?" and Anna traded places with me as she put one hand around his shaft and the other up over his cock, to rub her palm over the crown on circles. "You're a nice girl to have around," Dan said and she replied, "Well, we pretty quickly got the boys to start doing us and then went to oral so it was more a two-way street." "Dan called and said he was bringing a new guy, Rich, and I told him, he better tell him before he comes through the door that we're all naked inside," Mary told our forming group.


Retirement Home Gangbang

group ECHoney 2017-10-08

I went back to the nurses station and starting doing some work but I couldn't stop thinking about all those hard cocks. No one else was here that would catch me if I did anything, even if these men tried to brag about it who would believe them, this was the last day I be working here so what would it matter and I couldn't get the sight of their cocks out of my mind and wanted to get fucked. "Is this what all you men want to see?" I opened my nurses smock and let it drop to the floor revealing to them my big tits, round butt, shaved pussy and white stockings.

Orientation: Beach Day

group Emoihei 2017-10-07

"Chloe, Wendy, Grace, thanks for volunteering to demonstrate the next game!" Emmett smiled brightly as the girls groaned. Chloe looked up at him innocently, "But it's for Wendy, she forgot to bring along her medication." She squeezed her arms inwards, pushing her breasts together and forcing Emmett's eyes down her cleavage. Wendy gave one last look at Chloe and Grace before following Emmett. "Oh yeah Chloe, suck my balls." Emmett looked down at the sight of two of the hottest girls he'd ever known and he took them both by their hair, moving Grace's head faster, up and down his cock, and positioned Chloe's mouth at his balls.

An Unexpected Companion to Mexico

group Brian6588 2017-10-07

Her large breasts pressed against my chest was getting me worked up as I felt my cock starting to get hard. Before I could get started Mary looked down at the bulge in my pants and said, "I can tell you like what you see." I didn't want to cum to fast so I pulled out and held my cock in my hand and rubbed it against her clit. As the end of the night drew near and we were leaving the dance floor Krista turned me towards her and said, "Thanks for bringing me Brian" and planted a big kiss on my lips. Patting the bed Krista said, "Want don't you take those off and join me to see you are as good as Mary says."



group bobafettshelmet 2017-10-07

The thought fired up my imagination and that night while we slept, I dreamed of her getting all three holes of her filled by a pair of eleven muscle-bound hunks, all of them fucking her either one at a time or DP-ing her, shooting their cum inside her pussy or over her face and body. They laid Sarah on the towel on the floor and the boys elbowed and shoved and cursed at each other before another point man jack-knifed between her legs and first beat the head of his prick against her pussy walls before inserting it into her wetness. When it came time for the crowning moment, they laid Sarah on the towel and surrounding her, each man stroked his cock like cowboys loading their guns, getting ready to a frenzied showdown and then unloaded their laden ammo all over her.

Mid-Life Oasis Ch. 03

group meddlesome 2017-10-07

Jill cleaned him thoroughly and when she finally took her mouth off of his cock, she gave him a huge smile that was obviously genuine. Jill was having some trouble taking it into her throat and she rightfully gave up and started to work his whole cock using her hands and mouth in tandem. After about a minute, she licked the whole monster clean and Trip was patting her head and calling her a good little slut over and over as his head rolled around in agonizing pleasure. Once we had a little time to digest, I called Jill up top and told her to start working on our cocks as we sat.


Nobody Has to Know

group Archer2050 2017-10-07

Eva stopped moaning and made a look like she was going to say something to me, but I guess she couldn't think of what to say. Looking at her, Eva's hair was still wet, but her skin was dry, which meant they'd been out of the shower for a good amount of time, but not long enough for either of them to have worked up a sweat. And as I saw Eva pull her lips off Patrick's dick, leaving it hard, throbbing, and coated in her spit, I realized that those were the best orgasms I ever had, too. Patrick opened his eyes and looked down before I could even realize what Eva had said.


Sometimes Dreams Come True

group bindmetotruth 2017-10-07

She started to dream of being a far away place being pampered by several good looking men, moaning with delight as they feed her, rubbed her skin, spoiled her and kissed her. He just looked at her at first kissed her deep and the moved his manhood so close to her, he used his own hand to guide it into her mouth and she suck and licked and devoured him. Shook with every drop and when he removed his cock from her mouth he smiled at her leaned down and kissed her hard. When he stopped kissing her and moved away she watched until she felt him pick up her head and lay it in his lap.

The Long Road To My First BBC part four

group proudman2 2017-10-07

Without hesitation I dropped into position and with my apparently very talented tounge sucked his completely flaccid cock into my fuckhole mouth. I didn't have any time to relish the moment because I now realized that there was a very hard cock pointed at me from the opposite side of my booth. "For starters I really need a butt plug and a large dildo in order to get my virgin boipussy in shape if I intend to be back tomorrow night. But then one of the men said "wait I want to buy you something special" " pick out one of those little skimpy dresses". As I was walking across the lot with butt plug in tight on my toes and my hips swaying slightly a couple of new customers began to approach me.

Teachers Pets

group coastwatcher 2017-10-07

John had his hand on Mrs. D’s lower back and I was massaging the back of her neck which caused her to closer her eyes and let out a soft moan. Well I was starting to feel left out so I got up and moved behind her, placing my hands on her hips as I pressed my body and very hard cock against her. Mrs. D looked a little disappointed for a second but she got over it quickly as John continued his tongue assault on her pussy. As John finally got up and removed his cock from her pussy, I am sure she thought she was going to get a rest at that point but I had other plans for her.

Dress Sexy Ch. 02

group kielmarch 2017-10-07

Somewhere in his mind he smirked thinking about fucking Susan while watching another woman suck her man's cock. I wonder how she will like sucking his cock while watching you get fucked," he purred. Thoughts raced through Susan's head even as Gray pushed her back down to his throbbing cock. "Hell yes....suck my cock Suze," Gray muttered interrupting her thoughts. Susan had to know so she turned slightly, never letting Gray's cock go far from her lips. As she was about to question, she felt a hand grab the back of her head and force her deeper onto Gray's cock. She licks Sharon's shaven pussy and moans - Mark has started putting his cock in her ass.

ABCs of a Threesome

group kimbelina 2017-10-07

Watching myself in the mirror, remembering her standing behind me in the small fitting room, I let my hands explore my body, tracing the lacy fabric and the skin beneath it, my nipples hardening and my clit pounding as I felt the warmth grow from within. Alex never failed to push my buttons, but there was something about being with another woman, with her soft hands, gentle touch, and tits pressing against mine as we kissed, that brought me to an altogether different level of pleasure. I knew that the touch of his tongue would send me over the edge too quickly, so I gave only his fingers access to my pussy and clit, while I sucked and kneaded Chelsey's tits.

NEW CRUISE 04/15/17 to 04/23/17

group down-onu 2017-10-07

Another guy was standing, getting his cock sucked. Then I thought about it, and had to tell them, I got there attention, "guys, this is the first time I've been in a room with 3 cocks being sucked and I wasn't the one doing the sucking". The guy that was standing getting his cock sucked, turns to me and says,, walks to me, and sticks his cock in my face. It was the guys turn, he was sucking his partners cock. His partner pulls his mouth off the cock and starts to jerk him off. The guy on the bottom of the 69 stopped sucking his partners cock.

The Circle Ch. 35

group SteveWallace 2017-10-07

Sandy said, "So, I know a woman who's a new empty nester, cute, ex-cheerleader, widow, and a ball of energy, and loves kids, and I called her. Tammy said to Bob in a low tone, "I watched you suck on Monica's breasts yesterday; you actually drank some of her milk." Bob said to Renee, "Tammy really wants to hear about your trip to Milan, Paris, and London. Nathan said, "OK, we'll wait for you, but Tina's getting wet just thinking about being with me later." He tried to look down at his legs; "I can feel her leaking on me right now."


Nikki Gets Fucked

group emrsumbiggens 2017-10-07

I bet that pussy tastes good don't it." While I was sucking, Tony I felt Josh finger my very wet pussy. When Josh was playing with my pussy, Tony was pulling and squeezing my big fat tits. Josh was sucking and licking my pussy, I couldn't help but cum all over his face. Then Tony said, " Oh I think this bitch likes her ass fucked Josh. Josh pulled me from his cock, and Tony stopped playing with my ass and pussy. Josh slammed his cock in my ass so hard, I almost fell over on my face on the bed. Make her scream!" Tony made one big last thrust, and he pulled his cock out of my ass.

The Surprise Weekend Ch. 03

group sexyparty 2017-10-07

My husband felt one set of lips on the top of his cock and a sucking all the way to the bottom the curtain ripped a little as he slipped his balls to be taken in and sucked he felt cold draft across his cock and balls and he knew another mouth was coming a tongue slowly rode his shaft sucking and licking until the whole cock was wet after licking the top again down she moved then it was quiet for a moment and then he felt cold and hot wind over his cock as a women blew gently and then licked and then sucked hard and harder pulling him deep into her mouth him feeling the back of her throat and out again and then rubbed up and down and then let go unto the next mouth which was all tongue moving up and down the shaft licking a lollipop up and down and he thought he was going to cum and he felt his balls clench and the licking stopped but he couldn't stop and spasms started and he started to yell his voice joining others until it quieted slowly and the other women took the cue faces wet with come dripping down their cheeks.


group tonibbw 2017-10-07

Yet again my husband had been getting on my nerves, never any big arguments just little things that wind me up, the same as the other day when he came home from work and said he had just been chatting to the neighbours and we are both going to his party tomorrow, thanks for asking me I said, I don’t drink often and there is nothing more I like than staying home on a Saturday night and settle down to my TV. I was now totally naked, my biggest fear but I still didn’t care, I felt my legs being pushed apart as I still had a cock between my breast and another cock in my mouth, all the other lads soon went out of sight to I am sure go and have a good look at my pussy.

Our cuckold beach experience

group luvtowatch 2017-10-07

Gary looked at me puzzled, and then at Mary, and she said, "Honey, really, it's alright." She started rubbing it, and Gary looked at me and said, "So you're cool with this man?" Gary sat on the bed, and my wife rubbed his cock (about 7 inches) for about five minutes. Mary laid back on the bed, and Gary put his head between her legs and licked her for about 5 minutes. All of a sudden, in one big moan between the two of them, Gary came inside my Mary, bareback, and I came in my own hand watching the most erotic experience (and experiment) of our lives.