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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

One Sleepless Night

group Tdpl37 2017-10-07

Liking the way this fantasy woman's mouth tasted, Kayla soon forgot about Adam and began to put more thought into Eve. In her mind, they began to kiss deeply. She touched the woman's breasts, making her new partner moan with pleasure as she gently pinched her nipples. Adam, feeling left out, began kissing Eve again while stroking Kayla's hair. She began to kiss Eve's mouth as the man passionately kissed his way down Kayla's body, stopping briefly to suck and bite her breasts. The woman then moved down to Kayla's breasts and sent chills of delight down her body as Eve pinched one hard nipple while biting the other one gently.

The Long Lap Dance

group gweedo4567 2017-10-07

Her free hand grabs the back of my head and pushes my face into her wet snatch so hard that it hurts my nose. Then I noticed that the girl that suggested the lap dance, Laurie was sitting in a chair legs spread with her hand in her panties, but it wasn't me she was looking at, it was my girl's ass that still was rocking slightly back and forth with the aftershocks of the orgasm that she had just had. She sucked until she was sure every last drop had been drained out of my balls then spun back around to Laurie who was cum covered, and who had just had her tongue far up inside her pussy a few minutes earlier and grabbed her face and kissed her.

A Day in the Life of a Nympho

group tastier_than_honey 2017-10-07

Jason called and wanted to come spend the night, but I turned him down cause I was expecting Mark, whose plane got delayed, so I was left high and dry the whole night. If I could get this hooked up like I wanted to, me and Jasmine could show her some things and Daryl could dick us all down. I leaned over to tell Jasmine my plan as I let her lick Keisha's juices from my finger. Jasmine came behind me and began kissing my back as she let my dress fall to the floor. I let Jasmine take over with her while I went over to Daryl and began sucking his long dick.

Comixxx Players Ball

group BizSmith 2017-10-07

"Not really the problem is yours; Swallow is getting a good head start on you." I replied reaching into my utility belt to see if Katrina packed something to slice open the front of my suit. I stood behind her holding her arms back, using them like handle bars to pull her little snatch to my fat meat, and Swallow stood in front owning her mouth with a strap on, and added to the Skater's abuse by invading her ass with an anal hook fixed to a collapsible pole she brought in her duffle. Dragon had one end of the pink jelly up her pussy and the other in Skaters mouth, and she worked the pole like Swallow had.


Waiting & Wondering

group Pablo 2017-10-07

Gently pushing against the ring her finger barely slips in at the same time her tongue finally flicks your clit and your moan on my cock in your mouth as you come. You can't wait but know you must have my permission and the smell is overwhelming just as you feel my tongue lightly on your burning ass and her head rises to lick your pussy again. As you begin cumming this next time, her mouth leaves your pussy to lick my balls as I come deep into your ass only intensifying your own orgasm more.

Slutty Sue at the Bachelor Party

group raidernation25 2017-10-07

"Hi. I'm Jen and this is Sue and we're here from Dynamic Dancers for the bachelor party." Jen's dress fell off her as soon as she started dancing and she was naked in front of the group. As I sucked his cock I could hear Jen moaning and the slapping of skin as one of the guys at the party was fucking her. I was still getting nailed from behind and looked to my right and Jen was on a table on her back with one cock in her cunt, one in her mouth and one in each hand. I took turns sucking on them and I was completely surprised when two of the guys came on my face.

First Time Sharing Ch. 02

group BlackJackDavy 2017-10-07

Mary was a good deal shorter than Chuck, not stunningly beautiful, but very cute, with dark, long hair, a mischievous smile, and very large breasts. I then spread my legs wide, my cock in Mary's gentle grip, her hand stroking it up and down slowly. I then felt the gentle touch of a tongue on the end of my cock, as Mary's experienced hands continued to stroke it up and down. I continued to pump my cock in and out of Mary slowly, my eyes glazed over and glued to my wife's ass. I was so hot now, seeing my lovely wife getting fucked and cum on before my eyes, my cock buried deep inside another beautiful woman.

Reconnecting with Rene Pt. 02

group dpingjessie 2017-10-07

As aroused as I'd ever been, I couldn't help but thrust up into Rene as I held her ass open, at first only slowly sinking my pelvis back before thrusting up into that tight, petite body, but the longer Rob stayed back, stroking his cock and just watching his lady friend take a much younger man's cock, I started to thrust faster and faster until I almost got lost in the sensations of having sex with this older woman in that dark, cool room, all but forgetting that we had convened to be a threesome and not a twosome.


College student pool party with three mexican men!

group 2017-10-07

I packed my bags and drove home, my parents have a pool and live in a large house far away from even are closest neighbors. I arrived at the sliding glass door, and slid it open, walking the twenty feet or so to the pool the men didn’t even notice me until I was standing right by the pool. We began to play and after a while the ball was hit out of the pool by Christian, Juan without even thinking jumped out of the pool to retrieve it, I immediately noticed he was getting hard. I felt mildly aroused by his bravery but being raised to masturbate in private I decided to jump out of the pool and lie down in one of the chairs.

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 41

group Paris Waterman 2017-10-07

"I don't know if Wanda can take looking at you two hunks," Val said, smiling at them as she leaned over the couch, and allowed her half open blouse to fall apart exposing most of her breasts. After Val had calmed down, Wanda looked up at the two men and with a lewd grin said, "Would one of you like to fuck my ass while I eat this delicious pussy to another cum?" Then she bent her head so that it was hovering scant inches from Val's dripping cunt and sent her long tongue into the steamy folds of flesh without waiting for a reply.


Master and his slut: The Weekend PART ONE

group 2017-10-07

Just before my Master came in the room I could hear him place a bag on the hall table and his keys down. “Hello slut,” He said, “I am pleased to see you are ready on time.” He placed his hand under my chin so that I could look at him. “Please Master, your slut begs you to have the pleasure of your cock in its mouth!” I pleaded. Master put his hand on my cunt and began slapping saying, “I can feel your wetness slut, at least my cunt is ready to be trained!” My Master then had me sit on the dining room table with my legs spread open making my pussy in full view and holding up my tits in display.

An Ordinary Tuesday

group dp_sluts_5000 2017-10-07

You look into my eyes for a moment and smile and you rock your hips back and forth, getting used to the feeling of this new cock inside you. You cannot speak, you cannot move, you just lay there between us, accepting both our stiff cocks inside you at once, eyes now wide, taking deep, uncontrolled breaths as we both begin to thrust gently. You begin thrusting back on him as you swirl your tongue around the head of my cock, feeling the incredible stiffnes in your mouth, knowing I'm moments away from cumming. That spark set us both off, and I immediately succumbed to your tongue, filling your mouth with my cum as your orgasm makes your pussy flutter around Steve's spasming cock.

Candice Does...

group Newkinkstories 2017-10-07

Candice's husband excused himself from the party saying he had to work, and she told him that Lauren offered her a ride home. The party dwindled down to Lisa Ann and Bobby, Candice, Lauren and Dustin. Candice and Bobby moved to the love seat and Bobby fucked her hard as they watched Lisa Ann, Lauren and Dustin take turns pleasing each other. She thought about the soft lips and the sensuous curve of Lauren's breasts, the way she smelled and tasted, but Candice was getting anxious. Candice didn't want Joann to cum yet, so she removed the vibe from her pussy. With Joann on her knees, her mouth taking Brett's cock, she raised her ass so that Candice had easy access.


Ski Trip

group Ashson 2017-10-07

The women lose their pants, and each man can then take it in turns to enter each woman to see how she feels and vice versa. "If we're going to do this, we'd better get started," she announced, while her panties also hit the floor. Then someone gave a slow ten count and yelled times up, and out we came, to another chorus, this one manly giggles. The two holdouts naturally held out this time, too, not that it helped when they had cocks jammed up their pussies and liberties being taken. I suggested that since the ice between us all had been broken, it would be silly to waste time trying to pair up with specific partners for the week we'd be together.

One Woman Show

group TheTranscontinental 2017-10-07

As the guy went after her breasts sucking and licked enthusiastically, Katie dropped the vibrator on the bed and grabbed the man's hair to pull him into her tits. Shortly after regaining my senses, barely, one of the men, second place, stepped forward and Katie reached out with hand to help him shower cum over her breasts with impressive accuracy, given how hard she was fucking me. The noises this drew from Katie started to bring first place close to climax, as one long lick from his balls up to his tip ended with him reaching behind her head to grab her hair, letting her know he was ready.


Private Desires

group Sensuous Swan 2017-10-07

As Beth was running her hands and lips all over Laura's body, Joe was taking her feet into his hands, rubbing, massaging, then slipping each of her toes into his mouth and sucking on them. As he rubbed her clit and listened to her soft mewing, he looked at Joe and said, "I want to watch Laura suck your cock." Laura was so engrossed in running her tongue and lips all over Joe's cock and Gil's passionate attention to her pussy, that she didn't hear Beth reenter the room. Gil caressed Laura's breasts, taking each into his mouth sucking, nibbling, and not for a moment taking his eyes from alternately watching Beth and then watching Laura devouring Joe's cock.

Rub & Tug Ch. 03

group No Panty Girl 2017-10-07

Checking the steam room there were usually a few guys waiting for my arrival. He told me there would likely be about fifty guys and I would have to do a strip, fuck the groom and suck off as many other guys who wanted their cocks sucked. It would be me to whom he gave his cum, not some tight-ass prissy "nice" girl, but to me a common cocksucking slut! When he stopped pumping I opened my mouth and withdrawing his cock I showed the audience the huge glob of cum resting on my tongue. My eyes must have popped open a bit as the audience cheered his filling of my cunt. A cock slipped into my recently vacated pussy and begin fucking me.


Our First Time Sharing in Cabo Ch. 06

group wifewatchingdreams 2017-10-07

I pulled her head off my cock and said, "Good morning." I pulled her face up to me for a kiss, then I went to gargle with some mouthwash realizing I had a bit of morning breath. I was enjoying Jackie's head and ass massage and thinking about her seeming to warm up to the situation when Jennifer and Sarah got on their knees in front of me and traded licks of my cock. Given Jackie's position while kissing me, I couldn't reach Sarah's clit, but she was doing a good job grinding and from her moans I could tell that she was managing to get the pressure she needed.


A Canadian Cum Loving Encounter Ch. 03

group Brittni4u 2017-10-07

Knowing that Karla was oblivious to our little pee adventure, we giggled to ourselves, shut the water off, wrapped ourselves in towels, then exited to the family room to discuss the day's plans before I had to head to the airport. That made me feel good and I had a gleam in my eyes as I leaned over and kissed Karla and Pat. It seemed like everyone on the beach was watching as we gave each other a long wet kiss. After another couple of hours of lounging and sunning, Patrick commented that it seemed like it might be a good time to head home and get the evening started.


Sorority Party 1955 Ch. 01

group highclassic 2017-10-07

Doris felt her own breast and then pulled Lisa's bra up so a breast was exposed, then fondled it and sighed "God I wish mine were like yours. Lisa closed her eyes as she remembered how Richard slowly brought her to arousal, a memory so vivid she could feel it there in Doris's room. Lisa was unsure what to do, but was guided by how she remember Richard touching her and Doris' recent reenactment of that. Lisa had never experienced such a thing and was unsure what to do next, but Doris guided her hand so the fingers went in and out, and a thumb played along the exposed clitoris. "Like this?" Doris reached soapy hands around Betty and washed her breasts and stomach.


A Sea Change in our Sex Life

group EddieH 2017-10-07

But I kept to my watch, and 10 minutes later the second lad returned, and a third walked into the dunes! "I am watching my wife being doggy-fucked by a complete stranger!" My cock became even harder! They came every month so that strangers could fuck Molly, in all the holes she had, while her husband watched, and relished every minute! Stan liked to fuck his wife with her hole already running with other men's spunk, and Molly loved swallowing it. But the most memorable thing was how incredibly excited and aroused Stan became as he watched his wife almost assailed by other men's cocks!

The Festival Ch. 06

group deepblue32 2017-10-07

Then later that afternoon me lying on the floor, roughly where I was now standing, my cock deep in Jen's pussy, Ste's embedded in her ass, while Kate sat on the table above us, fingering herself and drenching us in her girlcum. I didn't reply for a second as I thought back to sliding my cock doggy-style into Keira's tight eighteen year old pussy, while she urged me on in French, then pulling it out and driving it into her cousin who was lying beneath her, while Amy was kneeling next to me, urging me to fuck both her friends harder and faster.

Gloryhole Switch

group danfool 2017-10-07

I'm bound to the wall, my cock her deep into a 18 year old throat while she fingers my ass and takes a strap-on from her older s****r right in front of me. I look down on Jessica's cute little face wrapped around my cock while I feel the dildo slide into my already lubed ass. My girlfriend going to town on my ass with a nice big dildo, her cute little s****r deep throating my cock. Jessica slides my blindfold back on, and then proceeds to watch the video in the booth and play with her cute little pussy while I'm still getting fucking good and hard from behind the wall.

Cassie's Secret Fantasy

group Otazel 2017-10-07

I think I probably expected Cassie to pull away, but she didn't, instead she returned the kiss in full measure, her arms going around Shauna's shoulders and pulling her closer. I don't think I was asleep for much more than a few minutes, but when I opened my eyes again the two were still kissing deeply, the front of Cassie's blouse was undone, her bra was pushed up to expose her breasts, and Shauna's hand was between her legs, rubbing her pussy through her panties. I hadn't intended for them to separate, I felt strangely happy about seeing my wife in another woman's arms, but they instantly flew apart sporting very guilty looks, and Shauna stumbled from the room leaving Cassie to hurriedly pull her skirt straight and fumble for the buttons on her blouse.