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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Dee's Island Adventure

group marriedpervs 2017-10-07

She didn't even look up from the TV where the girl was now being double fucked, one in her ass and one in her pussy, the third guy receiving a head job from the vixen. She was savagely fucked and coated in cum, but refused to allow the guy with the big dick near her pussy. Dee climaxed wildly and the guy started tugging at her nipple chain, her pierced nipples protruding about two inches as they were stretched painfully by her ass fucking assailant. The moment he started cumming Dee spun around and took the organ into her mouth, swallowing hard on the semen, blood and waste matter that was coating the guys dick.

A Billionaire's Life Ch. 05

group bluedragonauthor 2017-10-07

As if to prove my point, when Jeff came out of the bedroom with a goofy expression on his face, Taylor just took one look at my exhausted shell of a body and then grabbed Jeff again, pulling both him and Kaitlyn back into the bedroom. At one point, Cassandra, Taylor, Kaitlyn, and Rebecca laid side-by-side in a row of lounge chairs with their big tits upthrust into the warm August air, and if the guys got any closer their drool might actually splash the girls. By the end of the song, Taylor had stripped me nude in my chair and at almost the same time Kaitlyn and Mia crashed together and kissed, my wife took my dick into her throat.



group SeaCat 2017-10-07

As I watched my wife coming over to us I was surprised to feel Jade shudder beneath my hands as she moaned quietly. By the time we got home Marge was smiling and joking with me about how she had noticed I had been turned on by rubbing Jades shoulders. Looking at Dave I asked him to work on Jades neck and shoulders to relieve her headache while I was busy. As I walked away I saw him gently placing his hands on her neck and shoulders as he started working on relaxing her. When he started cleaning up I whispered for Jade to head into the bathroom and take a quick shower while I told Dave to go out and relax on the Lanai for a bit.


Jan the Whore

group doom333 2017-10-07

Taylor was 5'10, 170 lbs, and was much better looking than his brother. Don said "Jan why don't you go into Taylor's room and suck his dick." "How bout it Taylor would you like that?" she asked playfully in case this was a joke she wanted to be able to play it off. This didn't matter to Taylor he grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her mouth with no remorse. Taylor sat down and started watching TV like nothing had happened. Since about a week after they started dating he took to fucking her ass more than her pussy. Sometimes it would turn into a threesome where he would bang her from behind, mostly up the ass, while his brother fucked her face.

Lonely Fam!ly Fucks

group bobcox69 2017-10-07

Go ahead daddy, touch 'em, they're yours." He looked up at his daughters face and then back to her porn star like rack and slowly reached his hand out grabbing one breast and letting it sit there. Grabbed her by her hair and pulled her off the table and Kevin and down on her knees and ordered, "Open up." She obeyed again and open her mouth still in her orgasm and moaning as her father tilted her head back by her hair and stroked his cock till he shot the biggest load of cum ever in her awaiting mouth as he repeated, "Yeah, yeah, yeah." When he finished he said, "Don't waste baby.

Regina and the Hardcase Pt. 03

group GenghisKen 2017-10-07

The sky boasted another loud clap of thunder and Carol found herself quickly walking toward the bed where Regina laid. "Erye thin' gon be alright child" Regina said as she gently stroked Carol's hair. Regina Mae slid her hand over Carol's body, caressing her supple breasts her fingers found the dark areolas and gently caressed them. Carol and Regina locked lips as their hands found Lana's Erect nipples. Lana repositioned herself on the bed, keeping her fingers plunged deep in Carol's slippery wet hole, she now moved her face toward Regina's dripping cunt. "oh...oh...oh.." Regina was unable to form words, she was grabbing handfuls of Carol's hair, listening to Carol cum, feeling the itchy bliss that Lana's tongue brought her.

Sweet Dreams

group Chac 2017-10-07

Then while the tongue kept licking and the lips and teeth kept sucking and biting my lips and chin and cheeks and neck, I felt a mouth cover the middle and index fingers of my left hand, then my right hand was suckled in the same manner. A pussy on my mouth and one on each hand along with mouths on my toes and nipples and countless hands, finally squeezing my balls and stroking my cock, I wasn't aware of any existence other than this moment in time. Finally, my entire body, wet with saliva and pussy, the head of my cock was surrounded by at least two mouths which alternately sucked and licked me. My nipples were bitten and sucked, my hands and mouth were fucked and my toes and feet were licked.

Sara & Teri Ch. 04

group XceptMe 2017-10-07

Sara was moaning and with her hands on Emily's hips began eagerly licking her little sister's pussy. "Hi, I'm Emily," Sara's sister said extending a pussy-soaked hand to Teri. Sara had started kissing Teri's neck and chest and cupping her large breasts in her small hands while her pussy was pleasured by Emily's tongue below. Emily's pussy was within reach of my hand if I leaned just a little that way, but seeing Sara's ass and thinking about how much I fantasized about it at work, I supposed I needed another turn with her. My hands were spreading her asscheeks apart while licking her slit and I would take momentary breaks to look up at Teri and Emily, who had taken the position to put her pussy on Teri's face, allowing her to return the favor.

Polly Dares

group StoryTeller07 2017-10-07

A naughty little thought invaded her mind, wondering what it would feel like to have that monster inside her. The trouble is the two of them are around sixty so dressing up in school clothes does look astonishingly funny." Joanne said, pulling Polly into a room. Joanne turned her over not for one moment letting go of Polly's lips. Joanne kept easing the dildo higher with each gentle push while she kissed her way up Polly's body to find a nipple. Polly hesitated to watch Joanne suck the man's penis into her mouth. With her other hand she burrowed into the woman's vagina intending to hurt her only she responded by moaning heavily and bucking her hips, pushing her pussy into Polly's face.


Shanti's Sexual Odyssey Ch. 08

group shanti2010 2017-10-07

While most guys go right for my ass and tits, Chintu seemed to enjoy the feel of my whole body. My mouth continued to work his big meat, and I kept up a soft milking of his swollen nuts and as my finger reached the full length in his butt, Chintu started to buck. Prakash loves me to do his ass, and I feel like such a slut when I do this and Chintu's ass was clean, and tasted good as I probed the puckered hole with my tongue. That was unnecessary, as I was feeling as good as any woman could, on the Contrary to the usual pump and run I got from most guys, Chintu was patiently making tender love to my body as well as my mind.


The Daring Game

group dodger125 2017-10-07

We slipped our tongues into each others mouths as we embraced and kissed for 10 seconds; Bekki timing us out loud. Holding her thighs, she parted her legs to reveal her pussy, her labia pulsing and wet and the darkness of her sex hole inviting. As I put my lips to his cock, there was a buzzing sound and I gasped as Bekki ran the vibrator down my spine to my arse (she must have had it concealed as I hadn’t noticed the toy before). I sucked furiously on Nathan’s erection, rolling his foreskin up and down his shaft and at the same time, Bekki was fucking me with the vibrator. Bekki withdrew the vibro leaving a gaping hole in my pussy, wet with my own juices dribbling from it.

Underwear Shopping

group jdodg 2017-10-07

Debbie laughed and said that was better and to finish off I must feel the thong which I did – feeling the heat from Alex coming through the thin material at the front of her pussy. I gratefully started to lick Debbie's sweet pussy, feeling her arse cheeks and hole with my fingers and at the same time Alex began to ride me. Debbie was the first to start coming and this made me and Alex soon follow and we ended up in a 3-way cuddle on the floor, kissing stroking and feeling each other for some time until we had all calmed down a bit.

Mary Beth's Idea Ch. 1

group yellowhed_getter2002 2017-10-07

She is a very attractive girl, about 5'8" with nice 36c tits, a shaved pussy and a tongue ring that just loves to suck my 7" cock. She also loves to pull out her big blue vibrator and fuck herself in front of me -- I just like to watch that fake blue cock penetrate my friend's pussy. "We talked about fucking each other with strap-on dildos, licking each others pussy, licking and sucking nipples, and even imagining that your cock was shooting loads of cum onto our tits and we licked it off. "Yeah, she's gonna like my cock, and she's gonna like your pussy, and your tits, and she's gonna love getting her ass fucked by your strap-on!!"

Brenda's Discovery Ch. 03

group RomanCEisdead2 2017-10-07

John slid his hand from Brenda's hip, crossed her stomach and slipped it between her legs. "I tell you what Brenda, I'm going to give you the biggest thrill of your life, but I want you to recover first. It took four days before Brenda could walk without feeling reminders of her recent sexual experiences. The students left the classroom, which gave Brenda an opportunity to stand up and walk around before the next group came in. Now she was confident; after one quick glance around the room, she slipped her hand inside the waistband, pulled the other side of her panties clear and cut with the scissors. Andy pulled his eyes from Brenda's chest and looked at her face.


Start of a Beautiful Threesome

group suaveliso 2017-10-07

“You look good,” said Jean-Louis, “don’t you think so, Sweetheart?” She leaned back against the wall of the sauna and put her hand on her husband’s thigh, occasionally rubbing her little finger along his awesome dong, which didn’t seem to react. Sometimes you sound English-speaking and at others a bit Spanish,” said Jean-Louis. “Well, it’s getting hot in here,” she said, putting her hand on my thigh dangerously close to my cock, “how about a few minutes in the hot tub, as we have to leave soon.” Then I felt her left hand take my semi-erect penis, give it a little squeeze and rub her thumb over the head.

The doctor's exam

group 2017-10-07

Just then the door flew open and Doctor Jenkins' nurse, Miss Boyd came front of the Doctor, but what really made him red was having nurse Boyd in the room. what that meant, the Doctor leaned over and put Rex's cock in his mouth and started to suck him Totally stunned, Rex just stood there gaping as Doctor Jenkins sucked him to a full erection. Doctor casually stood up, walked over to the seated nurse, and stuck his own dick in her hot mouth. The intensity of the hot sucking bitch brought the Doctor to a shattering climax, but after outer office, so Nurse Boyd and Rex slipped back into their clothing while Dr. Jenkins finished

The Best Party

group English Bob 2017-10-07

As our hosts Jane and Lenny eventually called their goodbyes and showed the final guests, groggy and tired, out into the early morning sunshine, my wife Linda and I collapsed with a satisfied sigh back onto the lounge sofa. "The little slut sucks like a pro, Mike!" Lenny gasped as his wife began to come down from her climax. I watched as her head sank lower and lower onto Lenny's cock and smiled as I saw the look of intense lust that washed over his face. As we switched positions for what I was sure would be the final time (I was also very close to shooting my load), I watched closely as Jane straddled her husband's body and her pussy opened invitingly to accept his cock.

Sweet Seduction

group deliciousthoughts 2017-10-07

But there was something about the way Sonjjii had looked at me with those dark eyes that night, the way she'd talked to me, the way it felt like she could read my mind. I glanced away into the distance, choking back the tears, and when I looked at Sonjjii again, her brown eyes were travelling slowly up and down my body. They could be observing us now, revelling in the sight of a young white woman frantically riding that hand as her black lover finger-fucked her mercilessly. The contractions came from deep inside my body and Sonjjii's hand was suddenly covering my mouth to muffle the scream tearing from my throat.


Our First Time Sharing in Cabo Ch. 04

group wifewatchingdreams 2017-10-07

As Chuck moved to mount her pussy, Cheryl said, "Oh, Don, your cock feels so good in my ass, just keep it moving around like that." I didn't really need the encouragement. I slid my cock into Kathy's pussy and began moving slowly trying not to wake Pete. Kathy hadn't had her orgasm yet and I think she realized I wasn't going to cum, so she slid my cock out of her pussy and rolled on her back and whispered, "Eat me." I started to move into position, when Marti beat me to it. Marti looked questioningly into Kathy's eyes and I saw Kathy nod her head, "yes." I wasn't sure what it meant, until my wife slid her pussy up and sat on Kathy's face.


Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XXXVIII

group Victor2K 2017-10-07

Nevertheless, Al and I couldn’t find a way to make things better sexually and the usual fear that it would be come ‘jump-fuck-cum-sl**p’ was clear. We don’t know a single way to spice up our sexual life. We could hear that we were going well giving Marion moaned while kissed all over her body, sucked her breasts and even let us finger her wet pussy. We finally found what we were looking for, and Marion witnessed every moan, every pleasing word, and every nasty request of both of us while his cock made my pussy his home again, to the point she didn’t resisted enough and touched herself while seeing our sex. We don’t know how much we are thankful for saving our marriage, Marion “

A Bi Beginning Ch. 2

group C_Duke 2017-10-06

It was past 2am and the five of us; the lovely Yannah, big boy Chrysler, chick with an attitude Fin, bloke in a dress 'Anne' and myself were sitting in an all night pizza joint somewhere near the Southampton seafront having bid the club farewell half an hour earlier. Fin's squeals and 'Anne's' grunts of pleasure as the two fucked harder and harder only turned on the other 3 of us more, and Yannah stopped sucking on Chrysler for a moment before beckoning me up onto my knees so she could take my rock hard 6 ½" into her magical mouth.


Voluptuous Escort Ch. 02

group Raven_Tintagel 2017-10-06

"That would be great." I said eagerly thinking about her sexy body lying by the book in the hot sun; Beads of sweat sliding between her amazing breasts and pooling in her navel ready to be sipped like a shot of sweet nectar. "Gina," said Angela, as we stood to the side of her chaise-lounge, "This is Mike." Honestly the first thing I noticed about Gina was she was nude. "Mike you must be all tense after your trip." Angela said joining Gina and myself in a state of undress. Both Gina and Angela joined hands around my cock and started stroking together. "Well I don't know" Angela said slyly and they both moved in close to each other and started deeply kissing over my cock.

Birth of the Cool

group Coltrane 2017-10-06

They were laughing and having a good time, getting ready, they said, to watch the late Los Angeles Laker game on the t.v. behind the bar. “I bet Dennis gets over ten rebounds and the Lakers win,” she said simply with a big smile. I was talking with Indigo and ~t near a pool table when I heard Jade scream, “Ten!” I excused myself and headed for the bar. Jade continued to dance, Marco continued to laugh, and I wonder how all this was going to happen because the Lakers were up by over fifteen points with under two minutes to go. Jade kissed my cock tenderly, looking at me with those dark eyes, then took me into her mouth.

A Second Life Ch. 03

group Mang0nel 2017-10-06

Julie also commented that Melanie had taken to staying on to help her tidy up the cottage at closing time, and after the twice-weekly sex toy parties that she held for groups of women. They put their collective thoughts together, and came up with a plan: the cottage had almost everything Melanie might need, and Zach and Julie could pick up a few extras, such as some new linen and a television. After breakfast Julie sent Zach back to the house with Sam following obediently at his side, while she stayed behind to help Melanie unpack and put away her few belongings. As Julie lay on top of Zach in bed that night, she said "I think Melanie might have the hots for you, lover." She reached down his side to poke him playfully in the ribs.