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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Arizona Delight

group Lusciousladyf 2017-10-06

Diane leaned over and took Shayna's hard and erect nipple into her mouth, flicking her tongue over the tip. They continued to rub and enjoy each other's body as Shayna began to finger fuck Diane, checking to see how aroused she was. "Oh that feels so damn good," Shayna uttered as she drew Diane close and slipped her tongue up into Diane's hot, wet pussy. Shayna turned it on low setting and began to massage Nik starting at his neck and slowly working her way around to his back, as Nik's cock was pistoning in and out of Diane. Unable to resist, Shayna walked over to the edge of the bed, her eyes never leaving Nik's sat down and began to massage her pussy with her toy.

Lesson Two

group BurningGarnet 2017-10-06

Now I raise her legs, placing her feet higher than before and moving the chairs slightly to open her just a little wider. Carefully, I apply the razor to the tender skin, she tenses but relaxes quickly as she feels your cock swell against the hair patch. Laying her hand on the patch she places a finger on either side of the slit and raises the hood that covers her clit. My hands move down to cup her ass cheeks as I lock my lips around her puckered hole and try to penetrate her with my stiffened tongue. My thumb is pushed out of her cunt, her ass sucks my finger deeper, her clit fills my mouth and her cum splashes against my throat.

A Week to Remember: Monday Ch. 02

group sten 2017-10-06

Pulling her closer to the edge of the table Red removed the cue and replaced it with his cock, looking incredulous as Andrea took hold of the cue and licked her own juices off it. When she had licked up all of Reds come, ensuring she didn’t swallow any of it, the blonde removed her hand and made her way up Andrea’s body. As a particularly large cocked black biker worked the full length of his prick into her cunt, she glanced over at the two girls who had pleasured her earlier and saw that they were being fucked senseless as well. By the time Andrea crawled achingly off the table, 6 hours later, she had been fucked orally, anally and vaginally by 12 different bikers, as well as the two girls.

Three's a Charm

group FunLuvr247 2017-10-06

Reaching around the back of her thigh your, fingertips find where he enters her and his wet cockshaft moves unhurriedly into her depths and then out again to allow you to feel the slick head and slip your finger into her opening before he slips it back in again, "Mmm, honey, your so wet around his cock -- I wanna taste your pussy on it." You look teasingly into his eyes and wantonly lick the air in a sensual 'come hither' gesture toward his cock, and then your eyes roll and close and you start to pant as she bends your thighs upward and pins them beneath her to pull your pussy up and then works her fingers deeply into your core as she flicks her tongue up and down from one side to the other against your clit.

Graveyard Shift

group DireLilith 2017-10-06

Rick watched, pumping, while the blonde pulled and teased at the other girl's titties, tugging hard on the nipples. The blonde came close, stroking Rick's cock firmly, slowly, then holding it still as the ass of the brunette slowly began to descend. It was like a small condom, constricting around his cock head as the girls forced him into the brunette's tight ass. Rick began to rock his hips, slowly forcing his cock up and down inside the girl's incredibly tight ass. Without pulling his cock out of the brunette's ass, he pushed her forward between the two front seats until she was on her hands and knees, awkwardly.

Fun at the Shoe store

group anamikasexybitch 2017-10-06

This carried on for a few minutes with my tits softly bouncing as I rammed my mouth up and down on Mark’s big fat cock before I felt him push my hands away and grab the back of my head. His balls were slapping against my chin as I knelt there and let him use my mouth, at the same time I had slid my hand down between my legs and started working on my needy little pussy. I loved the feeling of being on my knees for this complete stranger while he roughly fucked in and out of my mouth like some common little whore, I was in sexual bliss when he suddenly pulled out and slapped his thick cock against my face.

Adventures in the Woods

group Georgepat 2017-10-06

Sarah started to cry and her face turned red both from the two slaps and her coming humiliation of having to piss in front of this man, right where she stood. "So, your plan was to get this little woman hot enough to have a good fuck by hitting and making her do everything you wanted her to do, right?" I asked Troy. Troy crawled under her wide spread legs and bent his head back while Sarah, wanting contact quickly, lowered herself onto his face. Sarah knew what was going to happen, I guess, because she pulled her pussy off Troy's cock, put her hand between her legs and scooped some of her pussy juice into her hand.


Gift Box

group Hypoxia 2017-10-06

The new fiancés were cozily cuddling half-naked on Benito's bed late that afternoon when Grace's phone sang Mama Said. Thankfully, after a little tickling of her ass, the hand moved to an adjacent air hole -- and fingered her clit and pussy from behind. "Hey, it's the man!" "Surprise, Benny!" "Man of the hour!" "About time you got here, boy!""Kiss freedom adios!"Uh, hey guys, wow, what's all this?" Benito's voice edged into the crowd scene. "Hey Benny, c'mon man, yov've got to try out the gift box. So before Benny passes out completely -- yeah Juan, shove him over here -- before he turns turtle on us, he's got to open the box.


last weekend

group 2017-10-06

Last weekend john and i decided to head away for the weekend for a little break to a little seaside town we visit quite often.As money is a little tight we decided to book into a nice little hostel we had stayed in before as we presumed it would be empty and we would have it too ourselves WRONG.It was all most full,(there was some kind of bowling competition on in the town) except for one room which had a double bed great we said we'll take it, no problem said the landlady except for one tiny matter we would have to share the room as it also had two single beds which were all ready occcupied by two other gents.Still no prob i said as i was anxious to dump the bags, shower,change clothes and hit the town as it was a hostel after all but john wasn't too happy about the idea of us sharing and wanted us to go find a B&B he was also worried about me after a few drinks and what i might get up too even though he didn't say so.I should add at this stage that when d***k i do tend to shed inhibitions as well as clothes.any way i convinced john to stay instead of wasting valuable drinking time looking for a B&B as i told him the too guys were probably pensioners here for the bowling comp.

The Persistent Nerd

group BACarter 2017-10-06

These fine gentlemen are going to pull their cocks out and masturbate all over me covering me in their semen." She watched for Jason's reaction, but he maintained a poker face. Here were the most popular guys in school playing with their cocks totally ready to cover Sandy in cum! Sandy took her finger and wiped a huge glob of cum from her cheek and looked at Jason. "I'm getting ready to cum!" said the guy close to Sandy's face. Jason quickly moved to the next guy noticing Sandy watching his every move. Jason looked into Sandy's gleaming eyes and knew that he had her right where he wanted her.

The Long Road To Getting My Wife To Fuck Other Men

group hubbymelissa 2017-10-06

He took me to his car & placed me in the back seat telling me he was going to get her. As I thought about him catching us fucking & seeing her body my cock began getting hard, When I got back to my car she was just finishing dressing when I asked what had he said to I finally went back but she was dating another guy & a friend told me that he had fucked her one night She said yes it was good but way better with me, I kept pressing for details on their times together finally buried my cock in her, fucking like a madman telling her to keep telling me about their sex together.

By the Dark Side of the Moon

group LadyDi66xx 2017-10-06

He came and stood between my legs, rested his hands on my legs and thrust his big, hard cock inside my pussy. I was in a frenzy, my hands were jerking these guys off faster and faster, my tongue was twirling and the cock in my mouth was going in and out, making me gag all the while my pussy was being filled. I felt hands pinching my nipples hard and then the master got up on the table, in a 69 position, fed me his big cock and stretched my pussy lips apart. Two guys played with my nipples, the woman was rubbing my clit hard and I still tried to hold on to this beautiful cock.

Vegas: The Dirty Dozen Ch. 03

group Benny024 2017-10-06

The co-owner (bald, early 60's, dressed like a handy man with an attitude) who followed her, leaned over her, unzipped, pulled out his black, flaccid cock, and began jerking it. Being an ass man, I imagined grabbing those sweet cheeks and pulling her ass up and down the length of my hard cock. I gripped my wet, slippery cock at the base and pushed my swollen cockhead against her small anus. She caught onto my easy rhythm and began wantonly pushing her little ass against me, forcing my hard cock deeper into her bowels. I grabbed those wonderful soft cheeks, easily spread them, and walked my cock into her loosened anus. As our orgasms subsided, she took turns squeezing our cocks, milking out our cum, using her pussy and ass.

I Pick Truth or Dare

group lespuddypond 2017-10-06

Aubrey took her time answering, looking from Kelsey and Shannon, then James and Dave. The next couple of rounds consisted mainly of people losing more clothing (James down to his unders; Shannon losing her shirt, leaving her topless; Aubrey finally taking a dare and ending up with out her dress; Dave losing the shirt since he refused to take off the skirt until he absolutely had to; and Kelsey down to just her bra and matching transparent panties) but there were also a few moments of interest as the group learned that both Kelsey and Shannon had had girlfriends at one point or another and Dave had kissed not one, but two dudes (both during games such as this).


Holiday Travel Sucks!

group hesse1 2017-10-06

On the table, she saw the legs of a large black man, but she couldn't see the rest of him because a woman, white, large breasts and a little on the heavy side, was straddling him with his enormous cock buried in her ass. As she took the drink she looked over at the makeshift bed, she saw that the gentleman's wife was actually quite pretty with graying sandy blonde hair and beautiful tan skin. While her hand worked to free the gentleman's dick, the younger guy came up behind and began kissing her ear and neck. The construction guy had his hand buried in Jessica's ass and cunt, pounding her roughly all while.

Mostly True College Threesome

group awayne31 2017-10-06

I heard a sigh escape Tia's lips and looked up to see her sitting back in her chair with her hand between her legs watching Kelley's head twist and turn around my cock. Kelley let out another soft whimper and I felt her body quiver as I pushed further, parting her wet outer lips and sliding a finger inside her. Tia never took her eyes off me as I fingered her pledge but then cleared her throat, and Kelley quickly slid her hands down to mine and reluctantly pulled them away from her body. I was a bit surprised but too absorbed into my impending orgasm to really do anything when I felt the same hands on my shaft pulling my cock from the warmth and passion of Kelley's pussy.

The School Hike Ch. 01

group Tiger1978 2017-10-06

Now when I saw a group of young guys I was drawn to them in a new way, and found myself remembering the bliss of being deep inside Adam's ass hole, his breath quickening with every thrust. She slid a finger down her soaking, juicy pussy lips as I worked Matt's ass hole She looked into my eyes and for the first time we shared a smile. "Do it, fill his ass with your cum" moaned Justine as she rubbed her clitoris, lying back with her legs wide and focused on me as I took my cock in my hand and pressed it against Matt's ass hole He sighed and pushed back as I slid into him, feeling his hole stretch against my hot hard length.

Paige Takes Two

group JosephBarnosky 2017-10-06

She pushes his thighs apart and removes her mouth from his cock and lowers her face to his hanging balls with her nimble tongue before sucking them both into her mouth and elicits a moan from Evan. Paige releases Evan's balls and takes his cock back into her wet mouth as Lucas stabs a finger into her slippery wet pussy. Paige leans in to suck his balls back into her mouth as Lucas lets go of her wrists and reaches down to rub his hands along her ass cheeks. "It's pretty fucking tight," Lucas groans as Paige begins the move her hips against his, leaning over and placing her hands on his hard, muscular chest.

The Grateful Virus Ch. 05

group jadling 2017-10-06

A girl entered the room shackled to a conveyor belt on all fours, her wide-open pussy facing Jim. The machine started moving, matching speeds with the conveyor belt. She captured Jim's right hand and pressed it against her sopping pussy as the black-haired girl finally finished her slow, steady impalement onto his cock and began thrusting his full length, picking up speed with each thrust. He got in a couple more deep thrusts in her wonderful, virginal, instantly orgasm-wracked little body before the maid fell to her knees below them, causing the brunette to topple to the right onto the floor, but not before grabbing at Jim and throwing him off balance.


A Weekend in the Big Apple

group Spankx 2017-10-06

He had let me unzip his pants and pull his dick out. So I quickly sucked his hard cock into my mouth. He said, "baby, where did your panties go?" while he slipped two fingers in and then three before he started calling me the devil again. "Sorry honey," I answered, "With a cock your size it would not be a little lap dance it would be a big lap dance." The men all laughed. I told him I was in need of a tongue fuck and for him to sit down on the street. The officers took turns pulled my head down onto their cocks. I walked back to my motel and got cleaned up and ready to go out on the town again.

Open Doors

group PlayfulLittle1 2017-10-06

"Adam, you know my door is always open for my friends!" Shannon turned to Liam with a questioning expression and continued, "Actually, we were just about to kick off a celebration -- a wild night of terrible old sci-fi horror DVDs and beer, maybe a few snacks." She laughed when Adam's face lit up at the mention of the movies. "Wait, so by being a nice girl I've made you picky about women, which means I've done a favor for the dick-loving men of low-end Hollywood?" Shannon breezed back in with a couple bottles, handing them to the guys as she leaned over the back of the couch between them.



group hondo1906 2017-10-06

He withdrew so you could just see the rim of his helmet then pushed it all the way back in again, my wife's beautiful white ass lifting to meet him, faster he went, the full length in and out like a piston, his balls making a loud slapping sound on her ass. Christ I was in wonderland, what a scene, my wife taking a huge black cock in the pussy, sucking a black guy's balls and jerking another one off. She went wild, yelling, screaming, bouncing on the cock in her ass and being pumped in the pussy by another black. The big guy came round the side and pushed his cock into her mouth, that's it one yelled, all holes filled.



group 2017-10-06

"The lady wants to know what you're drinking since this guy is buying. "A beautiful women with sensual lips, long legs, and tight pussy wants a slut the way you're dressed so I'm going to fuck you like one." "Look, I know the guy on duty at the counter. vagina was clamped so hard around his cock that it looked like it was going The guy behind grabbed her hips and pushed all the way inside her ass. by the two guys fucking her ass and mouth, and was loving every stroke. her might to fuck the dick in her ass, and at the same time trying to suck could lick and suck his dick, the third guy straddled her chest and was fucking

Wife and I Get a Roommate Ch. 08

group tonyl65 2017-10-06

Carol sat on David's lap first and kissed him long and hard making a nice wet spot on his shorts, she told him that she loved him very much and hoped that we can all continue our lives together. Laura knew I was going to push my cock into her pussy because she bent her head lower, raised her ass up in the air, and gave it a little wiggle to entice me to fuck her. David pushed and pulled Laura on and off my cock at the same time he was tongue fucking me. David climbed between Carol's legs, lifted her ass off the bed, and shoved his hard cock balls deep in one quick motion, causing Carol to scream out into Laura's pussy.