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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

mfm sex and dvp my first time

group jako01 2017-10-06

I thouht he will entering her anally (from behand he say)so fuck further slowely.I saw his long but a bit thiny cock welll lubricated and erotic shining(19 cm bt 7 to 8 inches)wich look like mines very much,and i must say, i was more horny at siding that. I think at that moment: "now such a beatyfull girl i am now fucking doubbling my cock in her vagina" but only can moaning. o my we alll moaning and take, aware all three diffrent rhitms for most possible pleasure { ;)) :0) :(0 } i can now much bette feeling his hard cock with veins and his dickhead and that gives me more pleasure.we both dont wanna came now, so some times we alternetad slip out and one go fuck little while and than entering this doubleloveboat again.

New Memories

group sex4u4647 2017-10-06

We were all naked and very involved in some serious fucking and sucking when Doris opened the gate unexpectedly and came into the yard and saw Sandy sucking on Mikes big cock. Ralph laid back at the top, Sandy knelt to him and started to suck his cock. Sandy let his cock fuck her mouth as her hand jacked and twisted on it. Sinking to the soft grass Ralph laid back as one twin sat over his face so he could eat her pussy while the other started to suck on his cock. As I pulled my dripping cock out of Doris's filled pussy Sandy knelt down and fastened her mouth to the open, cum leaking slit and licked at the cum I had just deposited there.


group Rufus2121 2017-10-06

"Thank you for the party, I had a lot of fun." said Heather referring to the surprise 22nd birthday party her boyfriend Chris had thrown her. After they finally finished cleaning, Chris walked over to Heather and proceeded to kiss her. he stuck two fingers inside and started to fuck her hard. After finger fucking her and licking her sweet juices for 15 minutes stood up and unzipped his pants and took out his 7.5 inch cock. He stuck his hard dick inside of her hot pussy and fuck her slow and deep. Chris picked up the blanket that had fallen on the floor and got and went looking for his clothes. There, she watched the two of them fuck the dildo while she fingered her extremely wet pussy.

Nellie Ch. 04

group Pinchbeck 2017-10-06

Nellie, Danielle's nineteen-year-old cousin, combed back her long, dark hair, dripping with salt water, as she strutted up the beach. "Glad you could join us," Nellie said as she settled down on her own beach towel, salty water shining on her skin. "I had a bit of a mess to clean up," Danielle said, resting her head on her hands. "Good," Nellie said, beginning the short walk up the beach towards the house. Nellie's parents thought that she was visiting a friend out of state for a long weekend, when in truth she had driven up to the beach house a few hours before us. "You know it," Nellie said, heading to the fridge as Danielle took a seat at the table.


The Culmination

group techsan 2017-10-06

That first night I often found myself simply licking or sucking on various of her body parts while Jon got a little more involved in using his cock. Never before had I felt another man's genitals touching me and I wasn't particularly thrilled by it even then but I saw the look of anticipation on Sammie's face and knew I could easily put aside those feelings just to give this wonderful woman any pleasure she wanted. In just a few minutes, Sammie climaxed again just a little before Jon shot his load into her pussy and I followed by pumping my cum into her ass.


A Threesome I'll Forever Regret

group d13s3l 2017-10-06

He kept coming up and putting his arm around her and telling her he really valued their friendship, but every once in a while, I would see the back of his hand graze her breast (again, with her doing the no-bra-t-shirt thing, and it wasn't he warmest in this house, so her nips were hard and poking through the material—an obvious turn-on to all guys in the house, and all of them seemed horny). I started to feel threatened, because here is this virile, attractive guy, with clearly the ability to get an erection propositioning us to come over and "hang out" (I can read between the lines and know exactly what he had in mind), who just got a peep show from my wife, and also had the chance to smell and taste her pussy all in one go.


A Valentine's Day Surprise

group maura_rae 2017-10-06

"I'll grab a couple of sizes that I think may fit and have you try them on," said the shop girl as she sized-up Sarah with her eyes, pulling her little glasses down to the tip of her nose. I ran my hand down Amber's side and teased her nipple with my fingers around Sarah's still licking and sucking tongue and lips. Amber moaned loudly when Sarah's tongue made contact and she thrust forward, taking my cock deep into her mouth. The tighter she got around me, the harder and faster I pumped, slapping her ass every time she moaned "fuck me!" My cock grew harder as Amber began to scream another orgasm and Sarah's pussy tightly rippled as she came.

Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

group Tall78701 2017-10-06

Sarah didn't actually respond, but Cheryl placed the now soaking wet banana into her hand and simply allowed Sarah to draw it to her own lips. I tried to think of something else to keep from shooting my load, but all I could see was Sarah's tits hanging over my head, actually touching my forehead with each breath, which were starting to come faster and heavier as Cheryl continued the demonstration. I'm sure Sarah didn't know what to do at this point, but I heard Cheryl say, "It's ok, pull back." I guess she figured the experience of a man cumming in her mouth was a lesson best reserved for another day.

Cabin Fever

group rxstories 2017-10-06

Apparently, Carrie had noticed more than I had realized because as we opened the door to our room, she called out, "Are you two just going to leave me out here alone to masturbate?" Her look was more than a bit wanton, but, as I said before, Jan and I were straight shooters, and I just attributed Carrie's remark to the wine and some longing left over for Jonathon. We killed one bottle of wine and were most of the way through the second one when Carrie excused herself, indicating she wanted to go rest for a bit before the evening "warmed up." Jan and I found ourselves alone for the first time since we had arrived and the incredible sex had started.


A Slut's Triangle Pt. 21

group Kantarii 2017-10-06

"Is something wrong, Ashleigh?" Brenda asks, resting her hand on Kimberly's thigh as she sips champagne, leaving traces of lipstick on the glass. "Look at it this way," Brenda jokes, leaning her body closer to Kimberly's face, "now both of y'all can eat pussy at the same time." "That's not a bad thing," Kimberly adds, spreading Brenda's pussy open, extending her tongue to tease Brenda's clit with it. "I think someone's got cold feet," Brenda snickers, spreading Kimberly's wet pussy open with her thumbs, exposing her clit. Dangling her hair over the edge of the bed, she stares between her legs, watching Brenda eat her pussy as she wiggles her ass in my face.

Learning From Your Elders II

group sassysaragrace 2017-10-06

As Maddie licked the cock like an ice cream cone up and down she found her hands free and began gently squeezing the balls attached, she slid her face lower and drew the balls into her hungry mouth and sucked gently. Maddie sure hoped this would become a regular occurrence, screw the money, for the first time in her life she finally felt like her breast, tit and cunt had been sucked enough, and she had two huge cocks down her throat, one deep in her eager ass and one deep in her cunt.

Desperately Seeking Britney

group Erlikkhan 2017-10-06

She slides down until just her head is above the water and looks over at Bob. Deb is feeling naughty and decides to tease him. She slides lower and moves her feet between the legs of the two men sitting on either side of Bob. She can feel them grow hard as her toes massage their cocks. When she feels like he is about to shoot she pulls away and looks up talking dirty to him telling him how much she loves having her tits fucked and how wet her pussy is getting. Sucking all those cocks and feeling cum shooting into her mouth and on her tits and face has her pussy throbbing.


Phonesex & More

group burningdog 2017-10-06

On a what-the-hell whim, a few weeks into our acquaintance, I asked Sarah if I could listen in on her and hubby's lovemaking. Sarah's hands were caressing Brian's hardening cock and his fingers were sliding in and out of her wet pussy and over her clit. As I sucked on her hard nipples Sarah reached out to play with my wide-awake cock. They fucked fast, slow, fast again, hard and in many different positions before Brian pulled his cock out of her pussy to cum on her tits. Sarah added how it was the first time she'd had a cock in her pussy and one in her ass at the same time, and how she'd never orgasmed so hard.


Housewives Fur Club Ch. 01

group FurLove 2017-10-06

As Fred stumbles on the steps and falls into the upper room Wanda gives a soft moan like she just had an orgasm seeing the young stud in a huge Sable fur. Fred would really like to be doing Gennie in the furs but the two women are incredibly beautiful too and they are certainly experienced and demanding him to take them sexually!! She rushes up the stairs just in time to see Wanda wallowing back in the furs with her fingers in her wet cum filled pussy while moaning to her last orgasm and Fred sitting back with a wet and very stiff cock, panting from his Olympic event.


Poker Night with Caine and Friends

group serenaN 2017-10-06

Tell you what, give me your stack of white chips, and I'll let you touch." Mark turned his head, stunned, and looked quizzically at Caine as if asking permission to touch his friend. After a brief pause at the surprise of suddenly seeing this new cock for the first time, I looked at Mark and said "I'll put this in my mouth if you put your stack of red chips in my pile." Mark hesitated again, but this time only for a moment, before pushing another stack of poker chips forward. I returned within seconds and stood between Mark and the table, facing Winston, Tim and Caine. Without any words or even a look back at Tim and Caine, Winston took Mark's place behind me as I bent back down over the table.


Fuckin' Thanksgiving

group The_Darkness 2017-10-06

I could not tell which sister was doing what to me, all I know is I felt soft kisses and bites alternating between my nipples and lighting all my usual ticklish spots up like Rockefeller Center, but the tickle was electricity, making my cock bob and throb at the same time as the feeling coursed through me. My whole body felt like it was on fire, and I could feel my legs twitching from pleasure between the pussy I was slowly devouring and the hungry mouth tickling and teasing me. I felt hot breath on my skin moving in time with the words, but it wasn't possible for them to be sucking my ears and licking their sister's pussy juice from my face and sing, was it.


Sasha's Adventures Ch. 01

group sashajane 2017-10-06

But in that moment, she chose to ignore any hint of reservations, any thoughts of not being a 'slut.' She had decided some time ago that she was going to fuck Brad and let him use her any way he saw fit. Blessed with full lips, Sasha knew she had a sexy mouth that men wanted wrapped around their cocks, and she took pride giving great blowjobs. She took more and more of Brad's cock down her throat, pulling away to swirl her tongue around the head and tease him. Soon Eric moved away from her mouth, and thought she would catch a moment to just enjoy the fucking she was receiving from Brad's talented cock.

I Never

group vandalay74 2017-10-06

The game seemed to stall there for a few minutes until Kara's friend Michelle raised her voice and her eyebrows and said, "I've never had a threesome." Then she slowly raised her glass of wine and took a sip. Michelle looked at Kara and said, "Okay, we can't go to bed until this bottle of wine gets finished. "Because no matter what happens tonight I want you to know that I love you above all things, and I will always feel this way." "John you are so great, but you really didn't have to," said Kara as she got up to kiss me. "Oh I know all about those G-rated nights, tell me about the naughty ones," Michelle said as she moved her hand further up Kara's leg.


Intimate Interview

group sarahsucks 2017-10-06

He lowered his head and started a long slow tonguing of my pussy forcing his tongue deep into my love hole and concentrating on my clit, he licked and sucked it ever so gently. Jo continued his attention alternating between love hole and clit and after some time I felt the build up in my stomach as it tightened and I knew I was going to cum. "Your so wet and tight baby, sliding inside you is going to feel so good," he said as I could feel him placing the head of his cock at the entrance to my love hole with one hand whilst holding me open with the other. Maria your hand feels so good stroking me down there I hope your not going to stop," I said.


Pair of Aces in a Poker Club

group PairOfAces76 2017-10-06

Jake, a tall bronze skinned Columbian man who looked like Benjamin Pratt, slowly raised her dress up over her head Richard kissed her now bare chest with his clean shaven face as he reached into her sexy panties to touch her wet pussy. She started to stroke Jake's cock a little faster as Richard lay against her, pressing all the way in. I have other things I want to do first." Ric breathed his reply as he grabbed and handful of her jet-black hair, gently but firmly, forcing her face against his abdomen and his cock down her throat. "Oh, yes." Ric sighed into Candy's mouth as he kissed her deeply and slowly and firmly screwed Maria's big mouth.


Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 25

group SteveWallace 2017-10-06

John introduced me, and Tim started right in with a question out of left field, "I hear you were with Jane Ellis the day she had to fire Joe Collard. He said you walk on water, have done miracles there in the planning work, binding the entire management team into a cohesive mass that thinks ahead beyond tomorrow, plus helping Jane." John said you were headed out there the end of this week, so you might also congratulate Brady on his promotion to Director of Regional Planning. Apparently, Zoey liked what I did to her, because she soared into orbit in record time, trying to stuff my entire head inside her pussy as I brought her to one orgasm after another with tongue, lips, and fingers.


The Village That Fucked

group MikeHiggins 2017-10-06

When he confessed that he hadn't got anything concrete but would be looking for casual work Mrs Patterson suggested that, as their gardener had retired and they were having trouble finding a replacement, Mike might want to do a couple of afternoons a week keeping their extensive grounds under control. Now, are you going to lay back on that sun lounger and let me do my stuff or is Jess going to have to hold you down?" Mrs Patterson's broad grin betrayed her statement about joking about blow jobs but, even so, there was still an air of command about her. Now, let's get those Speedos out of the way..." Mrs Patterson got up off her sun lounger and knelt down beside the one Mike was now lying on.


Just Once

group mothgirl21 2017-10-06

"I just couldn't resist tasting her." the brunette said to the man as she delicately traced her wet lips with her fingers and then slowly licked each of them in turn. The man sat close by on the bed, watching the two women begin to explore each other's bodies with their mouths and out of the corner of her eye she could see his cock begin to harden. The brunette stopped her kissing, lay back on the bed and opened her legs to reveal her tight, pink pussy lips. Sarah and the man started kissing passionately as the brunette's tongue began to explore her pussy again.


The Call Ch. 05

group imageone 2017-10-06

Bruce on one side of her was sliding his hand down over her belly, and Cordoba, behind her, let his mouth drift downward, until his long licking tongue was wetly lashing deep into the now seething portal of her eagerly opening cunt. For the time being, there was little that the other four men could do but watch as Virginia's naked churning ass began to move at a faster speed at Stan's urging, as he put his hands on her waist and guided her. Watching as Cordoba began to fuck in and out of her gripping pussy with long smooth strokes, he saw the shock of the deep, body-jarring thrusts reflected in the bouncing of her agitated breasts.