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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Idea Ch. 07

group niteowl2003 2017-10-06

As she was being finger fucked the guy she was sucking managed to get his entire bollocks through the four inch hole and she was now sucking his prick whilst playing with his balls. Suddenly the cock slipped from her mouth as she wailed like a dog barking at the moon and her cunt literally squirted its juice over the fingers embedded in it and quite a lot shot through the glory hole splashing on the guy fingering her. The guy opened the door out wards and went "OH my Fuck, Thought you were some homo shit," then silence as he watched her continue her assault on the prick in her cunt and doubling her efforts with her mouth.


Our first time Swinging!!!!

group phoenixman 2017-10-06

They just said ‘don’t worry – we ALL had a first time once...’ Tom got up to refresh our drinks and at this, Carol suggested to Fiona that she come and sit where she had been, and Carol come over to sit with me. You fuck my pussy will you?’ she said to Tom. I sat down on the rug too, propped my back up against the sofa and got Fiona to stand, then crouch over me. Tom put one leg over the top of hers, and the other in a more conventional position, then got his cock into place ready to fuck her pussy.

A Holiday at Moniques Day 01

group 4eyedbrit 2017-10-06

"That tickles; you are supposed to be wanking me off not making me laugh, here like this." Hillary's hand drove at Monique's tight hole, inserting a finger right up to the knuckle. Hillary spun round, dropped to her knees in front of me, pushing another finger up Monique's wet and willing cunt. Hillary shifted; now frigging Monique with two fingers, she lent forward and started to suck on the exposed knob, drawing it into her mouth like a straw. Licking the last drop of my come from the corner of her mouth Monique said, "Oh my God, now I understand what all the fuss is about, what have I missed for all these years?


group redmaxxx 2017-10-06

The beads of sweat formed on his boss in the humid morning, presenting in rivulets running down his body in the lines of his defined stomach muscles, glinting like diamonds against his black skin; Doug felt his cock rise slightly at the sight, swollen against his thin sweatpants. His eyes moved slowly up the jeans and noticed the bulge of Mr. Ryan's cock, the logo on his belt-buckle, the way his stomach moved away from his pants in a perfect flat plane up to his belly button; he observed the way the sun shimmered off his black skin like the glitter the boys apply to their body at the clubs he attends when his new wife goes to her mother's in St. Louis.


La Playa Ch. 13

group Fog43 2017-10-06

Charlie loved it too, He was proud of his little slut, and felt his cock grow as she reached down with both hands and pulled her pussy lips apart. He and Betsy had two other couples who lived in their state that they played with on occasion, and Charlie had taken full advantage of the libidinous yet safe atmosphere at La Playa to sample as many cocks as possible so far, but Len and Bridget were not just his favorite lovers, they were also his best friends. Len responded to the feelings of Charlie's tight ass, the mental picture of Charlie's words, and the actual sight of Betsy devouring Bridget's tits across the room and sank his cock to the hilt.

The Neighbors Ch. 04

group RiversEdge2010 2017-10-06

"So what happens?" Lana asked, immediately finding herself wet from the mere thought of Tina's face covered in cum. Lana turned her head and saw Tina, now blowing Mark while a couple of other guys beat off in front of her. "Don't forget, we need to ruin this pretty little redhead's face beside me too," Tina said, turning to Lana who couldn't believe the circumstances she found herself in. Lana looked over and watched Tina being facialized while another man came up and shot a thick jet of semen across her already cum covered face. "Your wife's face looks so beautiful covered in sperm, Mark." Danny said as he approached Tina, furiously stroking himself before her.


Alice and I, the neighbour and Us

group Fridagirl 2017-10-06

Uni had started and the nights were getting longer and my stress levels were rising to the point I needed sexual gratification to calm down and the minute his light came on in his apartment, I waited before turning my own on, only this time I was naked and stood sufficiently long enough to let him see, this was different. 'Just down to my knickers', she blurted excitedly, I could sense she was caught up in the sexual hysteria of it all and as we waited she undressed, all the time looking out the window for his return and finally when he did, he did not disappoint, naked and erect, I felt justified and pleased with my handiwork, Alice was ecstatic that was until I turned her room light on and exposed her nudity with her staring across to him.

Summer Dreams

group me71 2017-10-06

She turned around to face Alex, who started pulling on his hard cock, spread her legs, bent over and grabbed hold of Jason's foot, lifted and pulled his boot off. Summer snaked one hand behind her back to play with Alex's cock while kissing him and her other hand started pulling on Jason's massive tool. As Luke started to pump away, Jason moved Alex out of the way to take his place in her mouth. He continued, "Your parents came to watch the game today and decided to take the kids off our hands for the rest of the day." His hands started to roam over her naked breasts and Summer could feel the firming of his cock under her wet panty-covered arse.

Heather Ch. 09

group maudecardy 2017-10-06

The sheer amazement and excitement of being tossed by Heather and sucked by Isabelle was just too much for me, and as I stared down at Isabelle's bobbing head, her orange wool-covered arms held behind her head, and Heather's blue woollen cuffs and pink fingers working tightly up and down my shaft, I could feel my spunk just building and building - I knew I couldn't hold on much longer. I was getting nicely aroused watching all this going on, and as Isabelle pulled Heather's hands behind her back, the soft blue wool of her cardigan pulled tighter over her breasts, showing them off perfectly for me.


Cindy Becomes A Member Ch. 2

group Wildfire46 2017-10-06

Someone started to suck on her nipples, Cindy moaned as the pleasure of what felt like a ladies mouth sucked each of her nipples making them hard and long. She could feel a climax building as they sucked her nipples and ran their tongue along her pussy lips. It felt so good she started to moan, she felt the clamps on her nipples being tightened and couldn't believe how great it felt along with the hard cock stroking in and out of her pussy. Her passion started to peak nearing her climax when the man fucking her groaned and started to shoot his hot cum inside her. She immediately felt another cock enter her pussy start fucking her pussy hard.

Davy's On The Road Again Ch. 05

group oldhippie1949 2017-10-06

Sally and Stevie were grinning like Cheshire cats when I walked back into the kitchen. "I think Davy and Amy are an item," said Stevie. "Come on, Davy, we've got stops to make," Stevie hustled me off to get dressed. From there, we drove a couple of blocks and pulled into another place, which had more of a beer tavern feel to it. "Yes, Raymond, everything is delicious although I think you put a little extra truffle on the asparagus salad for Sally." "Mmm...yes, I like it but I think you could use a tiny bit more mint...make it a little more pronounced, make it more distinctive...also, you've given me an idea with the carrots. And it took you this long to come by old George's place?"


Amanda Seyfried and Megan Fox

group 2017-10-06

Their tongues just poured into each other’s mouths, sliding past each other and curling together as their lips pressed firmly together, both of them groaning as they pulled as close as they could to each other, their smooth, naked breasts pressing together, Megan Fox’s toned, tight abs pressed against Amanda’s nicely toned tummy, their legs sliding sexily against each other as they snogged heavily, their hands starting to roam and grab at one another’s incredible bodies, until Megan sudden broke away with a long gasp of air, grabbing Amanda’s breasts firmly before she suddenly turned round, swiftly slotting into a 69 position and pushing her pussy back down towards Amanda, who just smiled and slid her hands up over Megan’s tight ass, spreading the cheeks to fully reveal her dripping pussy before she took hold of Megan’s hips and buried her mouth into her, driving her tongue right inside of it, feeling her snug pussy squeeze at her tongue.

School Time Fun

group midnightwerenight 2017-10-06

It was also no guess that the girls put out so Jasmine had no chance with the brothers because she didn't put out nearly as much and who would want her anyway, she was a big assed big breasted black girl who was a goody two shoes who did all her homework and did what she was told. "Oh," she moaned, she pulled it in and out thinking about Marco forcing her to suck his big fat cock and about Andre roughly taking her ass while Carlos pushed deep into her pussy. "Damn, Andre this is the best cream pie I've ever tasted," he said slurping her vagina's juices "And she's got a clit piercing, hot damn that makes me even hotter that those nipple piercings don't you agree brothers?" He laughed.

Exchange Student Extraordinaire

group KimmyGFunk 2017-10-06

Her continued lack of control over her sexy, utterly filthy, half-English half-Japanese dirty talk made me so horny that, to my own surprise, I pumped a fresh load of cum just as I was pulling out of her asshole, perfectly timed so it covered her back with a stream of slick, white lust, some which ran so that it collected in the small of her back, and the rest filling a lovely puddle in her gorgeous asshole and overflowed down her legs and onto her pussy from behind, just for good measure.

My Blue Holiday

group MoodMagic 2017-10-06

After putting on my Victoria's Secret lotion, I took my fingers and slid them down the front of my panties and parted the lips of my pussy so that I could rub on my clit a couple of times. Sheena was squeezing my ass and kissing me inside my thighs and it seemed her tongue was everywhere and every time I tried to open my mouth, Bill would push his penis in further...gagging me. Before I could even relax, Sheena and Bill each took one of my legs and stretched them open while she took a huge vibrator and slid it inside my pussy while Bill sucked on my clit.

Rick & Tanya at the Limelight

group rixdix 2017-10-06

I licked Tanya's face clean, whipped my 6" cock out and slammed my meat into my slut’s mouth. I fucked her face for about two minutes and blew a load like no other, then i sucked my own cum out of her mouth - man do i taste good! He started humping like a jack rabbit - Tanya was in heaven, being fucked by this teenage stud with such a big cock. He could only fuck her for maybe five minutes before he filled her cunt with his juice - I pulled him out and sucked what was left out of and off of his tool, then plunged my face into Tanya's cunt.

Perverted Man Wanted

group NYCbbwSUB 2017-10-06

I spent two hours taking turns sucking their cocks, ending up with a few loads of cum on my face, which I happily licked off. I felt Master pull his cock out of my pussy, and his friend took his place on his knees in front of me. After they were bored fucking me that way, Master ordered me to ride his cock, which of course I did. When I felt his cock enter me, I came on Master's cock, and they just kept fucking me like that, both of them smacking me, and pounding my holes. My fantasy always ends with them shooting loads all over my face and tits, while I lick it and rub it all over my whore body.

Sleeping Secretary

group rachel24 2017-10-06

"Wow, would I love to get inside those panties when they are round her tight ass, no wonder she has a bad name with all the other girls, those tiny fucking skirts and those long legs, Marcus is such a lucky bastard getting to hump that every night!" Carl instantly commented. "Look at that panty line through that skirt, her bubble ass is so tight, I wonder if the rumours are true about her, that Marcus's cock doesn't satisfy her in any way shape or form, god I bet she craves cock all day long!" Said Carl with no decorum whatsoever.


Here Cums Santa

group SueNH 2017-10-06

Judy, with her long wavy red hair, had on a black satin and lace merry widow, with a lace-up front closure that served to cinch in on her waist and push up on her large, soft breasts, creating a deep and dark cleavage. "Oh, Santa knows what you want most of all," he said, and with that he reached behind the redhead into his bag, and pulled out two brightly wrapped boxes, covered with frilly little bows. Both women reached down, their hands colliding as they groped deep into the shadowy folds of Santa's crotch. "HO, HO, HO, time to open my present," said Santa, and he laughed with a mirthful chortle that made the fatty rolls of his belly wobble and shake like the proverbial bowlful of jello.


Julianna's Day In

group ryanj41015 2017-10-06

As he walked back into the living room, Bill saw that Tony had Julianna laid back on her kitchen table as stood over her, fucking her tight little pussy with long hard strokes of his 8 inch cock. "Let her suck your cock while I get a piece of this ass" Bill said to Tony and Julianna felt Tony's hands on the back of her head and her mouth being filled with his big dick. She started to look up and protest but Tony quickly guided her head back to his cock and as the vibrator began to push into her wet pussy, she felt the head of Bill's fat cock work its way into her ass.


Breakup Blues

group soliloquy 2017-10-05

You’re hurting. “Are you feeling better?” They all wondered at this. Trista smiled, “Just wait.” She pulled a block, read the command, and took her shoes off. Everyone stared as his cock began to grow and tent his pants. “Oh, yes. She wanted to have a depraved night of fun and drinking to make it all right. You’re the one’s missing out.” He wondered how far this would go. “So good, yes more.” He pushed a little on her head, but didn’t expect her to take his cock all the way in her mouth and start grinding. Trista explained that the block said they had to dry fuck for three minutes, but since they were undressed, they decided to change it a bit.


The Party

group Ms. Jones 2017-10-05

Dave said he was last week’s host and as he told the story of his fantasy, Jack could feel the familiar tightening of his cock. In the back of the room, Dave saw a blur of white as Shari moved through the throng of half naked men and women. Dave walked forward and stood behind Jack and Shari’s friend stood beside her holding her hand for support. Are there any questions?” Sterling looked to his left at Shari and her friend, then to his right at Jack and Dave. Jack took Shari’s hand and pulled her towards the middle of the stage. With Shari now facing the audience, Jack pulled up her skirt, giving them look at her tight round ass in the white cotton panties.


Vacation 3some

group besttest 2017-10-05

Darren and I just looked at each other and then as quick as possible got naked, he was in very good shape and his cock was a good 9 inches which I’m sure pleased Sarah. She started to ride this young black guy for all she was worth, his cock glistened with her pussy juice, I moved to the foot of the bed so I could get a better look, her juices were running down on to his balls making them wet. Sarah then got off Darren and moved down the bed, still on all 4s she motioned to me to lick her pussy, I did what she wanted.

Natasha's Truth or Dare

group KMDylan 2017-10-05

Everyone was getting a really good buzz when Sebastian, who has a dark streak in him, said, "Let's play truth or dare." No one would contradict him so we all gathered together in a big circle around an oversized leather ottoman in the middle of which there was an empty beer bottle sitting on its side on a tray. He narrowed his eyes, "I dare you to have a three-way French kiss with Theresa and Alina for no less than two minutes!" There were cheers from most of the guys. At that moment Gavin shouted out, "Time!" I reluctantly pulled off of Sebastian's glistening cock, tendrils of pre-cum stretching from my mouth to its tip. With the right guy, or girl." Looked over at Theresa and Alina and gave them a wink.