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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Stormbound Seduced by the Neighbors

group Kirsten_McCurran 2017-10-05

Hunter and Pilar knew Connie's ex had the kids for the weekend and thought she might want to be with someone to ride out the storm. If Connie was married to someone as sexy as Hunter, she could think of better things to do. After dinner, Pilar cleared the table and sent Hunter and Connie into the living room. But she couldn't imagine some guy Hunter's age chasing after her when there were women like Pilar around. Connie could just imagine Hunter in the lingerie store and holding up some little lacy thing while picturing his wife in it. Instead of just suggesting it this time, Pilar took Connie's hand and put in right on her breast.


Summertime Memory

group grevieby 2017-10-05

It is nice to do what I want now.’ she said as she lay on side exposing her beautiful naked body to hubby and me. ‘Now lay down,’ she told me ‘and we will let that husband of yours spread the suntan oil all over are bodies with his nice strong hands .’ Suddenly, Anna grabbed my cheeks with both hands, forcing open my mouth and pushed a nice glob of his white cum onto my tongue with hers. As we both lay back down on the loungers, I could feel hubby slide two fingers inside me and from the moan that Anna let out, I knew he had done the same thing to her.


group MMcumsub 2017-10-05

They spoke for few minutes more by now im being fucked by a guy, one female sucking and playing with my nipples. Lady rubs my pussy which had a guys cum dribbling out. The thought of being with a female she must have kept to herself for a long time, she sucked rubbing her tongue around my nipples, hands touching my pussy. I was met with three ladies and two men with cum dripping from them.MM had been busy, i licked all five clean then onto MM i start by licking his balls noticing cum dripping from his ass. The guys were queing up to fill me with cum in both holes others needed sucking and some could not wait bursting their balls on my udders.

Tea for Two Ch. 02

group Zurk066 2017-10-05

As we moved to the bedroom, Jackie decided to go and clean up in the bathroom, so Pete and I made ourselves comfortable on the bed. His hole looked so tight I couldn't resist, so I brought my cock head to his man hole and began to slowly enter him. As Pete lapped at Jackie's massive clit, I was pumping his ass like a mad man. I flipped Jackie over and roughly entered her from behind as Pete moved underneath her and continued to lick her and tickle my cum filled balls with his tongue. The head swelled up and white hot jizz began to spray from the end of his meat, all over Jackie's pussy lips and asshole.

Loving With Friends – A Day To Remember

group 2017-10-05

I knelt between Pam’s thighs as she held her cunt wide, and as John filmed it I began licking her cunt slit and clit, pausing only long enough for Jim to get a video of my tongue against Pam’s now rock-hard clit. John displayed a hugely erect cock and suggested he cum on and in Pam’s cunt and then I fuck her through the cum. As Pam and I encouraged him – me mostly saying how fucking excited and hard I was – John’s body tensed and his cum began. As soon as he could move he grabbed the camera, moved back and told me to fuck Pam, As I stepped between Pam’s raised legs I held them back and saw John’s cum, some of it pooling at the base of her cunt.

The Game Ch. 04

group clank46 2017-10-05

A soft moan from Sarah was all the encouragement I needed to prolong my assault on her breasts, both with my tongue and my hands, squeezing, rubbing, fondling, and tweaking. At the same time as I enjoyed those lovely firm soft breasts, I managed to undo the belt round her mini skirt and slid the short zipper down. Sarah lay still on the bed, the aftershocks still travelling through her body as her legs trembled, eventually opening her eyes. I had been gently massaging her pussy, with my fingers, all this time and as she hadn't pushed me away, I lent back down to kiss her wet lips. The combined effect of Sarah's hot pussy and the pull of her tight muscles soon had me on the way to a finish.


Johnny's Plan

group Scot1234 2017-10-05

As Gen rode her way through her orgasm, the servant's cock now replaced by her own fingers, she watched in delight as her sister took another mouthful of the man's hot cum. Johnny's cock was already starting to grow when he saw Bea moving down Gen's obviously expectant excited body, kissing every inch of her sister's smooth skin as she moved inexorably towards her target. Johnny's own fingers were by now wrapped around his stiffening cock just as he watched Bea's opening her sister up, stretching her cunt wide open, while her wet tongue moved to Gen's clit, swirling round and round it until her sister was raising her hips, offering her pussy as a sacrifice to the invading tongue.