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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Another Cultural Exchange

group Green_Man 2018-10-29

I did and found she was wearing no panties. I also found a very juicy pussy wanting to be touched by me. Then she said, "Oh fuck this," and grabbed me and laid on top of me making out with her old lover. She kept saying I would just have to be patient and it would be worth it. But it was scrumptious and quite filling. Slowly each clothing piece was removed until she stood like an Indian goddess in the dim light. There were no panties to take off. She stood up and I could see that she had kept her pussy shaved. And I kept humping until I had filled her to capacity.

Homework and Hook-Ups: Fun with the Soccer Team

group CherryRedGirl 2018-10-29

Nick grabbed onto my hips, and thrust his cock into my eager pussy. "Are you ready to take a cock up your ass?" Nick asked me. As I rode Blake's cock, Nick pressed a finger into my ass. Next thing I know he had three fingers in my ass and was fingering my tight hole as I had a cock in my pussy. One cock in my ass, one in my pussy, I just needed one in my mouth. I took Tiny's and Mike's cocks in my hands, servicing all five guys at once. Blake pounded my pussy, Nick pounded my ass, Ethan pounded my mouth. I squirted again and the liquid ran down my pussy lips onto Nick's and Blake's cocks.

Night Train

group ariadov 2018-10-06

"I was saying, over dinner to my friend", the blonde was addressing me, but her gaze was fixed on the musician's face, which seemed to be filming over with a gloss of perspiration, "that trains are the most exciting places in the world. Out of my sight now, the blonde had moved behind me, and placing her hands on my back, pushed firmly, so that my engorged penis slid inexorably its full length into the musician's vagina, like a train entering a tunnel. The blonde released my testicles and sat on the bed opposite the musician, who was still face down, her swollen genitals exposed, her heaving subsiding.

Surprise Dinner Party

group toomuchinmyhead 2018-10-06

"Maybe tonight Dee will share him, let us have him..." to lots of laughs and good-natured cheers, and then Mona leaned into my ear and said, "Really, Dee, Jeff is so hot, how can you keep your hands off him? I gasped, and as my mouth opened, she pressed in, opening hers, and I felt my long-time friend's tongue slip in and touch the inside of my mouth, so slight, so wonderful, and a tingle ran from my lips to the back of my head where her hand touched the nape of my neck. Mona pulled her lips from mine, and turned me to face Jeff, slipping behind me, her arms circling my waist, her head at my neck.


Destroying Alicia

group changer666 2018-10-06

"Come on, slut, suck it, suck it harder," the blonde one said, staring at his cock which was going in and out of Alicia's mouth. Alicia looked up to him, took his dick out of her mouth and said: "Do it for me, don't let me suck your cock, fuck my mouth!" "Well, this slut needs more than one cock, let's give her two." With that said, he grabbed Alicia's head and pushed his dick inside her mouth. Alicia's face was sprayed with cum, soon her whole body and hair were covered in that sticky white substance, and guys took turns double fucking her asshole. "Let me try," a big guy said, and pushed with one quick movement the whole 15 inches inside Alicia's pussy.


Foursome in the Mud

group soflabbwlvr 2018-10-06

People came and left, jumping in the water and then climbing back onto the rocks to sun themselves in the afternoon heat. The afternoon tranquility was shattered when two new guys ambled down the path and spread their towels on the rock next to the golden girl. My first thought was that she had left with Party Guy, but a quick survey revealed that he had moved on and was chatting up two more naked girls on another rock. My situation was resolved: Party with the guys until after midnight, head over to the Village Inn around twelve thirty, escort Astrid back to her house where we would finish the night consummating our new friendship, then go to sleep with Astrid in my arms as the sun peeked over the horizon.


An Alignment of the Stars

group Joey Burdette 2018-10-05

I told her about the parties the Levines started throwing every few weeks, and how my parents went to the first one but came home long before it ended, headed straight to their bedroom, and proceeded to have what I could tell was a pretty intense argument about something, though I couldn't hear what. I told Molly that Angie then kissed Zeke and Mrs. Danby - long tongue-kisses - took Mr. Danby by the hand, and led him back inside. "That's how I feel, too," I said, pulling her close, and that's how we left it, but over the next couple of months, my fantasy of Molly and the other guy kept coming back, and each time it did, I could see him a little more clearly.


Bi Wife Ass Fucks Girlfriend

group marriedpervs 2018-10-05

Behind me, my ex-boss Al was wanking his fat cock knowing that the moment I started fucking my best friend in the ass, he would shove his cock into my hungry cunt, completing a horny chain that was being filmed by Steve, my husband. Behind me, my ex-boss Al was wanking his fat cock knowing that the moment I started fucking my best friend in the ass, he would shove his cock into my hungry cunt, completing a horny chain that was being filmed by Steve, my husband. Steve kept filming, and I stopped long enough to notice his fat cock was missive, bursting with blood and semen as he watched me, his wife, fuck the ass of a woman who was sucking his best friends' cock, whilst his own wife was being fucked from behind and having her tits played with.

The California Trip Ch. 02

group Amy Part y Girl 2018-10-05

Bob ushers us into his office and we sit in comfortable matching leather chairs opposite his black acrylic desk, while Ellis Inman takes a seat to his right. We'll use the small sound stage to set up a pole for you to practice your onstage stripping, and we'll have some good music for it. "Very good," Natasha says stopping the music, "but could use even more energy. Her energy output is noticeably elevated, and Natasha watches intently but says nothing as Janie undoes the bra, caresses her breasts, loosens the g-string, and completes the number stark nude, including the on-the-back pussy-flashing, leg crossing, moist-finger clit rub, everything Natasha demonstrated.


Fantasies Cum True Ch. 01

group sex4u4647 2018-10-05

Ralph said that his best adventure before getting married was one time when he helped a woman change a tire and she invited him home as a reward, they fucked and sucked all night. Fran and Jan were playing with her tits, telling her to suck those cocks, drink their cum. Sue took her sweet time sucking and licking these two beautiful, hard cocks. While Jim stood there watching his wife sucking the cocks of his friends he felt wet lips close over the head of his prick. Ron's cock shot his cum to Sue's mouth and she swallowed it all eagerly. As they fucked Jim moved to her head and fed his cock to her mouth wanting to be part of her sexual fun.

Max Hardman: Porn Star Pt. 05

group jamisonroberts 2018-10-05

He mostly just stood next to the older blonde girl and got some ocassional dick-sucking while one of the other guys fucked her. This time he wanted to go for the brute-force approach so he got down on the mat with his knuckles like a gorilla and proceeded to bang the poor girl's opening furiously hard. Tony tried for a few minutes more to cum but she just wasn't tight enough, he was having trouble getting enough stimulation to orgasm again, especially after that load he'd left on the older girl's belly. Apparently he wasn't the only one who thought the dark girl was nice looking, she'd already had four guys fuck her and all four had shot off, one of them covering her from pussy to mouth.


First Affair Part II

group korpus1957 2018-10-05

Wes never bothered to check his messages when we got to his house and with what little rain we get in this area the thought of him not being able to work and coming home early never enterred our minds. Still on the pool table, naked and with Wes's cock still in my pussy, we accepted his appology but were left wondering what the next step would be. I opened my mouth and took Ken's cock inside it as Wes began to fuck me again. Wes politely eased his cock out of my pussy and Ken got in between my legs. Rather than immediately stuffing his cock into my mouth Wes opted to sit back and enjoy watching Ken fucking me.

I Did it For Him

group Alexandra 2018-10-05

'So you're basically hetero?' I nodded and felt a little stab of annoyance as the brunette was dragged onto the dance floor by a strong looking short haired woman in a suit. I sat Steve between us on the long sofa and by half twelve I watched as he and Stephanie kissed, their tongues shiny and wet as they entwined around each other. Stephanie's hand was gently working his erection through his pants and as I watched her long fingers deftly released his zipper and snaked inside. Looking down I watched as Stephanie drew Steve's thick member from his pants, its head swollen and red.


Sex Farm

group LustyWolf 2018-10-05

"It sounds like you've been thinking a lot about this," I said a little surprised since this is the first I've heard of Robbin's ideas for the farm. Robbin was right; if we sold our too big-for-us-anyway house, and moved into the farm house, we could live rent free. If we sell the house, we can use the money to start some small business at your father's old farm." And we use to have a great sex life, even after the wild swinging days, until we let work get in the way of it. my baby needs some relief," Robbin said as she slid over and gave me a blow job while I drove the pickup truck - trying hard not to crash.


Kim and Stephanie

group Doc38 2018-10-05

ooooooo GOSH..." I couldn't help moaning loudly, as she licked down my throbbing hardness, taking each of my balls into her mouth, gently sucking on them. I got back onto her, barely touching her body with my now naked ass, cupping her breasts with my hands, slowly starting to caress them, while I feast my eyes on those hard nipples. I started to fuck her slowly, feeling every intense moment of pleasure as her swollen lips grabbed my hard cock. It wasn't before long that I felt my erection growing again, and I placed my hand between Kim s spread legs and started smearing the dripping cum over her cuntlips and gently stroking her clit.



group TxRad 2018-10-05

A few weeks after she started work, she came into my office and said, "Your accountant is right, the way you do your paperwork and file things is for the birds. Ellie ran her long narrow fingers through her spiked hair, as she said, "Then let's kill a part of their software at a time until we find the conflict." As Ellie's yell slowly died, Abby lifted her head holding suction as she did, her tongue wiggled and licked all along the bottom of my shaft. "For each time Ellie comes, you get one full suck," Abby said, smiling up at me. Carl grinned back at Eddie and then chuckled as Ellie tried to protest around Dave's dick.


Winner Takes Both

group patdown 2018-10-05

Harry and Ted were standing across the room, arms around their shoulders staring back at me with big grins and two serious boners stretching their boxer briefs so I said, "Gaze upon the champion boys, took you both so what kind of trophy will I be getting." Getting into a rhythm I was able to slip about nine inches of Ted's long rod into my mouth and pull back sucking pretty damn hard while jiggling his big balls, another thing the brothers share, making Ted weak in the knees. I had my eyes closed and was just enjoyed the moment having Harry pump his cock into my ass pushing me down to take Ted's big dick in my pussy.

The Halloween Party

group ladyroxanne21 2018-10-05

"Did your husband agree to sit in the swing for a bit?" The hostess asked me, whispering in my ear conspiratorially. Taking a moment to kiss him while I removed the bandana from his head, I could see his eyes widen a little and then give me this look like he was saying you would too! I looked up in surprise a moment later when I realized that a man had come to stand behind the two women sucking on my husband. This meant that my hubby wasn't likely to want to bang this man when he was done giving head. The man sucking on him kept going until my husband's shaft stopped pulsing, and then he let it go slowly, almost reluctantly.


Initiation Into BBC Sluthood

group milf4bbcstretch 2018-10-05

He picked me up and gently lay me down on the bed and settled on top of me, his hips between my spread legs, his immense cock nudging my opening up and down, teasing me so badly I asked him to “Fuck me, I want you inside of me – now!” . Luke fucked me with longer strokes and harder and faster, I began to moan loudly and the profanities that poured out of my mouth! Fuck MEEE!” I finally knew what it was like to make love with a real man; this was what I wanted. The head of his cock went in; ever so slowly he was pushing himself in one long stroke.

Four, Count Them! Four

group summaswine 2018-10-05

I got up from laying on the bed and kissed my lover then knelt down and took the blonde one's cock in my mouth while squeezing my lover's balls. I alternated sucking my lover's cock and the blonde's – so different, so filling, as they both took fists of my hair and moved me from side to side. The camera was obviously put away because I felt one man move under me and start lapping at my pussy, making me suck and squeeze with even more enthusiasm. My lover was next and I felt his balls tighten and heard him saying, "Swallow it all, pet, like the good little slut you are.


My Little Bonnie Blue Ch. 02

group LorenzoAbajos 2018-10-05

They went to work, cleaning the suite and placing out the food and drink that Bonnie had ordered for the party this evening. Sucking and licking the lips of Rosa's pussy made Bonnie come around the prick reaming her cunt. Bonnie took him in all the way and he started fucking her face, holding her blond hair for a good grip. He had given her his cock last night so he didn't feel too bad just coming all over her body and face which Jeffrey was still fucking. When Bonnie came out, fresh and clean and smelling of jasmine in a chartreuse kimono, they rose from their seats and bowed to the little come slut of Texas.

Gymnastic Performance

group Lucky-Devil 2018-10-05

Elizabeth and Allen were both on the cheerleading team with Amy in college. In fact, it’s a strange twist of fate that Liz and I lost our virginities together and Allen and Amy lived together their senior year. Yes, that means Allen and I have double-teamed both Amy and Liz. But Amy and Liz have also gotten it on together while Allen and I have had our own fun. Liz complained the handstand was fine, but it wasn’t the kind of gymnastics we were talking about. Amy pulled herself back into a handstand, straddled Allen with her arms, leaned her head back, and proceeded to give him a blowjob standing on her hands.

Black Cuckold Couple Ch. 01

group Blkkink 2018-10-05

Tasa then pulled freed and whispered, "Now shove your dick into my pussy filled with that white boy cum and try to satisfy your slutty wife." My wife looked toward me then back to Trevor and said, "Before we continue to the club lets make sure your packing grade A white meat, pull it out white boy I want to see it." She looked towards me while slamming her wet fingers in and out of her cunt and said, "That was so sexy when you grabbed his dick, my pussy started leaking juice right down my leg, if the white monster cock comes home with us tonight I want you to guide that huge white cock into my tight black pussy."


My Wife The Sex Machine Testing Her Limits

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-10-05

That night I got out the floppy soft dildo and this time, after I’d licked her to orgasm I had her get on her knees and I slid the long fat dildo inside her and talked dirty to her about whose cock had just filled up her pussy. My wife looked at Steve and said, “Look, I’ve got to tell you that I want a nice long fucking, so if you’re a quick cummer then that doesn’t work. They both gave a gasp and my wife said, “Oh my god, I’m so full.” I felt his cock hard against mine and I guess the extra stimulation was all we needed because we all started cumming, filling her with more cum than I’d ever seen.