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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Our Family Ch. 01

group Scarlet_Holly 2018-10-05

Kaitlyn began kissing Lisa's neck and jaw, her hand covering Lisa's breast that Eric didn't have. Kaitlyn began finger fucking her as Eric grabbed a fistful of blond curls and started thrusting into Lisa's sweet mouth. Still fingering Lisa, Kaitlyn got on her knees and began kissing Eric, her tongue darting in and out of his mouth, his tongue doing the same. They kissed each other passionately as Lisa writhed beneath them, her pussy full with Kaitlyn's fingers and her mouth full of Eric's cock. As Lisa found Kaitlyn's clit, swollen and round, Eric's cock began pressing at her entrance. Lisa arched her back, allowing the sensation of Eric's cock and Kaitlyn's fingers take her over the edge.

High School: Zero to Hero Ch. 08

group yoursilentknight 2018-10-05

"Most of the college team will be helping out tomorrow," Beth said as we walked away from the pool building. When all was said and done I mentioned to Ashley it was probably a good idea if I turned in early since tomorrow was the big day. "In the mean time maybe we can give him the next best thing," Beth said now turning to Ashley. Not as good as it will be tomorrow night when you cum in my pussy, well, if you get on the podium that is." I got a teasing smile from her and a laugh from Ashley as Beth climbed into bed with her roommate.


Gina's Weakness Ch. 06

group BACarter 2018-10-05

"I met Simone and Sam the other night when I was here with the girls" Gina said quickly hoping to fill in some of the blanks. "She is a beautiful woman" Robert said confidently, "as are you." He turned to Sam, "You are a lucky man to have such a beautiful wife. Robert watched as did Sam. Their kiss made his cock throb with excitement. With Gina standing right there blocking everyone's view, Simone took a quick squeeze of Robert's cock. Gina and Simone could hear Sam's moans floating up to their cozy little nook. Gina watched as her husband sucked cock obviously doing a masterful job of it as evidenced by Sam's intermittent moans.

Another Promise Is A Promise

group elleann 2018-10-05

Anyway, our team was getting killed and there was only like ten minutes left in the game when Marcy came up to me right in the middle of one our cheers and whispered in my ear. The girls laughed except for Jenny who didn't like the idea one bit but we finally talked her into it because there was no way the guys could ever win, we said, and Jenny looked up at the clock on the scoreboard and said, "Yes, you are right. Guys were turning around all over the place to look at us, especially Marcy, Jenny and me, and I just smiled at them and licked my lips to tease them and the other girls did the same thing, except for Jenny, like who said, who was too embarrassed.

Anna Takes a Vacation

group SplendidSpunk 2018-10-05

She felt rather the saw the other cock as it entered her wet hot pussy and knew that her week had finally began. She was fed and given liquor and beer to drink and as her own need to piss came, she just let loose where she was, in the middle of a fuck or lying in her own cot. "This slut will allow all to fuck her and to use her in any way, come enjoy this slut and get your picture taken for a free memento of your stay in the islands." She was able to look up and down the beach and saw quite a few people either lying in the sun or walking and she waited patiently for someone to come and fuck her.

Pussies Taste So Good This Evening Ch. 03

group temp171 2018-10-05

Somehow she knew that Dorothy wanted what Ingrid had just had, and she had never watched someone else have sex (other than on the computer, of course) and she was excited to see Dorothy take the position on Phil's face where she had just been. She hung her legs lewdly over the arms of the chair, and fingered her pussy like she loved to do, taking her time, waiting until her new-found friends came in each others' mouths, before she brought herself to her second climax. She had read many stories where this happened, and Dorothy's hand felt as good as her own, only different. Maybe she should taste Dorothy's cunt, like she had watched Phil do earlier.

Lum’s Attention Strategy! I’ll Gangban

group YellowTowel 2018-10-05

Lum quickly became accustomed to the feeling of the student inside her and she let out shuddering groans as his dick massaged the muscles and walls of her ass. Happily riding the sensation the two boys caused inside of her Lum noticed the other two students becoming aroused watching her naughty display. Both cock where pumping like pistons inside of Lum, making it difficult for her to suck off the other students. Lum’s hips being so close to his head, Ataru decided to use one hand to caress her small, firm ass while he watched her tease his tool. Ataru kept prodding at her hard clit with his tongue, occasionally sucking at it and causing waves of pleasure to roll over Lum’s body.

An Unexpected Threesome

group london_james2010 2018-10-05

"My pleasure Jan, I thought Dave was joking at first," I replied looking across to where he was sitting on a chair sipping his Scotch. "Nice James?" Dave asked nodding at his wife's bum as she excused herself to go to the bathroom that I needed to visit as well. I wasn't sure I was quite ready for this, but nevertheless my heart seemed to pound harder, particularly when I saw Jan reach out for Dave's cock and grip it. She gave good head and I was beginning to think I might cum when she stopped and moved her mouth to her Dave's cock. "Yes James, cum on my tits and face" Jan said clearly well into her orgasm.


Carole's New Friends Ch. 03

group norfolklad 2018-10-05

'Such a beautiful sight', said Jules, watching your sex intently as Erin's fingers slipped relentlessly inside you. 'Wonderful', said a woman's voice from the other side of the room, 'an excellent performance.' You spun round in surprise - you hadn't heard the door open - and saw Marianne standing there. She dismissed the young man with a wave but you noticed that as he pushed the trolley past her on his way out of the room, her hand reached out to feel his cock. 'You will soon discover, if you haven't already begun to do so, that raw sexual excitement and pleasure comes from the cock that is fucking you at the time, or the tongue that's caressing you, or the fingers that are exploring you, and not from the person that's wielding them.'


The Camping Trip

group Alexandertg1955 2018-10-05

Teresa could feel every nerve in her body tingle as she looked at Michelle as if for the first time. As if not in control of her own body Teresa's hands slipped lower and slowly caressed Michelle's firm bottom. Her nipples hardened and her clit ached as Michelle gently ran her fingers between Teresa's thighs. Teresa could feel the wetness between her thighs at the thought of Michelle's fingers caressing her lips. Michelle reached out and slowly ran her soapy hands over Teresa's breasts and shoulders. Without a word Michelle pulled her now wet fingers from Teresa's wanting clit and raised them to her lips. Michelle's hand had returned to her clit as she slowly caressed Teresa's lips.


So Close I can Taste It

group Mackvillan 2018-10-05

The day comes, you see it, but you can only have one bite and were told that you have to wait till November to get that Sandwich. “Are we still hanging out with the unicorn tomorrow?” “Yep” “I’m a bit nervous, I’d like to just hang out tomorrow and kind of have a date with a threesome later” Of course I was crushed but I’m not that much of a selfish jerk to realize how lucky I still am. And you know everything seemed great… its going smooth my girl and unicorn seemed like they really liked each other. I was instantly relaxed and confident when it read “I’m with them now, we are probably going to have a threesome sometime soon.” She touched me and said can you be normal again?

Kitchen Science

group clarissaj1982 2018-10-05

I suggested to Linda that if we could get enough boys to volunteer we could glaze the cake with sperm and then put the little decorative carrots on top of that. "I can stop newcomers," he said, "but you probably ought to do the guys who have been waiting in line." Linda and I grabbed our big bowl of cum and hurried back into the lab. Some of the girls screamed, and some of them cheered but all of them went to the windows to look at the line of boys with their pants down mooning our lab windows. Linda and I got high marks for our carrot cake even though we only had time to put the one large cream cheese carrot on the top.

We Picked Up a Guy at the Bar MFM

group tpgprn 2018-10-05

I told Todd to check out how hard they were and he hesitantly reached around and played with her breasts and nipples and pulled down the shoulder straps of her body suit. Jody released the seat lock and tilted back into a reclined position and Todd's immediately started sucking her nipples. I was driving while my wife was laid back in her seat, her pants to her knees, eyes shut, moaning and smiling, while another man was sucking on her nipples and fingering her pussy! As I tried to drive and watch, she had him move into a sitting position and faced him as she straddled his body and slid is cock into her in one fluid motion.

Crossing the Line

group pink poison 2018-10-05

"Tell me something, would I actually be able to feel the pre-cum if I moved my hand a little?" I said and smiled. "Yeah we are having great time," I replied, thinking of Gavin's hard cock pressed up against me just minutes earlier. Gavin was reaching around me rubbing his wife's ass and her tits were pressed up against me so tight I could almost feel her nipples drill holes into my shoulder blades. Three of her fingers were now buried deep in my pussy as I continued to pump away at Gavin's cock and tease his ass. My face shot forward as Gavin grabbed my head and started pumping his hot cum into my mouth.


Taking On Two Generations

group Anakin20 2018-10-05

Sharon had pulled her daughters legs up and was eating Lisa's cum filled pussy while she probed her cunt and asshole with long firm strokes. Shortly my cock began to rise again and I moved around to Lisa's cunt and began to probe her hot slippery cunt while her mother continued to lick her daughter's sweet pussy. Lisa pushed me back and started to suck my semi hard cock as her mother got into position behind her and slowly rammed the fat plastic shaft up her daughter's pussy. As Sharon began to fuck her pussy on my stiff prick Lisa moved behind her mother and licked Sharon's anus wetting it and then slowly forced the dido up her mothers tightly packed asshole.


Plans Are Made: Birthday Celebration

group peeking_mike7428 2018-10-05

"Lean forward and lick my pussy baby, get me good and wet again for that hard cock of yours to pound in me" Jeannie said, getting Dottie's pussy wet just from those naughty words. Standing up Dottie reached out and ran her fingers along Jeannie's wet lips and then licked them off her fingers before turning around and pushing Gene so he was sitting up straight again. Dottie is looking Jeannie straight in the eyes as she slowly sinks down on to Gene, taking his long hard shaft inside of her. Dottie came first, feeling Jeannie's tongue on her clit and the toy deep inside her she pushed her hips up and let the waves roll over her body.


Cory & Tyler's Weekend Camping Trip

group DudesDudes 2018-10-05

Cory was driving so Tyler leaned his seat back, folded his arms over his chest, closed his eyes and said, "Wake me up when we get there." Cory looked at him for a moment, then gave him a sharp smack in the arm with the back of his hand. After a couple minutes enjoying Cory's mouth on him, he said, "Lie down next to me so I can have your cock back in my mouth, Cor." In a moment they were both enjoying the other's hard cocks as the sun set on a beautiful evening. Once Cory had finished and let out a sigh, Tyler leaned over and took his cock into his mouth again and licked off the drip of cum still on it. Tyler closed his eyes and let out a soft, "Mmmmmmmm" as Cory licked his cock and massaged his balls.


Truth or Dare!

group kellygirlaj 2018-10-05

My friend Toni has asked me and two other friends to come to her house for spring break; she said we can stay there the whole week, and her mom is ok with that. Toni went to get an empty soda bottle from the kitchen, while Gypsy explained the rules. I laid down on the newspapers, and Maxi and Gypsy each began to massage my breasts to relax me. I arched my back, and opened my mouth, which put my mouth right in line with someone's pussy; whether it was Maxi or Gypsy, I didn't know. Toni and Gypsy used their candy bars on each other, and ate each other out. I took the candy out, and began to eat Gypsy's flaming pussy.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 15

group SteveWallace 2018-10-05

I know you have your three girls, and I'm not out to upset that, but you and I do need to consummate this thing we started a long time ago. I said, "You've given me some things to think about – I mean making love on multiple levels simultaneously. Maybe that's why we met – and Elsa, Cindy, Melanie – and who knows whom else; we were all destined to interact in some way. Sheila said, "I think it says more about the relationship between two people besides I love you. I sent a text to Melanie and Cindy after that: 'Mark and Sheila did the deed. Cindy thought a moment and declared, "So, we should love Sheila and welcome her."


Out for a run 18

group 2018-10-05

She was rubbing herself raw through her jeans as she watched me sucking this giant thing deep into my throat, but I was not done yet with my show, I stood up and walked to the end of the couch, and laid stomach first over the arm rest – this let her have an even better view of my dripping pussy and my now fully exposed ass hole. I reached around with my giant dildo and started to push it ever so slowly into my exposed ass hole – I was grunting and groaning, making little screaming sounds as it started to pass deep inside, than I started to pump it in deeper and harder until I started coming again.

Dillon Court Neighbors Ch. 03

group Romantic1 2018-10-05

As I slipped into the lingerie I'd brought, Liz said, "Maddy tells me she'd like Mike to be her first lover. As Liz started to pose me against a more seductive backdrop, I asked her, "Liz, you can tell me to butt out, but I'm curious; have you and Eric involved Kevin and Maddy in your sex play in some way? Before he came, Eric stopped me and turned the tables, starting a fabulous bout of cunnilingus that brought me to two orgasms as Liz kept taking pictures. As the printer chugged out the prints we'd selected, Liz said, "You know a few hours ago; you asked whether we'd involved our kids in our sex play." I nodded, recalling the question.


Ginny Turns Pro Ch. 02

group jay.palin 2018-10-05

Very soon she slowly stuck her long, tan fingers down inside the top of her pants, pushed her hand lower to her crotch, and began the obvious task of rubbing her pussy as her eyes closed and mouth opened. Transferring my attention, I began stroking Carol's taut legs through her pants -- kneading her tight, fleshy calves -- which caused her to open her eyes fully and stare at Ginny's groping lips as they engulfed my veiny, red, throbbing cock. As Ginny licked the residue from her hand, Carol very tentatively reached down to her foot and ankle, scraping my cum from them onto two fingers, and – looking at me – slowly placed them in her mouth for a long, savoring, taste.


Special Investigations Ch. 1

group KM_Martin 2018-10-05

I thought that I could see a bit of light shimmering from Mary's face as if it were wet but before I could get a good look she disappeared again. Mary's auburn hair was a bit of a mess also but thought nothing of it at the time since it was so late and they had been there working all night. I moved toward them that so I could get a better look and knew that I was going to see Beth they're eating Mary's pussy. I moved closer and put my cock against Beth's ass and pulled her up from Mary. Beth took a hold of my cock and guided me into that flaming hot wet pussy of Mary.

Full Moon Party Ch. 01

group deepblue32 2018-10-05

Later that day, as I sat by the pool, pretending to read my book but really watching the gorgeous women gliding through the water, reclining cat-like on their sun loungers, all bronzed, toned limbs, and barely covered breasts, I started to think it had better be sooner rather than later. At one point I looked over at her, to see her with her eyes closed, her head tilted back, an expression of pleasure on her face, as three girls roamed their hands all over her body, through her hair, over her throat, her chest, her shoulders, her calves, her thighs.