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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

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group pamper1 2018-10-05

I felt her tongue teasing my clit as she eased a finger inside me. She began pumping me as she licked at my clitoris giving me a quick orgasm as I soaked her finger. Slowing her pumping motion into me, Lourdes pulled away from my mouth and positioned herself opposite me and slid her legs outside of mine. Tyson pushed a finger inside me then pulled it out. He positioned the head of his dark cock against my pussy and pushed inside. I began pinching and pulling my nipples as he slammed his cock inside me. I was waiting to feel his hot cum explode in my pussy but he pulled his cock from my pussy and shoved it straight on into my ass.

Better Be Redi

group juanwildone 2018-10-05

“I think I may need to change my shorts.” Rachel laughed, and Kimberly just kept scooping and quivering. “Is the can of whipped cream still out?” I stared open mouthed at Rachel, glanced over at Kimberly who was chewing her bottom lip, and suddenly got a clue. I can’t help it if I like sex and fooling around.” Kimberly was looking positively dangerous as she rolled around the bed flashing her wet pussy at us. “I think she’s big enough for both of us.” Kimberly started to protest, but it died a moan as Rachel and I lapped at her breasts. Rachel kept her hand there as she began to lick up the whipped cream I’d left.


A Man, Two Women, a Shave and More

group jakebarnes06 2018-10-05

Although we each enjoyed you both last night and this morning, we've had plans for some time to meet a client of mine and two of her friends for pizza at Faccagnini's tonight," Suz dead panned, looking down rather than at me, as she swiped a streak of silver across one of Michele's toes. Suz and Michele and I sat together for the next half hour or so just talking, eating our bagels, and laughing before I had to leave. "Lower," Suz asked as she arched her back, rose on her knees and offered a breast to Michele's willing mouth. Time passed without comprehension until Michele lifted her mouth from Suz's breasts, looked up into her lover's eyes, and announced, "I want to ride you."


Paula 02

group simaddict 2018-10-05

Though I had just cum a load in my wife's pretty red-lipped mouth, my cock was beginning to stir to life once again, being held in her lovely hand and titilated by her randy words. "You must thank Blanche for her interest in your well being," I told my lovely wife as she again took my throbbing cock into her mouth. But you know, Dear, he may want to check up on me from time to time to make sure I haven't forgotten the things he and Blanche showed me about pleasing a man with my mouth. "I know, my dear wife, I trust you to keep within the limits and to conduct yourself with propriety and discretion," I moaned as I shot another load of cum into her pretty mouth, causing her to swallow hard to consume it all.


Truth or Dare Ch. 03

group davedadog 2018-10-05

Chloe brought her finger to her own lips and tasted it, then began kissing and sucking Monica's hard nipples again. My cock began to stiffen as I lay next to Monica while Chloe darted her tongue in and out of her wet pussy. Monica held Chloe's head between her legs with one hand and began squeezing her breasts and nipples with the other. As I started fucking Chloe from behind, her enthusiasm grew and she was devouring Monica with animal lust and reaching down between her legs to squeeze my balls when I slid into her. Monica was kissing her and running her hands all over her body as I started fucking her in earnest, slamming into her hard and making her feel every inch.

The Best of Friends

group Zotted 2018-10-05

"You look amazing – I'm feeling under dressed next to you two." Just then Ann appeared from the hall, and I got to watch Kath's eyes widen. Her small breasts, forced up and in by the corset, looked ready to explode out the top, and I saw Kath lick her lips as Ann got in next to her. I wanted to make sure that my wife had the same view that I did; so I turned my side to the wall, pulling Ann around and spooning her into me, locking my hands low on her stomach so she was facing the same way I was, towards Kath.


Diary of a Rockstar Ch. 02

group RiversEdge2010 2018-10-05

"Did you have fun the other night with Ken?" Bobby asked, the sensation of Paige's hands on his penis driving him to run his fingers down his girlfriend's nipples, past her naval and hairless vulva, until finding her slit and pushing them deep inside it. Paige leaned in and kissed Bobby as she continued to gently stroke his shaft with one hand and using the other to massage his balls, the feeling of his aching penis in her hands a more than welcome sensation for the horny rockstar who loved cock. because I like cock too much," Paige admitted, blushing, staring down at Bobby's swollen organ in her grip as he continued to pump in and out of her with his own fingers, erotically massaging the inside of her vagina and anus at the same time.


They Came Over

group toomuchinmyhead 2018-10-05

"You want to suck his cock some more?" She ran a hand up Rose's thigh, meeting her friend's hand, pushing it aside, exposing her shaved mound. "You want his cum in your mouth, to taste his cum, to swallow him?" Rose groaned as she spread her legs, and Diane looked at me as she slipped two fingers inside. I heard Rose's voice, muffled but increasing in pitch, and looked down to see her eyes, darting from mine to Diane's, then opening wider, losing focus, staring blankly. Her whole body shook and she stopped licking; Diane responded by rubbing her cunt on Rose's face and pushing her hand harder.


My Kind of Night

group milkybuns 2018-10-05

He explained that he had already participated in similar activities and told of one particular scene that culminated in Nick coming inside a girl and having his cock licked clean by a gay friend who was simply interested to know what the combination of spunk and cunt juice tasted like. In ten seconds the trousers were flung on the floor and Nick was rubbing Andrew's cock through the black material of his briefs. The balls were withdrawn from Nick's mouth as he placed his lips round the solid shaft, pumping his head up and down desperately trying to force Andrew's semen out. After half a minute of intense wanking and sucking round Andrew's cock head, he finally submitted to his desires.


A Soundless Sex

group Norcoaster 2018-10-05

Knowing she was basically impervious to the loudness, and might like being so close to the intense vibrations, I set Jillian up for a while sitting on a large box subwoofer in a speaker tower to the left of the stage as I then went to work finishing the set-up and sound checks before the featured band rehearsed a few classic rock instrumentals they would be playing during the weekend. To the opening strains of a classic Hendrix guitar riff, Jillian sat on the back corner of that subwoofer cabinet, facing me this time, openly inviting me to watch as she arched her clothed self while intense bass vibrations swept through her loins and body.


Friends Upstairs

group es0terik 2018-10-05

As she bent over to kiss Jade again and to spread her legs and expose her pussy further, I got a wonderful glimpse of Sandra’s pink and glistening lips, pressed tight together between the cleft just below her hot ass. She lifted one foot behind her in a classic kiss pose as she tongue-fucked Jade’s mouth and another shock hit me as I saw fingers, Jade’s fingers, suddenly peek through that cleft as she started massaging and fingering Sandra. I gave a short gasp as her mouth swallowed my cock nearly to the hilt and I looked over in time to see Jade beginning to stroke her pussy lips and lightly pinch her clit as she watched. Sandra ate Jade’s hot pussy to orgasm as Jade straddled her mouth and watched me fuck Sandra missionary-style.

Lindsey's Performance

group GuyonGuyonGirl 2018-10-05

Lindsey looks at them and says: „Ah now the party is getting even better, more cocks to please, but still not enough.” While the servant goes out of the room he says: „Yes I know Miss Stirling, don’t worry, I will find 5 more guys.” „All right fellows open your pants and show me your dicks. Lindsey sees than not all cocks are really hard and says: "Hm I guess some of you have problems to get hard, I think I can do something to take care of this issue.” Lindsey smiles and starts to open her blouse, the guys start to look very excited at Lindsey’s chest. Lindsey sits back up and says: “Now the last three guys.” Her body covered in cum sparkles in the light of the room, while she wanks two of the cocks and sucks the dick of the sassy guy.

A Bi Beginning Ch. 3

group C_Duke 2018-10-05

Both girls heated up and the kissing became wild, animal like, Yannah burst into a sudden full-body sweat, tiny beads of liquid all over her luxurious brown skin, and she bit her lower lip hard and let out a whimper I'm sure should've been a scream. Yannah kissed Fin's thighs gently, slowly making her way up her white legs, lifting her head off the pillow an inch at a time as each slightly open mouthed kiss was placed closer and closer up that silky skin towards the hairless portal of pleasure. Next the dreadlocked girl became a shivering wreck as she tried so hard to remain soundless and unmoving as Yannah snaked her experienced tongue into her at last, parting her moist pussy lips and making tiny catlike laps upwards and outwards, teasing something special within.


A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 32

group Wm_Sexspear 2018-10-05

I was absolutely certain that I was enjoying Lynn's warmth and Beth's proximity to my penis too much to move, maybe we all were feeling like that. The foreplay had been amazing, but the next time my cock got inside of Lynn, it was going to stay there until my sperm flowed into her body again. Unable to take my eyes off their sexual union, I was taking longer strokes in and out of Lynn without meaning to; I was surfing Jim's wave as he rode into Beth. My brain only gradually came back online; I was dimly aware Lynn must have come, I felt her contractions milking my penis for it's liquid contribution to the process of procreation.

Further Than I Should

group Risktaker48 2018-10-05

Soon we were making love and as I felt his hard cock probe my pussy lips my mind drifted and I saw Nikos face smiling down at me and I began to imagine it was the young Greek entering my pussy. Nikos' kissed my neck slipping the strap of my dress off my shoulder exposing more of my cleavage his kisses moved further down and he lifted my left breast to his mouth as he did this it broke free from my bra and he suckled on my stiff nipple. I was still feeling tremors from my orgasm watching Michael thrusting into Kelly made me orgasm for the second time before Nikos slipped his fingers out of my throbbing pussy.


jackson and his (3d part)

group hadiassi 2018-10-05

jackson and father fucked every day they can't be togther in any room for 5 min without jackson's father zipping his pants and leting his son suck that master dick jackson's father looked at mark and he smiled then told him to show jackson his dick and he did " son start sucking mark's dick let your daddy be proud of you " jackson started sucking his father's dick while mark stand behind him and start licking and fingring jackson tight sexy asshole "ahh yeah fuck lick my hole mark dad your buddy is so good he know how to use his tonuge " " mark it's my turn to give it to my son common let him suck your dick while am fucking him "

Mariel, Karin, and old Jake. Santa's cumming

group 2018-10-05

Reaching between the seats I took hold of Karin's overcoat, tugging on it and asking Jake to unbutton it, telling him the heat will soon build-up and she might start to feel sick, and within a few minutes her coat was opened up, exposing her nubile figure to him. Together we continued this action and then I tried another move, by sliding my finger under her and eased it into her ass, where the entrance was swollen and well lubricated, and in this position, feeling Jakes cock move in and out as my finger worked in and out in the opposite direction, as it would be if she was having double penetrative sex, and it did the trick, as she exploded, with such f***e she woke up from her stupor, and sat in silence trying to take in what was happening in the back seat of my car.

Bisexual Threesome

group Gay_sex_only 2018-10-05

It was hard being a liberal person, and if they had known Phillip were gay, they probably wouldn't have even bothered to show up. Tom's bedroom was right around the corner from where Phillip was sleeping. There Tom was, on top of Stefani, fucking like a wild man. I know you jacked off to me and Stefani fucking last night," Tom said bluntly. With that Tom grabbed Phillip's hair and pulled him up into a sitting position. Phillip then kissed each of Tom's huge balls. Meanwhile, Tom came from out of nowhere with an extremely lubed up dick and rammed into Phillip. Tom came in Phillip's asshole. "We'll have to do this again sometime," Tom told Phillip as he was getting ready to leave after cleaning up and everything.

BJ Bliss Ch. 05 Swapping Wet

group masterandmargarita 2018-10-05

Dean struggled to process the proposal as he gazed into Felicia's ravenous cougar eyes and felt Mika's fingers working their way around his waist to unbuckle his belt. Felicia watched from the side of the couch as Mika mounted Dean's wet hard cock in reverse cowgirl and sheathed him between her tight folds. They stood over poor, exhausted Dean wearing only their thigh-high stockings and smiled down at him with cum-covered lips while Miho gathered his clothes and graciously dropped them next to him on the couch. "Felicia, I forgot to mention, before I pulled Dean into the studio, that Claudia woman called the store again today asking for you," Mika said as she peeled off her stockings.


Great Neighbors Ch. 01

group vrt123 2018-10-05

Linda was the first to Christina and was saying what a wonderful party it was when Christina leaned in, pulled Linda's head towards her and began trying to tongue kiss Linda, attempting to force Linda's mouth open. Linda was sucking Jon's cock when Christina started using her hand to jerk up and down on the base, yelling, "Suck him off!" Linda, getting a splatter of pre-cum, pulled back while Christina began furiously jerking Jon's dick in front of her face, her mouth open and tongue sticking out. Jon began by kneeling and inserting his cock into Linda's drenching wet pussy, reaching around Christina to stroke her clit and finger fuck her.

Girl's Night Out Ch. 1

group Nonymous 2018-10-05

"Tonight I think I'm looking for something new and different." you tell Megan as you give her a sexy smile. What is coming over you tonight, you can't stop thinking of Megan, of her tight, wet pussy. Her clean shaven pussy already feels hot as you slowly insert your finger into the wet slit. You then ever so slowly remove your finger from her pulsating cunt and push it past her pouty, pale pink lips to feel her tongue suck and caress your finger. Max, Kimmy." Megan says as you reach out to grab his massively huge hand. You turn it on and as Megan hears the humming of the toy sits up to look at you.

Turtle Bay Golf Ch. 01

group Travel Girl 2018-10-04

Jimmy hit his shot into the water, but he was laughing about it and said "More beer!" Mike made a nice shot onto the green, and seemed to feel pretty good about it until my shot was closer than his, causing more cursing and joking threats. It looked like Jimmy wanted to die he was so embarrassed, as if he could not believe Mike was saying this stuff out loud. Mike says, "No way, I would have wanted you to go through with it, I can just imagine what you look like, and fair is fair." When we got to the green to finish the hole, I told the guys that they didn't have to flash again, I had already seen them and I thought they were good sports.


Sister In Law is Above the Law Ch. 03

group GliterySugar 2018-10-04

One weekend, when our parents went to attend a marriage party of some relatives in Islamabad, we were sitting in TV lounge after dinner just kissing, sucking and licking her pretty long nail polished finger arousingly she told me that she had distributed the sex stories to her colleagues and a couple of friends a few days ago. As Kiran Bhabi was telling me that after reading the sex stuff Sheeba had really opened herself to her and told her that it had been years since she’d felt a man touch her, the phone started to ring. “I am very happy to join.” Sheeba whispered into her mouth as reached up and pulled Bhabi down to her, kissing her deeply, at the same time she fondles Bhabi’s sensitive breast.


Mary's Gangbang Daydream Ch. 02

group loveking 2018-10-04

Her male companions all cheered loudly as Ken said, "thank you Mary, I will arrange for you to be dressed properly!" He called over the waitress and asked her to escort Mary to the lady's changing room. She should have felt embarrassed or even annoyed, but she found herself laughing with the waitresses and opening her legs wide so they could apply some shaving cream and shave her, making her pussy look like theirs! It was not until she felt the girl's hand between her legs that she realised why the panties felt so strange; there was a gap where her pussy was! The naked girls took Mary by the hand and led her around the restaurant to each table in turn.