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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Swingers in Eurpoe Ch. 01

group campo71 2018-10-04

Never to miss an opportunity Tracey moved her hands to Pamela's bum and drew her closer, their tongues quickly intertwining. I removed the towel and released my cock near Pamela's face, she turned, examined my 7 inches and took me into her warm mouth with a quick bobbing motion. I quickly mouthed an "I love you so much baby" as Pamela led Tracey away to a lounge so they could continue their action in comfort. I've done plenty of DP's in my time as it is a favorite of Tracey's but it always amazes me how good it feels to be fucking someone up the arse while they are getting pounded in their pussy.

Train Slut

group fungirl92 2018-10-04

"Suck it, slut," the black guy said as he grabbed a fistful of her hair and shoved her face onto his cock. She recognized that as the voice that belonged to the black haired guy; he must be the one trying to ease his cock inside her right now. The guy fucking her from behind slapped her ass and she lurched forward, not from pain, but from surprise, and the black cock was forced farther in her mouth. Take it all," the owner of the cock in her mouth shouted, abandoning his easy fucking of her face to just go for it, treating it like it was a pussy. "Alright, cunt, my turn," the brunette said, walking up to shove his cock in her mouth.

First time having a big cock

group tpgprn 2018-10-04

After some really hot dancing, I told my husband I wanted to go to one of the rooms and fuck my brains out. "Dance?" "Yes." As we began moving together with the music, he cupped my ass with his hands and pulled me closer. This was like in high school when I danced with guys and I could feel their stiff ones, but I knew they weren't getting any. I pulled my breasts out of my top so Brett could play with them while we danced. I pulled Brett's cock out of his pants and teased it as we danced. Finally I pulled Brett's head up and said, "Fuck me!" This guy's cock was so big that I didn't think I could close my hand around it.

Aural Fixation

group ChancesAre 2018-10-04

"Well maybe I should just let you get back to it then," Stacy said into my ear, and then lower, "unless you want me to tell you exactly what that gorgeous man is doing to you right now, with his face pressed up against your slippery . Then Stacy almost whispered directly into my hungry ear, her tone taking on a sexy lilt, "Well then, Grace, you just go ahead and let him push some of those long fingers right into you then. Suddenly he attacks your open pussy with his manly scruff and sucks your throbbing clit into his mouth, sliding his fat tongue up and down, turning your juices into liquid fire between your legs."


A liquid satin slip and Thanksgiving

group morepantiesplease 2018-10-04

“Would you like to feel my slip?” she asked Not waiting for an answer she pulled the lace dress up well above her mid thigh and exposed a good five inches of satin. Jodi spoke up....”Carol and I talked in the bathroom....we decided that if we start playing like this that we want to finish it.” She looked at Steve...”Steve....Both Carol and I think we can have some real fun tonight. She said that you've talked about wife swapping in your fantasies but couldn't find the balls to actually go through with it.” Jodi slid closer to Steve...”You have my permission to touch me anywhere you want and even make love to me...but if you do Paul gets to do the same with Carol.” Now...

Free Love at Hidden Beach

group outdoorsex 2018-10-04

I watched as she relaxed her tight little butt and slid down on Bob's cock, working it slowly into her pussy. My fantasy had come true - my lovely hippie chick was lying on the beach with her legs splayed open, allowing a big-dicked stud to fuck her. He slid into her pussy easily, and for the second time that day, Bob fucked my girlfriend on the beach in the bright sunshine. April moaned and humped Bob's cock while I slowly worked a finger into her cute little butt-hole. When I was done, I pulled out, and she continued sucking and fucking John and Bob. I lay back in the sand and watched my beautiful blonde goddess go wild with these two studs.


Buck A Bar

group myfantasies 2018-10-04

On the up stroke, my partner would just allow the head of my cock to slip past her labia and then she'd lower herself full tilt. She closed the door, shed her outfit and knelt between my legs, kissing her friends cheeks and handling my sack. On the apogee of my partners stroke, I slipped my cock out of her in hopes of having her friend suck it. I told the blond to push her finger up her friends ass and then push forward until she could feel my cock. I told the brunette to push her finger up her friends ass and it had the same result.

Shear Pleasure

group pedicur8her 2018-10-04

Penny reached down and ran her hand over my crotch, "Longer on top, that's how I like it too." With a quick motion, she opened my zipper and pulled my hard cock out, slowly stroking the shaft. Penny slid down to the floor and slipped my cock into her mouth while Liana dropped the back of the chair down until I was flat on my back, my head hanging down. Liana ducked between my legs as I staggered back against the sink and licked my come off Penny's face with the tip of her pink tongue. After the two women were finished sharing my come, Penny sat up, smiled, and licking a stray drop off her lips said, "We are going to have to schedule you for a regular appointment.

The Perfect Game Ch. 02

group Tx Tall Tales 2018-10-04

The object of the game (nominally) was to collect seven different colored Reward cards for successfully completing a variety of Challenges. With the game play dynamics worked out, I rewrote many of the cards to be gender specific, added some new ideas into the card play, and got everything ready. "Let's start over, and see if we can make it a little better this time, it was moving pretty slow." Cheryl said. Denise, teasingly stood up, and walked all the way around the table, past 'Frank', past Dave, past Cheryl and 'Delara' to me. Just before it was time to shuffle, we had the raciest thing yet: Denise showing the person to her left, yours truly, the color of her bra, black.


Halloween night done right pt 2

group Blondelover24 2018-10-04

Anyway I got up and told lindsey to put her hands on the foot of the bed and bend over. I told Erin to start eating her out when I asked a question and continue until she answered. Lindsey “ I um ooooooooohhhhh shit” (erin was doing as she was told) “I came over early because Erin asked me to.” Lindsey “ ummmm ARGGG oh um I came to ask Erin if she needed any last minute supplies for the party!! Erin had been going to town on Lindsey’s virgin pussy and Lindsey (a squirter as well) shot liquid all over her red headed friends face. Lindsey “ I am begging you please fuck me silly I am your cum slut and I will pleasure you day or night anywhere anytime!!!!!!!!!!!!

BDSM to Gang Bang

group huntershesse 2018-10-04

Donna continued the spanking and fucking giving Jennifer no release from her orgasmic bliss. So fucking hard!" Jennifer was screaming now, completely out of character, much to the deep satisfaction of her mistress. Finally, Donna dropped to her knees behind Jennifer and sucked her pussy off to a final hard orgasm. She moved in front of Jennifer and offered her ass and pussy, which Jennifer happily indulged, plunging her tongue as deep into both as she was capable, sucking her mistress off to several powerful orgasms. Jennifer had satisfied an itch and was more than happy to go back to being a good slut for her mistress and a great fuck for her man.


group OldClyde 2018-10-04

Bob made a comment about the boobs on a girl on the computer and Kevin forgetting himself said, "Oh, ya there ok but I bet Francis's look allot better than that." The room went silent. "No I guess you couldn't but I sure would like to be able to touch them and kiss them and suck them, Oh, fuck, Fran I am coming" says Jim and Fran looks in time to see the spray of white juice fly out of the end of Jim's cock to land on the TV and the floor in front of it. Seeing that Fran is just beginning her next orgasm Frank (Who had been replaced on her nipple by Bill.) pushes Kevin out of the way and inserts himself into her pussy trusting deep and hard.


Another Fantastic Night

group Vayporh 2018-10-04

As I stood there waiting to be positioned as they wanted to use me, warm soft hands began roaming around my cock and balls. As this silken feeling lit fire across my cock they began to pump and deflate the plug, stretching and releasing my ass. I was getting ready to voice my opinion as he quickly pulled out letting his cum slide out of my ass, and was rapidly replaced by another hot cock! Hands tightly held both sides of my head as he began to fuck my mouth with short quick strokes. Slowly a mouth trailed down towards my cock and engulfed it, after a handful of strokes I unleashed one of the largest loads of cum I had ever shot.

My First Threesome

group Owlyn 2018-10-04

He backed out of one encounter that I'd tried to set up for the three of us, making me stand up a good friend who was also bi-curious, but a few weeks later I met another new friend, a man we'll call Fred, a very attractive, older and more experienced bisexual man who was absolutely craving a threesome at this time. I slowly began teasing Buddy with my lips and tongue, knowing all the places he liked to be licked and sucked on his cock and balls. Shall we share some with him?" No sooner had I said this, but Fred's cock and balls were inches away from my face as he stood before my bed.

Poolboy's Bi-sexual Clients

group walterio 2018-10-04

Curt held on to Marilyn's shapely buttocks and squeezed and fondled her firm ass cheeks as he ate her pussy. Curt continued to eat her pussy as he held her ass tightly in his hands. Curt stuck his middle finger in Marilyn's pussy and got it good and wet with her juices. Curt pumped his finger in and out of Marilyn's ass as he continued to maul her pussy with his mouth. Curt began to pump his cock in and out of Marilyn's pussy as she wrapped her shapely legs around his back. Marilyn put her hands against the shower wall and let Curt fuck her in her shapely ass one more time before he left the house.



group voluptuary_manque 2018-10-04

"Mother took me clothes shopping for the party," Angie replied morosely, "and you wouldn't believe what she decided I should wear. Angelica had been expecting an answer more like "there wasn't the money, then" or "your grandfather felt that college was for boys." Having her wise, witty mother say upfront that she hadn't gone to college because she didn't want to, required a few minutes to process. Have you decided what you want as a graduation present?" The sudden change of subject threw Angie off her line of thought and reminded her that she hadn't given the question any consideration. Since it was now clear that she, and all of her friends, would be going to the Moose Lodge whether they wanted to or not, it was time think seriously about just what she should ask for.


A Tale of the Technician Ch. 02

group FinalStand 2018-10-04

Jamie held her hands and pulled Emily's head onto her shoulder. A few hours later it was Jamie, Emily and I sitting around the table at the Waffle Shack drinking sodas and talking things over. The team went eight and five last year, and all Blair wanted to do was win one more game. Jamie reached out and put her hand on the small of Emily's back and got no response. I pretended to watch the movie while Jamie smiled to Emily and went back to stroking her ass and lower back. Emily brought Jamie's juices up; drawing the finger along her lower lip as she grinned then puckered up and drew the finger into her waiting mouth.


Kelly's Affair

group HerLittlePiggy 2018-10-04

I fought the urge to furiously pump my cock until it exploded and I slowly stroked my dick as Mark tit fucked my chubby round wife. "I have wanted your cock for months," Kelly panted as her lover pounded her soaking wet pussy with long hard thrusts. "Tell your husband when that was and I will fuck you until you cum," Mark ordered as he stopped with just his head inside my wife. He sat on the couch and directed my wife to climb on his cock reverse cowgirl style so her "big fat tits" faced me. I could feel Mark's big dick rubbing my cock head as I sucked my wife's tits and it humiliated, disgusted and excited me more than I had ever been in my life.

A Birthday to Remember

group Neo 2018-10-04

I lean over to Sean and said we’ve got to win this round or we ain't gonna see them tits! Then April leaned over and took one of Katherine’s tits and started sucking on it. I put April in a doggy style position and stuck the head of my dick at the entrance of her pussy. I gonna ride both of y'all!” So Sean and me crossed each other’s legs and April slid her pussy lips over the head of my prick. She said, “This is really filling me to the breaking point, but it feels so God Damn Good!” Katherine walked over cum running down her legs and started sucking April’s tits.

Buying A Bikini

group xxkissmytoesxx 2018-10-04

He took another long look at my bikini-clad body and said, "Can we watch you change, too?" When I shut the car door with my shopping bag in hand, John stopped me and said, "I just want you to know that I thought you looked really hot in all those bikinis today. "Come on, John." I said pulling his hand and walking towards the door. I could just grab you and kiss you, Jen!" Eddie said when he looked up and saw me in the black, two-piece, string-bikini. "Wait...I didn't get a bikini-kiss...not fair, Jen!" John said. I sank back onto the bed and John kissed my bare tummy while Eddie took over at my mouth.

The Hazing Ch. 07

group jallen944 2018-10-04

The dark haired girl's hands felt wonderful on her body, even when she washed the sore area between her legs. With a big sigh, Pam wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and smiled at the soft voiced girl. Pam automatically tilted her head to the opposite side, closed her eyes, opened her mouth slightly, and waited for the pressure of Lori's lips. Pam put her hands on her waist, just like she would with a guy who was just about to have sex with her, except that Lori had soft tits that felt good in her hands. Lori kissed Pam's soft bush, then again down on the inside of her thigh as she spread her legs for her.

79% pam

The Wall

group JenniferO1 2018-10-04

Janine looked at her boyfriend and said "yeah right, you get cross eyed pissed if another guy even glances at me and now you're saying that you think it'd be cool for me show my pussy to all your friends". I don't know what excited them more, seeing the pussy of a girl they knew but had never seen before, showing off their girlfriends/wives to the other guys or getting the chance to show off their dicks, I guess it didn't matter, they were excited for sure and I guess we were too.


Coed Camping Trip

group mechanicray 2018-10-04

That brought out instant protests from the guys and Tyler said that was only fair since they had made Tessa suck on other girls’ titties and lick their pussies. When they were done, Tessa told them to think about how they felt doing when they asked girls to suck their peckers. Two of the other girls jumped in and agreed with Tessa while the other two told the guys that they didn’t mind giving a good blowjob. I looked over at Tyler and he had a girl on his pecker and one in the face and Tessa was telling them to fuck his brains out and the girl riding him started bouncing faster and faster.

Awakening Ch. 03: Penetrating...

group shakenmartini55 2018-10-04

Emma must have been watching closely, "Damn Amy, you must really be into Derek's cock cause your pussy is wide open and leaking. Damn, you look so hot with your sweet little mouth wrapped around that big fat cock of his." Her voice changed a bit like she wanted to play too, "Ya know, he's awfully big dearie and with you being all tied up and all, I think I'll give you a hand." Emma started rubbing my clit as Derek's monster cock sent shock waves throughout my body. At some point Derek shot his load in my ass and I felt his warm gooey cum running out of my butt as he continued to slowly fuck me.