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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Bad Penny Ch. 13

group MVPrimetime 2018-10-04

That night, after they left, Penny turned to Liz as she walked back into the living room from closing the front door and said "So it's official then. I was sitting about six feet away on the sofa, and just watched for a minute, until Penny broke the kiss and looked down at Liz to say "Bed?" Liz's toes, curled and suddenly spread wide as she came with Penny's fingers in her pussy and tongue on her clit, and my cock in her mouth, my hands rubbing her breasts. Penny played her down, slowing the stokes and holding her, turning off the vibrations, gently removing the vibe after a few more gentle strokes, hugging Liz to her and resting a hand to cover her sex protectively.



group Kiwilass 2018-10-04

Tim's hands were large with long thick fingers and she swallowed hard as she briefly imagined what it would feel like to have them inside of her, thrusting and jabbing at her moist hot pussy. Her dress rose up exposing her upper thigh and she didn't pull it down, instead she shifted her bottom forward a little, the fabric raising up an inch so that she was sure that the dark mound of her pussy would be visible to Tim. She snuck a peak at him to gauge his reaction and was pleased to see him redden as his eyes fell to her lap. Charlie was kissing her shoulder and continued to whisper in her ear how good it looked watching Tim eat her nipples, how his finger felt fantastic in her pussy and how wet she was.


The Bailey Sisters Get Deflowered

group Kentucky Blue 2018-10-04

She turned on the stereo in her living room, sat her lover down, then began to dance seductively for him, running her hands down her body and removing the dress. "To be you didn't want to lose your virginity, you sure have turned into a bad girl real fast," Dacia's lover told her as he thrusted harder and harder inside Dacia. Briana moaned in ecstasy, removing her soaking wet panties and handing her lover the Reddi Whip, then laid on her bed completely naked. Briana's lover placed whipped cream on her perfect nipples, and then sprayed some more between her legs and inside her navel. Briana then started to moan once again while her lover slowly licked the whipped cream off her breasts, feeling the tips of her nipples harden.

From Russia with Love Ch. 01

group pussyknight 2018-10-04

Once free, she spread her legs, dropping one off the couch and as Dave got up to get out of his clothes, I dropped down between her open thighs and tasted the pussy I had wanted for two years. She took Dave’s cock out of her mouth to announce that she was cumming, and the few quick strokes she gave him while doing so was enough to send him over the edge, and he shot a thick rope of cum across her nose and cheeks, followed by a couple short squirts which he aimed at her forehead, hitting her there and getting a little in her hair.

Three's Company

group TSpank61 2018-10-04

Lara mentioned it to Molly and she asked me to talk to Bruce. My cock was already hard and Molly started to stroke it as she kissed my thighs and then licked and sucked my full balls. I then took the leather strap that I also got from my bedroom and started to whip Molly's tight ass with it. Lara is at our house a lot as Molly helps her cope with the divorce and it's fallout. My cock is half hard in anticipation as she starts to stroke it and look up at me with a sexy smile. Finally, Molly says, "Lara, Bob and I want to ask you something."


Her Turn

group LickerLicense 2018-10-04

Slowly, while still maintaining the rhythm of the dicks in her hands and pussy, she started taking more and more of Big Boy (the nickname we gave him) in her mouth. On the other end, Kevin pulled his cum-and-ass-juice-covered cock out of her butt, then back in, feeding all ten inches into her waiting asshole at a time. When everyone finally left, an hour later, my wife's ass and pussy were a mess of cum, her ass cheeks were red from the multiple spankings she'd received, her face had dried cum on it, her tits were slightly bruised from having been played with so much, and her voice sounded like someone who had their tonsils out.

The Boys

group Tripper_Dude 2018-10-04

I pull out of you my cock dripping wet with your pussy, I hand Rick a condom and he puts it on and is behind you and starts to enter you I get down next to your face and tell you just relax my dear I know you like his cock and I am loving seeing you get it again. We fuck like this for awhile and soon I know that we all are going to cum together and there it is, I feel your pussy close tight, and Ricks cock once again pulsing and releasing his load into the condom as I let go of mine together the three of us have climaxed together.

Bacchanal Ch. 04

group Waiting4My3some 2018-10-04

I hadn't even gone two strokes, however, when the door opened and Oksana poked her head in. I fuck who I want, he fucks who he wants, we fuck each other—you saw how we like to play, yes?" Before I could protest, my cock was in her mouth, her tongue lapping at the sensitive spot under the head, and when she took her middle finger and slid the tip of it into my ass, I exploded, my cum spurting down her throat a moment later. We'll leave the front door open." That struck me as strangely clandestine, but hey—I'd been balls-deep in the guy's wife while he watched, so I let it go and dutifully followed his instructions, leaving with the others and driving down the road until the driveway was empty.

Club D-vyne Extasy

group SeductionMaster 2018-10-04

I feel Ash slide on the seat next to me, watching out of the side of my eyes as her hands run up your back, then back down, repeating the motion over and over, her head leaned in to us to watch the pill roll from your fingers onto my outstretched tongue and into my mouth. My hands knead your ass cheek gently, watching as more of my buttons get undone, and further down your head travels, leaving soft kisses upon my body. I raise my head to see what's happening as I feel Ash's body slide down onto the seat, watching as she lays on her belly with her head resting on my left thigh.


A Seasoned Slut

group laughingstock 2018-10-04

My favorite spot was a hot dog stand where the opening had little doors that acted as a shield from passersby, so it seemed natural to let an equally dedicated fan from the front row do so when he asked if he could suck my pompoms. Speaking of dose, now that I became used to my game time dousing, when the Eagles picked it up and made a playoff push I still felt like my hole world would collapse if I wasn't stuffed. I had come to play, with my shredded cutoffs resting on my favorite green and silver glass heels (a built-in slot through the money sign, "TIP$," just in case the boys wanted to reward me for my special skills!) Before the coin toss I had tossed off two and even overfed my fingers into my maw so I could feel the pulsing head against the roof of my mouth.

Taming a Bitch and Beyond Ch. 06

group wetwordmixer 2018-10-04

Getting worried sick about you isn't enjoyment, and I really don't want to share my wife with the world whenever she feels like fucking it," I spat back. "Did you tell Niya you would leave me and take her as your wife?" Katie asked in a manner that resembled someone with a dual personality. "Jesus Katie, we haven't talked about anything like that," I tossed back as I pushed her hips away so she couldn't press her naked vulva against my clothed dick. I was now angry, and really wanted to throw Katie off my lap, but at the same time she had a really fucking valid point.


A Little Kinky

group Bi_c69 2018-10-04

"I love to watch a hot woman get it in both holes." I think that remark surprised Dan and my husband spoke up and said "She likes to do more that just watch it. "This lovely woman will do anything you want so let's give her a night to remember." Dan's fingers were working on my clit and he grabbed it between his thumb and forefinger, pinching it lightly and I came very hard. Dan is bigger than my husband and when his cock got to the back of my throat, I gagged a little before letting it slide all the way into my throat. I turned my attention back to sucking the cock in my throat which actually allowed my ass to relax and begin adjusting to the invasion of the cucumber.

Office Banter Ch. 03

group wallydogking 2018-10-04

She watched as James slowly pulled his semi-erect cock from Richard's mouth, and sat down in the other man's lap. Once both the men were naked Jen's breath caught in her mouth as she watch Richard point his enormous cock towards James' ass. Unconsciously Jen pushed harder into her clit and squeezed her nipple harder as she watched Richard rub his cock up and down between James' ass. Jen pulled her eyes from Richard's huge hard cock to take in the site of James' naked body. James leaned his head back and closed his eyes as soon as Jen's mouth reached his cock. As her eyes focused she could see Richard stroking his cock and was surprised to see James open his mouth and take the head in.


The Third Time With Vickie

group vangelsdorp 2018-10-04

The trouble is, Harry, I'm having to settle for quantity rather than quality and I'm beginning to think Simon's looking for excuses not to fuck me. I want to suck your dick and lick your balls and shove my tongue up your ass and the sad things is, if Simon would only let me do half those things to him – and him to me – I'd be perfectly happy and wouldn't be writing this. 'Watch people having sex, you mean?' she said, smiling for the first time since we came outside.


Rebecca Becomes a Party Girl Ch. 04

group edisonCaroline 2018-10-04

Rebecca heard the shorter man say, "You like me face fucking you, bitch?" When Jordan didn't reply, she was just kind-of just holding on, he said again, "Do you, bitch? Rebecca got to her knees, a bit irritated that he was calling her "white trash." She watched him stroke his cock as she leaned forward and began to lick his balls. You can use my face for your cum, if you'd like." With that and without waiting for a response, Jordan got to her knees again and began to suck the tall man's cock.


You in Bitch - dom instructions to pussyboys

group ssspspb 2018-10-04

want to hear you to beg us to fuck you, stick our cocks down your throat, not a worthless pussy hole like you), is gonna stick his dick in your fucked by a real man with a real cock, you're just gonna have to take pulls out of the hole, the ass pucker of a man's slutty cunt wrapped covered in shit, he's gonna throw your naked ass in his car, take you First we're gonna bind up your sissy cock and balls so that they swell up and start to turn purple, then we’ll hog tie you. each one of us is gonna step up, move your little sissy balls and clitty cock aside and shove

The Consul's Wife

group pandsal 2018-10-04

Apparently realising what he had almost interrupted, Marcel went out with a quiet remark to Astrid which Carole couldn't hear. I gather Marcel hasn't told you about our little circle here, and I assumed you knew." She stepped away, holding Carole at arm's length and regarding her quizzically. So when Nils told him about the island's inner circle, Marcel saw it as a means to fulfil his wife's undoubted needs. "Thank you," said Carole, touched by the effort she knew this had required from Marcel. After watching through a partially-open door, Marcel had the idea of commissioning the island's glassworks to instal throughout the house a large number of two-way mirrors behind which he could sit and observe without his presence being detected.


Danger Ch. 9

group snowsquall 2018-10-04

Yelena began pumping the dildo in and out of Tandra making sure to smack her protruding clit each time she pushed the dildo into her sister's naked body. Danger was quickly approaching orgasm because of Tandra's work on his cock and when he felt Yelena's cunt squeeze his dick as she came a load of hot cum rose up from his ball and exploded into her body from the head of his cock. Danger then turned his soapy hands to Tandra's luscious tits and began lathering them up as Yelena moved behind her sister and did the same to her crotch and ass.


Island Fever 4: Paradise Ch. 03

group Jeremydcp 2018-10-04

"An awesome video, no doubt, but I must have watched that 10,000 times by now." Indeed, I will never forget the date of June 6, 2013 - that was when Lindsay showed up in my private bedroom on the island and literally begged Trish and I to take her virginity in a three-some. "Yesterday was quite an eventful day," Trish said in the video, as she sat side-by-side on the sofa with Lindsay in the front room of the estate back on the island, halfway across the world. We broke up because of it, and then he went around the school telling everyone that I am a horrible kisser." Clearly upset, Lindsay continued, "I just want to know if it's true or not.


Nature's Balance

group frustratedpoodle 2018-10-04

My wings fluttered as I played with her, and I did not allow my fingers to enter her until the office door opened, and Evan approached us, the outline of a large, hard cock pressing against his own scrub pants. Soon, I was kissing Evan hotly on the lips through the orgasm, her fingers driven to the hilt, and her tongue leaving my clit only to taste the wetness that burst forth like some sort of dam. Until I was done, Phoebe continued to fuck my ass slowly with her fingers, leaning up to plant a wet kiss on my puckered little hole as I slid my mouth away from Evan.

My French Holiday

group mandywilluk2000 2018-10-04

“Yes I’ve told her that,” Richard said pushing Luc jokingly as he went on, “she knows we think they’re lovely.” I suppose a little nervous thinking of the couple of kilometres walk down the dark street so I was relieved when they said they’ run me home as it was on their way to the small flat they shared in a large farmhouse set back in the woods behind the town. As the other diners finished their meals and after Luc and Richard had cleared away and brought out loads of wine and beer the tables were pushed back a little and the people from the party began to dance.


The Best Cruise Ever Ch. 02

group Jaxflor 2018-10-04

I mean, Darla had made it clear that Amber was here to join us and the two of them had driven me crazy with teasing all day long. Amber kneeled, and then slowly crawled right next to Darla, putting their two contrasting beautiful faces side by side with my cock in front of them. Darla's hand stroked me as Amber's mouth worked up and down, the two of them in perfect rhythm. Amber slowly worked her way downward until her tits and then her face found Darla's open, eagerly waiting pussy. As she made my wife cum, Amber was on her hands and knees, placing her ass and her soaked pussy in full view.


Suck and Fuck

group sxe_christi 2018-10-04

Laying on the bed resting I was stroking his cock and when it got hard I squeezed hard and stroking his cock fast,he started squirming and trying to hold back groans and moans,and I knew he was going to cum I put my tits on his cock as hes sperm squirted on and between my tits as they were smashed down hard on his cumming cock. I dropped the blanket and told the guy to get over here and helped him get his cock out and going in my mouth he groaned out shooting his sperm in my sallowing mouth. I decided to head up town and just out the door I heard the 2 guys from yesterday lets go,so I went.This time we went to a park 3 miles from town to suck and fuck.

Slip Jig for Three

group hotcat 2018-10-04

His love for me was like a great wave as he tenderly murmured in my ear, "I know you want him, sweetheart." Then, to Mick, "It's a big bed, man, come on over…" The rush of desire in me was so intense I could hardly breathe as I watched Mick's pale, lanky form emerge from his bedclothes and move across the gap to our bedside. I slipped my hands down along Mick's hips, marveling at the smoothness of his skin and dragged the briefs down onto his thighs, freeing his cock and balls, then inhaled his musk, so different from my husband's. Kneeling above me, my sweet husband teased my face with his swollen penis, slipping it into my open mouth, and he groaned, watching with hungry eyes as Mick slid his rod into me.