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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Trusting Ch. 02

group Kitslit 2018-10-04

"Oh, Sandy," laughed Briget, "if you're sixteen and you're going to give your boyfriend a blow-job in the front seat of his car, try and make sure that its not parked right below your parent's bedroom window." Everyone but Sandra was howling in glee, she was blushing like Kyle had earlier. I heard Kyle moan, and I looked over to see his eyes roll back in his head as my husband knelt before him and took his hard, pale and slender cock all the way down his throat. Marc looked like he was going to start sucking again, but he just stroked him faster and faster, until Kyle cried out and the first ropes of cum shot from his prick, landing in the middle of his hairless chest.


The Circle Ch. 50

group SteveWallace 2018-10-04

Brad and Sandy had asked her on a subsequent phone call to arrange her travel, whether Nancy wanted to come to The Circle's house, or to their own home, which would be much less hectic. After dinner, a half dozen or so of the intentional family went into the living room including Brad, Sandy, and Nancy. Nancy followed Brad or Sandy around the house all weekend, like a puppy dog; they three went on a bicycle ride accompanied by Renee, Steve, Willow, Darrell, and Ariana. Back at the house, Nancy changed into one of her new outfits and modeled for Brad, Sandy, and a couple of others.


Second Swing

group Fredlake 2018-10-04

"We met Robert and Peggy at the dance class," Dave said, "and we've talked with them about Š what we do." Peggy said she wanted "the new guy" by which she meant Fred, my husband. Bill had cum in Meggan's mouth, Dave had cum in my pussy, Robert had cum in Linda's pussy, and Fred had cum in Peggy's mouth. Linda and Meggan examined her pussy and noted that it was "well used." Peggy said she was having a great time, and felt very relaxed and comfortable being "naked and messy" in a group of naked and messy people. Dave had cum in both of us "new girls." Fred had cum in two pussies and one mouth, having done Peggy both ways.

How I met my wife

group Trevormac 2018-10-04

The guys all looked at me and told me they waited for me as long as they could but to hurry up and join them. She told me she didn't want to go home and asked if she could spend the night with me. My buddies told me they had met her at the beach when she walked up to them and told them it was her birthday and always wanted to be gangbanged. I told her I was very ok with that, that she could fuck whoever she wanted, as long as I could be there to make sure she's safe. At least 4 times a month she fucks other men while I watch and every year on her birthday I make sure she gets another gangbang.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 73

group SteveWallace 2018-10-04

Stacy looked at the job application and said, "You're Kate Kenworthy, right? As Kate collected her things and started to walk off towards Lee, who'd moved down on the patron dance floor, Elsa called her over. He led me upstairs, through the VIP area we'd created with a series of booths with sofas and cocktail tables in them that looked down on the stage and dance floor, and into a special room or office. Stacy wanted to be with us, but had to spend most of the day home in the burbs with her family, so she promised to come over late in the afternoon on Turkey Day. We were to hold a place of prominence for her in our large bed.


The Circle Ch. 06

group SteveWallace 2018-10-04

Jim started, "Well, I thought I'd set this goal of fucking 'Sheila the Ice Princess,' I'd fuck her maybe a few times, and then I'd forget her so to speak. Sheila asked in the general direction of the three men, "How'd you come to know Alice?" As he talked about Alice 'helping' he checked with Zoey and Sheila to see if they reacted. Alice pushed Sheila's legs apart and started to eat her wet pussy. Zoey looked shocked, but moved with tentative steps between her best friend's legs, even pushing them up so Sheila's pussy was maximally exposed. She carried them inside to put them in a vase, and found the card inside: With love, Bob, Matt, Jim, Sheila, Zoey, and?


Beautiful Housewife Banged 2

group cuteb0y25 2018-10-04

After a couple of minutes of receiving an amazing hand job, Rahim put his hand at the back of her head, gripping her long, thick brown hair and started pushing it towards his dick. Simran tilted her head and opened her mouth in a way that Rahim's dick would enter it with every forward thrust he made. Rahim moaned loudly in approval as Simran's tongue flicked his dick head. With such vigorous tit fucking, Simran was breathing heavily, she had already experience another orgasm, the third of the night but Rahim showed no signs of tiring. After several minutes of high speed tit fucking, Rahim's orgasm started building, he started breathing heavily and his dick twitched wildly.

The Naked Zone

group Dr. Bull 2018-10-04

The meat was on so I went inside to grab a beer; Karen was in the kitchen starting on some of the side dishes, wearing a pair of shorts and only an apron as a top, looking sexy as hell. "How are you birthday boy?" Her hand rested on my leg, just below my tanning cock, as the rest of her came into focus, my mind came out of its sleepy fog enough to realize she was also naked, her pale skin and big white breasts glistening from sun block. The last couple still going at it was Mike and Dotty, she had his huge cock buried in her face, deep throating the whole thing, it was fascinating to watch her roll her head and try to get more.

Our Dirty Secret Shared

group TotalKnockout 2018-10-04

It took a lot of prodding for him to finally admit what had happened exactly but apparently, they were making out hot and heavy, everything was going fine, and he ate her pussy and got her really worked up, but then when she took out his dick and tried to sit on it, it wouldn't fit. Maybe he'll want to join then.' So the next thing I know, me and my buddy Jordan are getting it on with this Mexican Prostitute, licking and sucking her tits, rubbing our hands over her pussy mound and fingering her cunt, while Rob sits on the bed and watches. "You thinking about Rob's cock, baby?" you ask, as you bring one of my big jugs to your lips and start to suckle the nipple.


Introduction to Sex Ch. 06

group Paris Waterman 2018-10-04

Gardener had had Ellie, (Rachel to her) tongue-fucking and clit-licking her for three consecutive hours. Ellie found herself moaning when Rachel began teasing her clit, and involuntarily closed her thighs to seal the not so errant hand in place. "Never mind," he said, "my name is Armand, and my cock is normal sized." He stroked the outline of his erection through the black leather and smiled at Ellie. Armand coaxed her into shifting her body so that she was no longer on her knees, but sitting between his legs, her back against him, his hands doing magical things to her breasts and cunt and his mouth still sucking gently on the side of her neck.


I Thought We Were More Ch. 16

group DrElectrogasm 2018-10-04

"I would love to have that pussy in my face while Rose has her way with me." Jacob said looking at Alex. Jacob couldn't see what was happening due to Alex's vulva being pressed against his face but he could now feel that Rose was lifting herself up and down on him. "I think it would be a perfect idea for you to finish him with your pussy, Rose." Alex said looking at her girl-toy in the eye. Jacob's penis was still plenty wet from Rose's pussy riding up and down it a moment ago but Alex still grabbed the bottle of lube one final time and coated her hands thoroughly.

The Pool Party

group charlessmythe 2018-10-04

Austin quickly placed his hands on my hips, hooked his thumbs in the waistband and pulled my basketball shorts down off my ass. Austin had his hands all over my ass caressing it and it felt good, I dropped back down in the water and pushed my ass hard into his crotch, I could feel his cock against my ass through his shorts and even though it wasn't my thing I wanted it badly. Austin pulled my panties aside and rubbed his lubed up cock all around over my ass hole teasing me. Then Austin placed his stiff cock between my butt cheeks and stroked it up and down my butt crack, gliding over my ass hole.

Sex Slave Alberta

group lancelot 2018-10-04

Elaine immediately went for Alberta's succulent and sweet pussy, while Pam got into a position that allowed Alberta to lick and suck her cunt and at the same time play with her own tits and nipples which she caressed firmly from the top and down to her erect buds. Alberta and Pam were given the task of making sure everyone was cleaned up and our slut enjoyed swallowing Ted's limp cock until it was cleaned of all Belinda and his juices. After finishing with us they moved over and cleaned up Belinda, Elaine and Julie, licking of cock cum, cunt juices and sharing all of this with their mouths, until we were ready to go again.

Brandi's Erotic Awakening Ch. 01

group fantomguy 2018-10-04

"Perhaps your friend, Ken would like to attend my party," Gregor said looking at Ken. Before Ken could reply Jack chimed in and said, "He's married and his wife is a knockout!" Gregor continued with a smile saying, "In answer to your question, let us say that very liberal people attend my special parties. Gregor put his hand on Jack's shoulder and in a serious tone said, "I emphasize to people attending my parties to keep the details of the function to themselves or risk not being invited again. Ken, remembering that Gregor said the party was just for couples turned to Jack, who was single and asked, "Are you going?"


My French Vacation Ch. 02

group kat4funn 2018-10-04

He laughed and so did Scott, but Alex replied, "Well Kathryn, Scotty texted me that he ran into a very beautiful girl and said it was Kathryn from last night. Scott told Alex that he could go first because he wanted me to suck on his cock. He turned to me, took my hands and looked deep into my eyes with his sad puppy dog look and said, "Well I don't really want to ask, but do you think you could be an escort for the time you are here? You want me to be an escort here in France?" A pause and I continued, "I would love too and sounds like a fun way to help.


The Sex Rehab Diaries: Kylie

group Dancing_Doll 2018-10-04

In my own crazy mind at the time, I figured I could go up there and party with him for a bit, even to just drag him into a bedroom for a couple of hours while the other guys were resting, and then leave and let him continue the party with his buddies. I was aware of a few of the guys sitting in the hot tub in the corner of the deck, watching me dance, and I guess I have to admit that I was enjoying the attention. I took a long sip from the bottle of water I was drinking, and splashed a little on my tanned upper chest, soaking my bikini top, and getting a cheer from the guys who were in the hot tub or leaning against the railing, totally transfixed on me.


Stripping with Cops

group littlemissjen 2018-10-04

"Doesn't it feel so fucking great to push your cock in and out of me while the other guys look on at you with envy?" I really enjoyed sucking one guy till his cock was glistening clean--- He wore a rubber, and his cum dripped everywhere when I pulled it off. I had cum spots all over my body; my make up was smudged; my hair was a wild and sexy mess, and all the guys in the background had a look of pure, wanton, and savage lust on their faces. I believe that after a wonderful night of all the delicious cock-sucking, pussy-fingering, bitch fucking, and ass creaming, I'd have to agree with them.

The Waiting Game

group bosombuddies 2018-10-04

There were two little kids wearing floaties, their parents, an eighty-year-old woman in a mumu who just wanted to get her feet wet, and some creepy-looking older guy with a burgundy speedo and a big gold chain around his neck. From the look in her eyes, it was obvious why she was hesitant: Claire was wondering if it would make things awkward at work if I saw her in whatever skimpy outfit she had decided to wear to the pool. As I popped back up to the surface, I saw Claire's towel strewn across the side of the pool, and reflexively spun to catch a quick glimpse of her glorious, fair-skinned body as it slipped gracefully beneath the water.


Savannah Bites into the Big Apple

group _Savannah_ 2018-10-04

"Stop me any time you feel uncomfortable." Softly she angled her head and licked first his upper, then lower, lip; she traced a path around and around, finally slipping her tongue into the warm cavern of his mouth. Dave, with his pants around his ankles, and Savannah, his dick in her hand, still glistening wet from her mouth. Generously, Savannah straddled Dave's face so that Angel could fuck him first. Eagerly Savannah impaled herself on Dave, moaning her delight at the absolute fullness of his dick buried in her pussy. Angel walked over to her and leaning forward took one hard nipple into her mouth, sucking strongly on the nub as Savannah fucked her boyfriend.

Something New Tonight...

group melissamd 2018-10-04

Ohmigod, she's on her back, her mouth on me, eating me out...and ohmigod, I never thought I'd get off on this, but she knows exactly what to do, and I know I'm going to come again, and soon, I'm letting you fuck my mouth, my hands are playing with your balls, one hand on your ass, sliding into the area between the your thighs that makes you squirm...then I slide it back farther...I hear your breath sharpen, your hips move faster, pounding into cum in my mouth as I'm cumming in you flip me over...she licks your balls, your ass, as I sit on your pussy has never been licked so much, I don't know if I can even cum again...I crawl off you...and you take me from behind...doggie she crawls behind you to lick you...and then she moves to take my nipples in her hands, her mouth....I can't handle it...I cum again...

Favourite Au Pair story;)

group brruno1234 2018-10-04

“OH GOD!!” Tom moaned as he unleashed torrents of cum, splashing all over her pretty face, in her mouth and dripping onto her tits. Sylvie made her tongue rigid and thrust it into Charlotte’s dripping pussy; she could feel the juices all over her chin. Tom withdrew his limp cock from Charlotte’s mouth and she licked her lips, cleaning the cum off them. Charlotte turned around, still with the vibrator in her hand and presented her arse to Tom. Tom moved forward and rubbed his cock against Charlotte’s pussy lips, then, with one thrust, inserted himself to the hilt. Tom was still fucking his wife’s beautiful pussy, and he could feel himself getting close.

A Lesson Learned

group SweetsPickle 2018-10-04

Cat pulled her mouth away from the stranger's and looked up at Sari in surprise. Sari tried pulling her head away but Cat looked deep into her eyes and said, "Trust me kiddo." She brushed her tongue along Cat's lips ever so lightly and felt a jolt when a deep moan emitted from her throat. Both Cat and Jon watched her intently as she began to work her fingers in and out of herself. Sari's head fell back in ecstasy and Jon's cock slipped from her mouth. When she didn't begin to pleasure her right away, Cat pressed herself closer to Sari's mouth. At Cat's touch, Sari hips rose up, taking even more of Jon into her.

Double Vision Ch. 05

group Artist1 2018-10-03

Daniella said she felt like taking cat nap and asked Darolyn to trade seats. "You're already fucking both my sisters," she said matter-of-factly, "I caught Dee One leaving your room last night and she told me the whole story." "At first I was freaked out," she continued, "I mean, my little sister became an adult while I was away at college but I was still thinking of her as an innocent girl." Daniella absent-mindedly stroked my arm as she went on. Looking into their faces I thought I recognized some essential, inner difference, like Daniella's tenderness or Darolyn's wild side, but a moment later I'd seem to recognize those qualities in the opposite twin.


Hot Gangbang Orgy

group stephyoung2 2018-10-03

Have one sucking on my tits, one eating my pussy, one having me suck his rock hard dick, and the other one fucking me from behind. Trevor then comes up to me his dick hard as a rock wanting me to give him one hot blowjob. I feel my orgasm coming on so I start grinding my pussy up against both Chris's tongue and Matthew's cock. I grind my pussy against both of them harder as I reach my orgasmic high coming all over Chris's tongue and Matthew's dick. Trevor then starts thrusting his cock harder in my mouth as he comes hard. Chris gives my pussy one last lick then stops because he knows that his buddy Trevor wants to fuck me.