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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

On the Rivers Edge Ch. 5

group Friskee_cpl 2018-10-03

Helena was still bouncing away on Tim and I needed to give my tongue a rest and I could think of no better way than to start to fuck Abby. Julian decided to move over to the two 69ing girls and he started to lick Maria’s arse hole as Sharon went to work on her cunt. Paul had Helena lick his cock dry and I went over to Abby and started to feel her delicious pussy again. Helena crawled over to Julian and Sharon and licked his cock and sucked and licked at Sharon’s cum filled snatch. Maria was now licking Sharon’s cunt and Helena was having her pussy licked by Paul as Julian fed her his cock.

One Night on the Town

group SpankMeDaddy 2018-10-03

In the time it took Templeton to get the driving directions to the driver, Guy had decided that he wanted to be dropped off nearly last. The Katrina we had was learning French phrases for "I've been a bad girl" and "Yes officer, I do need the nightstick on my ass cheeks." Her nipples, slightly shielded at best at the beginning on the evening, were sitting atop her dress, shining from being French kissed by Guy. Templeton straightened his tie and told the driver to help out Guy and Katrina if they wanted. Before I could tell what was going on Templeton had unzipped his pants and started to fuck Katrina in the ass hard.


Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 18

group SteveWallace 2018-10-03

Jane then moved on and talked about the reorganization, explaining about span of control, and how she wanted her office to be able to focus on more strategic areas for TCI while the line managers – the men and women in the room – would be running the business on a day to day basis. While my focus had been on Jane, Brenda, and the many things going on at TCI in Denver, I had somehow managed to keep in touch with Fran, Sheila, and Ally. Seconds later, Fran was riding my cock as I lay in the middle of the living room rug and Sheila sat on my face having her pussy eaten.


sl**p over surprise

group sasha_762 2018-10-03

Danielle turns on the shower and we start making out then she pulls up the double sided dildo and starts sliding it it between our breasts, its so big its going to stretch us out just getting the head inside . We start making out and working each side into each other slowly, fuck its big i hear danielle say as we are both breathing heavily and softly moaning i look and see our friends older b*****r standing in the door stroking his thick uncut 7 inch cock watching us.


group 2018-10-03

She will make you cum hard." Jake stood and came over and straddled her head and shoved his cock in her mouth and Lea began to suck him and take him deep to her throat. Saturday at the club Rob had opened the front of her shirt and began sucking her tits and then he laid her on her back on the table and pulled his cock out and shoved it in her mouth and she sucked him till he filled her with cum. Rob then grabbed this gal with the biggest tits he had ever seen and began sucking them as he finger fucked her as the two shemales worked his cock and ass.

Emma's Pool Party Ch. 05

group thewhitestripe 2018-10-03

well, I guess that's possible too, but if you think I'm not going to fuck that beautiful cock again after today, then you're sorely mistaken, honey," replied Helen, absently touching her pussy lips. I watched Helen's face as she sighed, moaned, and bit her lip, while Gina's head continued to move over her pussy. Helen looked down at her ample chest and watched as Carmen cupped her breast and kissed around the cream, before licking small bits of it from her nipple. "I think it's time you tried a different hole, darling," she murmured sensuously as she wrapped her fingers around my shaft and pulled my swollen cock head from Gina's vagina.


Au Naturel Nature

group JayDiver 2018-10-03

Tim pulled Carrie's back into his lap as they kept watching Kelly and Siobhan. Siobhan's got Kelly up sitting on the rocks, and she's playing and sucking her breasts. Sucking and biting on hard ruby nips, pulling soft moans from head back Kelly. Kelly's hands are busy too, At Siobhan's breasts and a long arm down to pet Sio's soft red fuzz. When Mary screamed, Carrie's head fell back to Tim's shoulder, with a hard moan; she started shuttering and shuttering, cumming on his cock. Sio's face and eyes are up watching Kelly scream, but her fingers are still inside, moving. Lifting her higher I feel Sio's hand grab my cock, align it up to Kelly.


Cassandra and Annie Ch. 01

group Christian Black 2018-10-03

Annie kissed me, her mouth at my lips just as hungry as Cassandra's at my cock. After what felt like a very long time, Cassandra grabbed my hair and pulled me away. I couldn't see anything except Annie's cute ass, but I could tell by the way they were moving that the girls were kissing each other, their mouths forming the apex of the pyramid. I was debating in my head which girl I wanted to have suck me off when Annie said, "I want to watch him do it himself, with his hand." "Come on, you have to try it." Cassandra dipped her finger in my flooded naval and brought a sticky glob to Annie's lips.


A Goodbye Gift

group MinXxX 2018-10-03

L- slammed his dick into my hole and forced me forward, which would shove R-'s cock deep into my throat, then R- would fuck my face hard enough to slam my pussy back into L- again... The other grabbed the shaft coming out of my mouth and jacked it, as hard as I fingered my clit, and I moaned as I fucked and sucked them both. Just as suddenly I felt something shoved up my ass, something hard and hot and wet filling my asshole until I thought I'd tear wide fucking open. I fucked him back, taking all of him as deep into me as I could, and when I finally felt him jerk and start to shoot his load in my ass, I began to cum for a third and final time.

Finally Saw the GF be with another man Part 2

group Shitwad 2018-10-03

The thoughts started racing in my head and my cock started getting hard at the thought of my girlfriend going out with my friend and fucking him all night. As Tom is going thru a divorce and his wife was out with someone all day and night on Valentines Day, Tom asked if Rose wanted to grab some lunch Friday afternoon because he was off work, lonely and a little depressed. I was busy licking her pussy as Rose sat on my face and as soon as Tom got in arms reach she grabbed a hold of his penis, yanked him to her and started to suck his dick.

My Idea of Heaven

group sprucett_78 2018-10-03

His hand moves my panties out of the way and he pushes his fingers into me, I open my legs and give in to you both, moaning and grinding against all of the contact I am given. I gasp mouth wide open, you plunge your cock into my mouth, holding my head you fuck my hot mouth as he pounds my cunt. Your friend guides himself close to my mouth and you watch as I tease his cock with my tongue, my breasts swinging freely as I move. You watch as your friend moans and pushes into my mouth, squirting his hot cum down my throat.

A Devious Threesome

group captnkaylee 2018-10-03

With each thrust of his rock hard cock in her swollen pussy, her body shook causing her sexy thick stomach and big titties to roll in unison with his drive. “Oh that feels so good,” moaned her boyfriend leaning back to watch as she continued to bob his cock in and out of her mouth. He lay back on the bed watching her tease his cock, her big tits squeezed up around the base of his dick, taking him into her mouth for the third time. “Actually I didn’t finish so she came home with me and is currently sucking my balls and stroking my cock.” He smiled as he looked down at her working him, listening to his wife talk.

The Gathering

group Friskee_cpl 2018-10-03

Mark, satisfied that she wanted his cock, dropped his pants, turned her around to face the cistern, and lifted her skirt, he then rubbed his glans between her moist flaps to lubricate it before finding her fuck hole and driving into her. "Well, after some of the thing that Marcus told me about you, I'm sure you're going to fit in very well, provided you like lots of cock and cum." Mark said teasingly. The guy between her legs said "Hey boys look at this sexy cunt, looks like she has already been nutted tonight" as he saw the cum soaked panties and the remnants of Marks seed around her labia.


Bye, Felicia Ch. 06-07

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-10-03

"Yes, how punishing it must be, to have one's wife, sister, and girlfriend all conspire to service you!" Felicia told me as she started to tickle me. And, yes, Mom and Aunt Joyce planned to try out for some cougar flicks if I could get them in the door," Felicia blushed while I washed her clean, noticing that she sighed with relief, "sorry, between the washing and confession, I feel clean and free of all of this crap at last." Think that you can live with that?" Tory told me, even while taking off her pumps and rubbing her feet against my cock, "I'm going to love sharing you with Pippa, sucking your dick straight from her pussy, being fucked next to her, in turns, from behind.


My First Threesome

group tirreno12 2018-10-03

It was a mere fantasy but at the same time Mark started to talk about to try threesomes and sex with other people and once he acted explicitly like it was Peter caressing, kissing and entering me all the way. An evening before to start our weekly photo session Mark and Peter proposed to take pics in the bedroom with me in my wedding dress. Mark took a shot after another and encouraged me to let Peter make a good work as I moaned under our friend's kisses. "It is so fucking big, uh Claudia?" said my husband taking some close ups of Peter's cock pumping my vagina.

One For The Road Ch. 04

group westerntiger 2018-10-03

As Dylan continued to eat his sandwich and drink his beer, he watched as the girls began to set up a rest area for themselves. Dylan noticed that when Jenna had leaned back one of her nice sized breasts had slipped out through the arm of her top exposing most of her tit and her pert little brown nipple. Dylan looked Jenna in the eye as he dropped his mouth back down on her nipple and once again sucked it into his mouth. Dylan wanted to be in her to the hairs so he began to raise his muscled ass driving his meat deeper into Linda's molten cunt. Dylan held Linda very tight to him and gently rolled her over on her back keeping his large prick buried in her cunt.


Noodles Ch. 04

group Azuldrgon 2018-10-03

George was busy spreading newspaper out over a card table in his back yard while Marsha was making a few dishes of melted butter in order to enjoy the crabs they received earlier that day. Sue stopped her, saying that she was a guest and besides George couldn't finish all this by himself.The conversation went slowly from forced due to the circumstances to more easy flowing as the girls lightened up around each other while George mused on how quickly his fantasies had ended. Marsha got up from the bed and went next to George as her hands found Sue's clit. George's knees went weak as it was his turn to hit the bed while Marsha and Sue began to lick his seed off of each other.

Three Shots

group lamoureuse 2018-10-03

I turned away from the mirror to look at her, the word "hi" had barely formed on my lips, when she walked straight up to me, took my face in both hands and kissed me full on the mouth. As Julianne had done, Barry took my face in both hands and kissed me hard, right there. He looked at me for a moment and then caught my mouth in a smoldering kiss, his hands wrapping around Julianne's back to pull her against me as he crushed his body into mine from behind. Julianne stood and pulled the loose bra from my body, exchanging a sexy look with Barry as she moved one of his hands aside.


The Cocktail Party

group RelentlessPerversion 2018-10-03

"Good evening," said the man in the suit, standing tall and firm, glancing down at David with a professional nod. Though he had become used to the voice at the office, David nearly jumped at the sound, much in the same way he did the first time he heard Alex shout his name on the day he started at Hector & Townes. Not minutes later, David could feel his head spinning as the conversation turned to other topics, Laura letting the bisexuality talk fall to the side. "Look," said David, "Let's talk about this somewhere else." He almost added "Please," but stopped himself short.


Monica Saves Hubby's Job

group chandan0707 2018-10-03

Jaggi, you can have the job, even promotion if I can have your sexy wife for one night!!" I dont know how I said these words but my lust was too strong. She is your wife and she will be mine only on your permission and I will try to save your job!" Monica returned and sat on the sofa and Jaggi urged her to drink a glass. In the meantime, you can fuck his wife as price of his job, Boss" she said as she lowered her mouth and kissed the mushroom head of my cock. I picked up speed and fucked her hard and shot a load of cum up her tight love hole just as her cunt was shooting cum on my cock."I love you darling, it was great" I said.

Vacation to Mexico

group msm865 2018-10-03

Soon after we arrived at our table in the restaurant, I noticed an immediate change in my wife. The waitress comes and clears my empty plate and asks my wife if something is wrong with her meal. A slow song starts and after all this, she walks away from me, up to her former boyfriend and asks him for the dance! They dance over to a corner, start to kiss and I can see her hand stroking his cock. Instead, she follows him back to his table, he apparently introduces her to his wife and she sits down with them. My wife grabs her naked partner by the hand and asks which bedroom.

Learning to Share Ch. 05

group horny_hippie 2018-10-03

"With treatment like this, I'm not going anywhere." I replied before gasping as Nick and Ari kissed around my cock, running their tongues over it at the same time. Nick whispered something to Ari and took my cock in his hand, pointing it upwards. Nick licked his fingers and the next thing I know i felt them ease inside her ass through her pussy walls. "It's so fucking hot fingering both your asses at the same time." Nick had a hungry look in his eye. She kept bouncing on my drained cock as he told her, "I'm gonna fucking cum in your sexy little ass." "It's so sexy knowing my boys have a toy in their holes just like me." Ari said.

Good Friends

group Lodi13 2018-10-03

Slowly she slid it down her trembling body till the head rested between her swollen lips....grabbing it firmly she began to rub it up and down her lips...teasing her clit at times...finally when her hips were grinding hard against the slick head she pushed it in spreading her pussy wide open ...gasping at the intrusion...taking only a moment to adjust Sue began rocking on the dildo...working inch after inch slowly into her hot moist hole, moaning every time she pressed it in deeper.

Hidden Hungers

group MsErotica1950 2018-10-03

" Well girls we all know that's a lie, there isn't a man walking who can stay hard or keep it hard for as long as we girls would like them to." The women on the line broke up into hysterical laughter giving her a thumbs up. She pointed out the table to Paul then he and Duke made their way across the packed bar to where Chad was sitting with a bunch of friends and coworkers. "What do you think Duke," Paul asked him as they were following Trisha to the truck stop? When Duke and Paul were driving back to their hotel after they left the truck stop their conversation revolved around Trisha.