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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

a new experience for you both

group StillElectric 2018-10-03

"Maria, show Lyla how you suck my cock." I just want you to watch my cock go in and out of another girl's mouth. Share my long cock with your mouths, suck on my balls, and tease my ass. The head of my cock comes into view, pushing apart the pussy lips just above you. You watch as this thick cock pushes in and out of Maria's pussy, right above your head. You yank my cock out of Maria and pull it towards your mouth. "I want your cock in my pussy." You hear kissing sounds from above as Maria decides to grind into your tongue harder. The kissing muffles her moans as she fucks your mouth until she cums.

Meeting Ron's Brother

group Annatartywife 2018-10-03

The flight wasn't a long one and I was soon relaxing thinking of the fun times I had previously had and was sure I would be enjoying with Ron over the course of the weekend. The journey took a good half an hour and as we trundled along some nice leafy lanes and areas Ron's brother began chatting and as I say I wasn't too sure what he knew. Within seconds he was kissing me hard, our tongues flapping in and out of each others mouths and he soon had his left hand beside his brothers and slipped two of his fingers up my wet, splayed cunt alongside Rons.

Early Birthday Suprise

group Gyrl 2018-10-03

In response, I fluttered my eyelashes and whispered, "Only if you serve them on a platter for him, Honey." Craig laughed out loud and reached to squeeze my hand, "Tits aren't on the menu tonight, Babe, at least not for Phil." I grinned and slid my toe up his leg under the table, just as the waiter returned with a carafe of iced lemon water. Happy Birthday." In the split second it took me to let it all sink in, these thoughts raced through my mind...omg, Craig just told me to give another man a blowjob....omg the waiter was prepared for this before he ever got a peek at my tits...and as my fingers continued to massage through Phil's warming pants.....omg where can we go RIGHT NOW??

Husband's Fantasy

group Fantasy Husband 2018-10-03

On many occasions, she has posed while I have taken pictures of her dressed as a Slut in her black seamed stockings and heels fucking her pussy and asshole with her large dildo and have even taken several pictures of her licking and sucking my balls while covering her sweet slutty face with loads of CUM. I told her that I wanted a remembrance of this evening and I was going to watch and take photos of her dressed in her slutty black seamed stockings and garter belt sucking Mel's black cock and licking his large hanging balls until he covered her face and hair in Cum. As the evening was to progress, I took pictures of Lee performing many nasty slutty sexual acts with this big black cocked stud.



group realswingers1 2018-10-03

Parting her lips, Rebekah ran the tip of her tongue around her suddenly dry mouth, feeling her heart begin to race, and her breath catch in her throat. She heard the sharp intake of breath which indicated that the tongue on her lips had been seen, and she felt a very familiar ache in the bottom of her belly, a clutching hand of desire... "You have hidden depths, little one" an unfamiliar voice whispered in her ear, before the owner licked along her cheek to her full lips kissing her deeply, drawing her tongue deeply into a hot wet mouth, tongues fighting, tasting, biting. Reaching up, her hands tangled in hair, pulling that glorious mouth down towards her, tasting herself on those lips, the tongue....


A Girls Night to Remember

group RobinAmourous 2018-10-03

Melinda and I started to pet Holly, rubbing our hands along her legs and waist. As if having the same thought, Melinda and I both took that moment and planted a kiss on Holly's neck. Holly had her lips firmly planted on Melinda's when I moved my head down and took her tit into my mouth. Holly squealed a little but continued to kiss Melinda. Holly's hand had found Melinda's aching sex and was tenderly massaging it. Melinda lowered her head on to Holly's tits and began sucking and licking. Holly was slowly pushing the artificial cock in to Melinda's sex. Once the toy was buried deep inside Melinda, Holly tossed the other at me.


May gets tied and shared

group matureworship 2018-10-03

The tall guy steps forward and Gill moves away, letting him get closer to his lovely woman. I decide that I want to exposed May’s lovely tits, so gently, I push my hand in her cups and scoop out the soft flesh. As if she had succeeded in some ritual task, her fingers flit over my solid flesh, her head full of pure, feminine instinct; she sighs as she caresses and strokes me, feeling every little shape, each detail in her hand. The tall guy leans forward, inspired and allows his cock to glide into her open mouth. “She is a lovely splatter-slut, cover her and dress her again, all sticky and wet!” I can sense the excitement he feels, struggling to make up a crude ending to his game.

Threesome Therapy Ch. 03

group insatiablerob8 2018-10-03

At one point, she was enjoying Eric and looked over, "Now it's your turn fucking sexy, stroking like that...but I wanna have both...please...please! When I felt his tongue working over the shaft and the tip poking at his throat, my loud moans drew his attention; he looked up to see my face, bathed in lust-filled pleasure. Now, with only one thing in mind (shooting down his throat), I wrapped my hand around the base, let out a long moan and fucked the tip into his mouth. As those thoughts passed, he repeated them, "I know you love that big dick stretching your lips and fucking you in long...strokes."


West of Boston: Wayne's Happy B'day

group Softouch911 2018-10-03

He was trying to maintain something like a professional bra-fitter's look on his face but knew that Jessie had somehow cooked this routine up and involved this woman, and he intended to enjoy it as much as possible without getting arrested. Jessie said: "Alright, we'll call you 'Hottie.' Would you like to help Wayne, Hottie?" By the time Wayne paid for the matching baby dolls, bras, and panties, the women were ready and a cab was waiting. When Hottie freed him from the kiss, Jessie said, "My turn." She put her cool hand on his cheek and held his eyes with her lust for another long second before kissing him.


How Sweet It Is! Ch. 04

group walterio 2018-10-03

Still because he was living there for free, he let Danni suck his cock and he would occasionally fuck the pretty gay too. "Trust us Danni you will have a good time, I promise," Missy told him and Robin concurred, "We will make you feel very good." "I can see why Rick likes to fuck your ass Danni, it is absolutely gorgeous," Missy said as she grabbed one buttock. Robin ate Missy's pussy as she sucked on Danni's cock. Missy proved to be a wonderful cock sucker and Danni soon forgot he was being sucked off by a girl. Danni felt good with his ass full again and he went to town sucking Rick's cock. Robin got under her girlfriend and licked her pussy as Rick slowly fucked the lovely ass.


First Time

group 2018-10-03

I came down the stairs and saw that it was my girlfriend on the sofa making out with a high school guy. I was so angry watching her French Kissing this guy and seeing him rub her chest. Her nipples were so erect and I knew she was going to let him get inside of her. Every once in awhile, she would look over at her friend, who was on the sofa, making out with the high school guy. I finally looked over at the sofa and saw that boy was actually inside my girl friend. As I was going upstairs, I looked over my shoulder and saw another boy laying on top of the girl I just fucked.

Dreamweavers Ch. 02

group roan barrow II 2018-10-03

Charley moans and sucks Plumber Guy's cock into her mouth harder and faster. Charley isn't quite sure why her cunt is suddenly empty but she is quite content to work Vacuum Guy's cock. Work that cock deep in me!" As Washer Guy fucks her ass, they hear more voices upstairs. As they hear the men come down the basement stairs, Charley works Vacuum Guy until his balls tighten. "Oh, Tree Guy, how big an oak are you going to plant?" Charley asks, breaking her kiss with Boiler Boy. Charley has so gotten into her part she just wants to fuck and suck, talk dirty, feel cocks in her, look at their hardness and shapes.


Bi-curious Ch. 03

group KY ridgerunner 2018-10-03

Every time you try to stop Tom his response is always the same, "What is money for if you can't spend it on the ones you love?" He said, "You and Dave have given Sharon and I so much, it's just our way of saying thank you." Dave asked, "And what about the work on our house?" Tom thought for a moment the said, 'We just finished a big job and the next one won't start till next Friday. We were sitting there talking and watching Scott when I mentioned that there was a three day weekend coming up and that Dave and I were both off and asked if Tom thought he could get away.


Caught With Frank

group Buckiowa 2018-10-03

Frank was fucking my wife harder now, her legs wrapped around him and her hands on his ass pushing him deep. Frank fucking my wife hard and fast, her sexy blacked stocking-covered legs wrapped around his bare ass and her spike heels digging into his ass as she pulled him deeper and deeper. Frank pulled out and grabbed his own cock and let go a hard stream that covered Joy's clit, and stretched up onto her belly and her left nipple. I pushed my still hard cock into her cum-soaked pussy and started fucking her. She pulled me deep with her feet, her heels digging into my ass and her pussy convulsing continuously until I felt my cock softening.


group LesLumens 2018-10-03

Despite knowing this, Rachel couldn't help but feel burning shame at having her life turned upside down in such a public manner. Rachel thanked her old neighbors as they left to return home, having succeeded in moving all of her things in only one day. When Mika rose to prepare dinner before her husband returned from work, Rachel offered to help. Not long after, the sound of the front door opening heralded Chaytan's return, and he wore a wide smile when his wife and Rachel set the table with baked chicken and all the trimmings. Mika had mentioned that she probably would do so at times to help balance the temperature, due to a shortage of vents on Rachel's side of the house.



group kandie 2018-10-03

I was so aroused I wanted to strip and masturbate right then and there, but decided to save my energy, after all, I might get fucked all evening and late into the night. With long hard strokes he fucked me, as his index finger toyed with my clit. My clit throbbed hard and I shrieked, "Eat me lover, make me cum again." I did too, all over his face. However I am dying to watch Mitch play, tease, eat, and fuck you." After a bit he shoved four fingers inside me, sucked my nipple, bit it, and told me to cum like hell. I went back into the water, moved between her legs and started finger-fucking her hard and ate her to climax.


group JaneX 2018-10-03

"So, glika, are you going to take his cock in your mouth like a good little whore?" I felt his finger probing my pussy once more, almost playfully, as though he were toying with me now. Behind me Spiro's finger fucking was getting more vigorous, and I caught my breath as suddenly his fingers were withdrawn and I felt something much larger pushing at my pussy lips. My pussy tightened even further as I came violently, just as Rob's breath caught and he fired hot white cum across my face, into my hair, and over my exposed and swinging breasts.

Ladies Night?

group choclit_tai 2018-10-03

I saw my wife was playing with her own nipples with her eyes closed and realized it was Dani's hand on my head. I continued to lick my wife's pussy, extending the length of my tongue, all the while looking into the eyes of another woman. Dani was already on top of me, so she slid down, took my cock in her hand, and guided me inside the wettest pussy I've ever felt. Dani reached back over her head to spread Alexis' legs and lead her onto her face. Her warm release, along with Dani's tongue work on my shaft was all I needed to finally coat Alexis's pussy with my own cum.


An Evening at Christmas Pt. 02

group Amy5043 2018-10-03

Lauren giggled and nodded at Sarah, then Amy led the girls to the bedroom where Dave was laying naked on the bed. Dave moaned louder, making Amy and Lauren both drop her on him as deep as they could as he began unloading a large load into Sarah. Sarah then moved and shared his cock with her, them both licking at it as Amy continued fucking Lauren with the dildo. Amy looked at Dave and smiled, knowing what she wanted, He moved a little, grabbing Laurens head and at the same time as Amy, pushed his hard cock into her mouth. Lauren moaned on his cock, Sarah looked on in jealousy, after a few minutes Dave pulled out of Laurens mouth.


Camp Bare A While Ch. 03

group sex4u4647 2018-10-03

"Come on in , I'll buy." Rob said and led the way to a back booth if Harry wanted to talk about anything important they needed privacy. Rosie and Rob chased everyone from the room so Alma and her girl could talk things over in private. When I said that I haven't been with anyone but him he called me a fucking liar and a cheap whore like my mother who showed her tits at the restaurant and had been fucked by most of the men in town." "Oh, Mom, why would he, how could he say such things to me? "Wait till you hear the whole story, it's not 100% his fault, maybe 75 or 80% because he started it,---- but the girl liked it and let things continue."


The Initiation

group Cespenar 2018-10-03

They sat on the lounge as Vicki handed them all a cup and Karen said "I remember that we were talking about your husband, and you thought he was a little inadequate!?" As he followed her husband to the car, the man turned and smiled at Vicki. Her lovely long legs rose up to an almost hairless sex, and as she looked, she felt a sensuous tingle in her clitoris. Vicki felt extremely sexy and wanted a man to have her, but the orgasm had taken the edge off her desire for lust and so she fell asleep not long afterwards. Eventually Friday came around and Karen, Julie and Paige arrived five minutes after John had left for work.

Baby and the Band

group SexyJennaInk 2018-10-03

She listened as the band members discussed the show, stared wide-eyed as Jerry downed four Miller Lights, and watched intently as Billy and Kim began to fondle one another in full-view of the band. Kim pushed Billy back onto the bed Erin had shared with Jerry, less than an hour earlier. "Lick it," Billy groaned and craned his head to watch as Kim offered the cock to her blonde cohort. "But you can lose this," Kim gestured toward the t-shirt Erin had put on to cover herself when Ryan had entered the room nearly two hours before. "Oh fuck," Jerry moaned and Erin saw his frame come into view, reclining on the bed. Erin watched with complete awe as Kim took Ryan's cock into her ass.


The Card Game

group Shoota 2018-10-03

Carl thought he would get Arie to wear one of her somewhat see-through blouses and a pair of tight jeans when Benji and Asia came over Saturday night. Carl asked Arie if she would do something out of the ordinary for him tonight when Benji and Asia came over. "Well" Carl said, "I thought you could wear this tonight when Benji and Asia came over" holding the special blouse up. Ari got to the door and Carl wished he owned a camera because he knew the look on Benji's face was going to be one to remember. Carl expected some kind of reaction from Benji and Asia but nothing like this from Arie. When Benji left the room to help Arie in the kitchen Carl looked toward Asia.


Bi Bi Valentin

group Nay42069 2018-10-03

Jean really got into the idea of putting things up my ass, she bought a bullet vibrator, anal beads, anal numbing cream, a 6 inch dildo with straps, and a butt plug. I looked at Brandon and he said "Feel free to join in the fun big guy!" Then he winked at me and pulled his dick out of her mouth and told her "Let him have a try and see if he likes it." She smiled, told me to go ahead and then she put my hand on his dick. Jean looked at Brandon and asked him "Do you want Nay to fuck you up the ass?" Brandon smiled and said "I would love to take your dick up my ass." I felt my dick jolt and get even harder if that was possible.