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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Twins in San Francisco Ch. 02

group bluedragonauthor 2018-10-03

Quyen got up out of the way, pausing to share a wet kiss with her twin as Trinh sucked her own juices off of Quyen's tongue. Trinh actually had not given me a single order in the last five minutes, the only sounds exiting her mouth little whimpers of pleasure as I had one whole hand now buried up her cunt and a finger in her ass while I munched on her cunt. The two kissed erotically for a moment before Quyen's lips and tongue began to bathe Trinh's face, licking off every droplet of my come. Shuddering with excitement, Trinh took three healthy gasps of air before she let out an earth-shattering scream, climaxing powerfully and dumping a good load of juices out into Quyen's awaiting mouth.


Pledging The SUK Sorority Ch. 02

group P_V 2018-10-03

"Geez, I thought I sponsored a smart girl." Amy said, pointing over to the crate, "See that, it's a spanking horse." She pointed over to the sister with the silver tray. Laura leaned close to Amy and whispered, "Am I being judged on whether or not I paddle him, or how hard I do it?" She turned to acknowledge the Mistress of Ceremonies – who nodded at her – and then turned to hold the paddle out to the sister who had held the tray. Laura placed the paddle on the tray and walked as slowly as she could back to Amy and her former position.

MaryAnn and Her Hot Neighbor

group MaryAnn678 2018-10-03

The last time I saw you, you had just given a young guy a blow job, then another fucked you hard while you screamed with ecstasy so loud the walls shook." MaryAnn was sure she could hear a suppressed giggle in the voice. She kissed her lover again, the pulled back and said, "Oh Christ here it comes." Like a man on top she moved faster and faster, "ooooh my god ooh god Judy I'm cumming." Judy responded by moving back while holding MaryAnn's ass right against herself, "yes darling fuck me." MaryAnn, always excited by being watched, held Judy's head in place and moved against her mouth. She pulled Judy's head away from her pussy and asked, "I think your husband would like to cut it."


After Careful Negotiations Ch. 02

group Buff_Husband 2018-10-03

Not feeling that I could kiss Anna again until my husband had at least some idea what was going on, I simply reached down to squeeze her hand and smiled at her. "Actually, there was one part of the conversation that was even MORE interesting." I said, and both Anna and my husband turned their heads and leaned in toward me, thoroughly intrigued by what I might say next. Looking back at my husband, reclined in his chair, I watched his face as I placed Anna's hand on his crotch and she felt the shape of his hard-on under his jeans. I reached over and pulled Anna's head in for a kiss again, but this time, there was a penis between our mouths when they met.

Jenn and Lauren Ch. 02

group wakedad8 2018-10-03

Jenn had actually scooted her chair closer to me so she could get a good view from in between Little Laurens legs. Jenn had put her hand on the back of my head and pushed my face deep into Little Lauren's pussy slit as she came. When her body relaxed, Jenn grabbed me by the back of the head to remove my face from Little Laurens spent cut. Jenn proceeded to plant a big kiss on me and made sure she could taste Laurens pussy juice which coated my tongue. Jenn's eyes were wide with excitement a she watched the look on Lauren's face. "That's it Mr. P, cum on her tummy, I'm gonna lick it off." Jenn said as she continued to rub her own cunt.


Welcome To The Cum Factory Ch. 5

group UforMe 2018-10-03

She looked Chris in the eye as she reached down and placed his dickhead at the entrance to her pussy and lowered herself onto his hard cock. Chris began fucking her ass wildly, bucking his hips and slamming his huge cock into her tiny, tight asshole. Casey looked at Chris, with Julie slowly raising and lowering herself over his cock. Chris watched the amazing show, all the while kneeding Julie's tits as she bounced on his throbbing cock, moaning in his ear. Finally Julie raised all the way off and Chris's cock, which was now fully swollen fell with a smack against Casey's cheek. Julie reached down between her legs and began stroking Chris's cock with both hands as the girls moved in around them.

Private Dishwasher

group toomuchinmyhead 2018-10-03

Then she pulled back from the kiss, and gazed into my face with that drunken, overheated, wait-till-you-see-what-I-do-next look, and said, "Keep washing, kitchen boy," and moved both hands to my hips and turned them slightly to the side. Diane pulled back, staring drunkenly down at her friend, and Mary took a turn on my cock, bobbing her head a few strokes, taking me deep, then a few more strokes and licks. "Let me have some," Jenny barked, and Mary pulled off after my second spurt, and my third splashed across Diane's face as Jenny opened and took my cock head between her lips, and the rest of my load pulsed out, as she sucked me and twirled her tongue around the head.

Marcia, Nastiest Slut Ever Ch. 04

group danzinman 2018-10-03

He was slowly finger fucking your ass when you released the balls you had in your mouth, turned your head and said, “Honey, I love having your finger in my ass, it really feels good, but what I would really love is to have your hard cock stuffed in my pussy. You released the balls you had in your mouth, turned your head saying, “No no, I want your load in my mouth, I love cum, I want to eat you, please let me suck the cum out of your cock, let me taste you!” He pulled his cock out of your cunt as you spun around immediately taking his cum coated cock in your mouth and began to deep throat him.



group Mr James 2018-10-03

Kat moaned softly as she felt the fingers slide between the tops of her thighs and press between the lips of her pussy. Kat tried to relax as she felt herself lowered gradually, and fingers gently spread the cheeks of her ass, opening the cleft and pressing against the centre of her anus. Kat grunted and moaned as the two men moved within her, feeling the shift of their cocks as they slowly fucked her cunt and ass. Kat felt the cocks swell and stiffen in her rippling cunt and ass, then begin to spray thick wads of slimy cum into her heaving body. Dazed, Kat felt the cocks inside her softening and sliding out, leaving slimy, sticky trails between the cheeks of her ass and across the tops of her thighs and belly.

Stacy Stalks Her Neighbor Ch. 02

group jay.palin 2018-10-03

Her long, wavy black hair cascades down over her shoulders to caress those of her friend in the dim light, flickering as the moaning couple fucking on the screen begin to approach an orgasm. Stacy arrives with the lube, closes the door to our dark sanctuary – lit only by my red safe light and dim computer screen – and helps me slip out of my shirt as Maria's trembling hands wrestle with my belt, the top button and fly of my pants. Stacy watches us couple as Maria begins thrusting back against me, twisting her head from side to side and thrashing her wavy black hair forward, then back over her shoulders, as she fucks back at me furiously as only the most experienced women have.


Whitemailed Ch. 02

group Stardog Champion 2018-10-03

Caroline self consciously seemed to feel everyone at the party's eyes train on her as she spun around the dance floor with her Boss, especially the sights of some of the secretaries Dave had danced with earlier in the evening. "I had a great time Larry," Caroline beamed between puffs of her Kool, extending her right leg all the way forward in the floor board until her evening dress hiked up enough so that her thick, well toned thigh was clearly visible to her date. "Act just like my fucking drunk Ex-Wife," Larry hissed under his breath about 20 seconds later, still loud enough though for his date to hear, which brought nothing but shock to Caroline, who had no clue, or care, that Larry's Ex had left him for her Boss several years earlier.


The Peaburgs: Funtime Hammock Girls

group leopardskinrocket 2018-10-03

Herbie and Miss Carpenter looked around to see Lindy, Herbie's young wife, stood barefoot a few feet away from the hammock, her hands on her hips, her raven-black hair tied up in a bun. "My dad still thinks Annie had the Holy Spirit in her that morning", said Miss Carpenter. With Herbie fondling her intimate areas, and Lindy caressing her breasts, Miss Carpenter was heading to a state of pure pleasure, yet she still had her wits about her. Lindy and Herbie's eyes met, and, without speaking a word to each other, they set out a plan to bring Miss Carpenter around to their way of thinking. Trying the squat down over a man-mountain like Herbie was difficult at the best of times, but the swaying hammock made Miss Carpenter's task even harder.

Island Fever 5: Family Ch. 19

group Jeremydcp 2018-10-03

I guess Jeremy and Trish are with her, trying to calm Kaylee down and coax her off to sleep." Alison pouted dramatically and went on, "I was really looking forward to watching this movie - the newest Star Wars - with Lindsay tonight. Five years ago, who knows, maybe that stereotype you speak of fit me." Alison shook her head in response as Pamela continued, "But finding love and happiness in this family forever changed me. Pamela seemed to get a kick out of working alongside Alison; watching her get frustrated when she could not find that one piece she was looking for, only then to do a joyous, little celebration when she finally did. Did Alison not want Lindsay to know that she and Pamela were making out upon the floor seconds ago?


A Vacation to Remember Ch. 06

group CuriousCouple24 2018-10-03

Joe quickly lay Marie down and dove between her legs laving her furiously while Elaine had pushed Patrick into a nearby recliner and was gobbling his cock ravenously. As Patrick watched Joe suck Marie's clit he felt himself growing in Elaine's mouth and she purred in appreciation. She popped Joe's cock out of her mouth long enough to say, "I couldn't let Elaine have all the fun or Patrick all the pleasure." Joe could only grunt in reply but he continued to suck Marie's flowing cum from her pussy. Desire still coursed through them and they made a daisy chain with Patrick and Joe sucking their cum out of Elaine and Marie as the ladies cleaned their cocks.

While You Were Sleeping

group Gary_Alexander_2 2018-10-03

This one particular night, Bob realized he'd left a book in his room that he'd need early the next morning, and I went with him to pick it up. "Jesus," Bob said, "I can really do without looking at Jimmy's dick. "These tits aren't going rub themselves you know," I said, and Bob dutifully unbuttoned the front of my dress and reached inside to give them a good massage. When I thought Bob was moments away from cumming in my hand, I let go of both dicks, knelt at the side of the bed, and wrapped my mouth around Jimmy's. I'm not going to lie: having a new dick in me after three years with Bob was exciting.

My First Foursome

group Northerncanoeist 2018-10-03

I look over to see Jane with Frank's cock in her mouth. After a few minutes we stop kissing to enjoy the hard cocks sliding into us. The feeling of Jane's gentle, soft tongue on my pussy drives me crazy and I orgasm again. Jane takes a break while Frank moves down to slide his cock into my very wet pussy. Bill is smiling watching, enjoying the feeling of Jane riding his cock as Frank slides in and out of her ass. Frank tells me to roll over so he can enter me from behind and I can lick Jane's pussy. Bill kisses Jane and plays with her nipples as I lick and suck her pussy.

The Surprise

group ChandraFudge 2018-10-03

The first man approached her, and looked her up and down slowly, watching her every muscle tense, he reached down and flicked her clit with his fingers, then stroking the lips of her pussy he decided it was time. The second man approached, and with his cock out, turned her head to face him and removed her gag. She felt his cock grinding inside her wet pussy, when before she could move and try and stop it, she sucked in a deep breath and gasped as the first man's rock hard cock pushed it's way into her ass. She couldn't help herself, it was so intense, his cock in her ass, and the other man fucking her pussy, and playing with her clit, she moaned so loud, and started begging them to make her cum.

Halloween Ch. 02

group kinbote 2018-10-03

Shelley kissed me and she pushed me down and straddled me, sliding me into her familiar pussy, and began riding me up and down as we watched Dana kiss Dan and Emily swallow his cock. Dan was rubbing his cock as we watch the trio finish as Shelley took her fingers from Dana and put them into Emily's mouth. Emily paused for a moment, then opened Shelley's legs, ran her fingers over her immense inner lips and clit and slid her face into her. I was pretty sure that Emily would come first, and yes, we watched her hold Shelley's hips so tightly the flesh turned white around her fingers as her hips bucked back and forth against Dana's mouth.



group bellehumide 2018-10-03


Woodland Adventure

group naughtybisporty 2018-10-03

Carefully manoeuvring you into position, my left hand hitches your skirt above your waist, pushes your knickers to one side, and slips two fingers easily inside your saturated pussy. I know exactly how to fuck you – hard, fast and furious – and within a few seconds that familiar feeling wells up inside you. Her lover doesn't falter for a second in spite of your sudden presence alongside him – screwing up his handsome face in concentration, his entire focus is upon pounding her with every ounce of energy in his youthful, athletic body. With resources of strength that appear incongruous with her slight physique, she holds herself up in that position – her pussy throbbing violently – while her climax persists, amazingly, for what seems like minutes rather than seconds.

Missy's Surprise

group Moonrunner2 2018-10-03

We then went into my bedroom and Missy lies on my bed on her back with one knee up, I rest my head on her quad with my face inches from her g-string covered pussy. Then things took a turn, Amy asked me if I trusted her, I said, "Yes." Missy was instructed to open her mouth, she did so and Amy quickly inserted a ball gag and fastened the velcro straps behind her head. In a flash, I was behind Missy, seeing her legs spread, ass in the air, chest flat on the bed, I pulled her g-string to the side and plunged my cock into the warmest, wettest, tightest pussy I had ever entered (the butt plug was still in her ass).

Cat's Sexy Ski Adventure

group Cat_photobuff 2018-10-02

She was also wearing a form-fitting ski suit, and Gary was thinking along the same lines as Neil: "I'll bet THAT looks good in the raw!" After Neil apologized for the third or fourth time, he introduced himself and Amy. Gary then did the same, and the two couples hit it off right away. Besides, we'll be able to see whether natural or man-made fits better in a bikini." Everyone laughed again, and Gary and Cat agreed to come to Amy and Neil's room at 9PM. Back in their room, Cat held up the bottom of her bathing suit, which wasn't much more than a small strip of sheer cloth with some strings attached, and she said to Gary, "So you don't mind me wearing this in front of strangers, huh?"


Bruna Gets Banged

group Fay32 2018-10-02

'OK,' said Bruna, 'we should stop off and get some supplies on the way.' Fabio nodded in reply and the two friends headed to the park, picking up food, beers and some spirits on the way. Her eyes closed as she sucked, feeling her friend harden in her lips as her hands writhed back down Ricardo's body, one of them now grasping the base of his cock and the other cupping his balls. Without hesitation, Bruna leaned across and smothered Fabio's cock with her mouth, her right hand still tugging on Ricardo's sloppy, saliva-covered member. The three men instantly got to work kissing Bruna's little body; Ricardo and Fabio each taking a nipple into their mouths while Luís ran his tongue along her abs as they each stroked her back and shoulders.

Coed Blowjob Buddies 3 by loyalsock

group loyalsock 2018-10-02

"You look sexy doing that," Allison said before she leaned closer and wrapped her lips around Andy's cock again. Grounded in the moment and more relaxed gave Bethany a chance to admire the sheer sexuality of seeing Allison's full lips wrapped around Andy's skinny dick. Allison's eyes went wide, she pulled away, smiled and when Bethany kissed Andy's cock, so did Allison. Allison pulled away and gave Bethany the chance to enjoy Andy. Allison jerked off Andy with one hand while holding Bethany's face close. But as Allison shrugged out of her bra, Bethany couldn't stop staring at her friend's firm, perky looking breasts and wondering how those hard nipples might feel between her lips.