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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

An Earth Day Adventure

group BogartsBoss 2018-10-02

Clark looked at Debby, a woman that normally ignored him. Clark hesitated, looked around, found nowhere to hide; slowly removed his sweat shirt, shoes, sweat pants, placed them in the box. Clark moaned as Debby softly kissed him, showing Angie how it should be done. This time Angie found just the right pressure, her lips exploring his, tongue extending, just a little, moans from both. Starting soft and light, increasing pressure and intensity, finally pushing her tongue between Clark's lips. The women rolled to Clark's side, Debby pinning the smaller woman, running kisses across her face, into her ear, down the side of her throat, seeking a breast, a nipple. Debby, realizing, Clark couldn't breathe, tugged Angie up.


From Writing to Reality Ch. 02

group morris40 2018-10-02

For this inexperienced couple, all of the uncertainties that it took Tina months to negotiate were resolved with a few words and a reassuring smile during the dozen steps that separated her husband and my cock. The man broke off Tina's kiss and gasped as he felt my wife's tongue slide along his shaft and lick at the juices that coated his shaft each time he pulled out of his new lover. Tina's beauty would attract any man she wanted and Tom would always be there to explore the man's wife. As her husband pumped into my wife with renewed vigor, Tina came over and held the woman's long straight hair back from her face so she could turn from one cock to the other without distraction.

Coffee & Cream Dream Team

group danielblue 2018-10-02

Megan pulled Roshni into a kiss before starting to kiss down her neck and onto her tits. I watched Megan sink further down, kissing into Roshni's belly button. And then Megan got down on her knees and pressed her face into Roshni's pretty pussy. Roshni pulled Megan to her feet and started kissing down her neck. Roshni kissed down Megan's belly and onto her ginger curls. I moved in close to see Megan's beautiful pussy lips being parted by Roshni's long red nailed fingers. She pulled the pussy lips apart and started kissing into Megan's pink gash. I pulled her into a kiss and cupped my hand around one of her firm tits as my tongue explored her mouth. I pulled out of Megan and pressed my cock into Roshni's belly.

Meghan's Man

group mystery366 2018-10-02

It hit me like a ton of bricks Meghan took Bobbie to the restroom so she could eat Bobbie’s pussy to her heart’s content. I could see that Bobbie wanted to rip her clothes off but I yelled to her “Look but don’t touch Bobbie!” I think even my camcorder was getting excited watching the look of lust passing between these two woman. Bobbie looked Meghan with a wicked smile and started to ease the cucumber into Meghan’s pussy. I said to them “Bobbie get your pussy on Meghan’s face and Meghan get ready as I am going to fuck you!” The woman changed positions quickly and I placed my cock outside Meghan’s wet tunnel of love.

Two Wheel Desires Ch. 03

group Sweetcheekss 2018-10-02

"This young man's going to grow up to be a fucking Adonis!" I thought, handing him the iced tea. I could feel his hand working its way towards my right side, sensing he was going to try and cop a feel. I felt Zack's long, middle finger slowly circling the lips of my pussy, teasing me until I started to squirm. Zack's left hand slipped beneath me, cupping one of my breasts, roughly fondling it. Zack slowly removed his fingers from my pussy, putting them to his mouth. Stepping inside the two-story building, I looked around for Rick and Debbie. Marie was sucking on one of Susan's nipples while her fingers fucked in and out of her companion's pussy.


Being a Good Wife Ch. 01

group RachelTaylor 2018-10-02

So when the phone rang & a moment later Rick asked if I minded if his friend Jared (Who was on the list of possibilities) came over tonight to watch some stupid football game (God I hate football), being the good wife I am I said, "Fine." And prepared to bored shitless for the night. Rick slid his hand over my shorts and started rubbing my by now soaking wet pussy. Rick slid his hand inside the leg of my shorts & pressed his fingers against my pussy. Jared stuck his hand under my shorts and panties, down past my erect clit and into my warm wet folds, pushing two fingers into my hole.

Of fice Lunch Leaves with Creampie

group naughty_bi_interest 2018-10-02

As soon as the Boss unloaded his cum in her ass, he pulled out and another Officer plunged his cock in his place and began to pump her. After the last man had emptied his cock in her ass, the Secretaries filed out of the bathroom and began to lick and suck the cum up as it dribbled down Susanne's cunt lips as it flowed from her asshole. As I began to pump back and forth, one of the secretaries that I think was Brenda moved in behind me and started finger fucking my ass while she was biting me on the butt cheeks.

sex village IV

group chandan0707 2018-10-02

I am sure I had broken Guiness record of high jump from standing position when Vijaya pointed out Mandakini and Jehangir and told that they are Prema's parents. "Is every thing ok?" Mandakini asked in a puzzled voice.Is it really possible for a mother to be so casual after having sex with her daughter's future husband? "It is easier for me to adjust in your society than the other way round.You advertized for a semi literate girl who should be happy to be a house wife without career aspirations.Is it because you are a male chauvanist pig?" She bluntly asked and I burst out laughing.Now both of us were relaxed.

Share an experience

group core_ete 2018-10-02

I think you know I say, it's like when you feel the heat coming from the pungent bottom of ... I paid my entrance, as the male partner who came before me, but going with a partner and was far less than mine, as is usual in this type of premises, but before disappearing through the doorway, gave me a quick glance, sideways, and even smiled as I think I do not remember most of what it was, only it was brown. I was gritting his teeth, even drooling, my rod would not fit in my pants and I got worse because the girl, trying to hit upon to put on a condom, throwing his tongue like a snake when you savor the flavor of what they eat .

A Future Hotwife Chooses Her Man

group KenLukin 2018-10-02

I had total power over him when I sucked his cock, especially each time I took him to orgasm and he pumped out his hot cum load for me to swallow. Jack and I would suck and fuck like wild honeymooners most nights, yet I was still getting an extra cum load every week day he didn't know about. The fact was, during this episode of my life, I got to suck off Sam each morning, then enjoy Roy's big cock most afternoons, and still got with my loving husband Jack regularly. Not that long ago back in college there were days when I got so much cock it made me feel fulfilled and euphoric, like an addicted, cum-drunk slut.


E. R. Abduction Ch. 2

group Guitman69 2018-10-02

We'll come back and check on you when we're done." They kissed each other hard and I saw Sara's hand cup one of Judy's breasts. Judy reached behind her a started to rub her hands up and down Sara's long muscular leg. Judy started panting and moaning loudly, and I saw Sara's free hand make its way to her crotch. Judy inserted a finger on her free hand into Sara and started to pump it in and out in rhythm with her tongue. Sara parted Judy's pussy lips with her fingers and started to lightly lick the dew off of her. Sara moaned into Judy's pussy as she felt the redhead start to lick her slippery folds as well.

Swingers Meet

group nigeltallguy 2018-10-02

The commonest is probably a bukkake, where they get to suck a lot of cocks and have 10 or so men cum on them. The meet was arranged in a guys house who regularly organised swingers parties for couples. At one time she was riding a condom covered dick in her pussy which was being licked by a guy as it went in and out of her, she was taking it in turns to suck 2 cocks and had a cock in each hand. After a few guys had shot their loads it was clear that the cum would not hit his face so she moved down his body.

Trans NOT s****rs VS zombie apocalypse FINAL CHAPT

group Baachan 2018-10-02

Two hours after the girls rescued J.J.Johns, a special edition is broadcasted all over the world explaining that the zombies must not be killed but simply having sex with. In every city they can see girls and boys having sex with zombies, curing them right on the streets. A glowing light soon appears and in no time they see it: a 3 meters high transparent alien in a flying octopus shape, with 4 large tentacles, full of fluorescent green sperm. Despite their tentacles in the mouth the girls can stick their tongue out to make out right through the weird skin, from inside the cumfull shaft, their tongues dancing together in this strange sticky sperm.

The Hike

group AnonOne 2018-10-02

Shannan was the first to see Chris standing there, his hand stroking his massive cock. As Ken felt her tense up, his eyes also turned to see Chris stroking his thick cock. Ken had a clear view of her wet pink pussy lips protruding from between her flexing ass cheeks as she bent up and down sucking Chris's cock. Shannan moaned deeply around Chris's cock and seemed to shimmy against his thumb so he pushed it a little further inside. Chris had rose from his brief exhaustion and sat beside them to watch with great pleasure as Ken continued to fuck Shannan passionately. Chris leaned over and kissed Shannan, while Ken fucked into her, then sat back down to watch.



group kampos21 2018-10-02


Getting Extra Friendly

group nikki_2021 2018-10-02

"Oh yeah!" Hannah said as she felt Bruce's mouth devour her nipple, his cock stuffed inside her pussy. "God that feels good," Hannah said as Bruce's cock slid deep inside her and she felt his balls press up against her pussy lips. "Hell yes!" Laughed Hannah, and as Bruce watched, she rolled onto her back and spread her legs, then she pushed two fingers inside her pussy before pulling them out, covered in the mix of her own and Bruce's cum. She pointed at Bruce's cock, "This isn't even hard, look, you're almost there again and I've barely even started!" And with that she sat on a chair, spread her legs and began sliding the carrot in and out of her pussy with one hand whilst the other worked against her clit.



group Eugene1121 2018-10-02

He repeated his compliment, and this time slipped in a compliment about the good looks of Sandra and Kim. Sandra began to protest a little saying that she wasn't looking that good today. When I got back to the table I saw that he had both Sandra and Kim's shirts up high enough to be showing off a good amount of under-boob each. Without any instruction, Sandra reached over and started to run her hand over Kim's cunt. Sandra then got into place and blocked my view of his cock buried into Kim. Kim's face changed from a wince to a look of ecstasy again as her mother worked her pussy and Nathan's cock with her mouth.

69 on Route 66 Remembered

group acgolf 2018-10-02

I pulled up to the general store and watched as Jean and Joan pulled back onto Route 66 heading west! I parked be side the girls' car, got my shaving kit and a change of clothes, and knocked on the door to 107. Once dry, I dressed, in tight jeans and white "T", got my stuff together and left the bathroom. Joan and Jean were sitting cross legged on the king sized bed when I got out. Jean placed her hands under Joan's breasts and gave each of her sister's nipples a lick and suck. She looked at me and smiled and went back to eating what was left of my cum from her sister.

Girlfriend Gets Gang Banged

group MuttGuy 2018-10-02

She smiled and replied, "You know that I can't wait to show you the creampie and I am going to love having you go down and lick my pussy and then suck all that hot, fresh cum out of me and kiss me to give it to me to swallow. When he pulled his cock out of her gorgeous pink pussy, I held out my hand and took her hand to pull her up to her feet but, the guy kneeling by her head quickly said to hold on and she turned her head towards his cock that he was pounding and opened her mouth as his cock started to shoot wave after wave of cum into her mouth until the last drop fell from the tip of his cock and onto her tongue.

My Darling Cuckold

group LeanneSinclair 2018-10-02

As Paul sits there with his hard-on jutting out I turn to you and quite normally ask, "Ian, sweetheart, could you give me a hand with this dress?" Obediently, if a little awkwardly because of the erection in your trousers, you stand and unzip the dress for me. I say, "Well, Paul, if you always rated my tits then I must say I always loved your cock." I look at you and say, "Big, isn't he, Ian?" And I go down on him. I whisper to you, "Come and watch, darling." With your cock still protruding, you stand next to the table, by my head, and watch Paul assiduously licking me out.

MILFs At Home (And Away) Ch. 03

group Visitor35A 2018-10-02

Penelope inserted the DVD and as the girls sat back on the bed, I suggested we do something to stop us fucking like minks and missing the movie. I grabbed Zoey's dildo and let it slide down along the crack of her gaping pussy ..., which was so wet, the dildo slid slowly down and came to rest on her tight little asshole. "Let's hope the pleasure is going to be mine and yours" Naomi added as she too stepped forward, kissed me on the lips, grabbed my cock away from Georgina and stroked it. My last sight of them was four raised skirts and four shaven cunts being fingered as they all watched the movie with Zoey giving them a running commentary and Penelope begging for some attention!!!


The Dirtiest Wedding Ever Ch. 02

group Slimytaco 2018-10-02

We were barely in the door when I felt myself being pushed downwards towards the couch, a moment later as my face pressed against the pillows the first one entered me. There were hands everywhere, pulling and kneading my breasts, I felt fingers in my asshole, tugging my clitoris, fingers going through my hair holding my head on the shaft that intruded into my mouth. "Oh man, we can do the slut wedding thing, white lingerie and a veil!" Brett said, the guy I was sucking began to come spurting semen down my throat and then withdrawing to coat my face. I looked up at Brett as I felt the tip of the penis smearing cum across my cheek.


The Coffee Girl

group Partimus 2018-10-02

Gina looked on in awe as I began to fuck Lara with slow forceful strokes, getting a little deeper with each few strokes until she was taking almost all of my cock and moaning incoherently the whole time. Gina moaned as Lara licked and sucked her sensitive pussy trying to get all the cum that I had deposited there. As I continued to assault Lara's tight slit, I looked Gina in the eye and said that she was next for this ride. Lara lapped at our crotches through Gina's orgasm and when she calmed down and started to move off my raging cock, Lara immediately sucked me into her hot little mouth.


group SporticusErectus 2018-10-02

Candy saw me first, winking and licking her lips while the red head was now furiously fucking her with this plastic cock. Somewhere in the background I could hear the red head scream, must be Jack pounding her, but I could not care, I was eating a gorgeous wet pussy and my cock being sucked by the newly crowned blow job queen. Nix smiled, and threw her head back as she inserted the bottle into her pussy. I pulled my cock from the red head and had to force her to stop eating Candy. Candy sucked my balls into her mouth and I came, hard, shooting sprays of white cum over their faces.