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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Pick Up: Making a French Connection

group stud_u_love 2018-10-02

I couldn't believe this was happening and in a kind of trance-like state opened the door nearest her and dumbly mumbled something along the lines of 'here they are' Lauren beckoned me in, and removing her boyfriends' saliva covered prick from her mouth announced; 'here you are indeed...but what am I going to do with you Ben?' Lauren was so excited she removed her boyfriend's near bursting cock from her mouth and whilst complimenting me on my technique instructed me to begin tonguing deep inside her arse. David got hold of the baby oil and started coating Lauren beautiful body in it, the lubricant nature of it making it easy for one of our fingers to 'accidentally' slip inside her arsehole which seemed to happen rather a lot.


Amber & I Ch. 07

group BradentonLarry 2018-10-02

Without breaking our fervent kissing, Amber reached down and pulled the thin strip of fabric to the side, and then pressed my stiff, horny cock against her very wet pussy. I noticed that she would occasionally look over to see the guys watching us, and this would be followed by a very vocal encouragement for me to fuck her "harder – faster!" Being the focus of attention was clearly no small turn on for Amber, and she wasn't the only one! I looked down at Amber's perfect ass, listened to her calling out and groaning with passion, felt her pussy, so hot, wet and tight around me, and it wasn't long at all before I felt my orgasm building quickly.


Subjects 0 Ch 4

group Dark_Brother 2018-10-02

He tried to push it down, knowing that right now wasn't the appropriate time for something like that, but April started to kiss his neck, sending electricity through him straight to his groin. April crawled up after, and started to kissing her way up Minnie's legs, and even leaving a slight hickey on her inner thigh. After you told me you were pregnant, I didn't know what to say or do," Adam said, and April thought he needed to shut up before he said something wrong, and ruin the moment. Her legs kept pulling him in, though, and like last time, he felt something tight slip around his head, and Shelly screamed in rapture.


group SFS 2018-10-02

One arm held me tight, as the other explored my body, first my tits, my nipples hard through the thin material of my dress, then between my legs, fingers running across the gossamer thin material of my soaking wet panties. Marta was being filmed as she fucked the black guy she had been giving a hand job to. I wanted push her away, but the strong arm held me, clamped against a hard cock. I was pushed onto a sofa, then I saw the guy I had been dancing with, the one with the hard cock. I had needed to pee, a fat guy lay on the floor, his mouth open his cock hard as I relieved myself into his waiting mouth.

The Rainy Day Game

group captivate 2018-10-02

He placed his hands on my waist, pulling me closer and kissing me back with long, gentle tongue strokes, then said sadly that he really couldn't play. Gina told Erik to move his chair back against the wall, so he could see better and once again admonished him to keep his hands off his hard cock. Gina began kissing me again, this time standing between my open thighs and allowing my nipples to rub against her dress, irritating and hardening them. We leaned across him, our mouths entangled in a deep kiss, Gina's hands on my breasts. I reached for the pearl buttons on the front of Gina's dress, opening them slowly, my fingers grazing softly over her skin.

My First MFM: What a Night!

group Ziggi1973 2018-10-02

I went back to sitting on the couch, with my shirt still open and somewhat off my tits spilling out of my bra. They both sucked on my tits, standing there in front of the computer and they took off my bra and let it fall to the floor with my torn shirt. They stood me up and took off the rest of my clothes and Frank looked at me and kissed me hard. We found a good rhythm and Frank asked if I liked this and I could only moan around his cock. Frank had good access to my ass and took full advantage with his finger asking me if I liked it...I came hard all over them both.

Penis Enlargement Trickery

group wifesubmissive 2018-10-02

"To ensure a smooth procedure, we will be strapping you to the bed by your hands, across you chest and ankles. Tania strapped a vest across my chest and both my hands to the bed. Tania stroked my thighs and a moment later I felt her warm, small hand stroke my penis. She positioned herself over my erect penis and with her hands, started rubbing it against her already wet pussy. April Fool's!" At that moment, Tania sat down on my penis and started riding up and down, again and again. Tania rode ferociously then sat firmly down on my penis as wave after wave of semen shot out into her pussy. Albeit an extremely pleasurable and satisfying one but still, tricked.

GB Club Ch. 02

group Merlin_6 2018-10-02

Irene already had a message from Nancy and Arlene asking for details. Nancy, Joan and Cory are interested in joining but must get permission to attend an event Irene or Arlene participates in. If we are going to get anywhere either Irene needs to pick another session or Arlene needs to join?” Joan observes. Arlene calls the club that night and gets the same questionnaire and instructions Irene had. Mostly about the female pussy part.” Arlene was about to continue when the door opened. “How will Joan and I be paired together?” Arlene asks. Knowing that is not going to work Joan stands up and reaches under her skirt and pulls down her panties.


Ellen's Weekend

group docBlue 2018-10-02

"Someone's coming!" Ellen said as she quickly lowered herself into the water and pulled her top up. She was now turned toward the middle of the pool, her legs tilted under her body as if sitting, arms crossing over her chest with her hands barely able to cover her ample tits. As I slowly moved towards the other side of the pool to retrieve Ellen's bathing suit the other guy, Deke, ran over to pick up it up where it had landed on the deck. Ray was still watching from the side as she tried figure out how to get her legs in the suit without letting her tits dangle freely in the water in front of her.


Honey Trap Spy Ch. 01-02

group Cat5 2018-10-02

Anne looked at me hard and said, “We don’t want them to lose; rather we want them to gain ultimate leverage over you—not some romance between an unmarried woman and a man.” Anne continued, “We want to create a situation where they try to blackmail Randy. Anne looked at me intently and said, “Sex with Randy and me.” Anne replied, “It should look somewhat unplanned and for you it should appear that Randy and I are taking advantage of an insecure female caught in a situation that you could not handle. Several times Randy or Anne said it might be next week, but then it was called off. Randy, winking at Anne finally said, “So we have Katie with us tonight.


Office Party Seduction

group ColCass 2018-10-02

We watch as the woman takes her husband's cock in her hand and kneels down. #The three of us watch as the wife and the black guy take turns in sucking and licking each other. The husband stands back as the black guy takes charge, throwing the wife to the floor to give us all a better view. Your hard cock feels so good and the way the husband keeps watching us turns me on. My hand reaches out to hold her leg for the two of you, the other to pull apart her lips, giving her more intensity when you slide in and a better view for myself. The wife continues with her husband, but she grabs ahold of your cock, rubbing up and down as you watch the black guy take me.

Constructing New Friendships - Part 2

group 2018-10-02

Cindy moaned around Fred's shaft as Earl played with her "Oh yeah honey, just like I remembered it", moaned Earl as Cindy sucked his shaft. As Fred and Earl enjoyed my wife's mouth, Tim and Jason were Fuck her, fuck my hot, wet, white wife with your cock." Fred pulled Cindy off his shaft and then plunged her back down on it. Cindy was coming continuously, coating Fred's cock and balls with her juices. Cindy was busy licking and sucking on Tim's and Earl's cocks. Let's get down to some serious fucking!", Fred commanded, as he and Earl led Cindy to the bed. That was it for Cindy, she came again, her body spasmed violently, as Fred fucked her cunt with all his strength.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 96

group SteveWallace 2018-10-02

I got a few faux dirty looks from my other family members for violating the spend limit, but Elsa kissed me and told me she knew I'd go over the top by a large margin, in this case about seven hundred dollars. We had our Love and Commitment Rings for five people: Kate, Tori, June, Julie, and Tom. The women were Elsa, Cindy, Melanie, Sheila, Izzy, KC, June, Alice, Marcia, Stacy, Julie, Kate, and Tori. Lucas also spent time with Izzy talking about the snatch and grab crime she'd been caught up in and the way he would use to put it in perspective given what he knew about security.


College Party

group DDlover1996 2018-10-02

No matter what room I went into, the girls that were searching there, no matter how far up they were originally looking when I came in, always found an excuse to search lower and bend over, giving me an amazing shot of their panties or, on the rare occasion I was standing in front of them, their impressive cleavage. I heard a soft moan escape Cammie's lips and looked over to see her openly kneading her tits, however her eyes weren't watching the tv, but scanning the other girls around the room. I placed my free hand over Natalie's snatch and began rubbing her clit hard, releasing a torrent of juice and moans from her, my eyes never leaving Taylor's huge tits.

Wife's First Gang-Bang Ch. 02

group CyrusMann 2018-10-02

He reflexively grab her by the head and pushed his cock all the way down her throat emptying his load in her. Just as I felt another climax start to build, Jim two pushed the head of his diamond hard cock against my ass. Eliot smiled and relieved me by saying, "I'm next guys, so don't wear her out too much." At hearing that I'd have that huge cock inside me again, I fucked the Jims for all I was worth. I was jerking around like I was short circuiting, and could feel Eliot's cock deflating inside of me. I smiled at Ken and said, "Sure, I'll be fine!" He looked again at his new buddies, "Leave some for me OK guys!" Then headed for the bedroom.

Study Group

group clarissaj1982 2018-10-02

Moe still sat on Tammy's lap; his cock was stiff and he had one of her tits in his hand, seemingly forgotten. Tammy caught me peeking at her and smiled she put her index finger under the head of Moe's stiffy. When I could stand it no longer I loosed her breasts and leaned forward, wrapping my arms around her legs and sliding them down beneath her ass, I lifted her for better access and took both her pussy lips in my lips to suck on them. When I finally started to come down the other side of bliss I looked down and saw the marks that my fingers had left on her breasts as I had squeezed them when I came. I watched as Jimbo came on Tammy's face and hair as she sucked Moe' boner.

More Memories

group luvjuice43 2018-10-02

Susan helped Miles to remove his clothes and they stood with their arms around each other kissing, their hands moving over each other as if they were being stirred into one mixture. Miles' turgid cock stood erect between them; Susan took it into her hand a moved it slowly over her white belly before dropping to her knees and rubbing it over her face. She closed her eyes and started slowly moving up and down exposing the dark chocolate below her white bottom for just seconds before hiding it again in her secret place. We got dressed and sat in the floor drinking another beer, trying to recover when Miles started laughing.

Women are Like Buses

group CyranoAndersson 2018-10-02

Two of them had drinks bottles -- one of them was guzzling Lambrini, another was guzzling Smirnoff Ice. The girl who had plonked herself opposite me was especially off her face and swilling Lambrini wearing the tiniest denim skirt and loose T shirt, with pink trainers. One of the girls said "Karen, you old Dyke, his tongue will fall off before he can even make Sue come." Karen had at least two orgasms as good as sitting on my face...I could hardly breath but kept working my tongue and fingers and lips to give her every possible pleasure in this position. And then we have Sarah...amused by the performances I put on with the others, sporting enough to have performed four to seven minutes of fellatio approximately whilst sharing with Sue with Karen's arse possibly inches above her head at the time...


Busty Jessica's Sexual Adventures Ch. 03

group sethp 2018-10-02

Sherm wasn't a patient man though, and was soon thrusting his hips forward, fucking Jessica's mouth. When he was done, Sherm pulled up his pants and walked out of the door without a word, leaving Jessica laying on the desk half-naked and covered with his sperm. He wasn't as large as Sherm but he was a nice size and Jessica lay back on the desk to enjoy his cock. Grunting in time to the thrusting cock between her legs, Jessica opened her mouth, taking the fat man's cock between her lips. She felt Seth's hands on her head and he started thrusting his hips upward, fucking her mouth. Seth grunted and pulled Jessica on the bed with him, positioned her on her hands and knees, and entered her pussy from behind.

First Time with Two Bi's

group cblondie2178 2018-10-02

I guess the puzzled look on my face gave it away, but Aaron said, you thought I was strictly gay, but I’m not dead and neither is Mike, If presented with a body like yours our cocks react as you would expect most men’s to behave. Aaron explained that this why having two Bi guys is better because not only does it not bother them if their cocks touch, but they try to make that happen. He drove me the twenty five minutes out to my place and I asked him to stop at a park around the corner, where I sucked his cock one more time and said I was looking forward to the next time I go out to eat and once more have fine dining at its best.

Sergeant and the CO's Wife Take Me

group Coxswain 2018-10-02

My gut tightened as I walked down the line of tents to Sergeant First Class McNundic's green hootch, For a long time I had felt nervous around him. Okay, in all fairness, I had to admit McNundic's hardon was probably the simple morning erection we all got, but when he saw me looking at him, he gave me such a leer that I almost gave him a reprimand. "Well, sir, we better be on our way." SFC McNundic switched off the walkie-talkie, and we walked to the motor pool to check out a Jeep. "On a hot day like this," McNundic said in that deep voice of his, "a man dreams of getting away, of relaxing, enjoying a special time .


A Stormy Surprise

group TheNaughtyWife 2018-10-02

Jenni looked up from Tori's pussy when she heard her muffled moans, she glanced at Johnny's face and gave him a little smile, then returned to her tasty morsel. As her back arched with pleasure Tori began to buck her hips, grabbing Jenni by her long ponytail, pulling her face deeper into her gaping pussy. Tori laid her head between his legs and sucked his cock into her mouth while Johnny went behind him and began to play with Leo's sac. Johnny could see that Leo was more relaxed so he pulled the beads out and moved on to something with a little more girth; he used Jenni's Blue Dolphin vibrating dildo; it was only and inch in diameter, but it made Leo tense up and his cock stiff as a board.

Jill Becomes a Hot Wife Ch. 02

group bowhunter5670 2018-10-02

I was enjoying the view and Jill did not even skip a beat in her story as Renee continued to grind her bare shaven mound into her husbands face as his tongue went up and down between her pussy lips, he would stop now and then and push his tongue deep into her throbbing pussy licking up all the juice he could. As Renee took my balls in her hand and swallowed my cock with the same vigor as she was sucking Jill's tits, I was thinking that this was the first time Jill was watching me and the thought was making it hard to hold back from cumming. Joe, seeing his wife swallow a load from my cock as Jill fingered herself to an orgasm, now was bursting his cum juice into Renee's wanting pussy.

me 13 ,breanne 11, and john

group the_canadian_fawcett 2018-10-02

After 6 minutes of him fucking me and stroking me he said im going to cum soon do you want me to cum in your ass in you mouth or on your dick and I said try to do all three so he blew a huge squirt up my ass then quickly pulled out and blew the rest of his load on my 13 year old cock he then said sorry mikey I guess I didnt have enough to cum in your mouth i replied "dont worry about it watch this" i then stuck my finger up my tender ass and got all the cum i could find and mixed it with the cum on my dick and my pre cum that was squirting out of my dick then i stuck all that cum in my mouth and swallowed it.