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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Lucky Cable Guy Ch. 06

group Megamuffin 2018-10-02

While Mrs. Harrison frantically sucked Joe's cock, I knelt down beside her and slipped one hand down the front of her underwear, through a small tuft of pubic hair, and into the slick, wet cleft of her pussy. Taken with a sudden perverse impulse, and still flying high from the hedonism of my week away from work, I lowered my face down between their legs and licked a few long, slow trails up from Joe's balls, over the base of his cock and the opening of Mrs. Harrison's pussy, finally stopping after I had liberally coated her asshole with a mix of my saliva and her cum.


Gay Bulls Ch. 01

group zootsuit68 2018-10-02

It's not like I was hung like a gerbil but being big and slightly less than average it looked tiny. After dinner was over she announced we could start dessert now and asked me to strip. We reconvened in the living room with us both dressed and me kissing my night of hot sex good bye. she had assumed I was hung like I was built and some rough sex that was a bit painful would be a nice diversion tonight. I was thinking "she couldn't get hot with me till she told me I was a keeper?" She pushed me back and with all the grace of a hooker needing to fit in one more john before daybreak and dropped pussy first onto my cock.

Learning Curve Ch. 08

group Paris Waterman 2018-10-02

"Um, Alena, right?" Alan said, interrupting Kathy, or perhaps taking over by a prearranged signal, it's like this, there's not much information available about threesomes." Of course, Alena had no such person available, but Allan and Kathy had no way of knowing that, and that fact provided Alena with all the protection she thought she needed. "Fuck, you have come a long way since our first meeting," he sighed and began a series of short thrusts into her mouth before easing himself from her mouth and allowing Alena to fill her lungs with some much needed oxygen. Alena kept humming until she felt his cock pulse twice, then she began rapidly jabbing her finger in and out of his ass.


A Work Threesome

group horny_bi_girl 2018-10-02

You lean down and start sucking my tits and I then reach under your skirt and start fingering your wet pussy. You're putting your finger in my pussy and sucking me and putting your tongue in it and it feels so good and you taste so fucking good. We both suck on Andrews's huge dick that's tastes so fucking good because it's been in your pussy. Your start screaming, "I'm going to cum!" Both of us fuck you harder and faster while I am sucking on your tits and Andrew is smacking your ass. You start cumming all over the place then suddenly Andrew shoots his hot sticky cum in your ass and I keep fucking you, making you cum again and again all over the dildo.....


group hondo1906 2018-10-02

After a few head nods and a couple hell yes's, he turned back to me and said he and Booker might stop by our room in a little while to relieve my wife's frustration if that was okay with me. And the sexy way she sucked them back and forth like that got me so hot I started stroking my own cock as I watched. My wife set the tempo and rode Booker's big cock relentlessly until he got so excited he couldn't wait any longer. Booker was muttering about how tight and hot her ass was and Cordell was telling her he could actually feel his friend's big cock moving around in there.

Sex Dice

group charles_dickings 2018-10-02

When time was called after their second straight helping of 69, Monica was teetering on the brink of orgasm while Brad, the all-night fucker, could feel the sperm boiling up from his balls. After two bouts with Monica, whose oral ministrations had left him feeling delirious, not to mention an earlier bout with his own loving wife, he began to doubt his ability to survive a round with such an accomplished cocksucker as Jen. She straddled his face with her chubby thighs and fastened her plump pussy to his lips so tightly that his nostrils were overwhelmed by the heady aroma of her musky slit and gamey crack. Like Angie, Jen thrilled to the sensation of a stiff prick raping her mouth while a wet tongue violated her cunt.


group cnafuncpl 2018-10-02

After about a minute he took his cock out and started masturbating.The wife seeing this, reached over and offered a helping hand. After stroking him for a little while sucking on me she switched and took him into her mouth. I sat there and watched as her mouth worked his shaft. 2 minutes of this and she moved over to the smaller of the guys and took all 7 inches in her mouth. I watched as her mouth worked one shaft and the other shaft pounded deep inside her. the guy in her mouth shot first and true to her nature she swallowed all of it. After they had both left we returned to our seats so we could watch as Hinder came on stage.

Patty's Costume

group Brookell 2018-10-02

Although why you wanted to fuck that little bitch and not me I will never understand.” She reached over and grabbed my cock, squeezing hard. I looked up and she screamed "Oh fuck, this is to hot to bear." She started cumming, pushing her cunt against my face, forcing cum out of her puss and into my mouth. The white light faded and I watched Bob slowly pull from her cunt, a large dollop of cum hit my mouth followed by the head of his cock. "Yea, that was fucking great!" She snuggled me with another kiss and pushed her tits against me, rubbing her cunt on my cock which was still in a world of its own for the moment.


The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 29

group SteinWolf8 2018-10-02

In addition, Gabriella took the offered position at the Regal Bay Golf Club as the course professional, giving personal service, both on the course and off, to individuals who felt the need to have their game tweaked. Unfortunately, with the end of his college career Gian Carlo moved on to work for his mother, who owned and managed the Olive Garden franchise in Regal Bay. The week-end music was her way of giving her son a chance to remain connected to his music. Paul took hold of a handful of her black hair and pulled her face to him, ramming six-inches of his cock into her mouth. With his eyes roaming her body, Paul took Gabriella by the hand and pulled her with him into the bed.


His Birthday Plaything Pt. 01

group JesterBoheme 2018-10-02

Megan wasn't sure what that meant, until the girl dropped to her knees and seductively licked at the cum dripping from Megan's chin before taking a load of it into her mouth. The girl pulled away and as she did she pressed one finger against Megan's lips and then said, "Swallow for me, bitch!" Somehow, she didn't mind the leather-clad, busty girl who was licking cum off her face, but the literal crowd of horny guys was a bit disconcerting. When he finally came, it went straight down her throat and was completely drained before he pulled his cock back and lightly tapped her cheek with it before walking away. Justin came into the bathroom to watch as J fingered Megan's pussy and sucked at her nipples.

Bonnie's First Threesome

group Myca 2018-10-02

I was so hot at this point that I started to kiss Chris vigorously and reached my hand down to the ever-growing bulge in his jeans. Seeing this got my boyfriend hard and ready, he started moving up my body, kissing every inch of my body on his way up. I stopped sucking Chris's cock and turned my attention to my boyfriend. I quickly took Chris's hard member in my mouth at the same time that Greg impaled me on his throbbing shaft. Chris was about to explode down my throat and Greg started pumping faster and harder, I knew he was ready to cum too. I started to kiss Chris slowly and passionately.

Teacher's Beachside Gangbang.

group 2018-10-02

I pulled on Mick and James's cocks as Kurt rested his knob against my sopping pussy. "Cum over me." I said and he quickly pulled his cock out of my pussy and with a few pumps of his hand he shot an immense load of hot cum all over my stomach and up onto my tits. I swallowed what was in my mouth and looked around to see Jono standing holding his cock as Mick took his place. As James screamed in joy as he came in my arse Kurt quickly grabbed my head and spun it around to face his cock which immediately shot a huge wad of cum onto my face.

Riley's Lucky Day

group McMurphywrites 2018-10-02

Riley's cock lurched as his eyes took in the sight of his buddy Dave sitting on the john, jeans around his ankles, with a beautiful brunette riding his dick! Riley grabbed her head and fucked his cock back into her mouth. "Damn!" exclaimed Riley, "This girl can suck cock!" He kept up his rhythm, fucking her mouth with his prick, feeling her tongue and teeth as he did. Riley was surprised the whole bar had not come in to see what the commotion was about as Diane and Dave both moaned and groaned loudly, his body slapping against her ass cheeks. Diane screamed and writhed on Dave's spurting cock as Riley's fingers urged her to come.

84% work

My New Place Ch. 06

group p_c352006 2018-10-02

As I started soaping up my wet body I started replaying last nights events in my head and how turned on I got stripping and pleasing myself on cam for a room full of horny guys. I was on all fours with Jimmy's cock in my mouth and his hands reaching down to grab my tits and Martin had both hands on my hips pulling me back and forth on his dick as he pounded me harder from behind. Once Martin finally slipped his dick out of my pussy I was rolled over onto my back and another guy Gary got between my legs.

Being of Service

group LaTourEiffel 2018-10-02

I mean, I want the best chances, for our child," Susan said, holding tight to Shelly's hand. "I want it to be natural," Shelly said, more to Susan than me, "like it's meant to be. I want to be the one who guides it into Shelly," Susan said. I started to pull out, to start pumping Shelly's cunt with my cock, but Susan looped her fingers around my ball sack and held on tight. Holding my balls captive, Susan continued to roll her hand, back and forth, over Shelly's clit. When I felt I was about to come, Susan would pull hard on my balls and hold me, deep inside Shelly.


Hospital Fantasy

group CaitlinTheCutey 2018-10-02

The nurse was wearing a red bra and he slid his hand inside the silky cup, lifting the creamy breast from its lacy confines. The nurse pinched her nipples as she sucked her clit and in a rush of pleasure, Amy had the most amazing orgasm of her life. Amy moaned as his hard cock fucked her relentlessly and as the nurse sucked her clit, she climaxed again. Amy recovered from her own orgasm and moved behind her, caressing her bottom, enjoying the sight of his cock sliding in and out of her wet cunt. With Amy’s finger up her arse and a hard cock fucking her it was only a matter of seconds before the nurse climaxed again.

Jaya Nessa's Slut Adventures Ch. 10

group shanti2010 2018-10-02

Suseela knew me well enough to know that something was bothering me and pestered me until I told her all about Kamesh. I confessed to Suseela that I desperately wanted to fuck Kamesh again and she told me that she would search for a sure-fire way for it to happen. My eyes opened so wide in amazement when Kamesh responded and his lovely cock grew, getting so firm it was impossible to bend it. Oh gawd, Kamesh, I need you so badly, you don't know how long I have waited for this very moment," I said and it felt like a heavy weight being lifted off my body. Like I have said, Suseela is my very best friend and knew right away that she was wrong.


Fun with Dick and Jane Ch. 06

group DesperateHousewhores 2018-10-02

The new cocktail dress accentuated Jane's delicious breasts, but was understated so that no-one would ever know the adventures she and Dick got up to simply by looking at her. Jane could see the girl's partner rubbing her breasts as they watched the foursome in the room change position, obviously getting ready to fuck. Squirming and moaning, Jane reached out and grabbed Phil's hand, who by now was also moaning as Suzie continued to suck his hard cock, wrapping her lips around the top of his shaft, rolling her tongue around the underside. Surprising even herself, lying beside Suzie, Jane reached out and started to roll her breast and nipple around as Dick and Phil continued to lap at their respective partner's pussies.


A Very Bad Girl's Night Out

group Big Gunz 2018-10-02

"Well, seeing how we know how much of a dirty slut you are," he began, smirking with the insult/compliment, "and seeing how you are the hottest piece of ass in this place, I thought we could play a little game." "I want you to watch me flirt like the teasing little slut I am, and then take me upstairs and fuck me all night long." Her nipples tingled and came to attention, and she almost immediately found herself returning the cigarette in between her lips and taking a second healthy drag, this time French inhaling and then exhaling slow and seductively, almost letting out a moan of satisfaction. Smiling to himself, Gary watched as his submissive lover enjoyed her cigarette and flirted shamelessly with both of the men at the bar.


Surprising Dowdy Dani

group LitEroCat 2018-10-02

Sue lurched against me and I suspected Bill had gotten even more daring with my wife, but I still couldn't stop staring at the amazingly shapely, shy ass and fully bared leg next to me. Gary, Bob and Sue could then see my left hand nudge her legs apart, my right hand polishing her shapely ass over the large, lacy panty back. Bob and my wife were completely naked, my dick was throbbing and exposed, Gary had worked his pants to his ankles and was slowly stroking his stiffie and Dani's big tits were free and exposed though Bob was mauling them. Ooops..." Since Sue spoke, I pushed Dani's legs farther open, ran my hand high between them and up to her lusty mound and ass.


The Rainy Day Game: Final

group captivate 2018-10-02

I watched her head bobbing up and down, looking up to see the happiness on Erik's face as he thrust his cock deep into her willing mouth. Gina stayed between my legs, licking and sucking, her fingers busily fucking my hot cunt, encouraging me to let go, to come and let her feel my throbbing heat. Gina had climbed onto the couch behind me, her face against my ass, licking and kissing all the smooth skin of my cheeks. Erik started whispering to me, telling me that Gina's hot little pussy was against his knee, that she was fucking his knee and he could feel her wetness as she rubbed him there.

Maid To Take Ch. 03

group fluidline1 2018-10-02

I admit that it now feels more erotic than having to have his prick in my pussy; for when he is engrossed in fucking my breasts, he invariably manages to play with my clit. This allowed me to keep my head steady and instead pull and push his ass to and away from me, his prick firmly embedded in my mouth. Jay understood what I had told him, so with his face grimaced with concentration, he began to thrust to and fro slowly; much slower than before when all he must have thought of was spurting his seed inside Maya’s cunt. Maya looked up, her eyes crossed with lust, mouth wide open, chest heaving even as Jay continued pumping into her with his trademark long and slow thrusts.


Sharing my wife - true story

group 2018-10-02

It took long to convince my wife that I would really like to watch her fuck another guy. While licking her, he was taking his clothes off too (my wife to shy for the moment to help him) and soon his hard cock was out. So, we started all over from begining.....licking, sucking, fucking etc., only this time it was ME playing with my wife......Suddenly, while we were having sex and tallking about our new experience, both very horny, the phone ring. So, in a few min he was back at our room, in our bad, fucking my wife hard again, while I was kissing her and asking her if she likes it.

A Journal of Truth Ch. 04

group Dlicious_49 2018-10-02

I was still slowly rubbing my cunt across Sue's mouth, enjoying the ebbing of orgasmic bliss when I felt Val's hand on my shoulder, gently pulling me off of Sue's face. Sue came first this time, her hands pulling my head hard against her as she ground out her climax against my mouth. Val suddenly grabbed my head in her hands as Sue pounded me in the ass, pulling my mouth hard against her pussy when she came. Kissing them both goodnight, I thanked them for a marvelous evening and dragged myself up to my room, the taste of jism fresh in my mouth, my pussy still throbbing from the fucking I had done.