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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Best Offer

group eroslit 2018-10-02

Cathy, this is Jenny and Kim,” Tony said graciously. That’s the issue.” Tony said it so succinctly that both Jenny and Kim gazed at him intently. For the first time since the offer was made, Jenny and Kim looked at each other. Kim couldn’t look Jenny in the eyes. It took a significant pull for Jenny to get the taut jeans over Kim’s hips and ass. Just as Jenny moved the dildo back to Kim’s clit, she felt a presence behind her. She frantically slid the dildo over Kim’s clit until the girl in the chair could not hold back any longer. Tony laid his cock on top of Jenny’s ass and worked the last of the cum out with his hand.

Good Neighbours

group cbrmale 2018-10-02

Michelle continued to ride my cock for several minutes, while Carol rubbed the clitoris that I had been working on just a few moments ago. Carol quickly took Michelle’s place, grabbing my cock, still slick with the juices of her friend, and sliding it inside of her. I said “this is one of the most wonderful experiences I had in a while, but I think Carol has missed out a little, I don’t think she has cum yet.” I made my way to her smooth shaved and oh so wet pussy. Faster and faster I go until it happens, waves of pleasure envelop my entire body from my head to my legs as each thrust pumps more cum into Michelle's hungry pussy.

Ann the Chocoholic

group bbflashgordon 2018-10-02

Trey and Stuart explored Ann's body running their hands over her inner thighs, cupping her breasts and stroking her swollen wet pussy lips. By the time they arrived home Ann was naked and on her hands and knees sucking Trey's cock with 2 of Stuart's fingers sliding in and out of her hot pussy. Ann continued to suck Leroy's cock as Trey, Stuart and Tyrone took turns at fucking Ann's pussy. Tyrone and Trey held Ann's arms while she positioned her pussy over the massive head of Leroy's cock. Suddenly in the middle of Leroy's fucking frenzy she could feel the head of his cock pulsing as he grunted and the cum started running out her pussy and down his balls onto his thighs.

Cum Party Time

group sex4u4647 2018-10-02

Getting a little brave she reached under his loin cloth and held his bare cock while they danced and she felt it grow hard in her hand. Ralph's prick felt so nice in her and it excited her to know that she might get fucked several times by different men tonight. Art getting hard again rolled between her legs and pushed his cock into her pussy, they fucked slow and easy, making love and after a beautiful climax, wrapping together they fell asleep. Please tell me about it all." Art begged her and started to play with one of her tits with one hand, holding his now hard prick with the other.

Missy Pays The Rent

group lovecraft68 2018-10-02

"Yeah, that what you need, you little red headed slut?" Keith asked as he continued pounding me, "A good hard cock, in that hot little pussy?" "I'm an attorney, that can go for years." He saw the look on my face and rolled his eyes, "Lisa it's a business, we have a list of people, we can't let it go because you feel bad." "That would be acting, I'm wondering what it would be like." I leaned in and whispered in his ear, "It's okay Missy, we won't hurt you, we just want to make you feel good," I sighed and continued, "Now put that cock in your mouth, just a little and...


Watching wife with BBC (Part 1)

group den226 2018-10-02

The started kissing a bit and I whispered to my wife to touch him as well, she stated “I am.” Apparently under the water she was grabbing his cock and getting it good and hard. Soon we started to have a crowd of single guys hanging around, watching and pulling their cocks. After a few moments, my wife whispered in his ear at which point he raised up out of the water and sat on the edge, his cock throbbing. After a bit of debate and discussion, she turned towards me and said “I want to fuck him, but you have to watch…” What more could I ask for?

A Passionate Three Way

group Elenia26 2018-10-01

I finally heard Andarian's groan as he released all of his pent-up energies into sweet little Elissan, and I couldn't help but sigh a little. Andarian moved inside of her, and I shivered at the thought of his cock up that sweet little ass, violating her, hurting her, making her come. Whatever it was, it didn't take long before she was rubbing my face anxiously, pressing back on his cock, and begging for more in her sweet little voice. I wanted to bring her down to my human level, somehow, break her elvish pride, and yet she seemed to be begging for it, her little cries ringing in my ear, her mouth open, her back arched.

Video Store

group crookedpen 2018-10-01

On the east wall was a dark hallway that led to video booths and a door that said "PERSONEL ONLY." Inside a glass counter were several dildos and vibrators along with other novelties. "I hadn't been coming in much since my girlfriend didn't like this stuff." I could see she was looking at a porn magazine. The blonde had her skirt pulled up and her hand stuffed into her panties. "I guess you liked the show," said Jill, looking at my pants. To my surprise the blonde come out of the booth. The blonde watched for a minutes, and then walked around the counter. Jill looked at her in surprise, staring at her pussy. I pushed Jill's face into the blonde's crotch.

Slobbing Peter to Lay Paul

group JohanaZahara 2018-10-01

"It would not be a detriment to my marriage," I said, smiling at Paul, then looking at Peter, who sat, pensive. Paul was groping my breasts from behind me, spitting in his hand and working his erection, guiding it into my wet cunt, slowly, letting his girth stretch my tight pussy. He got down on his knees and thrust his bulging cock into my mouth, pushing it hard against the back of my throat before he slowly pulled back out and I sucked, bringing his foreskin over the head of his dick. Peter began to fuck my mouth harder and harder, grasping my face with both hands, and I struggled to breathe, my eyes watered, I felt pre-cum trickling down my throat.

Bi-curious Final Chapter

group KY ridgerunner 2018-10-01

Tom and Dave went up north to be with Sandy and Tina for the weekend while their husbands came down to stay with Sharon and I. Our next adventure was to host John and Tina at our house with Tom and Sharon going to see Sandy and Dale. I wasted no time in putting our drinks down and had Jason in my mouth while Dave and Ursula were still kissing. Tina is always a great fuck with Dave or with me but now she wanted to out do Ursula and that's going to be hard to do. When Sandy pulled her mouth away from my pussy and saw those two hard cock she leaned over me and kissed me saying, "My turn on the table."


Trading Up

group Jizaz_Jester 2018-10-01

He's big and tough looking, and he has that hot southern accent, and a half-decent job, a rent-controlled apartment, his own car, and he cares enough about his girlfriend to risk being put in prison to drive twenty hours just to spend a few days with her." Kaye drew a card, laid down a match to empty her hand, and declared three things – "Face it, Jeremy is a great catch, I have every right to be jealous of Cici, and I just kicked your asses at rummy." I watched them writhe for some long seconds absentmindedly stroking my cock as I admired Kaye's firm little ass and long legs and puffy dripping slit, and Cici's huge tits and cute round face, and wondered if it'd be a trade up or not if I had to choose a new girlfriend after that night.


George & Martha

group joaq123 2018-10-01

Clearly George was beginning to feel the effects of the José Cuervo and began talking about “sex, liberated sex, sex with no boundaries.” Martha gave me a twinkling grin and rolled her eyes as if to say, “Here he goes again.” I figured with that there would be no more drinks and that she’d probably start trying to bring the evening to a close. George was working me over like a pro, taking me completely in his mouth and then slowly letting me out, swirling his tongue over the head of my dick, lapping along the underside of the shaft, teasing my balls, and then engulfing me completely once again.

The Hen Night

group taurents 2018-10-01

Knowing the girls had been told to dress as if for a night out he decided to do the same and arrived smartly attired at the back door of Vikkis small but tidy terrace house Vikki flung the door open " Ok John you heard the poor girl's fantasy I think any caring boss would fulfill it don't you?" With a grin she closed the door on them . Seconds later Gail was bent at the waist feeling Johns fingers pulling the gusset of her panties to one side, just telling the girls of her fantasy had got her wet and realising that John had heard every word and that her fantasy was about to come true had brought a veritable flood so he plunged easily into her.


My s****r in-law the unexpected cum slut

group Johnnytames69 2018-10-01

As the conversation continued, Jason decided to share a story with us that illustrated how badly Jenny wanted a third c***d. On the other hand, neither my wife nor Jason would probably care – or possibly even believe – how I came to have my dick buried deep inside of Jenny. I could feel her sucking up as much cum as possible into one mouthful, and then she looked up at me, took her closed mouth off my cock and then opened it to show my load on her tongue. “Yum that’s good!” Jenny exclaimed and then went back to sucking my cock, still with a bit of cum on it, to get me hard and ready for round two.

Recollections Ch. 16

group Kaadorix 2018-10-01

"I know it's frustrating, man, but tell Merissa that good old Mike says to hang in there. I know you're busy now at work, but even if you're not, maybe you and Lexi can continue texting each other about how her butthole still hurts from what you did to it last night." Mike began laughing uproariously again. I go into his office and tell him that I would like to take two weeks off, starting next week, for a personal matter." Alexa was hell-bent on staying home and being the one to look after and care for Merissa 24 hours per day once the baby was born.


The Door to Life

group alexcarr 2018-10-01

She stopped for a while, I guess worked out, it was good feeling the throb of her ass inside, this was a double whammy to be sure and I knew then I would be wanting many repeats, imagining her taking me in all sorts of wonderfully sexual positions - fucking each other crazy until we had both completely and wholly gratified ourselves, when all that was left was that sweet kiss to show each other how much we cherish and love each other.


Helping Out A Friend

group nyrjmk 2018-10-01

Watching the two of us work got Carrie so hot and bothered that she had to start playing with herself now. Rob and I got back to work despite hearing the soft moans of Carrie playing with herself on the lawn a few feet away from us. I watched as Rob took Carrie's nipples into his mouth and I heard her sweet and sexy moan. Rob took Carrie by the hand and started leading her back to the lawn chair. Carrie was moaning with pleasure and she told me to get my finger out of her ass and stick my cock in there. Carrie moaned in pleasure as Rob and I both pumped her with our cocks.

Quickies Ch. 01

group Lady Malachite 2018-10-01

Andy sat on a plush sofa, nursing a Red Bull with vodka and watching the glass-caged go-go dancers dressed as fetish characters gyrate to the beat. The dance floor was far too crowded, and he wasn't quite far gone enough to enjoy dancing, unlike his other friends who were busy getting groovy, or whatever people called it, with the other Goths, at this freakish little club he was attending. Andy's two best friends, Greg and Sarah, were also on the dance floor. The dancer on the right was dressed as a fetish nurse with knee-high white platform boots, a little white shirt and a skirt that didn't really cover much.


Teasing Terri Ch. 7

group Mark Singer 2018-10-01

Terri watched, enthralled, as whoever was taping moved to the side of them as the blonde's smiling face looked directly at the camera, then moved to the guy's lap. "I was sucking Wayne's cock while he was taping...." she explained with a laugh, "I guess I got carried away..." Finally, the camera steadied again, and zoomed out from the girl's face, showing her full head and shoulders and the hips of the guy. Her hand was moving up and down Terri's thigh as they watched the girl pause to look into the camera once more, then tilt her head slightly forward. Terri looked at the screen just as Wayne buried his cock in Jenny's throat and held it there.


Thirteenth Floor Please

group regularguy1313 2018-10-01

Tom walked out of his hotel room on the 17th floor and went to the elevators. The chime rang and Tom got aboard the empty elevator and pushed the button for the lobby. The elevator stopped at the 15th floor and a pair of middle-aged ladies in tennis outfits came aboard. Her partner, a brunette, reached under the blonde's tennis skirt and pulled down her frilly panties. The Asian man reached out and stroked the butt on the curvaceous pool girl. The pool bound young man now fully erect rubbed the tip of his penis against the pussy of the top tennis partner, the brunette who had her tail in the air.

Letting Myself In

group TickleTiSexy 2018-10-01

He pulled it out and groaned, offered his glistening penis to her, whole cock throbbed, from shaft to head, came on her breasts, shoved it in her mouth, sat upright, turned his head to me as I fingered my clit, rubbing now against the floor, ass clenching, finger in between, my arms, clit on fire, pushing down, the sweet wave ... I'm coming, oh, shit, I'm coming, all over everywhere, explosion, heart open, aaaaah, release, then and now, thighs shuddering, pussy like pudding a gift of pleasure for us 3 then and me now adding to the sweetness and you dear reader, let me help you over the edge with my mouth, my breasts, my wetness, a suck a pull a push, squeeze my ass, drink me up, i am all yours.

Afternoon by the Pool

group shakenmartini55 2018-10-01

When I got home I looked out the solarium windows and saw Sonia and Brandi lying on one of the double sized loungers that surrounded the pool. I smiled at them and said "So, what have you beautiful ladies been up to while I was gone?" I had a good idea because both of their pussies were red and swollen and their nipples had that sucked on look. I tried the best I could to maintain contact with Sonia's love button but I think she was having more fun tongue fucking Brandi than having her pussy licked by me. Sonia quickly crawled between Brandi's thighs and licked the cum as it oozed out of her pussy.

The Group Ch. 10

group Spice1959 2018-10-01

I knew I wouldn't last long either, but the feeling was sensational, after a couple more strokes I felt my balls tighten and my cum shoot from the end, I collapsed back onto the floor, and told her to go clean herself up, as she left us, I looked round the room, to see Robert and Richard, slumped in a chair each, with Charlotte and Heather busy eating eat other's pussies, and Judy, Tracy and Sharon in a three way pussy eating contest, just then I heard a key in the door, and Anna burst into the room, and stopped dead in her tracks, her jaw dropped as she saw the sight in front of her.


Old Friends

group harrybalszak 2018-10-01

When Deb had finished, she sat quietly for a couple of minutes until, noticing her silence and the unusual look on her face, Denise asked, "Are you all right?" At some point she told me that I looked pretty good for my age, I said thanks, and then she said 'Could you spread your legs a little so I can get at your thighs.' So I did, I didn't really even give it a thought, she just kept working away. As the commercials came on at the top of the hour, Debbie turned to her friend and said, " I'm a little nervous about this, I've never kissed another woman, look at me I'm shaking!" "Oh Deb," She said, "You're delicious." Debbie reached down with both hands and tugged her lips apart, exposing her clit for Denise's tongue.