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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Motel Stay

group kathy1970 2018-10-01

heard the door and went out and say the 2 guys changing the channel on the porn movies.( what I didn't know was that the manager had 2 way mirrors and cameras filming me, and was broadcasting them too the rooms and that he had my wallet as it was turned into him and ) well the guys really like what the saw and had me on my knees sucking the right away I thought that they liked too watch me sucking them as the always had me facing the mirror.

Threesome Fantasy

group e1two3 2018-10-01

As my upper body falls toward the floor he pulls my hips into him and I feel that he's also removed his clothes and his large, erect cock is pressed against my ass. He grips me behind the head and forces his cock all the way inside my face and holds it there and I feel his thick spray spurting against the back of my throat. He must have been watching for a moment before he decided to join in, because it takes me by surprise when I feel the head of his cock sliding up and down between the lips of my pussy.

Cumming in the Friendly Skies

group Caitlain 2018-10-01

But I grabbed her head and kissed her dead on the mouth, with all of Steve's seed still on my lips and face. A few hours later, near the end of the first leg of the flight, I got up to go use the restroom and had to walk past Siobhan again as she was headed up the aisle to offer people bottles of water. Since the rules involved no penetration of me, I got on the bottom and Siobhan took a position on top of me, with her pussy right in my face. I couldn't help but wonder the entire time, though, if any of the members of the return flight crew were anywhere near as freaky as the ones on the last trip.

My First Gangbang! How Hell Turned Into Heaven

group 2018-10-01

Immediately he jumped on me and started smooching very hard and playing with my boobs and rubbing my pussy over my dress. He pressed it hard and i began moaning in pleasure, he kissed and softly bit my boobs over the bra. He got angry and slapped me hard on the face and i fell down on the floor from the bed. The other one in my pussy, sucking, kissing, licking, inserting his tongue into my pussy and fingering it. Everyone got very angry and hit me everywhere, kicked my stomach, slapped my boobs, ass and face, pulled my hair and hurt me. They got me on the bed and my bf started fucking my pussy. He started banging my pussy hard and one guy fucked my mouth.

Seduction by Drugs Ch. 02

group ReneeandKent 2018-10-01

I heard and felt Kent enter the shower with me and he nibbled my neck and whispered in my ear, "Good morning my love, thank you for the awesome fuck." I giggled and reached back and grabbed his penis and said, "Sweetie, it was more than a fuck, it was, let me see, I came at least 4 times and I know you did at least twice, maybe 3 fucks. If you recall", I turned beet red as I did, Kent continued, "the size of Kurt's log and Erica's fake cock, not counting the fist she used several times on both of us, it's a wonder we're not as open as the tube of biscuit dough we just baked."


My Birthday Bash Ch. 1

group rocketman96 2018-10-01

I explained to her that I really wasn't up for a big party but would rather just go out to dinner with her and spend a quiet evening afterward relaxing in the hot tub and making love to her by the fireplace. Di said the hot tub was ready and all I needed to do was pour us some drinks and get the fire started in the fireplace. After making the drinks and getting the fire started in the fireplace, I headed outside to take the cover off the hot tub. "Diane asked me and Andrea to cum over and help you celebrate your 40th birthday, I hope it's OK with you?" Tammi asked.

Weekend With the In-Laws

group SweetBrandy 2018-10-01

I could feel the tingle in my clit and I knew that I needed to cum before I went to dinner or else I would just fantasize about my father in law all night. I went into the bathroom, opened the shower door and got in with Rob. Water dripped off his flacid penis and his bush of hair around his cock and balls was soaked. My hair was already getting wet when he grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth, moaning about how good it felt. I knew the dress was a little sleazy, but imagining my father in law getting turned on by me tonight made my clit rock hard.


Trick or Treat or Spanking

group timtrack 2018-10-01

One of the group, Mike, had found a set of "Classic Halloween Trivia" questions on the internet and suggested they re-arrange their seating, then play what he called "Trick or Treat Trivia." The television volume was turned down slightly. Eventually they came up with a combination of "strip trivia" and "truth or dare." If you answered a question correctly, you got a "treat" which meant you could direct any other player to remove an item of clothing. So when Kevin missed a question, he started laughing and said "I've been thinking about asking Steve to spank me so now's my chance." He was already naked and now quickly sporting an erection.

my prostitute wife

group harvin007 2018-10-01

Inderjit then told my wife to remove her sarree so that he can see her While I was sitting on the sofa watching them Rittu took of her black saree and she was wearing black blouse and petticoat she was looking damn sexy and then Rittu took another peg and then came to me and started kissing me. He then started licking her tits as Rittu was moaning in pleasure and then Inderjit caught hold of Rittu hair and took out his dick he told her to suck it. it was 11 o clock in the morning Rittu got up totally looking like a whore with no clothes on her body she then got her covered herself with bed sheet but then again Inderjit came to her and picked her up and took Rittu to the bathroom.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 64

group SteveWallace 2018-10-01

Felicia tapped the table in front of her and in front of Vanessa and Anna, "And, lastly, I developed a fantasy that I'd still like to realize, although I'm probably a little over the hill for it, but it was to be in the porn business for a while: to get fucked by big fat cocks while I suck on another or eat someone else's drippy cunt; to have a dozen guys cum all over me after each of them fucked me silly; and -- lastly -- to be one of the sluts in an orgy that gets filmed." I saw two of my new arrivals, Felicia and Monica with Mark, Andy, Vanessa, and Anna, as they shed their suits and waded into the pool.


Hot Weekend Ch. 3

group kittys_pet 2018-10-01

I look into your eyes and kiss you deeply as you feel my hand stroking your shaft as her hot painted lips slide up and down, licking and sucking you into panting moans of ecstasy. You pull out and turn me onto my side, spoon up behind me, lifting my leg and slide your cock back in, then you tell her to lick my pussy as you fuck me. You and I start moving faster and faster until you feel my cunt clenching over and over around your cock and you thrust faster and harder until you cum for the third time this morning and shudder all over in ecstasy.

Coercing the College Kid

group primal_bi_nite 2018-10-01

It was so fucking arousing to see your face when you shot your delicious, warm cum into that guy's tight ass." She gave Ben's cock a squeeze, and continued, "mmmmmm, and the idea of pulling it out of his ass, and lapping up your tasty cum that covered your stiff member makes so soooooo fucking wet." Jenna licked her lips to further tease her husband. Ben's hand found Jenna's shapely right breast, and he began to roll her swollen nipple between his fingers through the sheer fabric of her dress, as she continued to gyrate her hips, pressing her ass against his groin. Ben looked again at the corner of the building, and then his hand quickly found it's way under the hem of Jenna's dress, and into her underwear, feeling the crease of her round ass before easily slipping his middle finger into her gushing vagina.


Lunch with Linda

group motatin 2018-10-01

I betcha’ my prick would feel great rubbing up between those titties." Lennie started playing with other nipple, he bent over and took it in his mouth. They unzipped their flies and took their pricks out of their pants, and she began to stroke their cocks with her cupped fingers while they went on sucking on her tits. Linda looked over at me and gave me a wicked smile, and I realized with a deep, sick, but strangely aroused feeling in my gut that this was not going to stop. Before I knew what was happening, Lennie had pulled his cock from Linda's mouth and began to pump his semen all over her face.


Who Needs Popcorn Ch. 2

group Outlaw 2018-10-01

Her eager tongue presses your pussy instantly, and you push closer to her face. He solves your dilemma by pushing the head of his cock into your wet mouth. Beneath you, the woman licking your cunt is trying desperately to make you come, knowing that you're already close. She's cumming too, pussy lips clenching as you look down at her cunt. The cock in your mouth withdraws suddenly, and plunges deep to the hilt into the soaked pussy under you. Climbing off her, you begin untying her hands, lifting her up and kissing her, tasting your cum in her mouth and on her lips. He's pumping your mouth with his hips, and her hands reach back, her fingers slick with his cum as they plunge into you.

Group Training

group SimonSays1 2018-10-01

I watched her hand caressing my cock through my jeans, her eyes closed, her mouth open as her tongue flicked across her lips, her other hand still on her pussy. All of the pent up frustrations of my holiday, of seeing Rachel again, of the video, of Emma, blinded me to all else as I reached down and cupped her firm breast in my hand, her nipple pressing back against me. I wasn't the only one who moaned as we looked her up and down, taking in her big, firm breasts, her rock hard nipples, her flat belly, her deliciously curvy hips, her rounded ass. As soon as I had cum, Mark pulled his cock away from Emma's hand and moved to take my place.


Jane: Renting a Room

group caprine 2018-10-01

As I watched them on the closed circuit TV surveillance monitor, Mike's hand dropped to Cindy's butt and began rubbing her butt crack, digging at her pussy. Mike also could no longer stand the sexual tension and had risen, dropped his robe, and walked over to the bed to shoot his wad of cock cream all over Cindy as she was the one on top at that moment. Cindy stopped licking and said to me, "Jane, don't be afraid," and took my head in her two hands and gently guided me to Mike's fuck stick. Now he said, "Jane, stand up." When I did, he reached a hand between my legs and began to massage my pussy, getting some fingers in my love tunnel and hitting my G-Spot right away.


Sarah's Ride Home Ch. 02

group sarahsmith1989 2018-10-01

I said I was, the two men told me to follow them and we went up to my 'friends' apartment. Well he was gone his friend leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I got rock hard when Dan told me about the you two the other night." Oh my god he knew? I sipped at my 4th beer, when Dan's friend asked me if I wanted to dance. "You two seem to be having fun." Dan said, "mind if I join?" he asked as he stood up and moved towards us. Dan's friend moved a bit away from me as he danced and took my hand. I looked up at Dan, he said he was real close, his friend echoed this.

Nick and Dana

group floco2015 2018-10-01

Dana passes the wine around, she tell the group that she and Nick are into swinging and, said to Allison we like both of you and wondered if you were swingers too. We gather our robes, and start to leave when we hear one of the bathers (one very shapely woman) hops out of the pool coming towards me wine bladder in hand, saying you forgot this I turn trying to hide my hard dick but I can’t. Nick let’s her hands go and slides down between her legs, propping her legs over his shoulder; folds back her swollen pussy lips, and runs his tongue up your slit starting at her ass and ending at her clit; Allison swoons.

The Boys Next Door Ch. 01

group SilverMuse 2018-10-01

But she had to admit: if she was sprawled here on her bed now, listening miserably to the good time next door and thinking about all the parties she'd skipped because she feared the drinking and noise and what might happen with the wrong guy; the times she'd left, uncomfortable, when her literary magazine friends lit up a joint at someone's house; the hard fact that she was eighteen and had never, ever kissed a boy because she was terrified to get close — she had to admit that she was also incredibly, undeniably, inescapably horny.


The Priest of the Goddess

group bamboomoon 2018-10-01

But first you must finished the poor Zenoi off.” Randith, the High Priestess of the goddess Calypso is an ageless beauty with full breasts, large nipples and a clean-shaven cunt. Randith took my 9-inch cock from Irene’s mouth and licked and sucked on my dick’s purple head. I couldn’t control my pleasure anymore and before I could come, Randith stuck my cock back into Irene’s mouth to receive my white cream. Lady Irene didn’t have wait too long to connect with Goddess because two other priests quickly filled every orifice with their ready cocks. I moved over and saw my mother laying on the bed with her blond head between the legs of their neighbor Sandl, a beautiful redhead woman.

Marcia, Nastiest Slut Ever Ch. 11

group danzinman 2018-10-01

My cock was inside her in seconds and once I felt I was totally in, I began to fuck her deep and hard as I spoke to her, "You fucking hot slut, you are the hottest and nastiest slut in town and I love to fuck you." Hearing these words brought a big smile on her face just as she grabbed the back of my head and mashed her mouth onto mine. I looked around the group this time saying, "Would any of you guys like to fuck me, I brought some rubbers and I would like to feel your hard cocks inside my pussy here." Pointing to my pussy as I held up my skirt while I spun around.


First group enocounter mmmf

group Ryan0731 2018-10-01

I needed cigarettes, i asked if anyone needed to go to the store one of the guys, lets go with Dan told me he would go. She unzipped my pants, pulled out my dick, bent over and started sucking it, i felt like i was already about to cum, she was the best at blow jobs. I signaled for Dan and Kyle they came over, already playing with themselves they put there dicks near her face, she grabbed kyles with her left hand. She grabbed Dans dick and stated sucking Kyles. She started moaning, took kyles dick deep in her mouth then gushed on my face. Kyle came up and entered he from behind Dan pulled out and came on her face.


group 2018-10-01

“She means that all these other young bucks around here can get some whenever they want it, but if an old man like me asks for a little piece of that ass then I have committed the all time sin.” Grandpa said. “That’s different your dad is not an old man, he can get it up and keep it up unlike some people.” Maggie said as served grandpa his breakfasts. As I sat in a chair with grandpa waving his big cock in my face I could see that Maggie was trying to hold back, but I could tell that she wanted to join in on the fun.

A Celebration

group kenkx 2018-10-01

I almost stopped dancing to say something, but Margie put her hand to my face and turned my head back, pressing her lips to mine in a long, soft kiss. I got another glance at Barb and Ivan as Margie turned me and guided me into an easy chair. Margie returned to her earlier position and proceeded to suck me in earnest while I watched Ivan shed his clothes and stroke his long, thick cock so that my wife could appreciate it. I was able to look over Margie's shoulder and watch as Ivan moved onto the couch and carefully began to press his long shaft into my wife's very tight orifice.