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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

What Did I Do Last Night?

group very erotic 2018-10-01

They took turns sucking my cock, while the others would suck on my balls and lick my nipples.The blonde stood up and started to undress as the 2 brunettes continued to suck my cock. The brunette with the cat eyes took her place in front of me and i started to suck her hard cock as blondie fucked me. It was hard to suck cock as blondie pounded my ass but i must have done a good job because the bruneete with the cat eyes shot her load in my mouth. Blondie grabbed my hips hard and jammed her cock all the way into Me and i felt her throb as she shot her load deep in my ass.

The Silver-Haired Sex Gang Ch. 05

group phunandsex 2018-10-01

We were both starting to get cold so she pulled up a blanket from the bottom of the bed that hadn't been soaked to cover us but first she cleaned my cock with her mouth and tongue. Kay and I would pose as anonymous lovers during the twilight of warm summer days in the gardens under the auspices of the room windows of the Inn. She would often wear a sun dress with no undies and I would sneak up behind her not saying a word, spread her legs and push my cock inside her pussy from behind. "I yearn for your cock, when we don't fuck for a couple of days I really get irritable." She took off her half slip and the string of pearls looked so erotic laying perfectly over her massive tits.

Gimme a Tequila

group Julian 2018-10-01

Paulina knew what he'd like, her on the settee, her hair in his fingers, his zipper open and a cock hard and wet with her saliva, hot pink lips wrapped around like a kiss of life, making his manliness harder, thicker, fatter, the balls moving with her stroking, loving tongue. Trembling, lifting the camera phone, Paulina smiled a tear on her eye and snapped a picture of the secretary sucking his cock, licking his hairy, rounded balls, banging her mouth with his pumping hips using her like a well-oiled, juicy fuck machine with teeth. She was the good hostess, smiling and caressing people like mad, touching bellies, cupping asscheeks in her hands, manicured nails stroking the thighs and feeling the smooth spine and skin, kissing everyone, male and female alike, deeply with lots of tongue and groping.


My Friends Man Cave [E-58] Pt. 01

group charlessmythe 2018-10-01

Caressing her breasts with my hands my tongue is now getting deeper inside of her pussy as I continue to kiss, lick and eat her like she's never been eaten before. As my tongue was stroking her pussy, Brandy was sucking David's huge cock. David was licking and fingering her for all he was worth until she grabbed my hand, leaned back, hard against me and screamed in ecstasy into my mouth as we kissed. Leaning down, she started licking up and down the length of David's stiff shaft, taking time to suck lightly on his balls as well. She then bent over and started the whole thing all over again, but this time she was sucking my cock while David played with her ass and pussy.

Pledging The SUK Sorority

group P_V 2018-10-01

Amy gave Laura one more revelation "that's almost it – not only do you have to take them all, let them all cum in your mouth, swallow every last drop – but you also have to send these guys away convinced that they've just had the best blow job on earth – and all you can use is your mouth – no cheating by stroking them with your hands. She assumed the men had been given instructions, or thought of the answer to this question ahead of time as the man grasped the base of his cock with his left hand, leveling it at Laura's mouth, while he simultaneously stepped forward and placed his hand on the back of her head, smoothly guiding his cock fully into her mouth as soon as she opened it.


group 2018-10-01

The night he met her she had stripped down to nothing and she was showing her cunt to every one and let many men finger fuck her and she went to Ken and pulled his face to her pussy and rubbed it all over him. Then he told the first friend "Come over here and take your cock out and let her suck it as I fuck her ass and finger her cunt. Come over here." As the friend came over and took his cock out she grabbed it and stroked it then took it in her mouth and sucked every inch to her throat and sucked him hard as Ken fucked her ass and cunt.

Yahmil's Wedding (Part One)

group wrigglepup1 2018-10-01

The wedding was due to take place at 4.30pm, and we arrived at the Registry Office in the nick of time (one drink had led to another etc!) and were directed to the room where the ceremony was to take place, we dashed in, and the four people standing before the Registrar tuned and stared at us as we burst in! laughing as I told him he was probably going to have a great wedding night 'session' with his gorgeous new bride! YOU guys are gonna have a great wedding night with my gorgeous new bride!" He burst out laughing as he saw the puzzled expression on my face, then whispered the 'plan' for the rest of the evening!

The Initiates Pt. 02 Ch. 01

group BillsTheName 2018-10-01

He had finally gotten through his last phone call of the day and pushed back from his desk when he got a simple text message from Brenda: When U get off work DO NOT go home and take a shower. Bill explained his text message to George, "Brenda said we are to stand in the middle of the room, facing the door to the den, and close our eyes. "Well, if you had asked me a few weeks ago I would have probably said no, but I've got to admit that the idea of learning how to spank my wife's gorgeous ass has really gotten me turned on." Bill excitedly replied, looking down at his now rigid cock. Georgette spoke again, "Bill, I need you to place Brenda's hand in George's.


Eight Men and a BBW Hitchhiker

group bbw4youngercocks1 2018-10-01

Andy's balls tightened as his seed shot into her hot slit and Sharon rode him harder, her cunt grabbing his cock until the last stream of cum had left him, then she climbed off of him, spreading her legs for the rest of us. Her sucking sounds mixed with moans of pleasure and expressions of delight of those receiving those blow jobs were really getting all of us off, and it didn't take very long for each of us to relieve our cocks of hot seed into Sharon's mouth, her taking down every drop of cum from all of us. I then shoved my cock inside her and a third shot went up into her hot pussy to mix with the rest of the cum from her earlier multiple fuck sessions with me and the other seven guys.

A Reputation To Uphold Ch. 02

group Londoner247 2018-10-01

As I thrust between Jenny's pretty breasts, Jake panned the camera down from her face to her chest for a close up of her delicious tit-wank. I removed my wet fingers from her cunt and wiped them across her right cheek – she blushed in humiliation but continued to wank my dick between her tits as I smeared her own juices over her face. "Oh yeah" Jake cried out as I pumped a final time and spurted my last spray of cum across her pretty little face and into her hair. As I sat backwards and squeezed her breast, wiping my fingers on the soft flesh, Jake panned the camera down across her body taking in the trail of semen across her flushed face and her heaving chest sticky with my cum and hers.

Faculty Play Ch. 02

group sticky_cherry_syrup 2018-10-01

Pouting a little, Sherry applied some streaks of red and purple gel to Therese's hair, giving her a punk rocker look. That school with that demon-possessed Dr. Sloane?' And I—" He started giggling, and touching Therese and Allison on the arm, "—I said, 'Uh-huh, that's the one.' And they asked me, 'Why are you going there, son?' And I said, 'Well, I'm doing the makeup for their orgy play tonight.' And they were, like, 'Orgy play? But she did recall Dr. Peterson making a comment about wanting a sweet young thing named Joey, and Therese supposed this was him. Sloane turned the white straight back chair sideways to the audience and indicated where Therese was to put her hands.


From Sweetie to Slutty Ch. 06

group meddlesome 2018-10-01

She only responds to the words "slut" "cumslut" or "whore." She's a local co-ed and she loves cock, but she especially loves hot cum and she wants each and every one of you to give her a load tonight. I moved around the entire room one last time and gave every single guy a good look at my soaked pussy and my ass. Bobby pushed his huge tool in halfway and both guys started to rock me back and forth on their massive cocks in unison. Once we were in a good position, Bobby held me still and I felt Stef pushing his huge prong into my ass again. I tried to spur the guys on by talking to Charlie, who was still stuffing my ass withe the big vibrating cock.


D'Orgasmic Chronicles Ch. 02

group Liquor69 2018-10-01

Michelle's eyes widened when she realized the woman was also on Mark Banner's arm. Mark looked over towards the bar and saw Michelle standing there. "Mark, you were right, she is not only beautiful, but she has a wonderful sense of humor," the lovely model said to him. Would you like to join us for dinner Michelle," Mark asked. When she walked into the bar, she looked around and a smile spread across her lovely face. Now, many years later, Mark had become her best friend, her fabulous lover and she had become a part of his close loving family. "Brenda Lutz is the woman who is going to get you up to speed on the dance routines," Mark told her.


The Devil Comes Out at Night Pt. 02

group riverboy 2018-10-01

It was an incredible night, we'd all gotten away with it, and life had circled back to the way it had always been — I was the prim, proper church secretary, Jim Halvert did the bookkeeping, and Bob Smythe and Harvey Gantry were Elders, all of us part of a tight knit, everybody-knows-everybody congregation at a deeply Christian church where the women button their blouses to the neck and the men wear ties when they drink coffee and eat donuts. My morning with the men started innocently enough, the big boat rumbling to life, me up on the flying bridge with Bob as we pulled away from the landing, Jim and Harvey down on the back deck pawing through the tackle box like little boys looking for the perfect lure.


Closet Case

group lucidkaos 2018-10-01

She felt Aaron clutch a hard hold on the twin masses mounted on her chest as she lifted her eyes up from the view of the top of Jake's head between her thighs, turning them up to the image of young Dennis peeling away the layers of clothing from his nubile body across the room from her. Mrs. Barnes sat there and suffered under the pressure of Aaron's massaging hands on top of her heaving breasts, the assault that Jake's tongue waged against her wet clit, and the oddly enticing sight of Dennis staring at her while pumping a closed fist over his growing erection, all the while having to endure the inhibition alleviating effects of the elixir that she had previously indulged in to great lengths.


A New Experience

group halleybear 2018-10-01

I saw Scott out one night and asked him if we could talk discretely about a situation and I want his help. As we started for the door, I signaled Scott, he met us at the door and we talked briefly about going back to Wendy's apartment and drinking a bottle of wine, then asked him if he wanted to join us. Wendy likes to sniff amyl nitrate when she gets fucked and tonight was no exception, she grabbed the little bottle and began sniffing as I got undressed. I love to see Wendy turned on and as Scott fucked her, I went to suck on her tits. I stood up so Wendy could suck my cock as she fucked Scott.

Office Perks

group dpingjessie 2018-10-01

Oh, and Abigail was indeed a super cute girl with long, straight light-brown hair, glowing green eyes and a pale, thin, 5'5" frame Tommy and I did end up fucking her, in fact. Neither Tommy nor I had group sex experience before Abigail, and we were two fiercely heterosexual men - but a Devil's threesome still sounded like a lot of fun as long as we kept it straight. It was a little awkward and uncomfortable at first having another dude present, but once we got Abigail naked and started taking turns fucking her on the conference room table that first time, it was wild. "Long, straight, light-brown hair, like Abigail's, only a lot longer," Tommy,said.


The Roomie (Isn't Gay)

group Jake_Knight 2018-10-01

I had grown used to hiding my erections in all the ways we guys know, but a fateful night, Selene came over with three bottles of wine, they were a gift from one of her friends that had a winery and we got to share them. Selene laughed, but Kendra moaned, my cock deep inside her mouth received expert treatment from her tongue. I bellowed in pleasure as I began to feel the cum burst out of me, coating Kendra's bare pussy, but I didn't stop thrusting in and out, I felt her tightening and relaxing her around me erratically, she screamed so loud she probably woke the neighbors up.

Friendly Fuck

group toodamnhung 2018-10-01

As I let out a huge post-orgasm sigh, I noticed that in spite of her huge second orgasm Dawn was still rubbing her fuzzy mound and slipping a finger into her pussy to join Vie's two fingers which were still sliding slowly in and out of her cunt. Danwn's hands were busy as well, one rubbing her bushy mound, occasionally grabbing Vie's blonde head and grinding it into her crotch, the other hand squeezing alternately one beautiful breast then the other. But as Dawn and I dressed and staggered out of the bedroom, she was sitting on the bed still sliding her fingers in and out of her cum filled ass.

Midnight Surprise

group Tarzan-Dick 2018-10-01

"Well let me tell you," said Julie as she motioned Kristy to help Anna, then plopped herself down on the bed next to them, "the girls and I were having fun at club dancing. "Don't forget your face!" said Julie when she stopped kissing James long enough to see what was going on, and got her hand slick with cum by running her hand across her tits and smeared it up her rosy cheeks. Julie immediately grabbed James by the cock and directed the head of it into her friend's dripping pussy lips. Kristy could sense his impending orgasm and whipped around onto her back between Anna's legs and quickly popped James' cock into her mouth.

Finding My F-Stop, and More

group kathyd 2018-10-01

This was how the whole crazy thing had gotten started - I think every guy fantasizes about taking sexy photos of his woman, and this was the first time Bobby would have that chance with me. The women in the photos were all gorgeous, and I thought that they were all far better looking than I am, but Jake calmly reassured me that my pictures would be just as beautiful. Jake began to scroll through the photos, carefully studying the lighting and the poses. As you know, I have my photos taken every three or four weeks, and I always stop by his studio a couple days later to pick up the prints," I said.


A Beautiful Beginning

group Sunshine76 2018-10-01

She was touching me, her fingers on my breast, slipping inside the neckline to squeeze my nipple, and her other hand slid downward, and stroked his cock, and my clit with every motion. I know she felt me jump when her fingers touched my clit through the fine black silk of my panties. She reached for me again, and again began pushing my dress aside, freeing my breasts, which I felt looked terribly small, next to hers. I pulled back to look her in the eye, and leaned down to suckle on it, gently, and then as she pressed my head to her breast, with more intensity. I don't know how it happened, but I felt fingers gently parting my labia, slipping inside of me, and my hips moved, frantically, seeking more.


Wined, Dined & "Trois"-lined

group phoenix2 2018-10-01

I feel a soft nuzzling and kissing on my right ear and am momentarily confused thinking that Vince has somehow moved around the back of my neck. I open my eyes and stiffen slightly in anticipation of Vince finally figuring out what is going on, when suddenly Josh's hand reaches around my front and begins fondling my right breast. It makes for mind-blowing sex - have you ever done it?" I am trying to get my head around this latest development, all while alternately opening my legs for Josh to get right in, and then closing them quickly as I still feel uncertain about all this.


Annie Babysits the Kids Ch. 07

group DocCIS 2018-10-01

Any other evening Annie would have been of a right mind to call their bluff, life continuing normally; however, as aroused as she was and slightly drunk from our interrupted date, she believed the boys' threats, fearing her parents going bankrupt, their house foreclosed, and how such embarrassment would destroy her family. Instead of being mad or jealous as I stood outside watching the events unfold, I was more aroused than ever, in the end jacking off twice to the scene of Annie following the demands of the two guys, exposing her body and letting them appease their sexual gratification through the use of her.