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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

First Threesome

group housewife09 2018-09-30

Danny went into the service after high school, I met Sandy, and then we got married. Danny's wife said she was tired and going to bed and she took some kind of pill to help her sleep. I asked Danny if he liked what Sandy was wearing, and he said that it was beautiful and not fair. Sandy giggled and said, "I will show you trouble!" She slid off the swing and knelt in front of Danny. I looked over at Danny and asked, "Are you going to return the favor?" I glanced at his hard cock still wet from my wife's mouth. I watched as another man's cock shot a load of hot cum in my wife's pussy.

Sex in the Dominican

group Newkinkstories 2018-09-30

Stenned worked on tips and Veronica made sure he was well compensated, knowing that anytime she needed another drink, all she had to do was raise her glass and by time she worked her way to the swimup bar, it would be waiting for her. As they walked away, Joann leaned into Kaz, whispered something in his ear and they both looked over their shoulder to Shari and Brad. By time Veronica could get up from the table and find what she was looking for, Joann and Kaz were already gone from view. She spread her legs, opened her eyes just as Joann dropped to the bed and pulled Kaz on top of her.



group alonzo14 2018-09-30

At this precise moment, Sandy again began climaxing, the wetness of Sandy's pussy engulfing Stephanie's mouth just as her own juices bathed her lover's fingers. Stephanie watched as her lover fucked her new friend and she even leaned in and licked his cock as it went in and out of Sandy's pussy, getting a taste of both of them, their juices, and her own intermingled with theirs. Stephanie's legs were spread far apart as her 2 lovers licked her at the same time, one sucking her clit, the other probing her lower pussy with their tongue, or pulling on her pussy lips with their teeth.

Wifes best friend 2

group boots25 2018-09-30

I concentrated on sucking Patty’s labia and running my tongue inside her vagina to take my mind off of my dick and keep from cumming to soon. Then Sandy began to slowly slide my shaft deeper into her mouth while using her tongue to rub the head. My muscles flexed and relaxed as I moved in and out of Patty’s pussy and I could feel Sandy’s warm hand inspecting me at every stroke. As soon as I began to feel a new sensation from Sandy working on my mouth, Patty would shift her grip on my genitals and stimulate me. I could feel Patty caress my ass and legs as the urge began to build.

Gwen and Kim Ch. 02

group cotton03 2018-09-30

"You cannot tell anyone, especially Gwen, that I told you this, but I caught her watching Analise and I the other night." We were in my room and I saw her peaking around the corner." I could feel my cock growing in the too small shorts I was wearing as Kim went on to tell me about how she and Analise, another volleyball teammate, had started their affair. She looked at me with glazed eyes and said, 'if I thought you liked girls, I would jump you right now'. "Oh, Gwen, you don't know how badly I have wanted you", Kim moans. I erupt into Gwen's face, then turn to Kim. They lick and suck my come from the other face as both reach to jack my cock.

Evening Out

group sure_will987 2018-09-30

The crowd started cheering so we thought we had better quickly get dressed and leave, as we made our way out Jenny still had cum running down her face and a couple of girl's stopped her and kissed her and licked off some cum, fuck that looked sexy and Jenny looked like she enjoyed it too as they also slipped there hands in her dress touching her silky skin. We made it out and got home and made love to each other for the first time tonight then held each other close and fell as sleep with big smiles on our faces and very much looking forward to our next adventure out.

Well... Ch. 06

group Pegleg 2018-09-30

Low moans were coming from her mouth as I licked slowly from her arse to her pussy time and time again and then she dropped to the floor and pulling my thong violently down my thighs ripped off my tunic and took my aching cock into her mouth. She was facing away from me still but laying back on her elbows her pussy was available and the younger woman soon started to lick and suck at her while James thrust his huge prick into her from behind. This amazing action went on for some minutes until the young woman stood astride the older so she could be licked and at that James pressed his prick into the older woman’s pussy.


Bi Sisters Take Control Ch. 02

group neolithic_one 2018-09-30

"I thought so Bob, a nice big hard on, did that happen when we both walked through the door you thinking about getting your cock into Lisa's hot little cunt again, I bet you have probably jacked off imagining fucking me at times, well we are both giving you and Molly the chance to have sex with us on a regular basis. Before I could answer Laura took her hand away and said, "Well Molly its like this, Lisa has told me all about your little sexual escapade last weekend, about Bob taking her virginity and you licking her cunt and telling her that you had fancied her for some time.

Heather is Hot at Our 25th Reunion Ch. 04

group rafters11 2018-09-30

I stood close by and watched as Sonja licked Heather's wet pussy lips and her hard clit until Heather started to cum. Sonja finally pulled away from Heather's sloppy wet pussy and looked up at me and said, "Fuck me." I was enjoying Sonja's warm, moist mouth and tongue and knew I wouldn't last very long after fucking both of the girls so I started thrusting my cock up into Sonja's mouth when she was moving down on my now throbbing member. Sonja moved away from me with her mouth full of my sperm, and Heather quickly licked and sucked my cock clean. Heather giving Sergei a blow job and me fucking Sonja's virgin ass started getting me excited too.


Cum on me part 2

group 2018-09-30

He sat on the edge of the bed and pushed my hand out of the way and pulled my panties to one side and began to finger my pussy, one finger at first, followed by one more until all four fingers were sliding into me like a hard cock. The man fucking me slid his cock out of my pussy and spunked over my ass hole, and then slid a finger into me using his cum as lube and slapping my ass with his hand. My last fuck was the man who had organised the day for me and he slide his cock into me, it felt bigger than ever before and he abused my pussy and ass, making me cum time and again.


Intern Ava - Earning Overtime

group Tori Dylan 2018-09-30

"Com'on, Ms. Women's lib," Jon teased, "you can do it." Ava rolled her eyes and stood to lean over closer to Kim. She was on her toes, reaching over the table to touch Kim's tie. "See, wasn't that nice?" Jon asked the intern, who was completely bent at the waist over the table, with her head now so close to the button of the Kim's designer Zegna pants. Ava's thick lips parted to take in a bit of his cock, but after a few moments of timid college girl head, Kim drove his shaft deep into her soft palate. She had never had a guy's cock in her mouth this deep and long and now, Ava felt a wet tip was working its way into her ass.

Anna Too Many 2

group cptfritz 2018-09-30

"Those little bastards really have a good thing going!" He pointed at one picture with Anna lying on one naked boy, and a second teen straddling her legs, the base of his cock visible between her naked buttocks, obviously entering her anus from behind. I was surprised to see that all three of them wanted to fuck the helpless Anna's ass: I supposed she had never encouraged or welcomed anal sex with them before during their numerous visits, although it obviously was happening on occasion: there were several images and instances on the videos showing different boys using her that way. Of course he might want to fuck her ass too, and that could be a problem." I saw Anna's eyes widen and a look of dismay on her face.

Golf Partners Ch. 02a

group pantie_fan 2018-09-30

My embarassment soon disappeared however as Daniela stood up and tugged her elasticated micro-skirt over her hips and stepped out of the discarded material, leaving her dressed only in her light blue panties and matching bra. Daniela held her pantied crotch just inches above my straining cock - still encapsulated in my grey boxer-shorts - and looked over to Petra questioningly. As they finally made contact, I saw how the wet pink material of Petra's panties deformed to adapt to the rounded head of James's cock, the material gradually bulging away as her swollen pussy lips spread around the tip of his cock.


Boy Scout Camping #1

group 2018-09-30

I would alternate from throating him to begging for his cum as he told me what a hot slut I am and that I was a dirty whore who needed a big cock to keep her in line…all I did was serve and agree…repeatedly ;) As he was about to pop, about 10 minutes into it actually, I heard another voice from behind me. I came so hard my pussy nearly cut off Bob’s dick…he screamed, shot his load really deep inside me, and I think I told Bob I loved him. Kevin went back first and we waited another 10 minutes or so, during which time Bob and I talked about future camping trips and how he had already talked to the other dads about how hot I am.

Computer Setup Ch. 4

group Nic- West 2018-09-30

Cindi stepped closer and directed the showerhead so the water flowed down over me as Nick began rubbing his fingers in between my cheeks. Nick must have liked the way we looked because I saw his cock getting slick from the pre-cum gathering on his cock head. Nick shut the water off with one hand but didn’t stop trying to drive his tongue into my ass. Cindi whispered that she longed to feel me close to her, kissing her, rubbing against her, fucking her the way she had dreamed I would. I kept thinking about how much I wanted Cindi but I remembered how it felt when Nick fucked my ass last time.

Reverse Masquerade

group dr_mabeuse 2018-09-30

Marija goes to a close-fitting leather hood that zips up the back, enclosing the wearer's head and face in a featureless skin of leather, only the eyes visible, a prominent zipper over the mouth. The coat check girl is a professional and used to all sorts of things at the Hotel Pavane, but the sight of the tight-fitting black leather hood on that voluptuous body is arresting and more than a little disquieting, and her eyes linger on Marija for a moment. The girl gestures with her chin across the dance floor, and Marija sees Ariel standing there in a red cape wearing a mask that displays his mouth and beard so that identifying him is easy.


The Bar

group MrDeviant 2018-09-30

When I finally awaken, I had lost consciousness for an unspecified length of time, I am greeted by every submissive, straight man's wet dreams—not that I can be considered straight at this point—a large group of long-legged, blond and raven-haired beauties, dressed in everything from nothing to wearing only a leash to dressed in black leather and wielding various types of crops and implements of torture. The female Dommes order their male slave to suck off every cock in the place slowly and instruct me the best way each one likes it as he goes. "It is time for you to eat slave," one of the Masters says, as he leads me to a dog bowl and makes me drink the various fluids left in it; cum, piss, spit and sweat.

Camera Friendly

group Justtoold 2018-09-30

I was now taking close ups of her exposed charms and the wife was acting like a real slut as she started to finger her pussy for me while I continued to take pictures. Of course a few months after we started going outdoors we got surprised by a guy on little used trail just as the wife was getting to the point of cumming with her favourite dildo. I then watched my wife kissing his body everywhere as she was slowly stoking Allen's cock the whole time. One of Allen's hands was alternately gripping my wife's ass or slapping it as Angie slowly started to move up and down on that hunk of hard meat he had.

Special Incentive

group Hubee 2018-09-30

I also knew how much you, my slut, loved the taste of cum and could orgasm from just getting your mouth filled with hot jizz, so I didn't think it was any hardship for you. The second guy shouted, 'you filthy, lovely slut' and pumped more hot cum into your cunt. I don't know if the guy doing it chose your arse from preference or because your cunt was already getting so wet, sloppy and stretched so many cocks - so many loads of cum. They picked you up like a rag doll, a true fuck puppet, and lowered your cum filled arse onto a new cock, then the pushed you back on the guy beneath so that the second guy could fuck into your sloppy cunt.

French Quarter Friends

group TheBigEasy 2018-09-30

Erik and Ashley were an attractive couple in their late 20's. Pausing for a minute, we look over and see Erik is sucking on Ashley's tits. Looking over, we see Ashley is sucking Erik's dick. You look up and see that Ashley has Erik and my dicks in her hands and is going back and forth sucking on each. You start more sucking and licking of her pussy and things. You hear her say, "I'm getting ready to cum, baby." You look up and see Ashley has both my hard dick and Erik's in her mouth at the same time. An orgasm shakes her body as Erik and I both paint Ashley's face and tits with sticky cum.

Debbie Gone Wild Ch. 02

group DeftProseForYou 2018-09-30

You do not notice the black guy shifting up to the head of the bed - a sudden slap on the face from that enormous cock - snaps you back to reality. So, with his cock lubed up with other guy's come - and you with a mouthful of nigger cock and no way to protest - he shoves his cock all the way up your ass with one stroke. The next seven guys in line take turns at your pussy and ass, and both holes are now steadily leaking come onto the bed. The second guy shoves his cock between your legs, and with a little wiggle waggle - finds a way to fit his 9 incher into your pussy at the same time.

Erotic Adventure on the Trail

group photopro99 2018-09-30

She gets down off you and comes beside you, kissing you and caressing your skin and your breasts, as you get lost in your own building ecstacy, moaning louder, the intensity rising as I drive into your pussy and grip your hips and Lynn crouches over you naked and pleasures you, her soft skin and soft lips against yours. Then it overtakes you as you feel my hard cock driving deeper and harder into you, you orgasm hard, her soft hands gliding over your naked body beneath the moon and stars, beside the glowing fire, you scream out with pleasure into the night, gripping Lynn tightly as it washes over you, clinging your legs around me, pulling me in more.


Sheila's Awakening Ch. 05

group Jerrycurious 2018-09-30

"No problem," said Bill, anytime you want to know anything about our little group Dave please just ask." "Man it sure was," Ben said, " and I gotta tell you my friend, Sheila was the star of the evening." "Great to see you too Sheila," Ben said smiling, " you're looking fantastic as usual." "Oh wow, a party with no Sheila," Ben said, " man I don't know if I want to go now." " Hi Ben," Sheila said, somewhat flustered, " you look great too and yes it is good to see you again." "C'mon Sheila, Dave knew this was going to happen," Ben whispered, " he fully expects it."


Sex at Senior Living Center Ch. 06

group jonusstory 2018-09-30

"I would love to have a foursome with you and Annie, Dan. If Thomas does not wear me out, you can be with me, too." It should be noted that Helen and Thomas had teamed up several times in the past and she was used to be thoroughly ravaged by his wonderful cock. I and Helen can tell you that while we love being pleasured by having Thomas inside us, it is no mean feat to give him head," Annie said soothingly. Several couples opted to head home, but one couple stayed put for a private session right on a living room couch, while Dan, Thomas, Helen and Annie headed for the Bettinger's guest room.