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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Island Adventure Ch. 01

group cntrliacpl 2018-09-30

He smiles, looks over at the islander on the "land side" of the bar and winks, then makes my drinks. I'm lying on my chair on my stomach when I hear someone yell, "You better turn over, Baby!" I look up and there's "My Islander" (yes, for some reason I'm now thinking of him as mine). The hubby comes back, tells me he's taken care of all the room issues and asks what I want to do now. (Not that he's going to ask, 'cause he doesn't want to jinx anything!) After a few minutes, I pull one of my shoulder straps down, grab his head and press it into my breast.

Bllowing Out The Candles

group AlexisPeignoir 2018-09-30

Tina released the cock from her mouth and took the other she had in her hand and brought that to her mouth where she sucked hungrily on the engorged shaft while the thin blonde man stroked his own cock and watched. The blonde thin man stood on the other side of Tina's face and slapped his cock against her cheek and she alternately sucked his with the smaller man's shaft all the while watching herself being fucked in the mirror above the bed. The husky man fucking her pussy began to feel his own orgasm rise from his balls as he watched her open her mouth readying it for the cum explosion.

The Shared Ride Ch. 4

group activeimage 2018-09-30

As the cop moved around to the door he looked in the car and saw Max sitting there with silky blouse no bra, short skirt up to her ass and bare foot and her panties on the seat next to her. As I laid down the girls began to get my clothes off and as they twisted and turned I was loving every movement of Tia's tits and her nipple rings I noticed that the ends of her nipples had diamonds sticking ot of them (Phil must have done them today that was the sexiest thing I just had to touch them man they looked and felt great Max like them to and said she wanted to have hers done the same way .


Party Time

group oldgrey1 2018-09-30

She started getting the room ready, pillows on the floor, booze and cards. The final game was on and she started to dance around the table rubbing her tits and showing off. Fred was now on his knees eating her pussy while Stan was rubbing his cock up her ass.. She went to the floor and Stan slid his cock back into her ass. Fred was puming her pussy, Gary was fucking her face and she was stroking the two cocks had. Gary blew his load in her mouth, She licked all of his cum off and Stan loaded her ass full. The two guys she was stroking both stuck their cocks into her pussy and fucked her hard.

Renaissance fair leads to a hot woman - and her hu

group MassMan669 2018-09-30

Jim said “Oh God!” and started thrusting his dick into my hand. I shoved my dick back into his mouth and said, “Get it ready, you know where it's going next.” and I fucked his mouth for a few seconds until I heard Crystal cum yet again – her third orgasm in just a few minutes. I brought my mostly-hard dick up to her face and Crystal looked me in the eyes with her beautiful blue eyes as I gently sawed in and out of her sexy mouth to get fully hard. When Crystal let up and Jim pulled off my dick, there was cum on hi lips and his chin.

Travelogue Ch. 02

group BradBigBrain 2018-09-30

The three women guests, Manuela, Ernestina and Lourdes, are dressed in similar fashion -- black mini-dresses that go up to there, outlining their big [for their size] round asses. Just then I notice that they have formed a circle around Bryt and one of the men whom she's dancing with, Juan. Everyone is doing that Brazilian Butt dance that they do and Juan's partner, Maneula, takes my hand and brings me into the circle. Alberto comes over with his hard cock in his hand. I am fucking this hot little Brazilian woman, fingering my girlfriend and the biggest man there is sucking a cock for all he is worth.

A Woman's Wishes

group magas911 2018-09-30

Earlier, I'd watched her prepare for the evening and she'd applied a handful of K-Y to her pussy, pressing it deep and smiling at me with a lascivious grin, then lying back and opening her legs, not wanting foreplay. David held his cock and I watched as the pre-cum landed on my wife's clit. I bumped against her cervix and held my cock deep, scenes of David's black cock gushing cum into her warm cunt filled my head and I just erupted. I held her lips open as David slid his big black cock back into my wife's cunt. She opened her eyes and smiled at me, her hips still undulating and my cock slid into her warm heavenly used pussy.

A Weekend Trip

group nice_2b_naughty 2018-09-30

You let your body react to him, it does as it jumps and pumps, you grip Shaun’s shoulder as he looks at you, your eyes are closed but you know his is looking at you, your feeling is absolutely right as you open your eyes to see him staring right at you, he is watching you, looking at your reaction to a great oral performance from Damon. You grip Damon’s dick with such f***e that he grabs your hand, he bends down to you and licks your stomach and licks up to your breasts, your neck, your jaw line, it’s such a passionate kiss and you explode on Shaun’s fingers and lovely tongue just as Damon gets to your mouth, he’s breathing into you, you hear and feel his excitement As Shaun pulls away from you, your body feels as if it is floating.

College Football Team

group DesCretely 2018-09-30

I loved watching our college football team -- so much so that I joined the cheer squad so I would get to go to all the games. So I did a slow strip -- first the top which they liked and I offered each of them a feel of my breasts -- it was very nice -- they all kept my nipples erect -- it made me feel so horny that I then suggested to them that they each could have a turn at sucking my breast -- and they did -- one guy used his tongue to rub my nipples -- it was very sexy.

Revisiting Classmates Ch. 01

group maddog225 2018-09-30

While you were at the conference, I was taking the kids to Frigate Bay to see how the beach looked these days and to see if Brad and Sue were still running Ziggy's. "It has, Brent and the kids are out on the strip right now, trying to figure out if Ziggy's is still there." As I had to now figure out how to have the kids watched tomorrow, I decided we should walk back to the Marriott. You and Amanda stuck close together as many of the other attendees were dressed in crazy Hawaiian prints and looked like sore thumbs compared to your more casual island wear. We walked the kids down to the lobby, where a pretty young kittitian girl had a sign up saying child care.


The Good Girl Ch. 06a

group Katies 2018-09-30

John started slam-fucking me harder, the force of his thrusts making my tits bounce and my mouth slide back and forth over the full length of Shannon's delicious slit as I moved back and forth on the soft bed. Vanessa crawled in front of me on the bed and grabbed my hair, bringing my face down to her pussy as her husband's cock started pistoning into my ass. I tongued Vanessa's pussy and rubbed my nose against her clit until her ass finally fell back to the bed, then collapsed on top of Shannon, my head resting on her thigh as I felt John's cock slide out of my tender ass.


Their first foursome

group BreastFriend99 2018-09-30

Mark slowed his thrusting holding hard against Alisa’s hips, riding the hard clamping of her cunt around his cock and not wanting to pull out of such a hot spasming pussy, but finally Alisa collapsed against the bed breathing deep gasps as she still occasionally shook with the remnants of her orgasm. Alisa twitched and shuddered through her orgasm, squeezing her massive tits and then taking one hot hard nipple into her own mouth – this sight was just too much and threw Al over the edge… he uttered his own guttural passionate groan as his cock flooded hot cum deep into Sophie’s pussy.

Wife Cuts Loose

group timmeh1957 2018-09-30

At one point I looked over at my wife and she gave me a "time to cut loose look." So, she looked at Mike's wife (Sarah) and said..."what do you say we give them that dance?" Without hesitation, Sarah agreed and soon we were watching a sort of striptease line dance. Wow, what a sight...I've had a fantasy for many years about watching my wife suck another man's cock and here she was not 2 feet away and enjoying the taste of Mike's hard cock. Just watching another couple fucking was an incredible feeling, but to make it even better, Christa reached over and began stroking Sarah's clit as Mike continued to pound away.

Amy’s Gang Bang

group Big Gunz 2018-09-30

In a flash, Brandon's dick slid out of her mouth, Shane's hands moved off of her chest and Jack pulled her up onto her feet and manoeuvred her over to the couch, aggressively bending her over the arm and forcing the wind out of her as the position forced her ass high in the air, inviting them to use her. Finally, Shane let out a growl of approval as he began to shower his hot seed onto her tits and stomach, just as Jack and Brandon moved in to start rubbing their pulsating cock heads all over her face, spreading their sticky fuck sauce all over her.

The Landlady's Bedroom

group lolli27 2018-09-30

"I want your cock up my pussy!" And with that Elaine shoved the dildo deep inside me causing me scream like a little girl. Tina began fucking my mouth like Elaine was fucking my ass, "She's such a nasty girl Elaine, I want to take her home with me." "I thought you'd never ask," Tina pulled the dildo out of my mouth and sat down on the sofa, she pulled me over with the dog lead causing Elaine's dildo to fall from my ass, "Come and sit on this sissy girl." I straddled Tina and lowered myself onto the dildo. My little performance must have really turned the girls on because all I could hear for the next hour was Tina and Elaine getting their asses fucked off.

Happy Birthday Wendy!

group 2018-09-30

"Surprise!!!!!" I turned my head to the sound of the opening door and shouted out for Wendy, my xhamster friend, as she stepped inside. I wasn't sure, but I think I hear her say she had waited too long for thei smoment to waste it on kissing...I sighed and let my head rock backwards as her lips pressed to my cunt, her tongue plunging into my wetness. Wendy lifts her head from Chris's cock and presses her lips to mine...I feel his hot sperm pouring into my mouth as she sahres her present with me....Chris stays hard....which is good...beace neither Wendy nor myself are done with this boy yet!!!!

A wife's tale

group jono60 2018-09-30

he wanted to be naked too although he was enjoying her mouth he pushed he away so he could was now her turn to take the pics he lay back on the bed and beckoned her over to sit on his face. she turned around and saw her husband sitting in one of the chairs smiling with his cock in her hand saying go on then. by now her husband was naked too just wanking in the chair watching his sexy wife takihg another mans cock for the first time and he was loving it. as he lay on the bed she rubbed her hand over his proud cock before planting her pussy on his face as she had done with her husband hours before.

Every Man's Dream Ch. 02

group firefly410 2018-09-30

Linda walked right up to Alan, looked him in the eyes then rubbed her naked body against him, particularly her thigh against his groin, and then her hands caressed his groin until she found his limp and relaxed dick. They were then joined by Sue, wearing a stunning black mini dress with spaghetti string straps tied in a bow on her shoulders, the top of her dress barely covered her ample breasts, Alan felt his dick jumped and twitch as his erection grew. Being upside down she could easily reach his erection with her mouth and was giving her man a wonderful blowjob, meanwhile his head was between her thighs and lapping at her eager perfect pussy that Alan had tasted, and fucked earlier in the day.


Saturday Night Ch. 02

group mjar65 2018-09-29

To be touched like that by another person, to have young Sarah finger fucking her sopping hole! Immediately Sarah began to pump her arm, jamming her fingers deep and hard into CJ's hole. She had a sudden urge to finger Bess' empty cunt, just the same as she was getting from Sarah. Maybe Sarah just wanted to open her cunt for the vibe. Sarah had a rather nice butt and CJ was revelling in the sight of her own finger penetrating that dark little hole, over and over. She slowed the thrusting in her cunt, trying to meet each wave of climax with a savage shove of the rubber cock into her hole. Did Sarah have a rule about the 'other woman' sucking Dale's cock?


What Friends Are For

group Ashke 2018-09-29

She didn't want to stop, though, he felt too good, and she pushed back, enveloping him into her warm, wet tunnel, her pussy muscles clenching at his hardness. Her muscles contracted hard as she realized that Jareth must have also been experiencing the effects of Brian's attack on her pussy, since he was licking all the way up to her moist (and busy) entrance. She felt herself coming for a second time, nearly buckling down onto Brian's body, thrashing against Jareth, impaling herself further onto his cock. When he was fully ready again, she pulled away, allowing Jareth to hammer into her as hard as he wanted until he came explosively into her pussy, pulsing and contracting as his seed filled her.


A First Time For Everything

group stayontarget 2018-09-29

I looked at her and smiled, and my smile grew when I looked back to the couch: Jen's stranger had moved to the floor and had his hands up her skirt, while Dave was behind her and had pulled her shirt down so he could play with her breasts. Liz continued to suck my hardness, her head bobbing up and down, tongue swirling as Vanessa lay next to me, kissing me deeply as my fingers grasped and twisted her nipples. After a few minutes in the kitchen chatting, I went back to the living room to see that Jen and the stranger had reversed positions--she was now kneeling on the ground, his pants had been pulled off, her shirt and bra were gone, and she was bobbing on his cock, one hand grasping his balls, one tugging on her own breasts.

Slag for use Part 2

group FrancescaH66 2018-09-29

Suddenly Ron was between my legs, ‘I ‘m first boys I need to dump my load, ready slag, get ready for a fucking’ with that he rammed his cock in me hard making my scream, his cock felt huge in my tight hole, he pumped hard, fucking me like a cheap hooker, as the others continued grabbing at me and wanking, the first one to come splattered my tits grunting ‘take that slut ‘ the next splashed my face shooting ribbons over me and the third followed him shooting over my tits groaning’ take that you dirty bitch!’, number four ordered me to open my mouth and shot his load straight in as Ron pumped me harder grabbing my cummy tits he moaned, ‘here it comes you slag first of many’ as his cock throbbed inside me and my cunt was filled with his cum.

A Night to Remember

group sandyrock 2018-09-29

I withdrew from Linda's pussy and she wiped her face then she sat on the mattress in front of me while I stood beside the bed and she started to suck and wank my cock for her final facial, although I was still rock hard I got the feeling it could be a long time before I was ready to cum again, which was great for me but I was the last man in there apart from Anthony who was still following the action with his camera.


After Dinner Surprise

group eromagine 2018-09-29

"I know it's unusual" said Tracey "but I love sucking cock - and I also enjoy being fucked in arse provided it's gentle" I then probed just the tip of my finger into Cathy's arsehole as I continued to lick and suck her until she screamed again, lifted her arse right off the couch, grabbed the back of my head and literally began fucking herself with my nose and came hard, her legs shuddering, her arsehole spasming around my finger and her cunt creaming my entire face. At that point she used her hand to play in turn with Cathy's cunt and my balls while she watched my cock plunging in and out of her friend's arse.