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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Two Are Better than One

group dgoodall1701 2018-09-29

She could see the exact moment of his orgasm as Hermione shot up her mouth making an O as Harry held her position, shooting load after load inside the fertile pussy of her daughter. "Finally decided to join us did you?" Harry smirked but Jean didn't register his word nor the fact that her lips were growing close to a cock that belonged to a guy as young as her own daughter. But Jean was too far gone to hear Hermione, she sucked Harry's cock enthusiastically, going up and down, savouring every inch of this meat before her. Jean shook beneath him like a vibrator but Harry didn't pay her any mind, pushing and pulling his cock till he could do it with ease.

Small Town Girls with Big Ideas

group Softassilk 2018-09-29

Having been the source of all the meaningful sexual information that was passed along to the girls over the years, Cindy had a pretty good idea of what she was experiencing for the first time, yet there was a touch of fear that crept into her thinking when she realized she had no control of what Alex was doing to her. Well, little did he know, but Liz was about to hatch her own little devious plan to "see IT!" It was one of those unusually warm Spring nights and they had all decided to meet at The Pit. The girls had all secretly agreed they would go skinny dipping when the time came and Cindy said she would have Alex in tow.



group Mark Singer 2018-09-29

I'd given Kevin a pretty wet hand job as we lay in bed that morning, letting his cum spray over my chest and tits, and had then laid back and rubbed it all in as he watched me with a grin. Kevin worked on backing the truck up to the door and Jay walked over to see where his help was needed. Jay turned to hand the box up to me, only this time he moved much closer, pressing his broad shoulder against my ass as I reached high once again. I couldn't resist, when we were in the back of the locker, to reach into Kevin's shorts and wrap my hand around his hard cock, stroking him a few times while hugging him close.


Sharing with his girlfriend

group ukvoyeur3 2018-09-29

He leaned back his head and let out a loud shriek of joy as I felt his hot cock pulsate inside me and get warmer and fuller as cum filled the condom. I felt that hot cock start to push inside me while I focused on this shaved pussy in my fact. She almost pushed me away, but at that moment she came again as I felt this huge pulse of hot cum explode in my ass. Yes, he was having his own girlfriend as "sloppy seconds." It was incredibly hot seeing my cum coat his cock in her pussy. Sitting there I told her we now shared something in common: we both know what it feels like to have her boyfriend cum inside us.

Life Ch. 10

group Jizaz_Jester 2018-09-29

I just told Mia that I was spending the weekend with my new boyfriend, and I don't really want her knowing that I'm fucking my cousin, okay?" I nodded, understanding, and smiled when she leaned across the seat to kiss me on the cheek. My cousin grabbed two handfuls of the Indian girl's ass and pulled her tighter against her, making Joan's lycra covered mound rub against my wrist as I kept fingering Linzy's pussy. As Joan started cumming, she forced Linzy to stop tongue fucking her pussy and pulled her face up to make out with her.


Holiday in Barbados

group adventureousmale 2018-09-29

Linda had noticed that Amy and Frank had also made their way to the same bar and told me she wanted to ask Amy a question before we went back to the beach. It was time for a switch of places and the next bbc went deep into her pussy again, long hard strokes as Linda rippled with her orgasm. My cock was hard and in my hand as I watched on, the next switch of cock and this time he went for her pussy as he grunted loudly cumming inside her, the next quickly entered her ass again grunting loudly and calling her a slut as he came in Lindas ass.

Office Fun

group khrisg 2018-09-29

"As hot as you look in that tennis skirt, I can certainly save room for desert," she cooed, gazing lustfully as Monica's shapely thighs as she envisioned the wet pussy between them. Rick remembered with pleasure past session of sucking Trent's slender, shapely seven-incher and fucking his exquisite bubble butt, and finally ejaculated a huge load into Glenda's mouth. Oh, I'm so close, baby!" Glenda pulled Monica tightly to her and ground her pussy against Monica's firm thigh, kissing her deeply, her eager tongue probing Monica's hot, wet mouth. Rick came for a second time without even touching himself, and Monica quickly pulled Glenda's mouth to her dripping pussy and came within seconds of Glenda's expert licking. Monica gave Glenda a soft, lingering kiss, then turned to share her perfect mouth with Trent.

Ann: A Love Story Ch. 29

group mimaster 2018-09-29

Then mixing in all the waiting, the flying, the layover, more flying and then getting our luggage; plus getting to my car, and the drive was looking more like 11 hours from the time we got up until I'd get Tina home. You should've been careful what you wished for...I don't think I'm going to be able to stop now that you got me started," she said as she looked at the picture she was holding; one of her in a threesome with me and Johnny. The woman on the phone let out a sexy little laugh and said, "I'm sure you are sir, but I need something a little more definitive than your word.


New Agent: A Fine Piece of Real Estate

group randombeauty 2018-09-29

As Matt kissed his way down my belly, my husband began massaging my chest and pressing his hard cock harder against my ass. As I stayed on my husbands lap enjoying his hands, Matt dropped his pants and jockey's, exposing a very nice cock about 6 or 7 inches long and a good thickness. Matt's cock buring inside of me kissing me on the mouth and down the left side of my neck and my husband rubbing me up and down while kissing the right side of my neck and pressing his hardness on my ass. I placed my hands on my husbands lap and Matt quickly but gently again pressed into my pussy inch by inch.


Wendy, the cheating black cock loving slut

group adventureousmale 2018-09-29

Wendy didn't even think but the words did come from her mouth, you've never seen a slut like me before have you, I'm going to suck and fuck your big black cocks until you can't go no more. Her saliva created a slick coating as Wendy's head now bobbed up and down on his big rigid black cock, leaving her hands free to explore undressing the towels of the guys sitting either side. They pulled out holding Wendy's legs wide open, the guy fucking her mouth now took his big black cock in hand and moved around to enjoy the view. Then she remembered her bikini, Wendy let two fingers slip inside her pussy, she thought of the huge black cocks that were once filling it and how she had freely masterbated in front of them.

Nancy teaches Rick some advanced Threesome skills.

group fotisampini 2018-09-29

Rick watched as Chance's hand pushed Nancy's head down until she deep throated him. Nancy was just starting to think of Rick lowering his head towards Chance's long, hard cock when her orgasm flooded over her. I'd much rather just be punished for my misdeed," Nancy said as she slowly dropped to her knees between Rick and Chance. Chance felt Nancy begin to swing back and forth as Rick began to slowly thrust his hips against her ass. Rick moved his hands outward, exposing Nancy's breasts and vagina to Chance. Nancy stood up and took both Rick and Chance by the hand. Rick was speechless as he watched Nancy guide Chance's long hard dick into her pussy.

Happy Birthday!

group darkknight3663 2018-09-29

After the waiter takes our drink order and leaves, she turns to me and says, "Want to know the real reason I didn't wear any panties?" When I nod yes, she reaches down, pulls her dress nearly up to her waist, takes my hand and puts it between her legs. You'd told me he was packing, but I didn't realize he had it like that!" Katrina said, leaning forward to watch Neecee stroke my manhood with her hand. We continued like this for several minutes, till I pulled my cock out of my wife's mouth with a loud pop and said, "I think we better take this inside." Shortly, Neecee put her glass on the coffee table and said, "Well, looks like my husband's dick has lost some of its stiffness.


School's In Session

group EnglishProf 2018-09-29

"Oh, so you like?" J.J. rests one hand on his chest and Jack automatically pushes even closer to her, knowing she must feel his throbbing cock pushing against her. J.J. squeezes his cock through his slacks again - but hard this time - and Jack's mouth drops and eyes close as he lets out a low and deep half-moan, half-growl. do you think maybe we can make some type of 'arrangement' about my attendance?" J.J. licks her lips and kisses the underside of Jack's cock, feeling the blood surge through it in her hands. Neither one breaking eye contact, J.J. reaches down and grasps Jack's cock in her hand, squeezing it gently and making the purple head turn an even darker shade.


Electraglide In Monterey

group Blue Dolphin 2018-09-29

“Oh yes, Mr Chuck Deveraux, I remember your bike very well.” She said, as she moved on to read her other mail. “Heather, mail him, YES, get him here baby, oh my, he is fucking gorgeous, and look at the bike, can’t you just feel it throbbing between your legs, vibrating that sweet pussy of yours. As Heather licked and sucked on Karin’s tits, she slipped her hand under her skirt, knowing full well that Karin never wore panties. Heather moved her head back, and looked up at Karin, who grabbed at her head, and kissed her, hard and deep, her tongue dancing with Heather’s. He had a vision of Heather, chained by the wrists to his workbench, naked, her legs spread, pussy and ass open to his eyes, his hands, and then his cock.


The Story of Debra Ch. 06

group Karien3474 2018-09-29

She paused at the doorway leaning on her left hip and lifted the back of her skirt to gently scratch her behind before turning towards Chris with a look that said some thing along the lines of "oops I forgot you were here". "Honey you don't think walking around all day in a skirt like that with no underwear isn't teasing me??" He sounded disbelieving but the small grin at the corner of his mouth gave away his interest in whatever she might have in store. Hélène led Debra to the bed and lay down so that her head was at Chris' feet giving him a great view of her shaved self. Debra made sure to keep good eye contact with Chris so he knew exactly how much she was enjoying herself like this.


Kitty Gets Naughty

group Red_Destroyer 2018-09-29

Gloria and Terry spend some time that evening explaining to Kitty the whole sex party culture and how it works in the context of their club. "And tonight on Terry and Gloria's World of Sex - Kitty goes wild!" She suppresses a giggle, knowing that her friends are being so kind and don't really have to help her out with this at all. Yes, the New Kitty is absolutely stunning tonight, and the look is finished off with beautiful pair of silver earrings and matching pendant, her birthday present from Gloria and Terry.


My Christmas Catch

group brightestangel03 2018-09-29

A couple weeks ago, I had noticed that an attractive young woman had moved into the apartment across the way from us. One particular night, I was feeling very frisky, and made sure to leave myself in plain view of the window, lit up by only the Christmas tree. The next evening, I knew he would be looking for some good, end-of-the week sex, and I had a surprise Christmas present in store for him. As my husband got home, I answered to the door, leaving Mariah under the festively lit up Christmas tree. I moved in and took Mart's mouth full on mine, kissing him passionately and letting Mariah watch.

Hall Of Fame

group R. Richard 2018-09-29

Now I figured that Amy was probably a little short on hard cock what with Alvin working so hard on the Hall of Fame thing. Amy got this sort of devilish grin on her face and she went and called her girlfriend Bea. Amy explained the idea of my kind of Hall of Fame. Bea was wet and apparently very horny due to her punishment of her beer Hall of Fame boy friend. I thought it would be a kind of limited Hall of Fame, but Amy and Bea started calling girlfriends and the idea took off. Cheryl told me she was going to wear her Hall of Fame tee shirt braless.

Tucker's Studio Ch. 29

group riverboy 2018-09-29

Latanya was well aware of the 'part time' work he did in front of the camera, fucking the nervous amateur women who chose him, but he hadn't told her about all the off camera shenanigans with Liz, Marsha, Kelsey, Tucker's old girlfriend Rhonda and others. "We'll stay if you boys want us to suck your cocks," Chip said right before Jamar and Latanya arrived. "Tell us who's the last person you undressed with your eyes tonight, and explain what you think they look like naked," Liz said. "I know," Kelsey said, remembering how she'd cum insanely hard when her mom licked her clit as Tucker was fucking her in her childhood bed.


The Magic Book

group Many Feathers 2018-09-29

I began to write about the actual area I was in, describing in great detail the large moss-covered boulders, the simple turn in the bend where the water bubbled and boiled up over a fallen down tree that had collapsed into the small river, creating a nice little fishing hole that I'd discovered earlier. "No thanks, you go ahead and finish playing, I'm just going to do a little reading here while you guys do that." Grabbing a beer, I settled in to one of the nearby camp chairs, opened my curious little book and prepared to write.


First Bi MMF

group synn14 2018-09-29

I was hoping for a turn too, if you think she can handle it." I slowly lifted my head from Eddie's cock and started to slide over to suck Kevin, when Eddie put his hand on my shoulder. I somehow managed to get my head at the right angle to take Kevin's throbbing cock in my mouth while he continued sucking Eddie's dick. Kevin pulled his cock from Eddie's mouth, looked at me and said "I want to lick your pussy while you fuck him. When I felt like I was going to collapse, I raised up and let Eddie's still rock hard cock slide from my sopping wet cunt, and right into Kevin's eager mouth.

Tyson, Me and my Daughter at Hedonism 2 in Jamaica

group blondeslutforblacks 2018-09-29

Tyson walked up and he too was naked and Jenny looked at his massive cock and her jaw dropped. We walked into the dinning room and the guys just looked Jenny had on a very short dress that barely covered her ass and the top was open all the way to her navel. Tyson joined us and Jenny simply looked at him and said so you and mom fuck a lot huh. That night we entered the Disco and there were at least 25 guys in there and a couples of mattresses We walked to the center of the room and I looked at Jenny and asked if she was ready.

What Happens in Maui... Ch. 02

group Truly_Yours 2018-09-29

I started to get annoyed, partly because the thought of Dan picking under things for me really was getting me turned on, so finally I made them quit and went to pay for the suit and cover up. Nick pulled me closed and kissed me, his tongue sliding into my mouth, as Dan continued to run his hand gently up and down my leg. I moaned into Dan's mouth as I started to cum again, my legs clenching around Nick's head as I ground my pussy into his face, drenching him with my juices. I knew Nick was watching me, and he started matching my pace, fucking me, pushing deep inside me each time Dan's cock slid into my mouth.

Roadhouse slut

group 2018-09-29

In fact as soon as Gary went to work at 6:30 each morning about 6:45 Garys dad would quietly come into the flat and crawl into bed beside Helen and grabbing her tit or a handful of her cunt meat give her a full open mouth kiss before he would roll over on top of his ...-in-law and shove his cock hard and deep into her cunt. About the eighth month Garys dad put a stop to the guys fucking her during the day as he wanted the little slut’s cunt all to himself so he could enjoy her full pregnant body.