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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Emma Dreams

group lustyem 2018-09-29

Another doctor came in and clear cup type things we put over my breasts, they were connected to hoses that went behind me. My pussy felt like it was on fire, I was so horny so wet I couldn't stop my orgasms. My breasts were quite red and swollen inside the cups, god only knows what my poor lil clitty was like. The machine between my legs began again, moving faster and this time changing angles as it did it. Then the doctor returned and told me I only had one more session left, but it was to be a long one so asked me to rest and tomorrow they would begin that section. The doctor came in and had me spread my legs for an examination, only he attached small wires to my labia and clitoris.

Emmy's First MMF and More

group alwaysgood1986 2018-09-29

While she was sucking me I pulled her little dress up to play with her pussy to discover she wasn’t wearing any panties, and that she had a jeweled plug in her ass. The dinner is amazing, and the service was the best ever, probably because every time Stephan came to our table Emmy gave him a view of her pussy with even cum pooling on her chair. She’s already cum several times from Stephan’s massive cock, now that mine is filling her ass it is one orgasm after another. Just as I’m about to go back to bed is see him pull out, and start to work his head into her tight little ass.

Bet Your Ass

group craigool 2018-09-29

Are you certain you remember what my loving feels like, Gary?" said Kathy, a hurt tone in her voice. I bet Gary can't pass a test to determine if he really loves Kathy and remembers her. The first thing I'm going to make you do as our new sex toy is to make you lick out my sweet snatch in apology." Kathy said. A woman came to me in the darkness a few moments later, pulling me up to stand, wrapping her soft naked body around me, kissing me like a drought of romance in her life had just ended. She pulled away, and my mouth zeroed in, drooling and slobbering all over Karen's soft breasts.

Cindy Party Day

group FilthyAlterEgo 2018-09-29

Then came the morning after a night of best ever yet sex and Cindy confessed to Dave she had "forgotten" to take her pills the last couple of days. Today is Cindy Party Day, a now 13 times a year event, where Dave and his STD tested friends get a hotel suite and give Cindy what her body craves. Cindy's body is in charge now - it will do what it must to get more fertile male sperm gushing deep in her cunt, for by then she won't have a pretty pussy leading to her fertile womb. Oh, how Cindy's body loved Cindy Party Day. Oh, how Cindy hated her body, but not right now, not today.

Bar Babe

group Turbidus 2018-09-29

Rita laughs at something the man says and leans towards him, resting one hand on his leg. Between her body and the man's head, Rick sees her hands fumbling with his fly. The man's mouth leaves her nipple and he moans, "Jesus, fuck". Her free hand wraps around the man's cock and pulls him to her. Rick watches her hand move over the man's cock, stroking, rolling over the crown. Rick watches, fascinated as the man's seed finds its way to his wife's slit and begins to run down to drip into her panties. She squeezes the last drops of cum out of his dick and Rick sees her hand come up to her mouth.

Pizza Man Cometh

group deckard0 2018-09-29

Maggie and Beth were sitting alone in their living room watching a bit of TV one night when they both decided that they were hungry. Then Maggie and Beth undressed each other slowly and seductively as Jonathan stood and watched. Jonathan got up on the bed behind Beth then leaned down and started to eat her pussy. Jonathan grabbed his cock in his left hand and smacked Beth on the ass with his right. Then he shoved it all the way in as Beth continued to eat Maggie's dripping-wet pussy. Beth let out a groan as Jonathan's cock penetrated all the way inside her. Then Jonathan pulled his cock out and began rubbing the head on Beth's clit.

Maybe We Will Do This Again Sometime

group risingfenix 2018-09-29

Chris was about 5' 11" brown hair, brown eyes pretty handsome, iguess so anyways, he is average build. I thought itd be cool to black mail Chris or just tease him a little. Jessica moaned and Chris was getting distracted. Chris moaned loudly. She moaned and said " fuck me....fuck me hard like Chris couldnt." I slammed my large into her. I must had gotten bigger ofr a second, Jessica moaned loud and screamed. Chris then rammed his tongue up my virgin ass. I felt her juices flood over my dick and onto the bed. Chris was now rimming me hard now. I smiled and look down at Chris who had stopped sucking my now rock hard dick.

Davy's On The Road Again Ch. 17

group oldhippie1949 2018-09-29

As we started to tell you in Chicago, we moved to Burton, Michigan now, just outside of Flint and opened our own restaurant (with the help of your gift and thank you again). You know how bad unemployment is here and how little work there is but with the help of a group of activists, we are trying to change things. Since you seem to know so much about sex and since you seem to have a good relationship with your wife, perhaps you can help me out with this problem: Here's the thing. We are both closet bisexuals who enjoy the company of uninhibited fuckers like you and Amy. We've read all your stories and role-played some great sex afterward.



group mrklin 2018-09-29

She chanced a look over at the guys and saw Greg's hand stroking the fully grown lump in his crotch with a bit more determination. Andie looked closer at the vaguely familiar shape of the man's head as he obviously penetrated the blonde's clean-shaven pussy with his tongue. Greg looked back down at the woman's heaving breasts and began to slowly rock his hips forward. Andie dropped the hard cock from her mouth and pulled Greg's erupting cock deeper into her spasming pussy. Getting to his feet, he made room for David, who was stroking his already hard cock in preparation for his turn to fuck the hot redhead.


Sweet Surprises

group Mariposa 2018-09-29

I leaned forward just a little and James slid his thick cock into my mouth; the dark man began to move again, and I let him set the pace, let the motion of my body against the thin man’s cock move my mouth up and down on James’s pole; smooth, slow movement becoming quicker, more urgent movement; my head bobbing up and down; distracted by that g-spot again, moving one hand down to finger my clit, being fucked harder, starting to come, completely unable to concentrate on sucking James off...


Part 2: Angie & Alex

group WickedTimes 2018-09-29

After the dressing room in the boutique, there was a king-size four-poster bed in the Antique shop that we masturbated each other on, a cubicle in the ladies bathroom on the third floor that Ben fucked us both in and a five minute 'Short film' made in an exclusive men's boutique when Chrissie 'helped' a customer decide on whether boxers or briefs felt better hanging around his ankles while he was having his cock sucked. "Chrissie, you're looking as sexy as always!" As I take her in my arms I can feel those enormous tits pushing into my chest and my hands automatically slide to her ass as I grind my pelvis against her.

Socorro Islands Live Aboard Ch. 01

group NPH786 2018-09-29

I said, "I'd like to spend a week on a small boat with her and her bikini," and got an elbow in the rib from Jenny. A week later Danielle called Jenny to let her know that she and Mike wanted to join us. I wasn't planning to cum, but when Jenny pushed back and Maria pulled my head into her pussy it was more than I could take. It looked like he was encouraging her but as I got closer I realized her was pulling at the strings of her bikini top. When Lisa had the fish close, Alan grabbed the net, held the line and pulled the fish onto the boat; a gorgeous snapper, easy thirty inches long.


A Surprise Visit Ch. 05

group SeductionMaster 2018-09-29

Gripping the chrome pleaser in her hands as she slides her glowing body up her partner's, close against her now, as if fucking her in the missionary position, Ash brings the cock to her lover's mouth. Ash's other hand, wet from her own pussy slithers a trail up Kay's body to her mouth which instinctively opens to suckle a damp finger, moaning as she revels in the familiar taste of her love. As her body begins to shudder, Ash slides up to her, placing a nipple in her gaping mouth, suckling as one hand rakes her back, and the other continues to vibrate her clit.


The Funny Thing...

group Raven04 2018-09-29

Pat is tall, thin and good looking and is always seeing 2-3 different girls, Jay is kind of chubby and doesn't have a lot of luck with women historically, but he's currently got a really nice long-term girlfriend with an unbelievable rack (which is all that really matters to him), and I'm the kind of guy that isn't super hot or anything but I just always seem to have someone to have steady sex with. Let me sum up: We've got this girl for the next two weeks, and she'll do whatever we want, no matter what, isn't that right?" I asked her and took my dick out of her mouth.


wife fucked in front of husband

group chandan0707 2018-09-29

Amit shake hands with me and surprising planted a kiss on Rittu cheeks and gave her a tight hug rittu also got surprise by his actions but I told Rittu that Amit was form Europe as this was a custom over there and we went to the bar and Amit ordered 3 glasses of scotch Rittu said she would only have lime soda but our plan was to make Rittu d***k and I told her to have a drink but she was saying no then when Amit insisted she agreed.

Tasha and I at the Gloryhole Party

group MrKing 2018-09-29

Well I have a bit of an idea, so just before I cum, I pull out, and with cock in hand I quickly walk around to the other side, snatch Tasha off the tongue and push my cock inside her hot little cunt. I couldn't tell you how many loads went into each hole, and a lot of the guys followed my lead and when they were about to cum, grabbed the closest woman to them and shot a load right up their juicy little cunts, and the women knew exactly what to do as they picked a face and pushed the cum out of their full pussies onto the tongues behind the wall.

Two Studs for Sexy Sara

group KenAndSara 2018-09-29

Once inside the elevator, Sara turned to Alex, put her hand behind his head and pulled his lips to hers. As they kissed passionately and deeply, Sara guided Eric's hand inside her blouse so he could caress her erect nipples. He approached her from behind, rubbing his hands over her hips and ass, and played the head of his cock between her swollen pussy lips before pushing into her quivering wetness. The two guys and Sara went at it for a long while like this, the sound of Alex's body slapping into Sara's ass, and the delicious sucking sounds that Sara was making as she took Eric's cock in her mouth. Alex's cock glistened with her wetness in the dim light, and Eric thrusted into her mouth while fondling her ample tits and hard nipples.

The Officer

group misterpussy1 2018-09-29

"Lieutenant Rodriguez, you walk around here so moody and angry all the time, and I’m going to fix that right now." I pull her by the gun belt, taking it off and busting her uniform open with her buttons popping off.  She does as I tell her, and begins eating her pussy, licking her wet walls as my suspect grabs her by the hair and shoves her head into her. I tell my suspect to turn around and eat my slut's cunt, as I reach for the handcuffs and cuff Lieutenant Rodriguez with her hands behind her back. As they eat each other's pussies, I shove my cock inside the little slut's cunt, with my belt in hand, spanking her ass on both sides .


Big Boob Hunting - BBBBTS

group therealbk 2018-09-29

I looked up ahead to see a big gurl standing near the trail. A minute later she walked behind a fallen tree just off the trail. Her big breast were still covered in her white sports bra. Here let me help you dirty girl." I said as I unzipped my camo pants. She tried to look down but her big ass blocked her view. She was grunting and moving on the big fallen tree. I just jammed my finger in her tight ass hole as I had with my cock in her pussy. Some went up around my cock and fell out her big ass. I took her out so she could scream as loud as she wanted while I fucked her in the ass.

The Wild Times..A True Story

group jim313 2018-09-29

I was facing away from my wife and had my head buried between Edie's thighs but I heard my wife groan out that Barry's cock felt so good inside her and I could visualize that sexy scene as I pulled on Edie's labia with my lips and let them snap back and then ran my tongue up and down her wet slit teasing her clit with the tip of my tongue. I motioned to Edie to join me on the love seat and she came over and asked if I would please suck her pussy like last time and the two of us stripped off our clothes and she sat down and spread her gorgeous thighs wide as she offered me her delicious pussy to suck while watching the action in front of her.


Healing Hands (A Bukkake Story)

group sexynursechef 2018-09-29

She began to make circles around one of my breasts as she massaged my pussy, up and down, concentrating on my clit then hooking her index finger inside of me, explaining that stimulation of the G Spot would ease labor. At this point I was squirming on the table humping her hand and moaning because she was suckling one of my nipples and rubbing my clit in circles as she fucked me with that long elegant finger. The man who was exploring my cunt with his fingers was elbowed aside by the fifth man who spread my legs wide and began licking and sucking my pussy. The man who had been playing with my breasts spread my lips apart and started to lick my clit with rapid quick strokes as his friend fucked me.

Tales of Dirty Old Man Ch. 17

group Andyhm 2018-09-29

I rolled onto my back and propped myself up on the pillows and took my time to enjoy the sight of Simone asleep beside me. Simone smiled at her, "Think of it as my belated birthday present to you, beautiful." She got up and pulled one of my tee-shirts over her head, on her it came down to mid-thigh. Simone looked up at me and asked, "Can we go up to the beach club this morning rather than waiting for this afternoon?" There was a lounge with a small wet bar and kitchenette, a very large bathroom with a walking shower that look like it could accommodate half a dozen people. Simone said, "This is nice," and Lise was looking around happily.


It All Started As A Lark...

group CandleLit 2018-09-29

Her mouth was warm and wet and as I started to return the kiss her hand moved up my leg and gently rested on top of my growing cock. Amy responded by kissing back, opening her mouth and letting our tongues touch; her hand reflexively tightened on my cock and my hips moved in response. She pulled my hands up to hold her breasts as she rode me and I heard sucking sounds above me – Mark must have put his cock in her mouth. Amy rode hard and fast, her sounds becoming louder and louder until she pulled Mark from her mouth and screamed once, her pussy contracting hard on me, I could feel her womb brush down against the tip of my cock.


Dream Vacation Pt. 01

group Xenolan 2018-09-29

I immediately made arrangements to take the time off work, explaining that I wanted to take a week-long class (I told my wife the same lie, and to make it as real as possible I actually signed up for such a class - it offered internet lessons, so with luck I'd actually be able to study and complete it). As I had paid for the first-class treatment, I would be able to take my time and select my companion from about a dozen available women, while those who elected for cheaper packages would meet them as a group at the resort itself (except, of course, for the ones I chose for my first night!).