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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Becky and Me

group sexkitten3 2018-09-29

Becky took his cock in her mouth and licked it gently for just a moment before kneeling lower and tying his ankles to the chair legs. It was finally time to push that cock inside of me and so I did, very slowly, excited to see, feel and hear Tim's reaction between licks and nibbles on Becky's pussy. I was so fucking turned on that I was sure I would be the first to orgasm but as I was thinking this Becky let out a scream and grabbed Tim's head so tight and shoved it so deep into her pussy that I was sure she was suffocating him. Becky jumped off just in time for Tim to watch my last hard thrusts as I came hard with his cock deep inside of me.

Black Out Ch. 03

group rckplsky 2018-09-29

"Hey Laura," Abby says as she walks into the room with a cosmo for me. I'm able to put my panties on and place my bra back on; Abby helps me get dressed as her friend leaves the room. "I think I know what I want for lunch," I smile as my hand reaches towards his pants. "Surprise," he says in a stern voice, "tell your husband that you're going to Abby's house. I open it to reveal the clothes that were purchased, an appointment at a hair stylist at three, a note that says that I have reservations for two at the nicest restaurant in town, and directions to put my new clothes on right after work.


My Birthday Party

group kelleyandsusan 2018-09-29

"Remember I said I'd try to be a good girl, and now that I am naked, and John has already fucked me, and his cum is still running down my legs, I don't think it would be fair if I didn't get naughty with all of you." I looked at Danny with a smile, "Come here baby." Your shorts are very filled out and I think it's time I took them off you. I stroked his cock then directed it into me, "Fuck me baby, I want to feel your cum filling me." John and Kelley watched, as Danny penetrated me and thrust deep inside me. Danny lifted my legs and started sucking on my toes, John spread my legs a bit as I felt his tongue slip deep into my pussy, and Kelley kissed and sucked my breasts.


group george_slippery 2018-09-29

"Yes, I'm delivering leaflets for the community centre round the corner." I replied, admiring her long blonde hair and large, round, low-neck-sleeveless-sports-top covered breasts. "We like men," said Erika, "but we are close friends too." and she held Anna's hand across me. Seeing Anna lead the way, Erika pulled off her top revealing her pert breasts with large areola and nipples, defying gravity as they pointed upward. Although I was still feeling Anna's tits with my free hand, I could tell she was getting a bit jealous about the attention I was giving to Erika and moved closer so her free breast was brushing against my cheek.


Kate's Good Time

group Evendur_Dundragon 2018-09-28

Looking back at her was a 22 year old redhead, with firm, pert tits, nice legs, and a shapely figure, but this girl was glistening wetly in the mirror, and thick streaks, lines, and globs of sperm had covered most of her face, hair, neck, tits, stomach, ass, and cunt. "Well, I love the feel of it on me, and I think it's really sexy." Kate said, looking for a reaction in Jennifer. "I'd love to suck cum from your pretty little pussy." Kate said. Kate began licking Jennifer's pussy, tasting the slippery cream that flowed from between her legs. The blonde leaned over and looked at Kate sucking the flat-chested girl's cunt.


My Troubled Years in High School...

group d4david 2018-09-28

Mister Sinclare licked his lips saying to me '...come here boy show me what you can do to this here dick...' Bruce pulled me by the hand as Charlie pushed me forward, I stumbled slightly as I looked over at Daniel as he lit a cigarette. Mister Sinclare's penis got as hard as a uncooked hot dog when he pushed me back and said to no one particular '...get on the bed bitch I wanna get in that there ass hole now...' I wiped my mouth and looked at the bed as Charlie and Bruce lifted me up by my arms and tossed me to the bed.

Kat's Poker Game; The Six Others

group PrevertedMe 2018-09-28

For the next few minutes Kat laid there, being fucked by two cocks while jerking off a third, her body roaring with lust. Her pussy clenched around Ken's driving cock, her hips lurching upon the pillow, spastically fucking him back. Instead they jerked and humped between her splayed legs, jack-hammering his cock into her pussy, thrusting him deep inside her. Her hips slammed into Ken and jerked spastically, her pussy clenching vice-like around his pistoning cock. Both men held themselves like this for a moment; one grinding his crotch against her ass, the other groaning with pleasure as she sucked on him. Soon Ben's crotch was smacking against her ass with each forward thrust, his rigid cock driving deep inside her harder .


Wii Fit U and Me

group CoolSideofthePillow 2018-09-28

I poked around and tried other Yoga poses, starting with watching the female trainer demonstrate the movement/pose, then trying it myself. Before she would say things like "Doing Yoga is a great way to improve your posture." and "You're doing great." Now she said, "Come on Jared, I know you can do better. I liked the look of her new outfit and I was sporting another hardon after observing her do the Palm Tree Yoga pose (standing up straight on your toes and put your arms out straight behind you) as it emphasized her tight butt and nice chest. This time I was certain: the updates (or maybe the outfit I selected for Josie) had improved the way the trainers were drawn.


My Masturbation-Worthy Memory

group BrownEyedGypsy 2018-09-28

He looked me up and down from my high-heeled sandals, up my tight jean skirt, around my tailored jacket, and stopped square on my face where he let go a big smile. I looked him in the eye and spread my legs, pulled back my panties so he could see my middle finger plunging into my soaked hole. When I started to cum, cunt juice running down my legs, tears welling up in my eyes, he couldn't hold his load any longer. I lustily looked myself in the eyes as they bent me over the sink, my nipples hardening over the cool metal faucet, my ass in the air, legs elongated by my stilettos.


The Sinnndy 25

group sinnndy 2018-09-28

The man under me grabbed my hips and started slamming hard up into my pussy as the man in my mouth placed his hands on either side of my head and forced his cock all the way down my throat. He was instantly replaced by a muscular young man with brown hair who slid his cock into my mouth, grabbed my head with both hands and started pumping away. The 5-7 guy climbed under me and started pumping my pussy, while another man got behind me and slammed his big cock deep into my ass. The man under me started moaning and didn't have a chance to slide out from under me, so he blasted his seed deep inside of my pussy and his buddy in my ass pulled out just seconds later depositing his load on my very sticky back side.


Playing with Fire

group silverfox267 2018-09-28

Your right hand wraps its fingers around Jim's cock and you begin to lick the tip with the point of your tongue. As Brad brings you to orgasm, you stop sucking Jim's cock and lean back in your seat to cum with your eyes closed. As you suck his cock and slide your tongue around his shaft, Jim grabs your waist to sit you on your knees with your ass high in the air. While looking directly at me, you straddle Brad's cock and slide it into your pussy which is still dripping with Jim's orgasm. I look down and see Brad and Jim's cum gently flowing from your pussy and then I shove my cock into you violently.

From Voyeur to Participant

group walterio 2018-09-28

Shelia recognized the other two boys, Ron and Joe as they had been on the same high school swim team as her son Jerry. To her amazement she watched as Ron eased his big dick into her son's ass and Joe fed his cock to Jerry's mouth. Then the two boys stopped moving and Sheila knew they were cumming in her son's ass and mouth. As she lay in bed and masturbated with her dildo, Sheila imagined the two boys Joe and Ron fucking her. "Right now Jerry is in the exercise room with Joe's cock stuffed up his ass," Ron told her. Sheila reluctantly let it happen and then she remembered fantasizing about his and Joe's big cocks when she used the dildo on her pussy.


The Bachelorette Party

group Tattletale 2018-09-28

I asked the girls on her tits to move aside, then I yanked the tape from Kelly's mouth. While we prepared Kelly with foreplay in the bedroom, one of the girls went to the front door to greet the men. It had been easy to line up ten men to fuck Kelly. These ten guys are going to fuck you silly, and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it." After taping her mouth, I lined the men up and studied their cocks. Between my tongue and those ten tireless cocks, Kelly was having the time of her life. Kelly was making so much racket that I grabbed a gift ball-gag from the coffee table and strapped it to her head.

Kim's Jamaica Vacation

group sohowanderer 2018-09-28

The girl put a lemon wedge in her mouth and as Kim and her husband watched, a guy who Kim assumed was her boyfriend or husband, licked the salt off her and slammed a shot. The guy teased Kim a little by looking like he was ready to lick the salt off her sensational tits, only to pull back a little at the last second. On the way, they went to the bar got a pitcher of Tequila Sunrises and were soon walking into Lisa and Keith’s room. Kim immediately thought that Lisa had great tits and knew her husband was noticing the same thing. She knew her husband was going to come soon and if the feelings she was getting from Keith’s cock were anything like her husband’s he was too.

Water Story

group Kindisbest2 2018-09-28

Ann straddled me high up and pushed her beautiful tits in my face I began to suck each nipple as she presented it, stroking and twirling the other when it was out of my mouth. Pete, pulled me back to take the wheel and licked my cum off of her belly and then slid his purple, steel hard cock into her to cum again. Shiny with her juices she put it between her beautiful full breasts then teased it down her belly to her pussy She slipped it deep into her and began to play with her clit while we all watched and cheered her on.


group No Panty Girl 2018-09-28

Emily was completely naked when Rob pulled his shorts down allowing his rock-hard cock to spring out. Barbara felt her own orgasm approaching as she saw Emily Dalton's throat start swallowing, the slutty professor must be drinking his cum! Barbara felt a bit envious as she watched Rob's hips lower, knowing his cock was sliding into Dalton's cunt. During the following two days Rob and Emily met at the clinic so the love starved professor could receive another dose of her young lover's sperm. An idea flashed into Rob's mind, "How would you like to get fucked by a bunch of young guys?" he asked. The fucking and sucking went on for what seemed like forever until all fifteen cocks had spent their loads in the weary professor.


My Wife her EX and Friends

group mikeron 2018-09-28

Cole and Sue had a big wedding and only her s****rs and a few close friends knew she was naked under her wedding dress. What Sue didn't know at the time was that he was sending his two best male friends Geoff and Sandy copies of her sex acts. Geoff was the first one to give her a big hug and Sue pressed her firm tits against his chest and feel his hard cock under his shorts pressing against her pussy. Cole had told both of them that she would be sucking their cocks and letting them fuck her pussy and ass tonight. Sue moved her legs apart further as she got up smiling as she gave them a better look at her excited pussy.

Spirit of the Glen

group A_Little_Show 2018-09-28

Everyone calls her Mut because when she first started working at the Generic Freeze, her name tag said "Smut." I think she wanted it to be her nickname. "Here's the thing," I confided because I was feeling a little protective of the waif, "Mut is a free spirit. "Grandmother, did Francis survive Tecumseh's war?" The girls looked blank, so I explained: "The confederation of tribes assembled by Tenskwatawa and his brother, Tecumseh, was massacred at Prophetstown along the Tippecanoe river in Indiana." Mut hasn't been herself lately, and I think she might have got Monica involved in something over her head." "OK, Jan. Please tell Monica she can come stay with me or even Grandmother if she needs a place."


Promised Land Ch. 2

group Ukin 2018-09-28

"Fuck, I enjoyed that" you said as you pulled into your drive, bringing the car to a halt, waving to Brady. "Fuck" you thought again as you leant forward to pick up your glass, you felt the shirt open, open enough for your right breast and nipple to be completely on show for Brady's eyes. You closed your eyes, thought of the monstrous cock that had fucked you into oblivion last night, your finger rubbed your clit, your orgasm came, quickly. "Not so tight on the wrists Hawk, I want the bitch to be able to move up and down" Seth said as his hand came crashing down on your ass.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 22

group SteveWallace 2018-09-28

As we started to get seated for dinner, Elsa made sure that KC got a place of honor between Tom and me. I described the villa, timing, the other people we hoped could all come, transportation, and almost everything I knew, including security. Instead of calling Andy, who I obviously knew intimately, having made love with him only a couple of days earlier, I called Margo and told her about the trip, particularly about the wild sex I thought we'd have. I went home that night feeling a lot better about my job at Darwin Architectural Group, and how I was nicking hours here and there away from it, usually at Mark's behest in some way.


A Visit From 'Boyfriends Past'

group JosephWrites 2018-09-28

We had a blast, but we know that we're not right for each other." Zach took Sandra's hands into his. Sandra burst into happy tears as she hugged Zach, who gave her a kiss on the cheek, then gently pushed her down the steps. Sandra held out her hand to Zach, who took it and tugged, pulling her tight. Daniel smiled at Zach and Jason, then moved in for the kiss. Jason rose back to his knees as he got close, then quickly closed and kissed Sandra's hard on the mouth. He pulled away looking into her eyes, then smiled, dropped slowly, and ran his tongue from her left knee toward her pussy. Jason kissed and nibbled Sandra's thighs over and over, never quite getting to her pussy.


Salesman Enjoys Trip Of His Life Ch. 03

group milerdan2 2018-09-28

"Well, maybe I just need to start having my woman start taking care of me again if this is running too expensive," said Cindy as she grabbed my crotch before walking over and giving a kiss on Sara's lip on her way to using the restroom. Having my self-confidence built by the girls the past couple of days definitely helped out my confidence in my shot as I made far more baskets than missing them. I gave her a fake frown and she quickly put her hand on my face, looked me straight in the eyes and said "Don, you are one hot stud. I got into position as I tried to look over my head when I saw Annie's running shoe pressed against the post of the hoop.


Breaking Clichés Ch. 09

group MrIllusion 2018-09-28

Looking at Scarlett, I couldn't stop thinking about what Karianne had said about soulmates, and about the ring. But at some point, after a long and comfortable silence as we watched the very light snow falling around us, I said "Scarlett, have you ever seriously thought about marriage?" All I wanted to do was probe the subject with our friends around, so as to keep the conversation light. We spent the rest of it right there in the jacuzzi, and I know we talked about many things, but all I could think about was her "Yes I will." Scarlett had said yes to many of my requests, some of them strange and extremely intimate. Looking at Scarlett, I asked her "Think Karianne's going to join us soon?"


Maid to Order

group HailToTheKingBaby 2018-09-28

Mrs. Prescott walked back down the hallway to the kitchen, heels clicking until Angie couldn't hear them anymore. Angie complied immediately and while she was sucking, suddenly, as she was on her knees, she felt Mrs. Prescott's warm, wet tongue on her pussy lips. While Mrs. Prescott was eating her pussy, John was grabbing Angie's hair and guiding her head up and down. After about ten minutes of this, John began to get an intense look on his face, his eyes closed and he fucked Mrs. Prescott's pussy really hard. Then John pulled out and holding Angie, by the hair, yanked her head back and shot load after load of hot white cum on her 19 year old face.