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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Fantasies & Heartaches Ch. 03

group baranbrat 2018-11-30

Rachel kept on looking in on Santana, but stopped dead in her tracks when the director and producer of Funny Girl entered the restaurant and took a table at one of the other waitresses station, she had to wait on them and see if they made a decision yet. She jerked her upper body against Max's mouth sucking on her tit and then she would thrust her hips upward against Frank's fingers as he finger fucked her, her drenched panties were pulled to one side and her dark brown pussy hair was saturated with her juices. Frank grabbed at her ponytail and pulling it free, he nearly lost it when he watched her veil of silky dark brown hair cover her face and most of Max's thighs.


Kate #3

group xhardx13 2018-11-30

When Rob picked up the phone, he heard the door open and a woman say, "Kate, are you all right? Rob led the way to the elevator and Kate could see Bonnie's magnificent breasts jiggle with each step. Kate just sat and watched when Bonnie took Rob's cock between her full breasts to tit fuck him. She turned to Kate and said, "Kate, come on over and taste Rob's cum." After licking her lips, Bonnie added, "It's so delicious." Kate's desire was so intense she quite naturally licked the cum at Bonnie's breasts and without thinking, suckled her nipples. Outside the hotel, Bonnie gave Kate a peck on the check and said, "I'm sure we'll meet again soon."

My wife's fourth of July gang bang

group woreout 2018-11-30

Every guy kept my wife's tanned naked ass cheeks in site. John one of my old friends and also my wife's fuck buddy said your honey is trolling for cock isn't she? She stepped closer and I ran a finger up the front of the bikini pushing then nylon in deep between her pussy lips. Several of the other guys joined them by dropping their shorts and my wife played with their cocks while blowing John. My wife turned her head to me and said clean my pussy. Mark is a big black guy and his cock is the size of my wife's arm at her wrist. He was hard and soon had his thick black meat stretching her white pussy lips apart.

Meeting The Neighbor While Shoveling - Part Five

group Mysteria27 2018-11-30

Maggie was looking for an attractive women to play with her wife. Peter pulled my dress up and put his fingers over my pussy and played with it. Peter pulled my panties down my legs and finger fucked me hard. I wondered if she would be the one doing stuff to me or if her wife and I would just be having sex together, while Peter and Maggie just watched. Maggie continued to kiss me hard and played with my pussy. Maggie pulled me down to the edge of the bed and licked at my pussy lips. Peter was pulling on his prick watching Maggie satisfy the both of us. Maggie sucked on my pussy first and changed to Gina.

My Birthday 2

group cmt 2018-11-30

Mike takes my hair in his hands and grabs my head and starts shoving Chad's cock down my throat, “That's it baby suck his cock. I feel a cock on my face I open my lips to lick it and he shoves it in and starts fucking my mouth. Chad is getting close, he pulls out of my mouth and says, “Not this time, I want to fuck that pussy.” He grabs a vibrator pulls off the pussy pump and starts rubbing the vibrator up and down my pussy lips. Mike suddenly shoves his cock in my mouth grabs my head he starts fucking me saying, “You like having two clocks don’t you.

Luke's Lesson

group Iszofia 2018-11-30

Liss wriggled her hand between her body and my arm, finding my increasingly wet pussy, she sighed, expert fingers descended on my clit, making me moan and writhe against her. Luke was a sweet guy but he wasn’t taking the time to pleasure Liss and focus on the other important parts of her pussy, not just the clit and let's not forget the perineum and the salacious back entry. I cried out as her tongue, swirling in figure 8's, flicked at my clit. She embraced my engorged clit, sucking on it rhythmically. I cried out in rapture, moaning that “I’m gonna cum!" Liss held tightly onto my legs ensuring my pussy was secure against her mouth, while I writhe around on the bed.

Black Cuckolding Is Okay

group Samuelx 2018-11-30

When it came time for me to cuckold my sexy Black husband Paul with that delicious biracial Bull Roger, this kinky Black wife went all out. I made Paul put that long and thick, magnificent Black dick of his in a chastity device and made him watch me, his darling wife, get freaky with Roger the Bull just like a good cuckold should. I decided to help my hubby Paul out and joined him in sucking Roger off, and the mixed brother certainly didn't mind having two mouths, one male and one female, on his big ole dick! I screamed passionately as Roger's dick invaded my asshole, and locked eyes with Paul as I got fucked right in front of him.


B&B: 1. A possible solution

group torchman 2018-11-30

Walt concluded by proposing that Gary and Gretchen consider a trial run on a Saturday night in September where a select group of couples would rent the entire B&B for their exclusive use. Gary had a hard time keeping his eyes off the women, especially Walt’s wife Sue. He had never thought of her as “hot”, but seeing her dressed in a short skirt, heels, a revealing top and in full makeup, she looked it. After about an hour, the couples began to thank Gary and Gretchen for the reception and the use of the wonderful house, and bid their “good nights.” Walt and Sue were the last to leave.

My introduction to swinging group sex - Part 17

group LuvitAll 2018-11-30

If a guy pulled out of me, another one would kneel in his place and start fucking me and others would just roll into empty space next to me to get a suck or to start feeling me. I had found that if I kept lying like this after a guy has pulled out of me, another one will quickly take his place because you remain ready to be fucked and they can see your cunt is wide open and available. As I slowly recovered and my fuck man pulled out, I continued to gently suck the cock in my mouth. The man next to me was fucking a woman doggy style so I reached under him and started fondling his balls and rubbed my thumb over his arse hole.

The Frat Party

group scy20 2018-11-30

They continued on kissing and necking with each other as Steve’s hand began to explor parts of Allison’s body. Steve began to kiss Allison harder as he again moved his one hand down to her jeans. Allison felt extremely horny now as Steve grabbed a hold of her jeans and pushed them down to her ankles. Steve quickly lowered his pants and had his hard cock out as he pushed Allison’s panties off her body. Allison’s arms grabbed Steve’s body tightly as Steve pushed his throbbing cock into her wet pussy. Allison began to suck on the other frat brother's cock very hard. The frat brother fucking Jen moaned out as he shot cum all over Jen’s ass as she screamed into Allison’s tits.

Satisfying Jane, Chapter 1

group teninchstoryteller 2018-11-30

  Jane emerged from the kitchen and walked over to greet me with a big hug and really hot kiss before asking “How was your day?”   I replied “It was a good one, made our day by a long shot.” And continued “I see you’ve been busy today, are we going to have company?”   She grinned from ear to ear and said “yep, Sally and Jake are coming over this evening.   The tone of her breathing changed to one of low murmuring moans as her abs quivered in anticipation, my hands gently rubbing her bare skin around each hem of the panties, my tongue and lips busy with teasing her, taunting her, giving to her the pleasures she needed to feel.

Garter Ardor - Part Two

group Fogticus 2018-11-30

Megan pushed her tongue into my mouth and clawed at my body, one hand tugging on my shirt, the other clenching my butt. The thumping bass that crept into the suite from the main party room accompanied the sounds of our sex – my body repeatedly smacking against Megan’s ass, our raspy anxious panting, and the soft wet squishes of my cock sliding back and forth in her pussy. Karen bent her body next to the bridesmaid and brought her face between Megan’s and the mirror. Soon Megan picked up where she had left off moments ago, caressing Karen’s full tits with her hands and mouth.

A Return to the Porn Shop With Kelly

group GoodToBeMe 2018-11-30

It feels amazing.” Kelly got up on her knees, Patrick helped her stand. Finally, he looked at Kelly and said “I feel like I shouldn’t let you in with what you’re wearing. Some different guys were walking by and staring hard as naked Kelly was standing there hugging Patrick in their booth with the curtain open. They were just looking into each other’s face when another guy walked by, stopped, grabbed her ass, and since she didn’t jump, he slid a very, very fat finger into her vagina that was dripping who knows how many loads of cum. With only a couple of weeks before she left for college, Kelly was finally feeling like her pussy was fulfilled.

A Little Get-together

group pandsal 2018-11-30

Sir Guy's idea of giving her a start was to remove the knickers while taking the opportunity to feel round her cheeks and let a finger probe lightly against her bottom hole. Catherine, following suit, supposed she shouldn't have been surprised to find that Sir Guy was wearing what looked undeniably like a pair of woman's knickers. Cynthia was making murmuring sounds into her neck as she allowed herself to be lowered on to the bed, lifted herself to assist in the removal of her dress, instinctively opened her legs and drew up her knees to accommodate her new partner's desire. The care with which he used his hand to bring about the release she needed showed Catherine that Guy wasn't entirely the domineering country squire whose persona he so often adopted.

B&B: 3. The Sheriff

group torchman 2018-11-30

She told Walt and Sue about the conversation she and Gary had at the party with Will, a police officer from a nearby town and suggested that he might be the culprit. “Hi Mike, this is Walt, and I am here at the B&B with Sue, Gretchen and Gary. “I can give Dan a call in the morning and ask if Gretchen and I can meet with him later in the day,” said Gary. Gary and Gretchen did their best to make it clear that the B&B was first and foremost a guest house, but that their ability make the business work might depend on hosting occasional parties for a select and small group of couples and selected single men and women.

Sharing Karen

group komrad1156 2018-11-30

Not to get too personal, but more than a few girls had told me my best features were what some called "girly" eyes, a perfect smile thanks to the 18 months I spent wearing braces in high school, and a full head of very thick black hair. "It's nice to meet you, Karen." I paused for a moment then said, "I don't know what I was thinking getting involved in your personal business like that. I'm just guessing here, but something tells me you're still in college and as cute as you are, I really must be crazy to think a cute, young guy like you would want to go with a woman who's as old as...oops, sorry." Another pause.


The house around the tree

group Vacheron58 2018-11-30

We got there, went to the front reception area to look for Jim. He received us, he gave me a peck on the cheek and I introduced Ellen. As soon as the man was spent another in line would come in and penetrate that pussy in the middle maybe of an aftershock and pick up the orgasm and deliver another great cum.   I got down from the swing and Ellen and I got ready to leave and Jim said, Ladies you both are gorgeous!. Wow, said Ellen, what a great service, Jim you are my cook from now on. Jim also dropped his cum and Ellen said, get out of the way, it is my turn to fuck my lover .

A Live Show

group Bob_6 2018-11-30

Lou didn’t turn but I looked towards it and she said, “That’ll be Kim, she’s the neighbour - next door, and a good friend.” Kim strolled over behind the sofa, ran a hand over the back of my shoulders as she walked by and said, “I always knew Lou was a dark horse, excuse the pun.” Kim was then in front of me and Lou said, “This is Hus. He’s stranded and I’ve just offered him a place to rest his head till the morning, when he can get some help.” Lou stood, placed her wine glass onto a small table besides her and stepped towards Kim. “We're not going out," she said. Lou had noticed me looking at Kim. She grabbed my cock and said, “You can have that later."

A Party to Remember

group Frumerpdawg 2018-11-30

Then she’d turn onto all 4’s, tuck her head down low and he’d climb up behind her and bury his cock in her pussy and fuck her hard for a few minutes then he’d pull out and sit back as she turned around again to suck his cock some more. Our friend pulled his cock out and was stroking it as she tried to lick the head of it, he then said to her "Now if your ready for anything I have to give you then get ready to have my cock squirt in your mouth cause I’m going to cum." And she pushed her tongue out a little and he held his cock at her lips.

When the lift got stuck

group OldGeezer 2018-11-29

Simon didn’t though, until Melinda told him that if he would take his shirt off as well, then she would take her blouse off. “OK, guys”, Melinda announced, as her hands went behind her, “who wants to see my tits?”. I moved away to let the other guys do the same, and watched as Melinda relished in the feelings that fingers and hands were giving her. “God, I feel so horny”, Melinda then told us, “I want to be fucked, who’s going to be first?”, Each seemed to be able to keep it going for a good time, so Melinda was well and truly fucked, orgasming several times as our cocks penetrated her pussy, ass and throat.

My First Gangbang

group sweetsinnndy 2018-11-29

After a couple of hands, Peter was down to his pants and underwear, as was Frank and Joe, who obviously had played some poker, himself. I told Joe to get in front of me and I started jacking his cock with my hand while licking his shaft up and down. Frank came first, shooting deep inside my ass, Joe wasn’t too far behind while fucking my face like it was a pussy, his cream flowing down my throat. I guess the boys had other plans, I felt a cock slide into my asshole, it was Joe and he just started fucking me hard. I had Joe come place his cock in my mouth so I could clean him up, and while doing so Peter blew his load in me.


Mother & Neighbor

group bava12 2018-11-29

i knew he was cuming, and my mother was struggling to move away, I was imagining how could she take his huge load completely inside, he was shooting his load down her throat, she somehow managed to remove her mouth off his huge la*ra and just then I saw a huge glob of semen leave Uncle ling and hit her face and lips and then her hair and chest and she opened her mouth and uncle Raj again pulled her towards him and this time she kept her mouth going up and down on his giant la*ra, I guess she loved it too, after this I saw his la*ra shrink and she lied down, mother cleaned her face with her pallu and just then uncle Raj pulled her toward him and said thank you and chooma her like anything, he put his hand around her bare kamar and pushed it up towards her stans and pressed it hard, mother let out a aaah saying aaaah!

A Wedding Befitting A Slut

group ChrissieLecker 2018-11-29

When Martha, his mother, used that self-same term to describe me, the hurt didn’t come from the word itself, but from the deeply offended look on her face that left no doubt that I’d probably not get to see the interior of their house very often, and I felt bad to drive a wedge between Andrew and his family. A big, good-looking older man in a black frock stood in the middle of the dais, but my eyes were glued to Andrew, who radiated happiness and watched eagerly as I approached with a spring in my steps that I’d never felt before. I looked up at his face with lidded eyes, the pumping of Andrew’s cock quickly driving me crazy with lust, and he nodded at me and told me, “Congratulations, slut!”

A Good Round and a hole

group OldGeezer 2018-11-29

That evening we met up, and were surprised to find that Joe had his wife with him, Ally, a little younger than him, I would have put her at late 30s or early 40’s, with a pretty smile, blonde hair, and a nice figure that she showed off to the best in a lime green tank top and a flowered skirt. It had been a while since I had enjoyed anal sex, so I went to work with enthusiasm, rubbing the tingly gel around her exposed tight rosebud, eventually sliding first one finger in, and then a second, stretching her, as she rode slowly up and down Pete’s cock, to his extreme pleasure from the sounds he was making.