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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Morning Departure

group Sirdar 2018-09-28

Within a few moments special sea duty men was piped and the Captain, the First Lieutenant Alan Marshall and the Leading Signalman Tony Nash were soon all on the bridge. "Clear the Bridge." Tony Nash took the white ensign from its socket at the after end of the bridge and slid down the ladder to the control room just as the klaxon sounded twice, and the boat began to move slowly into the depths, as the vents on the main ballast tanks were opened one by one, spurting long streams of spray into the morning air... Just as he was about to go down the ladder to the Liberty Boat, the Navigating Officer Lieutenant Nick Holmes called out to him and asked him if he would pop in to his home with an envelope for his wife Izzy.


The Consultant

group MINNvoyeur 2018-09-28

The couple watching us never looked away, and as I kept my eyes pointed in their direction, the chick casually reached down between her man's legs and started stroking his cock! Hell, we were on a nude beach and most of the guys had their dicks waving in the wind." He paused, looking straight into Kate's ever widening green eyes, before adding, "Of course, very few of the other men were sporting a rock hard woody like I was." Jan then described how it took Steve a bit longer to get to his feet because was attempting to conceal his boner, and how he finally gave up and stood next to his naked bride with his fully erect penis on display.


Am I A Slut? Ch. 01

group showandwatch 2018-09-28

I leaned back and began to watch the movie, and soon my hand had pulled my skirt up to my tummy and I was rubbing my clit. I watched the hole and saw an eye appear and look at my almost naked body. In the back of my mind, I thought that this wasn't how I had always imagined sluts to feel, but here I was, sucking on strange dicks and loving it. Then I took these faceless strangers' dicks into my mouth and sucked them dry, all the while furiously working over my tits, pussy, clit, and asshole with my hands, keeping myself at a fever pitch.

All The Lust I Can Get

group Friskee_cpl 2018-09-28

I slipped one into the video and the first thing I saw was a young blonde girl being fucked in the pussy and arse whilst she sucked on another cock. My black nightie had ridden up my back revealing my tiny little arse and trimmed pussy and I slipped a hand under my belly and began rubbing my clit. He returned to licking my juicy pussy as soon as Paul moved over to me and I slipped his cock into my mouth. “You want to fuck your little sluts arse?” I said to Paul as he stroked his cock. “Oh fuck, oh fuck.” was all I heard Paul say as he pulled his cock from my arse and shot a load of cum all over my open pussy and fucked arse.

Heat Wave Ch. 3

group ruralgoddess 2018-09-28

The one who was here last night, in fact." Carly thought for a moment that either one of the two men, or even both of them, coming through the gate while she was playing with herself would have been okay, then she turned her attention back to Ben. If it felt this good having them in her hands, she couldn't wait to feel them both inside her at the same time. Ben was still slowly stroking his cock with her mouth when Matt began to push inside her. Ben pulled away from Carly's mouth and just watched her orgasm play over her face. Matt pulled his cock from Carly's dripping pussy and Ben pulled her over on top of him.

Sexy Seniors Ch. 02

group sex4u4647 2018-09-28

Glancing over I saw that Mike was eating Alice while she was sucking on Jacks cock. Sue pushed Mike away from her pussy and rolled over to Jack and sucked the last bit of cum from his cock. "Come on lover, time to fuck my hot pussy, it's ready for your cock." Jacks cock was still half hard and coated with the mix of their juices so Alice licked and sucked it back to life again and then settled down over it. Sue went to Mike and taking his cock in her mouth started to suck it. I was watching my wife suck Mike's cock while his wife was blowing me and getting fucked by Jack at the same time.

My new friends

group Premier_Couple 2018-09-28

Our kisses become more insistent, tongues exploring each other’s mouths as Greg slides his hand between my legs and starts rubbing my pussy. I’m on my knees as he slides the head of his cock over my gaping pussy and slams it into my wet hole ‘like that slut?’ he asks as I gasp yes and respond by pushing back onto him as he stretches me. I felt Mark stiffen and then fill my ass with a big spurt of cum, Greg followed him by telling me to open my mouth and he spunked over my face, so much that it dripped down my chin and onto the bed below me.


group bradley_stoke 2018-09-28

Ever since Adam woke up one morning to find a slight ache in his side and the beautiful sight of Eve beside him, there had been very few hours indeed where the couple had not indulged the passion they felt for each other and explored their sexuality in a world free of guilt and sin. Her naked body was a delight to Adam as he lay there, the sun in his eyes as he watched her silhouetted figure stroll unhurriedly towards the wood where Eve's favourite pool awaited under the shadow of tall fruit trees and willows. In fact, if she closed her eyes, it felt very much like Adam's, until Rhonda's fingers probed deeply inside her.


Cruising and Swinging 1

group lankybacon 2018-09-28

I fucked Roger with my thumb while rubbing my hard cock against his arse and balls. I moved my hand backwards and forwards with a slight twisting movement, lubricating the strokes with more saliva as I closed my mouth around the pole on each backward stroke, I licked his knob slowly, delicately exploring its shape with my tongue and then sealing my lips around the withdrawn foreskin and sucking hard, Mel was kissing my face and whispering filthy encouragement in my ear and twisting a nipple. I lifted Roger’s cock and sucked his balls into my mouth, stroking them with my tongue, Mel took over sucking his knob as his hand squeezed a willing tit and pinching its nipple.

The Auction

group unchosenWords 2018-09-28

She continued to question him with her eyes, longing to know what he wanted her to do, but just like any other normal night out, the waiter came and took their order. She looked at her auctioneer's face, silently asking if he was really going to sell her to the crowd, but he was already busy clearing space at the bar for the man who had made the offer. With her hands not needed to support her, she reached around and grabbed the man's ass through his jeans, and pulled him into her, forcing his small cock in and out of her wet mouth.


Fun at the Casino

group 1mbibry 2018-09-28

I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her head back to my cock as Woody stepped up behind her and pushed his beautiful hardness deep into the sopping crevasse between her legs causing her to moan as an expression of her pleasure. The whole time her dark eyes focused on mine and I watched them sparkle as my cock rode slowly in and out of her beautiful mouth. After just a few minutes of this Irina was moaning loudly, muffled only by the fact that my cock was filling her mouth and throat, and Woody was pounding her hard. I'll never forget the way Irina smelled and I'm sure I'll have dreams of sucking Woody's cock.

Tinas surprise!!!!

group madddog1945 2018-09-28

I looked over at Sean and Keith to see if they wanted anything. Sean said as they grabbed their keys and left. I sat on the couch and looked out the door at the sea of people dancing. Keith had started to piss as I hopped a bit behind him then turned and saw her standing there. Keith turned his head and started to hurry ?What on earth? We all caught our breath and she started humping my cock again Keith and Sean switched positions. She finally caught her breath then looked at us ?Well that was fun guys, thanks.? When we finally got done Keith and Sean had got dressed and left.

Amazing Night With Cathy

group mcummings357 2018-09-28

I was astonished as the stripper reached up with both hands to grasp Cathy's large tits. I hadn't taken two drinks of my beer before Cathy started rubbing Jim's cock through his jeans. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and blew a huge load of cum on her amazing face and tits. We watched in ritual fashion, with cocks at full attention, as Cathy took the vibrator with both hands and thrusted it in and out her soaking wet pussy. Cathy sucked my hard cock, holding it with both hands, as Jim fucked her pussy wildly. My orgasm must have triggered Jim. Because, he pulled his cock from Cathy's mouth and deposited another large load of spunk on her tits.

Tag Teaming Belle

group louisrod2004 2018-09-28

She continued to hold onto my cock, but as soon as Belle latched onto John's member, he grabbed her by the head and started to facefuck her. John continues to fuck her face hard, but I can tell Belle is getting a little overwhelmed. Belle sees this and immediately says, "No need, I'm on the pill." I stop licking her, get up and say "Well then, let's get right to this" as I quickly shove my cock into her insanely wet pussy. John lubes up his cock, gets back on the bed, lays right next to Belle and slowly starts to enter her ass. I immediately shove my cock in her pussy and me and John just start fucking Belle hard.


group scienceguy1970 2018-09-28

Jack reached over and placed something in Bill's hand and whispered, "A little gift from Susan." He grinned and increased his speed to catch up with her. "Do you like the view from your room?" Susan gasped as Jack nipped her earlobe and squeezed her ass. He reached in and lifted Jack's cock just slightly and was pleased to hear Susan moan as the thick head slid between her damp labia. Both gasped simultaneously as Susan felt a cold ice cube slide into her hot pussy and jack felt a warm tongue around his cock. Bill's tongue soon added to the heightened excitement as he started licking the juices from Jack's balls and around the edges of Susan's gushing pussy.

Louise's Choice

group rogtom_69 2018-09-28

His balls felt full and heavy on her chin as she sucked and stroked him with vigor, while Curly's cock stretched her cunt so wide she thought he was going to split it open. Louise reached past Hank and felt for Curly's balls as he pounded her, while Hank pushed his long dick in and out of her mouth, revelling in her velvet tongue as it stroked his shaft and her sucking as she sampled his small shots of precum in her throat. Hank took Curly's cock from his mouth and the two began masturbating each other furiously while Louise worked several fingers into her snatch, eagerly awaiting the shower that was coming...

Nikki Gets Gangbanged Pt. 02

group Frankie G 2018-09-28

Once this has been achieved, you announce that you would like to deep throat each one of us because you want to feel our cum all over your body. As Johns body starts to tense, he pulls out of your mouth and shoots his load onto your chest. As you feel three cocks moving inside of you at the same time you start to rub your clit. John cannot take anymore and he slams his cock to the back of your throat and sends his cum down your throat. You get off of me and you tell me that you want to feel all of our cum on your body. You tell us you want us to cum together after you have your own orgasm.

My First Threesome

group Biguy007 2018-09-28

Just a couple nights after my first encounter with him I found myself once more in his bed, between him and my ex, as he started to stroke my cock. Dave started just with his hands, drawing my cock out of my pants and making me hard as he nibbled my neck. I don't know how long we went on like that, I know I came first, and Dave licked my cock as I slid fingers deep into Lisa, probing for secret spots I knew would please her. She screamed and moaned as her own orgasm came, and then I went to work on Dave, sucking and stroking him harder until Lisa got to watch him cum all over my chest, and watch it drip down to my still hard cock.

The Photo Shoot

group candycums 2018-09-28

My names Candace, but I like to be called Candy and my account begins when my husband Phil suggested that it would be a nice idea if myself and my daughter Katie had some professional photographs taken before she left home for university and to celebrate my forty-first and her nineteenth birthdays. Nigel this is Candy and Katie our models for today," Sarah said as we were introduced to a good-looking guy in his mid-forties. "Mmmm I like that, it feels nice," Katie said as Nigel started rimming her. Continuing to hold him I moved his large cock-head to the entrance of Katie's love hole and moved him up and down a little.


A Sweet Twist

group budsrus 2018-09-28

Janey had just admitted her fantasy of being with another woman when Ed pops off he would also like getting a blowjob from another woman while his wife is being pounded by another man. A few minutes later Janey looks at my breasts again and pops off about my still erect nipples. I start sucking and licking on this stranger's nipple and my panties are becoming very wet The moans escaping her throat said she was enjoying the action. She likes the taste and starts licking and kissing both my lips while her fingers seek my clit. I told him to make sure he watched my husband fuck his wife like she was the village slut.

Sexy Semester

group denverboy 2018-09-28

The head on my dick started to rub against her clit making her moan into our kisses. We started a slow pace so that we would not wake Amy. I felt her creamy small breast rub up and down my chest as I would slid in and out of her. When our kiss broke I gently moved Aspen's head to my neck so that she still could not see Amy's side of the room. I could tell Amy wanted to cum at the same time as Aspen. I then started to whisper to both Aspen and Amy, "I can tell your close... Amy quickly pulled her blankets back over her as Aspen rolled off me.

Desert Heat - Part 28

group jdwhitings 2018-09-28

As soon as we saw Ginger and Brianne standing at the window, Pepper yanked my swimsuit down, knelt before me and began to lick and kiss my cock. After about a minute, Pepper reminded her that there was another cock waiting and Brianne quickly moved over and began sucking Jerry’s cock and I heard Jerry moan with pleasure. Brianne said she wasn’t sure how to finish Jerry off or what to do once he started to cum and Pepper told her that she was there to coach her. At first Brianne didn’t know what to say, but she soon started to moan as Pepper licked inside and outside her pussy and even paid special attention to her clit.

Just Sit and Watch For Me

group Kawaii Anime 2018-09-28

Her eyes closed as she opened her mouth to take his girth in, the dark-haired kid moaned slightly and bucked his hips to help her. Randall let his hands lightly stroke his cock to full hardness as he thought about Lotus. He dropped the towel on the bed and the dark haired kid reached for it, drying his face and drying off Lotus gently from underneath, rubbing her nipples and ass, teasing her. The dark-haired kid continued to fuck her pussy with little mercy, in long slow strokes, that drove them both mad. He parted them silently and told the dark-haired kid to lay down, positioning Lotus on top of him, sliding his dick into her himself and balancing her while doing so.

E-Beth Ch. 03

group bluedragonauthor 2018-09-28

Just like we've now had sex six different times." Teddy then moved my hand lower, to where I could grab his re-hardened erection. 23-years-old or not, it was nice to know my man wouldn't even blink at choosing me over World of Warcraft, especially since The Burning Crusade had just come out a few weeks ago. The girls in the group were quite understanding about the situation, and the guys certainly didn't blame Teddy once they got a good look at me. But still, some of the gamer boys couldn't help but bitch about missed time and even Teddy himself seemed a little worried that he wasn't keeping up with his friends' character advancement.