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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Full Circle

group Northsider 2018-09-28

"Believe it, they are real, just like the rest of her." Matt took the picture from the other man and looked at the woman in it. Olivia looked at the slightly shocked expression on the face of the pretty, well dressed woman in her late fifties as the door opened on the seventh floor. Each man took one of her breasts in his hand as Matt kissed her hard and Brendan bit the back of her neck just hard enough to make the hair on the back of her head stand up. She hoped that this Olivia felt the same way about Matt, as she spied through the divider between the dining room and the living room, where she saw the beautiful blond on her knees between Brendan and Matt.


They Fuck Horses, Don't They?

group Deborah 2018-09-28

Every time Scott or Gavin would get out of the pool to get another brew, Suzy and Deborah would whistle and make dirty comments. "No," Scott replied, "fuck you and I am going to give you a ride on this Harley you will never ever forget." With that he screamed out of the driveway in a cloud of dust with Suzy hanging on for dear life. Suzy shuddered and Scott realized that riding and eating snatch while a gorgeous girl stood above him as he steered a rapidly moving Harley was definitely fun, but quite dangerous. “Why don’t you get in the shower, Gavin honey, you poor heathen boy, and wash off all that chlorine off your nice hunky body,” Deborah said in her most sultry voice, and it sounded much more like a demand than a question.

Sexy Student Scientists Ch. 2

group lancelot 2018-09-28

Belinda knew that Alberta was a great fuck so she had her kneel down and told me to place my cock in Alberta's now sopping wet cunt. Belinda now strapped on her dildo and told Jennie that she was going to show her how great it was to be fucked by another woman. My cock slurped in and out of Alberta's tight cunt; underneath her, Colleen was being licked frantically by Alberta and to the side Belinda had the dildo deeply in Jennie's now well juiced and hot cunt. Jennie was moaning and groaning, playing with Belinda's tits and yelling, 'Fuck me, fuck me, deeper, harder, Miss.' Alberta, feeling my throbbing, thrusting cock sliding back and forth inside her was licking Colleen's clit so hard that Colleen was gasping and moaning with delight.

Easter Trip

group windwriter 2018-09-28

Richard hesitated a moment while his eyes continued to drink in Anne then he turned toward Peter. Richard took hold of Peter's cock again and began sucking, slowly at first until he didn't gag anymore. Peter rolled me onto my back in front of Richard so he could see the butt plug in my ass while he used his fingers to pump my pussy. "Peter would like to fuck your ass when I am finished Richard, what do you think about that?" "But I don't want you to think I'm gay if I like it." He offered with a pained look on his face while she continued to pump away at his ass, patiently waiting for his answer.


A Fantastic Night Ch. 02

group KirstenSpringer 2018-09-28

I began a slow pump on his getting hard cock, up and down, my index finger along the back and my thumb tracing the large vein along the bottom, stopping to squeeze the head lightly on each pass. So I popped the trunk and after he placed the shopping bags inside, I turned to him and taking his face in my hands, thanked him for the favor and leaned in and gave him a long, soft kiss on the lips and a quick squeeze of his hard-on through his jeans while the other girls watched. I placed the book aside and got down on my knees on the carpet beside the bed as Matt swung his legs over the side and I began to kiss and caress his privates with my hands, lips, tongue and mouth.

Frank and Muth

group steffymi 2018-09-28

One cold December evening I decided to get a hotel room in the little German town of Frankenmuth, Michigan - just for the hell of it. What I didn't know was that Frank and Muth were sharing a room. Muth came back to the room, and we had apparently forgotten to put a sock on the door handle, because he walked right in the room and up to the edge of the bed. At this point, Frank had my legs over his shoulders, and he didn't let me even try to scramble to maintain some sort of dignity as Muth stood there watching. Frank and myself in this sort of awkward post-coitial I-had-sex-with-a-stranger bliss, and Muth over in the other bed, snoring away, his mouth gaping open like a giant bear.

Elaine's Pre-Dick-ament

group Melody C 2018-09-28

Elaine emerged from the shower to find a sheer black thong panty, a backless black floor length dinner dress and a pair of black sandal toe high heels. First, there was Dara, a beautiful blond with big blue eyes that reminded Elaine of Britany Spears but with larger breasts and slightly wider shoulders and hips. On the night of the second day a helicopter transported them to a large island about three miles long and one and a half miles wide. Then all at once, Elaine was bent over a large soft bench of some kind and held securely in place. Elaine looked around in disbelief then she looked up just in time to see a large penis shoot load after load of cum down onto her face and breasts.

Love Story From Foy Beach

group WalkerPercy 2018-09-28

I kissed my girl and his. Later, the girls were sitting on my lap in a bar. But year later my girl still has her claws in me. And now it’s time to turn fantasy into reality. Unlike most girls, she truly likes it, and even without me she had to have it. She tells him she is taking him away for the weekend. Then I feel his cock pulsate inside her. His throbbing dick makes her ass squeeze my cock even more tightly. Ha. That certainly won’t happen until I get the threesome I want. And when it happens, which it will, I will cum on the other girl. While my girl looks on, smiling.


Faye's Surprise Gangbang

group Deviant_X 2018-09-28

The boys went wild - teasing James for getting off so soon, shaking their heads in disbelief at the hot little slut and how hungry she was for cock; Faye smiled, licking a few errant drops of come from her lips, and asked "Who's next?" Her orgasm exploded from nowhere; one moment she was registering how soft the sofa felt, how tight Kevin's abs were, the sensation of Harry licking her nipples, the rough feel of Rob's pubic hairs as he scuffed against her swollen lips, and the relentless drilling of his cock as he thrust in and out of her, filling her marvelously.


Flatmates: 21st Birthday Surprise

group milfocker 2018-09-28

Diane then moved back to allow Rachel to get her nipples sucked, who in turn moved aside to allow Suzie access to me, as I took each of her nipples in my mouth I heard her let out a barely audible moan of pleasure, she was obviously enjoying this a lot and seemed disappointed when Diane said we'd now continue as before. She then started easing herself up and down the length of my shaft, moaning every time she got to the bottom, I just couldn't believe how good her pussy felt, she was now fucking me quite fast and my cock was easily slipping in and out of her, her moaning was getting louder and Diane had just noticed.


Pool fun pt 2

group vtevte 2018-09-28

Karen shook her head, her thoughts fuzzy as she recalled getting carried into her bedroom by Kevin at the end of the evening, and placed on the bed gently as rivers of cum dripped off of her. Karen had watched Daphne lick and suck Kevin like an expert until her dribbled what little cum he had left into her mouth. You want one back inside you and you don't want to say it out loud, but I know you do." Daphne massaged her mother's pussy through her shorts, and Karen's resolved ebbed and faded away. Henry placed her on the bed and Daphne sat on the edge of the bed while Kevin sat down and his mother crawled over to him and started to suck his dick.

The New Nurse.

group optimuspr1me 2018-09-28

And as she could see the receptionist having a good look at her, she became vary aware of the bumps the suspender clasps made through her tight blue dress, her apron not being quite wide enough to cover them. Her apron cast to the floor and her dress undone, Patricia soon had her tits free of her bra. “Is that feeling and better sir?” she meekly asked him, as her ample tits were kneaded between the old man’s hands. Actually my hands are feeling rather tingly… maybe Patricia could help me too?” And while the old man still groped her tits, she guided the b**st to her cunt lips, and slipped the length inside her, letting out a groan of pleasure.

Revenge Served Hot

group Bakeboss 2018-09-28

Judy sat there in shock as she watched the video play on her phone repeatedly. Judy knew the only thing that would satisfy her anger would be revenge and she wanted revenge today, right now. She knew that it was Lance's best man, John that sent her the video, so that is where she headed, his house. Just then, Bruce stumbled into the kitchen when he saw Judy's hand down his buddy's pants he mumbled excuse me and turned around to leave. She then felt John's hand go around her waist holding her tight and she knew he was ready to cum now as well. She wanted to give Lance John's sloppy seconds while she put her cum coated tongue in his mouth.

My First MFM Experience That Turned

group BC1973 2018-09-28

Unfortunately, I had to go away for work for two weeks, a day after I got back, I received a phone call from Tom asking me how my trip was and that he and Jessica had found very nice nudist camp and wanted to know if I would like to join them for the weekend. I got under Jessica and she started riding me, I really did not think I was going to last much longer it felt that good, I told Tom to fuck her in the ass, as Tom went in Jessica, she let out a load moan, then saying holy fuck, I could feel her tighten even more and having another orgasm.

Wife's Surprise (a bi tale)

group ukvoyeur3 2018-09-28

Right fucking up my cunt!" I actually took notice of my mate's cock for the first time. It was a Friday evening and I was sitting on the sofa watching some bi porn, slowly stroking my cock and waiting for my wife to come home to fuck. Here I was sucking a cock I’d fantasised about for thirty years whilst watching it’s owner part my wife’s juicy cunt lips with his tongue. And between each word she spoke I fired a stream of jism into her open mouth all the time still managing to alternate between lapping the balls in my face with my tongue and stroking and sucking the wonderful cock they belonged to.

Ben & Erica Ch. 3

group DreamOn 2018-09-28

It was a beautiful sight to behold, you spread her lips, caressed her with your finger tips, tongue and lips, you sucked, swooned and stroked her before she let out a long, soft shriek and shuddered in orgasm beneath your face...without penal stimulation but with the magnificent feelings that Rob’s cock was giving me, I shot my load on the back of your thighs just moments before Rob came deep inside my took maybe twelve strokes for him to finish and collapse against my back...we were in a spent heap...gasping, sweating, wet, exhausted but enlightened and filled with this experience...looking forward to some sleep...and just maybe to what tomorrow might bring...


Bachelor Party for Dave

group lonchaney 2018-09-28

When the day of the party finally arrived my friend Robbie and I picked up Dave, the soon to be ex-bachelor, and drove him to the hotel. The room which had been bordering on morose despair suddenly broke into cheers, the girls smiled and Tracy introduced her friend as Michelle. Dave was over in the corner at this point taking a shot of whiskey with several of the other guys and she strode right over to him, grabbed his hand, and pulled him back over to the table. We kept at it and soon with Dave's free hand on her other tit Tracy really began to shake, she seized up and clamped down on my cock with her lips.

Two Ovations, One Night

group soliloquy 2018-09-28

"This will hurt, my little slut, but I'm sure you can handle it." He suddenly ripped the tape from my breasts and I screamed from the pain. "Yeah, that's it, my little wanton bitch, make my jeans wet with your want." The roughness of his jeans against my pussy hurt a bit, but intensified the heat inside me. I lay, pinned beneath his weight, his hands mauling me, when I realized that Karl, the stage manager was watching from the wings. Darrin straddled my chest and ran the wet head of his cock against my aching nipples. "Watch my little cock slut here as I fuck her for the first time, ladies and gentleman.

Sex on the Beach Front

group Seductive_Wolftress 2018-09-28

She saw him having this...inner struggle. The four laughed and continued with more idle chat. They all agreed to go for the max. Mike said, " as long as everybody planed on staying the night there at the beachfront." He didn't want anything bad to happen to any of them. It was agreed all would stay. Staying embraced in this tongue-fucking kiss and laid her over the top of it. They needed to do more! They needed to have everything receiving pleasure at once! She moaned deep in her throat as she sucked Jim down further. Jim started stroking his cock, slapping it on Sam's tongue while her ass continued to wiggle and shake! Sed looked over at her with a sly grin.

The Sand Dollar

group Sweet_Shay 2018-09-28

She giggled as she tightened her legs around her hand and told herself out loud, "Shay can finger fuck yourself into another world tonight or you can get out and go to the 'Beach Hut'..." she then remembered Scott saying he would be there. Bob pulled her closer and he whispered, " you are holding me real tight Shay, would you like for me to walk you back to the condo?" he then lightly brushed her ear with his lips. When he saw Shay place her hands on Scott's ass inside his shorts and pull him to her, it was all Bob could take. "Man that place was a mad house," Bob stated as he winked at Shay, still holding onto Scott's ass.


The Poker Game Pt. 02

group Sharky_R 2018-09-28

"I'm sure that won't be necessary, I think I know what Lynda likes to eat, we have the same taste." She winked and smiled. "Well I'm not going out dressed like this!" Lynda said, stating the obvious. That still gives you girls a couple of hours to catch up." I said, already looking forward to a little time alone with Sports Center, while they talked. Mistress Ellen spread her legs open with her knees, then spanked Lynda's pussy with the crop until she came once again. Mistress Ellen stood in the middle of the room, as Lynda knelt down and unzipped her boots one at a time. When they finally came upstairs, Lynda looked like she had just been fucked again (which of course she had).



group JOHNFINASMITH 2018-09-28

"You then reached over her and pulled her skirt up before I saw your hand find her pussy and start to finger it." "Hal kept me busy for the next few minutes but I heard some slight moaning and looking back, saw you on top of Betsy, her legs raised up behind your arms and your cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy." My eyes were riveted on Jim's juice covered cock sliding in and out of Betsy's tight, stretched little pussy but the pleasure I was receiving from Hal's slow powerful strokes started to overwhelm me and I found myself tightly shutting my eyes enjoying the sensations.


Feast Of The Gods

group OhMissScarlett 2018-09-28

"You're just in time to wash up and join the feast planned for this evening, it promises to be quite the bacchanal." Castiel remarked, as Alaric took his hand, kissing the palm. Hannelore comforted Alaric with a kiss on his long, handsome neck, which was tanned from riding, then said, "Come along, you can wash up if you like and tell me all about Venice." He told Castiel he's grown tired of soldiering and wishes to return to his humanist studies," Hannelore explained, as she took the arm Alaric offered and they started back toward the castle. Castiel met Willhelm for the first time in Florence a week before and knowing he and Alaric were old friends, invited him to the feast as his own guest and to stay on until Alaric returned.


Game Day

group nicoloco 2018-09-28

I opened the door to an unexpected sight: the wife of one of my co-workers, Mike, nicely turned out in a slinky cocktail dress and heels. "Ease up, Marie, it's real tempting to just fuck your face but you've got more to explore. No fucking way, Mike's out of town with his 'fuckable' assistant and he couldn't care less where I am. I whipped my head around to see Marie leaning back against the kitchen counter, all on display, bare-ass naked and looking as hot and sexy as she had just a minute ago on my bed. Listen, Tommy, John gave me three amazing orgasms, with a little help from you, which is the most fun I've had in probably forever.