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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Public Show

group 2018-09-28

I took a sit in his office and he told me that he was a performer in Club A. One woman pulled me to a chair and start asking me question whether i am the new guy here. And i walk to to the stage seeing lots of guys and girls watching me.I sat at the chair that was placed in the center of the stage and started playing with my cock.As i strip the audience was cheering so i got kinda high and wank even faster. Suddenly the 2 girls came out of the backstage and tied my hands up , bringing me to the audience so that they can touch me.

To Bask in Breastford Ch. 06

group bustyalix 2018-09-28

"You know what I think?" Nina asked, looking at Gretchen. Gretchen's pair of 36Ds increased her pheromones somewhat, but they paled in comparison to Nina's, or any other big breasted woman in Breastford for that matter. She once had Gretchen work a man's pants off for her, then as soon as she did, Nina jumped out and tried to grab hold of his long, beautiful rod. Her friends could only watch as the guy moved his cum cannon up and down, trying his best to hit Nina in the face as well as her big chest. Natalie pulled away, letting Coach Blue have both of Paula's big jugs to himself. "Thanks a lot." Coach Blue said, although it came out muffled as his face was being bombarded with Paula's big balloons.


Sleeping Wife

group rockhard4uc 2018-09-28

I sort of guessed that if I pushed it quickly inside, she might wake up with a start, so I very gently began to caress her open lips with the tip, making them wet with my pre-cum. I rejected her urging and teased her longer, slowly pushing her lovely tasting pussy lips apart with my tongue and then stroking up both sides of her opening. Although it might have been very difficult, because of her totally aroused state, as soon as I started to push in earnest her body opened and my big fat cock just slipped slowly inside her. Once again rock hard, it was very easy to just move up behind Karol and slowly push my cock between her very wet pussy lips.

Professor Fletcher's Herbal Tea.

group velocette65 2018-09-28

After the final pulse of pleasure Anne raised her hand to her mouth, smelled the precious fluid and dipped the tip of her tongue in to the little well she had formed. Anne’s olive skinned buttocks betrayed her mother’s origins as Vicki eased them apart with her plump fingers and allowed her tongue to clean up the remaining cum that wept from the dilated anal bud. She then worked her way down, between the two firm thighs, until her nose was pressed in to the warm wet slit before her and her tongue could lick the remaining blobs of semen up so she could swallow them.


Ft Campbell

group retiresoon 2018-09-28

Because of the kids Jennifer and I started talking with Beth and Dan, we to became very close. Beth and Dan have a hot tub in their garage, strictly against post housing rules. After a few minutes Beth looked at Jennifer and said, "While Brad and I are in Iraq, you and Dan will be here by yourselves." "Yes." As soon as Jennifer said yes she moved across the tub and started to kiss Dan. I followed her lead and started making out with Beth. After a little heavy petting Jennifer grabbed Dan's hard cock and stood up. As soon as Beth saw Jennifer moving up and down on her husband's cock she came.

A Hot August Night Ch. 02

group Paris Waterman 2018-09-27

Wayne plopped down on my left, Stevie on my right and as soon as both gulped at their drinks and then placed them carefully on the outside of the hot tub, they each took one of my breasts and started squeezing. I leaned in and kissed Stevie on the lips as I started moving my hand up and down Wayne's nice-sized dick. I saw him quickly looking over to Stevie when I grabbed him, and since Stevie ignored my masturbatory actions and closed down on my right nipple, Wayne decided to kiss me too, tonguing me sweetly as I moaned into his mouth, still shaking hands with his dick like a politician needing that one last vote.


Sorority Gangbang Pt. 02

group SexyDaemon 2018-09-27

"Besides, the way he's looking at me, I think he wants me to suck his dick anyways." She winks at me and continues to ride my mouth. I can feel my dick pulsating, and the blonde suddenly grabs my balls tightly. I groan with delight as the girl starts sucking on my cock, bobbing her head, and sucking tightly, mimicking a pussy with her mouth. Meanwhile, the other girl starts to thrust her dick into my mouth. Another girl slides underneath me; she begins to tease my cock with her mouth. The girl behind me retracts, and I let out a loud gasp as 10" of dick suddenly disappear from my ass.

The Best Sex Ever (Chapter One)

group Pervton50 2018-09-27

Over time; He’d contributed to the porn and sex novelty industry in enough ways to finance Dream On. As the Professor continued; I felt kind of silly that I’d never really given much thought until now as to what field of research the company did. “Unless I’m much mistaken, Stefan;” He said, With the oddest grin; “You’ll be needing these when testing is complete.” Then the Professor simply explained that for testing to take place; I only needed to strap on the helmet, and enter the observation tube I’d noticed before.

Me, My Wife and Bev in Mexico

group Justtoold 2018-09-27

OH DAMN that feels good." After she got into a good rhythm she said, "Fuck Dave, he didn't want to come and I'm so pissed at him I'm going to have fun, and if you don't mind, I just might want to use this cock some more before we head home." This isn't a first for us and we enjoy the fun times." Angie then instructed Bev by saying, "He likes it when you grind your pussy back and forth on his cock and it feels pretty good doing it that way too. From the sounds of the soft moans and kissing sounds I knew the two of them were getting right into their making out with each other which got me pumping my cock into Bev faster and my tongue working overtime on Angie.


Saturday Night Slutting

group Lozo44 2018-09-27

He took me in the house and had all the guys surround us as he slowly slid his Cock in my ass...telling everyone that I was his wife and thanking them for making my night so wonderful...He Fucked me deep and Hard ,just like I like it and squirted his load deep in my ass...They all applauded and we all had some cocktails.....It was late and Bob and I prepared to leave...The guys all let me Suck their Cocks as I said my goodbyes....and we drove home.We got in bed and slept like babies....naughty ones....and I had wonderful dreams.....Hope they cumm true again.

The Shameless Slut Fails Her Exam

group erinyahn 2018-09-27

She watched a lot of group sex videos and remembered how great it felt to let go of her inhibitions and fuck like an animal in the woods with two sexy guys and Tabitha. Tabitha smiled, "See, a week of watching hardcore porn has done wonders for your education!" She licked her lips and looked at Heather like she wanted to eat her, because she did. No luck, everyone else seemed to have the same test and were working along like they actually knew it and weren't so distracted with thoughts of Tabitha and her new toy that they actually studied the right chapters. Heather, hadn't really had many opportunities before, but she thought a nice Asian guy like Henry would be a good choice for a boyfriend.


Sexy Russian Girl

group Celtlander 2018-09-27

Julia says nothing, but her nipples are hard and her breathing heavy..I'm hypnotized by her half open mouth as she slowly crouches before me, places her hands on my hips and moves them towards my cock. I can see my cock being used as I look straight between her open legs and my hands slide from her knees to her thighs, around to her ass and I draw her towards me. Husband can tell whats happening as I hold her hips still and her body close with one arm and pound my way into her.Her asshole contracts around my finger and I feel her vagina contract so tight that it all but pushes me out of her.

Couple Helps Divorced Friend

group tonyl65 2018-09-27

I met Judy through my best friend from college, Mike and his wife Sarah. At the same time I felt his hot breath at my ear as he kissed and sucked my earlobe, "Just go with it, let us make you happy, this is all about you Robert. I felt Mike rubbing his face and hands up my legs as he moved up my body. Sarah was kissing me all over my face and neck, while Mike was working his way along the back of my legs. When they felt this Mike released my cock and I felt Sarah lower my ass back onto the bed. I looked down at Mike and Sarah sharing what I expected to be a nice cum kiss.


Taken Camping Ch. 02

group NicoleSix 2018-09-27

Standing in the dark tent before dawn, my hand grasping his member I realized that his cock was probably a little bigger than average but not the monster I'd imagined when it first entered my ass. I really wanted Tom to eat my pussy, but I couldn't think of a way for him to do it while I was sucking Eric's cock. The scene was pretty erotic with Tom pumping my cunt steadily from behind as I knelt to suck Eric's cock. Tom moaned came for a long time as his cock throbbed and twitched inside me injecting me with a huge load of semen. As I got close I started babbling again, telling Tom to lick me and then demanding Matt fuck me harder and harder.

Taking Susie Ch. 02

group NickyFaulkes 2018-09-27

Lauren and Eve looked good and the clients, Bill and Jimmy were drooling over them by the time I got there. Looking closely I realized that Susie had given Eve the tie she'd been wearing and Lauren had traded blouses with her. Lauren leaned over to me and said, "It was her idea." I was going to have to learn more about Eve. But then I realized what Lauren meant when she added, "She thought you'd enjoy seeing her getting a good spanking." She meant Susie. As she whipped off her tiny skirt, Susie leaned over to show off her tight little ass and said, "He put his big thing in there, too." The crowd went crazy.


Friend's Night

group solid_ 2018-09-27

I head to the kitchen to get some more beers from the fridge for me and my friends Tony grunts out "what about some snacks Rob I'm starving." Darren and Steven agree with him saying all this beer and no food I look at them and say "dam you guys are a pain in the ass ill ask Leanne to make us some snacks when she comes out of bed room." Darren being the loudest says, "I wouldn't mind snacking on Leanne" I say yeah in your dreams buddy and we laugh at each other. She lowers her self down allowing Darren's hard upright shaft to rub between her pussy lips as she gets down she lets out a loud moan, and looks over at me now feeling very frustrated and left out.

Weekend Pet

group Scarcrow 2018-09-27

She allowed her hands to travel up the woman's body, covered in drops of cum, and squeezed her large tits before grabbing her ass and forcing her entire mouth against the cunt. Linda felt a rush in her cunt and hurriedly pulled away, dropping to her knees so she could suck the remaining cum from the cock before it disappeared. Perhaps it was an initiation ritual when a girl entered the room, Linda thought as she moaned into the now vacant hole as the woman sucked at her cunt. Linda soon lost count of how many men had cum in mouth or pussy or across her chest, or how many times the women in the room took their turns eating her cunt clean as she did with them.

Dinner for 7

group stevenjones 2018-09-27

and then I thought I spotted my wife's hand moving awkwardly under the table, as if she was touching the guy next to her's leg. one of the guys was sitting almost flat on the couch, lifting her hips with his hands, and slowly but surely slid his cock in and out of her pussy. There was no resistance from my wife, and in fact two guys started helping, holding her legs back by grabbing her ankles. (It wasn't, of course) There was this distinct, temporary halt as his cock head managed to stretch her pussy a little, and started settling snugly inside her. Way. A slight tremor started moving over my wife's body and I knew she was going to have a big one.


Playing Away

group duckandbunny79 2018-09-27

Sharon was the first to break away from the caresses and walked over to the chair, she knelt in front of the young man in-between his legs holding the base of his cock gently and took long licks from the base to the tip not pulling on the foreskin just gently warming his prick with her tongue. As me and Sally continued to lick each other out Sharon stopped before the young man got over excited and lent over him her large tits hanging in front of his eyes, she whispered to him that his cock tasted yummy but she did not want to let us 2 have all the fun so she was going to rejoin us two on the bed.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 86

group SteveWallace 2018-09-27

I wanted more and Sheila wasn't prepared to take any more given we were in my executive offices on the forty-fifth floor of Worthington Towers - my corporate headquarters. My biggest concern is privacy and no 'tell all' books about how this billionaire and his family live, including our wild sex parties where we fuck strippers, porn stars, friends, and sometimes new acquaintances. I started a long discussion with Celeste about her duties, alluding to a large family of adults and some impending children. She'd worked as a child development major for a high-end day care center for a couple of years, and then taken a position for the past five years with a family before they moved to Manhattan.


Naughty Nature

group ccat99 2018-09-27

I told them how I wanted to feel it stretching my tight pussy wondering to myself if Grant had a big cock. My tight pussy could hardly take James' cock which wasn't nearly as big as Grant's. He wanted to watch me suck James' cock insisting I prove myself. I kneeled before James as he slid his shorts down and began licking and sucking his cock. Grant stood up pumping faster while James licked my tits swallowing and slurping eagerly. James was able to swallow most of it but began gagging as Grant continued fucking his mouth. Grant pulled his cock out letting it hang in his hand praising James for a job well done.

Hot Tub Trio Ch. 08

group Turbidus 2018-09-27

"Jesus Christ Ann, let it go." I held the door open for her. Her eyes were closed but her hand reached over and rested on the inside of my knee. I pulled my hand away long enough to wet my thumb and then began to slide it across and around her nipple. When I finally broke the kiss, it was Ann who pulled my hand to her mouth and wet my thumb. I began to play with her nipple with my mouth, trying to recall what she had seemed to like last night. Whatever I was doing was apparently okay because the hand on the back of my head tightened and pushed my face against her breast.


When Three Becomes Four

group countrycal 2018-09-27

"I think just once I would like to watch a woman respond to your touch the way I know I do," she said playfully. Watching her surreptitiously for a few minutes I finally decided it must be Ron's wife, Annette – though I was not completely sure since I had only met her one time, and I did not spend a lot of time looking at her face that day. "Emergency measures," I said smiling as Ron and Annette watched my actions with amused looks on their faces. "Good thinking," Ron said, smiling as he took his own 'emergency measures.' "We certainly don't want to get the local constabulary so upset they start running traces on our license plates!" We all laughed in agreement as we began high-stepping into the surf.



group Alex Finch 2018-09-27

I scooped her up out of her desk, and kissed her deeply and fully; her tongue tasted like cigarettes, but I loved it anyway. Ms. Johnson stopped quickly as I turned away from Jenny and pushed my way through the crowd of girls, my penis receiving a tiny jolt as it caught the bare thigh of a field hockey player as I passed. We then sat her up, in just her underwear, and we licked her everywhere from head to toe, myself nude and Jenny in her blouse and gray knee socks. Ms. Johnson, spying her chance, grabbed Jenny’s sweet legs, still covered in soft gray wool, and ate her wonderful pussy out with as much force as she had kissed me with.