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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

John & Jill Ch. 03

group JWTove 2018-09-27

Mary, seeing Jill working on her husband's big cock, pulled John's shorts the rest of the way down and laid him down next to Jim. Sliding his cock out of her mouth, she stood up and slipped off her thong and lowered herself down onto John's long dick. "I want Jim to stick his hard dick in my asshole, and fuck my ass while Mary sucks on my clit." Jill said. John stroked her tits while Jill licked her pussy, and John said, "Relax, and my cock will slide right up to your belly button!" Mary was in sexual heat, a pussy in her mouth, hands on her tits and a cock in her ass.

Tennis, A Love Game of Surprises Ch. 02

group walterio 2018-09-27

The night Dana spent with Sally and Peggy was the night that Barbara came over and joined Carla, Tom and I at my condo. Barbara leaned over and sucked on Carla's tits and stroked Carla's cock as I fucked her ass. Barbara jerked on Carla's cock as she sucked on Carla's tits and watched as I fucked Carla in the ass. Tom then moved his cock from Barbara's pussy to her asshole and began pounding her ass. I felt my own orgasm approaching so I pulled my cock out of Carla's ass and aimed it at Barbara's face. Then Peggy got on her back and had Sally fucked her in the ass and pussy at the same time.


Finding a Friend Ch. 02

group Iluv2knot 2018-09-27

Misty had taken off the tuxedo jacket and leaned back on the sofa, watching him and Nex, and the two girls on the stage, as their hands moved over each other's naked breasts and one girl leaned down to kiss her companion's breast. Misty had shifted and was on her knees next to Garrett, her hands fluttering over both of them her lips still softly kissing Nex's ear, her tongue teasingly wet and warm in Nex's ear. His thrusts were measured, she responded by thrusting her lower body upward meeting him as he moved down, their union was wet and noisy, she groaned inside Nex's pussy, filling her with a mouthful of air, which escaped with a lazy burble as Misty's curled tongue flicked crazily across Nex's clit.

My first Bi experience

group cflfgfs 2018-09-27

Megan said she really was not comfortable with swinging, but would do it for me. Megan was more comfortable with single guys than couples. The cards turned into strip poker, and of course soon Megan was topless with those great tits being showed off in front of our guest. After a few more hands both Frank and I were down to our underwear and Megan was totally nude. Of course I told her to suck Frank's cock. Things were a little tense, but Frank moved between Megan's legs and slid his cock into her wet pussy. I watched as my wife fucked this stranger's cock while I sucked on her tits and whispering in her ear how wonderful she

Her Mom's Hot Friend Ch. 03

group bbw4youngercocks1 2018-09-27

Once Cara had watched Robert with another man the day he'd introduced her to anal sex, the idea of seeing two guys together still excited her. When Marcus stepped inside the privacy fence that surrounded Robert's house, he didn't see his older cousin. She reached down, looked over at Marcus, and positioned the head of Robert's cock against her pussy lips. He continued watching Robert and Cara fuck while he lubed up and then started stroking his cock. Marcus exploded in his cousin's ass while Robert came hard inside Cara's pussy. Cara smiled at their banter and said watching Robert getting fucked by Marcus the same time he was doing her was hot, and she was willing to do it again sometime.

I'll Buy The Thong. You Put It On.

group jsmiam 2018-09-27

I was getting a little worked up, imagining the two of them in thongs since they were both so lovely, Christina the voluptuous and busty type, and Susan tall and slender with perky breasts. As we made that stretch, Christina and Susan looked at one another, nodded, and both pulled their wraps off, revealing that they were wearing their new thongs. We had a nice breakfast, and knowing that both Christina and Susan tended to eat healthy, we went to the health store afterwards to add a few healthier items to the mixture of food we were taking back for them.


A Different Plan

group such_good_friends 2018-09-27

"Honey, how was the parasailing?....I'm just down the beach and will be back in 20 minutes...They've invited us over to dinner...No, their chalet, a cookout, two other couples...I'll tell you more when I see you..." Ellen glanced over at Gina, mouthing "what time?" Gina looked over at Paul, knowing he bet against Ellen's accepting the invitation. As Ellen walked away to the textile section of beach, Gina and Paul busied themselves cleaning up the area, closing up the umbrella, and collecting the towels. "Didn't know what you liked, but a couple of bottles of champagne always seem like a good idea." Gina hugged Ellen, saying "Glad you two came over." She turned to Ellen's husband and, accepting the bottles, said "So you're the handsome guy Ellen's been telling me about!"


More Fun with Sam

group CocoCharles 2018-09-27

The taste of her was making my knees feel weak and just as I was about to slip down a little against the door Sam pulled away and looked at me with an intense, sensual stare as she started heading to the shower. I looked up at my boyfriend who's face gave away that he was about to cum, in a quick second he pulled out his dick from being lodged in my soapy cleavage and he held it pointed right at my chest. I could feel myself so close to the edge, my pussy started to pump hard as Sam slid one finger inside my asshole and then the best orgasm I had ever felt shook my body.

Janes movie

group Powerslave712 2018-09-27

She stayed on all fours, the stranger walking her like a dog out of the room, completely naked. The man took the chain and locked it to a lashing ring set in the floor. Jane was stuck here, naked on all fours in the middle of this room. The third man took out his cock, grabbed at her wrist and she watched as her fingers closed around it, jerking his cock while her mouth was being fucked and as her pussy was getting fingered from behind. Then the man behind her got onto the bed, took out his cock and began to fuck her pussy. She watched on as the men used her body, fucking her like she was nothing more than an object.

The Julie Journals: Ch. 06 Going to America

group Shady_Lady 2018-09-27

Whilst the cock was not as big as the monster she had earlier it was still nice to feel it sliding in and out, and each stroke sent her head towards the woman causing her to moan and grip Julie's hair tightly. Still on all fours Julie bent her head and looked under her body to see Bubbles eagerly licking her pussy that was still oozing hot cum. Julie lifted her head to find a hard cock waving in front of her face, and taking it eagerly into her mouth she began to suck deeply on the cock. The man placed his hands on Julie's head and started to fuck her mouth so she kept the pressure up as his cock slid in and out.

A Costume for Every Trick

group Bethyboo 2018-09-27

With that the Doctor and his nurse pull me to my feet and start to undress me, taking imaginary notes of the state of my clothing, fingers grazing sensitive skin and parts as I am stripped naked on stage in front of a room full of strangers. With that, Pinocchio starts grinning, you are right Blue Fairy, and the truth is I want to fuck your pussy with my cock and your ass with my nose...I think that would be a great place to start with telling the truth." Pinocchio's hands bruise breast tissue as he squeezes, then finally pulls his nose from my mouth, clamps teeth on one tender nipple and screams out his release, spunking up the vaginal tunnel of the Fairy now in distress.


Group Connections Ch. 02

group Vo0d0oGirl 2018-09-27

After logging over two hours on the site I’d think you liked a bit more than the GangBang101 classes.” “Well, I’m sorry for not being a bit more blatant, but it’s not every day that I actually talk to someone that’s been in pictures I’ve masturbated to.” Somehow that didn’t quite hold the bite to it that I thought it did. Her lips are deep pink, full and shaped into a neat pucker blowing the camera a kiss; I can almost feel them brushing against my bare breasts, and my nipples harden with the chill of the room and the excitement of the thought.


Autumn Leaves

group luvjuice43 2018-09-27

Chris' hands went to the cone shaped, light brown nipples which decorated her grapefruit sized breasts; her fingers pulled and pinched them repeatedly as Linda's long, slender fingers slid in and out of her tight rear entrance and her mouth kissed and sucked the almost penis shaped organ cascading from the top of Chris' slit. Chris' hands fell from the large, fleshy melons to Linda's full, round cheeks; with a slight outward pressure the cheeks opened and exposed the tightly puckered, brown orifice surrounded by whiffs of pubic hair leading to the pink slit where Chris' mouth and tongue worked feverishly to bring pleasure to the sexy woman above her.


Strange Addiction...or Fetish?

group 2018-09-27

There was my fiance on her back with her legs being pulled back to her chest and being held by a beautiful brunette that was sitting on her face and a pretty good looking guy was slowly sliding in and out of her soaked pussy. After the girl on top came with a twitching orgasm, they broke that position and the guy laid on his back and my fiance climbed on top of that nice cock and it slid right in without a problem. She managed to Gasp out "Oh GOD that feels so good." The brunette got in back of me and licked my ass till it got so soaked with her saliva, that she slide a finger in there.

The Grateful Virus_Ch. 102

group jadling 2018-09-27

His best orgasms -- the ones he had after really getting worked up and pausing several times inside of one of his favorites -- went on a lot longer, and if he concentrated (which was not easy under the circumstances) he could impregnate as many as 10 different girls in a row in the same long orgasm. And even when he went through a lot of girls in a row, it actually wasn't all that much like the torture in Jen's church, because he was going through them to choose which ones to spend more time with. As with the previous tournament day, he kept a line of already eliminated girls ready at all times behind him in case he wanted to come.


Bi Bi Miss American Pie Part 1

group 2018-09-27

It was now 6:00pm and the other six girls greeted the new pledge.Jennifer and Kelly introduced Alicia to Becca,Amanda,Holly,Nissa,Bailey and Amber who was a senior and host of the initiation ceremonies.Amber spoke saying, fellow Kappa Phi Delta s****rs,this is our new freshman pledge Alicia who thinks she has what it takes to be a member of the s****rhood...Step to the circle and undress pledge,the nine girls held hands and formed a circle dressed only in their white robes,Alicia entered and stepped to the center of the circle,undressing as commanded by Amber.

The Trio

group markelly 2018-09-27

Misha's body continued to move with Joe's gentle thrust, her small breast seemed to catch Becky's attention now, her nipples the size of the tip of her little finger and incredibly hard. Misha in her state was of little use at the moment, so she pushed Joe onto the bed, sat across him and with a smile on her face lowered her breast to his lips. That was it for Joe, no way was he able to hold back any longer after seeing what the girls were doing and for the second time that night, came deep into someone he loved, sending Becky bucking and screaming into her own orgasm.


Sharing a cabin with three men

group 2018-09-27

My heart was pounding, this was very sexual and getting close to the bone, I knew if I did as suggested, there would be no turning back, 'Only if you promise to behave yourselves', I quietly interjected, I wanted to take some clothes off, we all knew it, but this was my playact of modesty, and I stood up and reached behind for my zipper, the heat and sweat were palpable as I undid the back button and let my skirt fall to the deck, revealing my long legs and black netted stockings, and as I bent slowly and deliberately to gather my dress, my thong disappeared between my ass cheeks, to make it appear as if I were without, one of the guys pressed his cock home, between my thighs, I gasped and put both hands on my bunk bed, holding my ass high, we started to fuck, as my thong was ripped from my body, another getting under my and guided his cock into my mouth all the time toying with my swinging tits

The Cumslut

group ulboquet 2018-09-27

He fucked me backwards and forwards and when he was done he shot his greasy load deep inside of my ass, God it felt good. His probing tongue flickered at first and then dove into my slimy hole as I again drove the party boy's cock further into my pussy. As I was being taken in both holes I felt the rush of adrenaline and knew all too soon, "Oh, oh, oh FUCK ME!" I cried as I gushed an orgasm. As he fucked my face another hungry cock had found my willing hole and filled it up with cum. Realizing at that point that everyone was exhausted, everyone but me that is, I quickly dug deep into my ass and pussy to get what cum there was and then thanked everyone for a wonderful time.

Sensations Escort Services Ch. 02

group SteveWallace 2018-09-27

Mike held the door for Kat, Brad, and Amber, and he closed it behind him; Amber took his arm, and pulled it to her breast as she started to walk beside him – one of the moves the trio had practiced. Amber picked up the thread; "I did the same with Mike only seconds behind Kat. Before he could even undress, I had him down my throat in what he assured me was the best blowjob he'd ever had times ten. Kat said, "Brad and I watched Amber and Mike. "Mike had cum inside me – a lot, the first time we got back from the rooftop bar, and then Brad had cum in me before we showered and went back to the bar.


Adventures with Suzy Ch. 03

group yarnspinnerr 2018-09-27

Suzy smiled, reminiscing as he told the story of how after she got him completely hard she had mounted him and they started a slow sensuous fuck with lots of fondling and dirty talk. "I knew way before that." Suzy said, then added "I'll bet Dave would like to know about our.....openness in our relationship." Finally Sue told her "Brenda, if you spent half as much time pleasing your man as you do primping in front of a mirror, it never would have come to this." She wet her lips with her tongue and grabbed Sam's cock at the base, pointing it straight at herself. As Sue started to bob her head on Sam's cock Brenda said, almost quietly, "I don't believe this is happening."


A Hausfrau's Liberation

group SiliSusan 2018-09-27

When I came back into the room I leaned against the wall watched her taste his cock, spied the oh-so-content look on his face, and mentioned aloud his belly is not nearly as bad as she had told me, then asked if he had been working out? One of the men went between her legs while the other knelt by her head and moved to pull her mouth to his cock. I to my knees, pulled the boxers off my friends, and started moving my mouth from cock to cock, tasting licking, kissing, and sucking as I went. I placed my head on the bed, turned to watch my friend, who by this point was straddling one man, facing away from him, while another knelt and had her suck his cock.


The Girls Next Door Ch. 01

group VictoriaOh 2018-09-27

I needed it – I'm so sorry!" Sheryl slapped her breasts again, Amanda laying on her bed and just letting it happen, legs spread wide as her friend used one hand alternately to slap her breasts and harshly pinch one nipple and then the other, wrenching them cruelly, and using her other hand to roughly thrust a fat red rubber dildo into her hole over and over again. Sheryl lowered her head and began to twirl her tongue around Amanda's asshole again; thoroughly wetting it, and then stuck her tongue into the brown hole about half an inch, deliberately letting spittle drip into the void there.


My Dream For Double Dick

group 2018-09-27

I just avoiding knowingly then Prakash said I have a wish to dance with you and feel you and prakash came near me and grab me in his arms I said what are you doing bhaiya I am your b*****r’s wife please leave me, I am not trying to free from his arms its really feel good after my husband another man touch me like that way after a second I feel that another hand touching my ass from backside I said rahul bhaiya please don’t do this but I know both of them are now never stop because alcohol and my naked body made them wild now four hands touching my body all over. But who cares Rahul sat on sofa and order me to sit on his cock, I do what he wants because I don’t have any choice to say ‘no’ and he start fucking after some minutes prakash trying to insert his dick in my ass now it really painful for me.