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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Ladies Cocktail Night Ch. 04

group masterandmargarita 2018-09-27

I can't wait to start!" Vera exclaimed looking over Katrin and her sexy friends in the room: Malena, Liz, and Olivia who all donned short skirts and silky, shear stockings. As Ted took his seat, he saw, from left to right, Olivia, Vera, Katrin, Malena, and Liz all take their places and cross their legs. "Very good, Liz and Malena," Katrin commented as she watched them work as a team to lick on the dildo balls. Malena forced Ted's rock-hard, eight-inch cock all the way to the back of her throat repeatedly, causing spit to drip down onto his balls and onto Liz's face. Vera and Olivia squinted and laughed as Malena and Liz scooped up a taste of cum into their spoons and licked it off.


Island's Sail Ch. 02

group Justdome 2018-09-27

Shawnee and I swim out to the boat and climb the ladder, just as we step onto the boat Nathalie cries out in ecstasy and Jeff fills her pussy with his come. Nathalie just looks at me smiling, as Shawnee takes hold of my hand and moves us towards the deck shower. Just then Jeff walks up behind Shawnee and takes hold of her bending her over at the waist and slipping his rock hard cock into her ass. I pin her arms and legs down to the deck and enter Nathalie's pussy driving as deep, hard and fast as I can exploding inside of her within a couple of minutes as Nathalie has her second orgasm.

Movie with a Naughty Difference

group melissared 2018-09-27

I could see the other girl watching by this point and her hand was gripping his upper thigh very tightly while she squirmed slightly on her chair. It seemed the girl's eagerness got the better of her shyness as she reached for the very hard cock under Tyler's jeans and pulled down the zipper letting him bulge through the gap but with his underwear proving another barrier for us. I couldn't help but pull his friend towards me by the hand that was pleasuring my ex so well and giving her a passionate kiss leaning in front of Tyler so he could watch us.

My Wife The Fag Hag

group tazsis1 2018-09-27

You know how I used to get horny on dope; that and watching the lovely boys, dancing, flirting and touching and kissing and going off the back rooms to bugger each other silly. I opened my mouth to voice my orgasm, I wanted to say thank you, but he came then spraying me with hot streams of sperm -- into my mouth, over my face, in my eyes, some in my ear, my hair. Young men, my boys, were sleeping in every corner of the flat, in every chair and on the carpet -- there were four of them tangled up in the big bed in Paul and Joe's room.

Camping...Plus Three...

group hclay84 2018-09-27

And of course my imagination takes over, and soon I'm picturing us naked, leaning against the soft, slippery rock face behind the falls, your legs wrapped around my waist and my lower body pumping away between your thighs, sliding you up and down on the smooth, wet stone with each thrust. With all three standing over you, you rise up to your knees and start to suck their dicks with your perfect, lusty lips, bobbing your pretty head on their slick, hard cocks, one after the other, taking them in your mouth and throat and begging for their cum with your muffled, cock filled moans...and when the one you're sucking on groans and grabs your head to thrust against your face, I know his cum is shooting down your throat, and the sight is too much for the rest of us, my fist pumping my cum out onto the forest floor, the other two soldiers depositing theirs all over your face and body.

My Birthday Party

group 2018-09-27

Want a taste?” I can see Brian's reaction from where I am standing- he can't get there fast enough – he is kneeling in front of you and his tongue licks those pussy lips of yours. You pull his shirt over his head and your tits, bare now, are pressed against his chest as your fingers reach for his belt to undo the buckle. You let your body slide down his front so that your tits rub against his balls and cock as you reach for his waistband and pull his jeans and boxers to the floor. “No hands!” And every other cock there is rock hard as we see him reach for his key with his lips and teeth, pulling it out with a little squelching noise!

Maddie in Cancún Ch. 05

group wolfbadger 2018-09-27

Maddie's fingers tightened their grip, holding handfuls of Sam's shirt as he sucked her bottom lip into his mouth, teeth gently grazing it. As he sucked it deep into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue, Maddie reached under her skirt began fingering her clit through the damp material of her panties. Sam slid one hand inside the girl's panties, his fingers joining Maddie's as they teased her pussy. Sam looked up from kissing the inside of her thigh to see her touch Greg's hand, run her fingers along, feeling its length and texture, and obviously trying to work something out. The combination of Greg's cock pounding her and Sam's hands on her tits really worked her up and Maddie started rocking her hips back into him.

Island Fever Ch. 32

group Jeremydcp 2018-09-27

"We want them to grow up healthy and right, with others around in the same age group for them to play and be with." I smiled at her and coyly asked, "What do you think about being a parent one day, Miss Trish?" "For as beautiful as you are on the outside, Trish, I think you are a million times more beautiful on the inside." The 30-year-old brought both hands to her mouth and covered it in momentary shock as I continued, "I could do nothing but sit and talk with you for a whole year, sweetheart, and be happy.


Dave Has Party For Hot Neighbors

group sexy_J 2018-09-27

Kindra told Dave she knew he was starting something with Ashley but wanted to let him know he had options. Ashley said she would host a pre party till game time and Kindra was coming for some alone time. Kindra said there were several girls he will want to fuck and maybe date tonight. Ashley and Kindra's friends were Paula, Andrea, Missy, Megan, and Lexi. Dave sat in his recliner with Kindra and Ashley on his lap. Kindra went to the bathroom and while she was gone Lexi had to touch that big cock bulging in Dave's shorts. Dave didn't know what to tell Kindra but right now he decided to enjoy Andrea and hoped to be able to date them both!

Ms. Marca Ch. 24

group Ms. Marca 2018-09-27

The bum standing in her way looked her in the eye and said in a slow southern accent" You'r fucken not going nowhere until you suck this thing and I lick them tittles." He pulled on his crouch and she could see he had a big size cock. He reached into the bag and pulled out a used bar of soap, and walked up to her and sat down next to her in the water and said, "OK big tits, wash me." She took the soap and closed her eyes and started to rub his arm and look away at the same time.


A Good Sister Ch. 03

group Bones Malone 2018-09-27

Wear nothing; you'll want to be easily accessible." Then, just as quickly as he had entered, he left, leaving her on her knees, her face covered in jism. Having pulled off her clothes just before 3, she stood in her brother's room, waiting for the surprise, feeling very exposed. The door opened, issuing in her brother, and two boys she hadn't seen before. Her hands tingled, wanting to cover her privates, but she knew her arms would just be wrenched away again anyway. After a time, the boy pulled out and started ejaculating onto her young face. As she was being drenched with sperm, she could only stare at her brother in disbelief, beginning to wonder how many cocks she would be forced to service in the coming years.


Magnificently Lusftul Seven Ch. 1

group Litlover27 2018-09-27

Inside the cabin, Shakara leaned back on the table, her hand on the back of Rathgar’s neck, her eyes locked on his as he slammed his cock into her amber haired pussy. The table began to crumple, Shakara felt herself begin to fall with it, but with the speed of a battle hardened warrior, Rathgar dipped down as he thrusted into Shakra, lifting her off the crumbling table and turning her, his cock wedged deep in her pussy as he slammed her against the wall. He pulled his pants roughly over his now hard cock as his mother began to lick up and down Jupiter’s cheeks and face, tasting the sperm he had deposited there not long ago.

Dave, Mandy, & A Stripper

group blueeyedkitty 2018-09-27

I sat down still wearing my black bra and panties ensemble and immediately Mandy's hand found my thigh and lightly rubbed it as she hungrily looked towards by body. I then felt Dave's hand meet the fabric of my top and pull it beneath the weight of my breasts like Mandy had done and he began his tongue offensive, raking my tips and pulling hard on it with his lips. Finally up on my knees with my legs spread apart to give Mandy plenty of room to work, I grasped my encouraged tits and wrapped them around Dave's impressive cock. Mandy took the obvious cue and straddled herself over Dave's hips, took his member in hand, and slowly lowered her succulent pussy until his cock head meet the lips of her pussy.


On a Bearskin Rug

group RiteofSpring 2018-09-27

I thrust my penis deep into Nancy's vagina and hold it there, savoring the sweet conjunction of our pubic mounds and the warm wet clasp her cunt is giving my cock shaft. The magnificent tableau would make a Turner painting look pallid: the lambent light of the fire, its hiss and crackle, Jim's hairy bum rising and falling in jerks, sometimes side to side, Nancy's full figure below him panting and moaning and stiffening with repeated orgasms, her face and her tits and her furry pussy mound and vulva lips all visible in great detail to the sound of her "uh" "uh" "uh" as Jim pounded his cock into her cunt.

Sharing Your Girlfiend

group Linypsi 2018-09-27

She kisses you as she takes off your shirt, running her hands all over your chest and arms, licking your neck and biting where she wants. She cries out when I push her soaking wet thong out of the way and plunge two fingers on my left hand into her creaming pussy. I look behind me to watch you pump into her, her plug making her dripping pussy so tight it takes all your control not to come yet. Her wicked tongue is so skilled and the plug feels so good that I start to scream. I feel your thumb at my opening and then you push further in, until your entire hand is inside my pussy.

Thong Fantasies Ch. 06

group Smooth_Bi_Guy 2018-09-27

As she continued to ride my raging hard-on, I described how I wanted to fuck her hot, wet pussy from behind as David stuck his throbbing cock in her willing mouth. I told her that Maria was going to fuck her tight ass with her big, black strap-on as David and I filled her mouth and pussy with our bursting cocks. As I walked along the beach looking for David and Maria, my cock started to swell as the butt-plug wiggled inside my tight hole. I also took the time to admire David's smooth body and, as he came closer, I noticed that his cock was extremely swollen and straining against his skimpy thong.


Threesome at a Farmhouse Overseas

group ex_expat 2018-09-27

I was going to have to change my appearance not just for tonight, but for a long time to come. In the process, she made sure to run her hands on my chest, and got close enough that if I wanted to, I could have touched her all over. Round breasts that stayed up very well, without the need for a push-up bra (which I had noticed earlier, as she took it off), curvy hips, and slightly off-center vertical line between them – I just could not help keep my eyes off her. After having sat on the couch all evening long, she commented how uncomfortable it was, and wondered aloud how I'd sleep on it. I wasn't complaining, and it looked like her husband was pleased too.

Paris at Night

group romane 2018-09-27

A couple gets up, the woman in latex, the man covered from head to toe, and with a chain around his neck. The girl then whips the man as the woman sucks on his cock. -- We are treated to a birthday party where out-of-control girls, in a limousine, offer their young breasts to the anxious mouths of the men in their presence. The young woman puts on a disc, and begins to dance in front of the couple and her friend. Once the show ends, the young woman feels no modesty, and remains naked without covering her breasts or her pussy. The young woman turns around, and begins to caress her breasts and pussy right in front of the camera.

Scott and Melissa Ch. 04 Pt. 1

group Katthrynn 2018-09-27

Melissa's accident had happened while Star and Scott were sleeping together. If Melissa could get any pleasure out of watching them together, then Star would fuck Scott all night long. Scott opened the door wearing a pair of loose black shorts and a T-shirt, "Hey Star." "Yeah, it was a lot of fun." Star whispered giving Scott a smoldering look that he returned and which Melissa caught. Melissa touched her hand, "Star, I already know you and Scott had a hot steamy affair. Star tucked the hem into the waistband so Scott and Melissa could see her legs all the way up to her hip, but got only flashes of ass and pussy.


Serving the Soldiers Again

group SLICKHEAD 2018-09-27

The other men were rubbing and playing with my hard nipples and tits as my pussy and mouth were getting fucked hard, Then the guy in my pussy started moaning and I felt his warm load fill the inside of my pussy and then Jake grabbed my hair as he thrust his cock deep in my throat as his salty load coated the back of my mouth. With a hour left before returning to the base I just went from cock to cock sucking each man until they shot there load in my mouth, When we got back to the camp we split up and went to our own barracks and when I got to mine to shower I had dried cum in my hair and all over my tits and pretty much all over and I could still taste cum in my mouth after brushing my teeth and bathing but after swallowing around twelve loads of cum and getting about that many in my pussy and ass what could I expect.

was it lust or was is it hot sex CHAPTER 2

group 2018-09-27

i felt my belly geting big then all of a sudden my ass hole burste with slime as i got thin agen candy and sandy cam over and pushed milessa off and said my turn they both bent over and stucjk there ass hole in my mouth and put there stuff in me to. then candy tina christina christal rachille katrina aND MILESSA STARTED TO FUCKE SANDY HARDER AND HARDER THEN WHEN THEY WURE GOING TO CUM THEY CUMED IN HER PUSSY THEN THAT MADE LATOSHA CUM IN MY MOUTH AND SNOW CUMM IN MY ASS THEN I PASSED OUT.

My Boyfriend & His Best Friend

group honeygirl20f 2018-09-27

I knew right then that Allan was feeling a little drunk, cause under any normal circumstance he would of decked Jeff for suggesting anything like that. "You bet, why honey, why don't you go and give Jeff a little sample?" Allan let go of me and watched as I made my way to his best friend. "So you want it you little whore?" Allan held my hands down over my head, and Jeff forced my legs apart. "You skank, walking around in that little dress, teasing your boyfriend's best friend!" Jeff rammed his cock in and out, over and over again, as he yelled at me; "You can't just tease grown men like that bitch!"

My Lucky Night

group tiberiusirius 2018-09-27

"Why don't you let Charlie see what a tight little body you have before you show him how those pretty pink lips look wrapped around daddy's shaft." He rumbled, grabbing Nicki's hand as she stepped out of her shorts and thong, pulling her in front of him to face me. I didn't think about anything, just the need to get off, and immediately I had my hands on her hips, starting a punishing pace while loving the sight of Nicki on my dick moaning and squeezing her pussy every time I went to pull out like she was trying to keep me in or some shit.

Our Wives are Lovers

group rp_bhp 2018-09-27

" do look good today" she says, watching my cock as it hangs full and heavy from my trimmed bush "but today is all about...trying" She walks past me with her palm full of oil and starts rubbing it on Mike's chest. I watch as Mike's long cock waves back and forth as my wife massages his ass, and suddenly I feel Veronica's slippery finger delve deeper in my crack and start rubbing the tight sphincter of my ass! "OK boys," my wife calls out as she idly strokes her oily hand up and down another man's long, throbbing cock, "I expect a clean match out there" she smiles as she rubs her palm in a circular motion over Mike's cock-head, then continues in a voice full of devilish mischief "feel free to play as dirty as you like though..."