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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Great Loop Ch. 09

group Creekman 2018-09-27

At the boat, MJ started to put things away anticipating leaving in the morning for Toledo while I took advantage of having WiFi to update my blog, get my emails, pay bills, etc. I knew from my reading, that the water fronts in and around Toledo were industrialized and would continue that way until I got into Lake Huron north of Detroit. I asked MJ if we had time to visit it together before she had to leave and she said, "Sounds like fun." They asked how long I was going to be staying in Detroit, what I planned to do and then made some suggestions for other places that I might be interested in visiting.


D's Second Adventure

group slimpic11 2018-09-27

She helped Marsha host a regular party for the core of the team; Jim, Mike, Lenny, and Early. "Thought you might like this," Mera said as she handed me a glass of wine. "Let's try some of these party dresses," Mera said. We are so nearly the same size." So Mera pulled her shift dress over her head and she was wearing a very revealing thong and an almost invisible bra that barely held up her full breasts. Marsha had told me that Lenny and Joy could not make it so it would be Early, Jim with Mera, and Mike with Marsha. Mera I knew now had to decide as she was wearing a bra that hide very little like me just a strip that stretched over the nipples but clearly outlined the pink tips.


My Best Friend Blaine

group WarmMilk 2018-09-27

Blaine was always getting dates, which meant as soon as she came home with them, which she always did, I was confined in my room until they decided to stop fucking. I want you to meet him." Blaine started to rub her soapy hands on my back. "Mark likes big tits too, you know..." she said once I let my hands fall away. I've met nice guys before." I tugged my robe on and followed Blaine out of the room when she was done. He's great, isn't he?" Blaine gave me a little punch in the shoulder and I pretended to laugh about it. Blaine just kept looking at me with a smirk on her lips, and her little boy-toy parroted it easily.


Watching Her Let Go

group MISKODRAK 2018-09-27

Her main one was that I just wanted to have sex with another woman (she couldn't have been more wrong), I reassured her that I just wanted us both to explore a few things, we could start off with same-room sex with another couple, where we don't actually swap, if she liked...and that my main objective was for HER to have a great time, lose control a bit and just go with whatever came up. Emboldened by our baptism of fire the previous night, when the time came to go downstairs Sylvia decided to wear a black g-string, her thigh-boots and one of my white shirts left open and her long blonde hair loose falling over her shoulders.

In Step Ch. 09

group RonCabo 2018-09-27

"And when I told Peter that Donna and I were going to be married," George went on, "he insisted on taking me to dinner afterward. When it was over and all but the boss and the couple remained in the conference room, Peter said to Donna, "I'm sorry to have to keep George from you tonight. Donna sat up, much to Mark's disappointment, and with an obviously happy expression, she said, "I have news." So, she told them all that had happened today, and they were swept in to her excitement, enough that they were no longer aggravated that Donna was home. When they entered the house, Donna said seductively, "Kendall and I are going to get comfortable.


In the Mood

group eros469 2018-09-27

Michele lowered her butt back onto Jason’s lap and watched between her legs as Jason’s cock disappeared into Jennifer’s mouth once, twice and then three times. Michele lifted her butt up again until Jennifer could push the head of his cock into Michele’s pussy. Jennifer resumed licking Michele’s pussy, flicking her tongue across her clit as Michele started riding up and down on Jason’s cock. Jennifer’s tongue licking her clit and Jason’s cock moving in and out of her pussy brought Michele to her first orgasm within a minute. Just three minutes ago she would of thought it was impossible for her to have any more orgasms that night, she had been exhausted, but now riding up and down on Jason’s cock as Jennifer fucked her ass with the vibrating strap-on she was could feel other orgasm building inside her.


The Prom Date Ch. 07

group Kellog 2018-09-27

"Sara," Cindy said reassuringly, getting up out of her chair and stepping over to where her twin sister was standing by the edge of her dressing table, "it's not a contest. Cindy also noticed how her hand fell naturally between her sister's thighs, caressing the soft skin as she slowly made her way up under the leg hole of Sara's shorts. "I won't." Her mother gave her an air-kiss on the side of her cheek, not wanting to muss up her daughter's makeup, smiled at her one last time in the mirror, then turned and walked out of her bedroom, heading over to Cindy's room.


Threesome of My Dreams Ch. 02

group nochance69 2018-09-27

Deep throat that cock baby!" Rebecca said as she pushed Tina's head forward. I eased my cock from Tina's spent pussy, and Rebecca leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth. Fuck me now!" I pulled my dick out of her pussy and eased the head into her ass. Tina laughed and Rebecca looked at me and smiled and said "She said her pussy was hurting from getting fucked so much so I was just kissing it to make it feel better." I just smiled and rolled my eyes and went back to finish my shower. Not wearing any panties." Tina just moaned and I took the cue and eased forward and gently licked her pussy.

The Camping Trip

group Lil-Brandi 2018-09-26

I resist slightly, which only causes him to take a hold of my hair and pull my head backwards almost painfully, I begin to yell out which is the opportunity Jim needed, he stuffs his fat penis into my open mouth. On the brink of passing out, I suddenly calm enough to take in air through my nose, I breathe panting-like through my nose, finally calming down I realize that the huge cock is still embedded in my throat. I suddenly feel a huge plum like object push against my pussy lips. She suddenly plunges her tongue deep within my folds sucking the cum out of me...I lay my head back, close my eyes and enjoy the feelings a hand....

Recollections Pt. 02 Ch. 07

group Kaadorix 2018-09-26

My mind harkened back to just two days after his funeral, I had a dream that Dad came to visit me from the other side and we were finally able to settle our differences after two-and-a-half years of bitter feelings and zero contact stemming from the fact that Merissa was added to my marriage with Alexa. "Just like last time when I took you to Children's Hospital so you could see Lexi and Merissa in 2007, when Lexi was ill herself, remember that no one can see or hear us," Dad said to me, his voice calm and serene, pointing at the gathering of friends and family.


A Christmas Story

group Traci Spencer 2018-09-26

Zane and I decided to go to Victoria's Secret and pick out some massage oil and scented candles for Lisa and Tom. I went into the kitchen and Lisa whispered to me that me and her should start making out in front of Zane and Tom. Zane then started to undress me while Tom decided to pull Lisa away and kiss her and feel her body. I didn't really watch Zane and Lisa because I had my eyes closed and was moaning my head off from Tom's wet tongue. Tom then just rammed his cock deep into Lisa's pussy as I started to eat Lisa out from behind and Zane was fucking my ass.

Mr. Nice Guy vs. High School Ch. 01

group EsotericNiceGuy 2018-09-26

Feeling dizzy, Jason wondered down the hall to Gretchen's room, where they would sit and hang out as kids when her mom was not home. er, every girl at school has kind of a crush on you." Jason did not see himself as a good guy, just big and fast, but he saw no need to correct her. This is so hot, I love that there is no pressure at all, and I am really turned on..." Before Jason could coax her back to the task at hand, they could hear the front door open and Gretchen's mom call for help with the groceries. Not wanting to talk to his grandmother with a girl's saliva all over his hard cock, Jason hopped in his jeep and headed home.


Fifteen Minutes Ch. 05

group hal_tee 2018-09-26

"My favourite customers," the red haired girl smiled, pulling a seat out for Madison as the production assistant departed. "Perfect," Madison smiled as she accepted the small bottle from the girl's outstretched hand. "I've told you before," the redhead said, glancing out of the corner of her eye as she began to brush out Madison's long black hair. "Madison Cooper needs to pinch herself," Thomson quipped, looking around the small studio. Madison hadn't been out of the room for more than a minute when Goldie had locked the door and turned back to the blonde. Madison let out a squeal of delight as she adjusted the back of her long black hair so that it fanned out on the pillow underneath her head.


Bachelor Party Ch. 01

group pauls_lover_gal 2018-09-26

Jake takes it from him, and sniffs it, then says "Mmm, damn girl, it is going to be nice to taste you later." I shudder nervously at the thought, and you pat your lap, motioning for me to come sit there. Before I realize what is happening, he pulls his fingers out of me, and shoves me off of his lap, telling me it is Don's turn. I am completely enjoying, when his other hand finds its way to my pussy and begins, with two fingers also, to fuck me there. His speed picks up, but before I am satisfied, he withdraws both hands, sticking the three fingers from my pussy into my mouth and telling me to suck them.

Abandoned in Las Vegas

group Ingrid11B 2018-09-26

Mike said, "I just finished work Ann, and I'd take you home, but I share a place with two other men to keep our expenses down, and it gets pretty rowdy at times." He asked if Rob left any money, and when he learned I only had $192.37 to my name he said, "Come along with me, and we'll see what we can do for you." I knew Mike planned to take advantage of me because he was looking me over with craving eyes while I watched Rob lose his money the previous night, but I could see he was an attractive man that towered over my tall thin figure, and he was more appealing than the jerk that dumped me.

One of our many regular weekend nights

group we_like_xxx 2018-09-26

I was so deep in her pussy in a sort of doggy style position that i didnt even notice Elliot stand up until his shadow came over me, he pulled me over so that the girl and i were kneeling beside each other, he said 'kiss her' to me, which i did, and as our tongues were meeting eachother Elliot was poking his spit drenched 8.5 inch cock between our tongues, we the Double blow jobbed him while fingering eachother,for a while until Elliot Decided his next move....TBC

Bi-times with Frank and Penny

group alexcarr 2018-09-26

Now, I took his cock out of his jeans, I loved Frank and wanted for us to share everything, his cock was soon gratified in the most delightful way as, he, still smelling and sniffing Penny's panties, I felt his gush come hot and strong into my mouth, dribbling down my chin, he was quick to take my cock again firmly and his sucks were out of this world as always they were and very soon, me perched on the edge of the settee, Frank knelt between my thighs, he took the full spurt into his mouth as his hands worked my balls.


Sotia mea cu alt mascul

group pleyer24 2018-09-26

Nu dureaza mult timp si primesc niste mesaje,ceva barbati care erau interesati de sex bun cu sotia mea porno doar ca mie nu imi placea ceva...imi trimiteau poze cu pulele lor si nu erau ca a mea sau mai mare. Se imbraca sotia mea porno cu o pereche de ciorapi pana sus pe bulane,niste bikini cu ata subtire intre buci,pe bulane,pupaza si bucu era unsa cu ulei,o fusta neagra scurta pe ea dar nu mulata pe corp, cum se apleca putin i se vedeau bucile. O penetra negru asta cu o pofta nebuneasca si incepu sa o futa mai rapid si tare...tare mult imi placea sa ii vad ei privirea si cum gemea,eram inebuniti toti de placere.


Bimbette Goes Dancing

group Jackson Blacke 2018-09-26

The bartender eyed her suspiciously, but the other men continued to ogle Bimbette in spellbound silence until the dark-skinned man sitting by himself at the next table finally spoke up: "Don't expect him to come over and ask what you want. Bimbette turned Stu so that his back was to the bar, then slowly, surreptitiously, pulled down his fly and slipped her hand into his pants and through the opening in his shorts to find his stiff love stick. After another brief, but awkward silence, Bimbette offered, "You know, darling, I think if we could talk privately, I could get you to see that I mean no harm." She stood up, took both of the bartender's hands in hers, pursed her bright red lips into a heart-melting, prick-hardening pout and asked, "Isn't there someplace we can talk quietly?"


My First Day at Work Ch. 02

group nakedindian 2018-09-26

She was the quintessential big-city Punjabi working mother -- fair skin, buxom body, sizably big breasts, rotund ass, pearly-white straight even teeth, long black hair, and a perpetual red lipstick smile on her face. While we kissed, Lakshmi very swiftly took Poonam's bottoms off. You just had to look at the piece of ass on this woman -- heart-shaped -- just the way buttocks were meant to be. In my zest to destroy Poonam's ass, I had forgotten all about Lakshmi until I felt a tingling up my backside. Lakshmi had rammed an eight-inch strap-on straight up my ass. Lakshmi was my first woman boss to have violated my anus. I discharged all my fluid deep within Poonam's ass.

Ana: Encounters

group Seamen 2018-09-26

Jennifer would reach new levels of ecstasy when Ana's finger would slide up her ass, when Ana would thrust her tongue into Jen's mouth and kiss her for at least some ten minutes, when Ana would just continue holding off her orgasm, keeping her on edge, teasing her endlessly until, when she finally did let her cum, Jen would hold on for dear life, and pray that her little heart wouldn't burst. Jennifer grunted - the only time she ever did that, for she was usually a silent lover - and Ana would have made her pass out, but Jen's husband pulled her back, and proceeded to fuck her for a full ten minutes, ejaculating twice in the process.

TEO 1.2

group SensitiveSuccubus 2018-09-26

He and Brittany were locked in a kiss while he cupped and stroked Angela, little sounds of pleasure escaping her lips. Soon she was bucking as his arm jittered against her skirt, his hand doing wonderful things out of their sight, but Angela saw his expert hands, his thick fingers, manipulating her clit and stroking her sopping slit. Angela leaned over, still stroking Aaron and removed his hand from her pussy, replacing it with her own lips. Aaron reached for Brittany's hair and pulled her down, his hand on her back, bending her over his throbbing cock. Brittany bent over and her hungry mouth engulfed his cock, bobbing up and down, moaning into it as Angela tongued her greedy slit.

The Concubines

group sadsac 2018-09-26

Then I stopped, and sighed with pleasure as she sat down on the bed, and leaned over and took my unattended tit in her mouth, and sucked strongly on the lush nipple, which promptly hardened in between her sensual lips. Finally he stopped sucking, and started to fall asleep, so I gently pulled him away from my nipple, and a white rivulet of milk ran down my swollen breasts. But this time she surprised me, instead of using the pump, she put a towel under my breast, and took my tit-flesh in her soft hands, and squeezing gently, started to milk me manually. Jasmine was suckling strongly on my tit now; her hands kneading it vigorously, pulling forward on my fat nipple, helping my milk flow into her mouth.


Abby and Casey

group johnnieblue44 2018-09-26

"Casey and I were making girl talk and I asked her which guy in the mall she found the most fuckable, and she said, 'That mall manager looks like he'd know his way around a bed.' What a coincidence, huh?" When Abby began to gently lick and suck on the tip of my purple cock head, though, Casey's hand went to cover her mouth unconsciously. "I knew she was seeing the 'mall manager', and I noticed that every time she talked about you, she had this dreamy look on her face," Casey regaled, lowering herself onto me, her impossibly tight cunt like a boa constrictor, wrapping her vaginal muscles around my cock.