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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Text Messages

group movie_store_girl 2018-09-26

The no name guy apparently thought it was his turn to speak because he said "It's okay, a lot of girls don't like giving blow jobs." He obviously thought he was being smart because he wasn't laughing or anything. Seth looked at John and asked, "So she was serious, you call asking for more." John laughed and said " Well I believe that I asked her to meet me for a beer, but 'Lyss does better work when she is sober yes." We all stood there for a second before I said " Okay boys well I will have you know that my time is precious and I still have to write a paper tonight." John needed no further instruction, he was very well trained.

More Adventures With Tony Ch. 3

group Salsa105 2018-09-26

Peter looked down at Tony and told him not to move his cock from where it was, imbeded deep into my mouth and throat. Peter told Tony to spread my lips to each side and watch his cock slowly drive me into spasms. Tony watched in awe, as the moistness he had dug out of my pussy slowly coated the shaft and tip of Peter's cock. Tony said he could see my pussy quivering, the inside muscles trying to suck him in, moisture oozing out around Peter's cock. The sight of Peter's cock, inserting and withdrawing in that hot wet pussy, was more than Tony could stand.

B.T.V.S.: Buffy Summers and the Sex Demon Part 4

group crystalwaters69 2018-09-26

The b**sts broke free from Faith and began bucking wildly trying to get Buffy off him but she grabbed the horns on the top of his head and, using them like handle bars, kept riding and pounding his ass. Dawn, Tara and Anya sat with each other, as naked as the room full of women were when Buffy and Willow had left, watching a repeat of a web-cast on their smart TV. Buffy wrapped her arms around Anya and whispered to her that she like her not having cock for a long time, referring to the cocks she had to take in her mouth since that morning in the Magic Box. Faith approached Dawn and they hugged each other without having to say a word to one another.

Daughter's Disclosure

group mikeperk 2018-09-26

The fact that the guy must have an erection flashed through my mind, but the pleasure he was providing put me past caring. This time the hands travelled up my legs and thighs very quickly, skirted around my groin, up over the belly and started work in earnest at my breasts. I focused my eyes on a freckled face, topped with a shock of red hair, just as I felt another hard member, this time teasing the wet lips of my cunt. Despite the lack of any great movement between the three of us, I felt waves of pleasure start to ripple through me just as a third massage started at my shoulders.


Kim and James in Vegas Chapter 2

group OlGeezer 2018-09-26

James moved his head lower, licking around Kim's nipples, teasing her buds until they got rock hard. Kim's hands wrapped around James cock, feeling it rock hard. James could feel Kim's pussy gush even more as she had her first orgasm of the day. Teasing the head of his cock, her hand sliding up and down his wet shaft Kim spoke softly, I want you to fill my mouth with your cum darling. Tom smiled back, looking at James and said, he thought he saw a gleam in Kim's eyes that morning. He moved close as he put his arms about her, kissed her gently and told Kim, I talked with Tom and everything is fine.

Me, a Porn Star?

group Softly 2018-09-26

One by one the woman were asked to walk back and fourth on the stage before the two men, who sat at the table, occasionally writing notes. The director was sipping a Coke and speaking to the camera man, who was the only person watching me getting fucked. My jaw opened, as I gasped out in pleasure; "Yes, Yess, Yesss, Yesssss, Ohhhhhhhh." My cunt clamping onto his cock caught the Cop off guard and he unloaded his sperm into me with four warm spurts. He had not said a word to me, and neither had Bad Guy. I was told to wash up and be ready for a shoot in thirty minutes. With three hard fucking cocks working my cunt and mouth, I have a series of orgasms, much to the Directors delight.

Damn the Internet

group MartinFaust 2018-09-26

But that night she thought about her hands being tied to the headboard of a satin clad bed by the red scarf, and being made to come over and over again, like she had seen in some of the movies on the internet she had watched. When the man had drawn his girl's arousal near the point of no return, he lubricated a finger, and teased her ass, circling it, but the attention on her clit slowed too, so she could enjoy both sensations for a second. Her hips bucked a little, and she bit her lip, eyes closed so tight she saw little stars every time she rubbed her clit. Tongue on her ass, vibrating bullet inside, one hand on her nipple, and a finger on her clit.


Her Fantasy Come True Ch. 02

group tmh10 2018-09-26

Karen grabbed Mike's cock at the base, pulled it in her direction, put her mouth over the head and half of his shaft, sucking and tonguing on his tool with a purpose. Karen grabbed Mike's cock from my mouth and took her turn stroking her tongue up and down the shaft. As Karen rocked her hips back and forth rubbing her pussy over Mike's eager mouth and tongue, she commanded, "You boys better get good and hard again because I want my fill from both ends." As I watched Karen mounting Mike's face, I grabbed my own cock and started stroking it, trying to find it's way back to life.

Swap Meet Ch. 01

group Boondocker42 2018-09-26

Helen had said the man, who wanted to be called Trey, had been attached to Felicity for about half a year and had been to a handful of functions. Stacy Lancaster still wasn't sure of her own appetites and limitations or lack thereof and was a little afraid that someone like Helen could pull her down with her into a depraved rabbit hole of uninhibited hunger. Knowing they would be sharing a bed sometime that night probably had a lot to do with her fascination as well as his energy and she couldn't get the idea of his hands and lips all over her out of her head. "Yeah, looks like you're ready to have fun." Helen ran her hands across the soft peaks and turned her face up to Stacy.


My foot fetish fantasy fulfilled.

group cuckoldcaptioner 2018-09-26

"First, you have to guess from memory and touch and smell alone, which foot belongs to every one of my friends here today. Soon enough I felt the girls move towards me and the first bare foot of the day be placed into my hand. "Hmmm." I thought "Feels like a foot that's kept in flip flops a lot. I was hoping you would guess right, cos I've always wanted to rub my chubby feet on your cock, but thought Cara would never let me near your cock." But a few of Cara's friends were sneakers, so it was just a question of trying to recognise which girl had this exact smell.

To Fuck a Thief

group Erlikkhan 2018-09-26

Kristy looked up at Jones with her big eyes then wrapped her fingers around his huge girth and snaked her tongue across the bulging purple head. McGee was close to orgasm when Kristy pulled her mouth from his cock to work on the other monster. Jones felt the warmth of her mouth envelop his monster as he slammed his cock repeatedly between her lips. She straddled his lap and was slowly lowered until the swollen head of his huge cock pushed up between her legs and into the moist folds of her pussy lips. Kristy felt a cock press against the entrance to her pussy and split open as it pushed inside her.


Smoke Break

group Decayed Angel 2018-09-26

There, on the conference table, Jerry, our college intern was standing in the middle of the table, completely naked, stroking his hard cock while Harriet, one of the accountants was on her back beneath him, sucking and licking his balls. Now Harriet was an older woman, approaching retirement age, and well, between the wrinkles and her sagging breasts, Susan's search for Jerry's cum took some time as she chased tiny white rivulets over her stomach and onto her chest. Just as I was licking the last of Marjorie's juices from my lips, I heard someone shout out, "Okay, the smoke break is over." I slipped my cock back into my pants, took the pack of cigarettes in my pocket, crumbled them up and tossed them, ceremoniously, into the trash.


On the Beach Ch. 2

group Jim W 2018-09-26

"Oh God Rick her pussy tastes so good, now I know why you like to eat pussy so much." Leigh said, and then returned her face to my clit. I turned around and kissed Leigh, my tongue moving into her mouth before lips closed letting Rick get a good look at it, knowing it would make him even hotter than he was already. "Not at all, besides, I want to lick his cum out of your pussy when your done." Leigh laughed, "Sounds good to me." With that she got up and moved over to my husband on the lounge. "God baby I wonder if my cunt looks this good with your cock stuffed inside me." I said to Rick, my fingers reaching between my legs to find my clit.

Wild Night Ch. 1

group Fritz 2018-09-26

Sam sat next to me, Angie with Tom, and Barb with Scott. "We're thinking of going up to the lake house, Sam," said Angie, as she pressed hard against me from the rear. Apparently, when Tom and Angie had stopped dancing, and she joined Sam and me; Tom joined in sandwiching Barb with Scott. Barb lay on a long couch with Tom fucking her mouth at one end, and Scott eating her pussy out, at the other. Angie had her hand wrapped around the base of my cock and quickly whipped it out of Sam's pussy and stuck in her mouth. I looked down and saw my spent cum oozing out of Sam's pussy, onto my cock, and into Angie's mouth.

Coveting Ch. 13

group Paris Waterman 2018-09-26

Danny jabbed Tessa in the arm and said, "Looks like James Bond and Pussy Galore are here tonight." Elaine, the evening's hostess, looked like she wanted to hide, though she couldn't take her eyes off Bert and Tessa. Tessa turned to Danny and said, "I don't like this. Tessa nodded in agreement, and arms wrapped around her chest she said, "Right, I don't want anyone to see me like this." Danny worked the dress down to her waist and up from her legs, petting her, kissing her, removing the bra entirely, pulling off her panties and fingering her like her senior-year boyfriend had. Tessa left the bed and pulled Danny by the arm until he was sitting in the bedroom armchair.


Insatiable at Work Ch. 17: Birthday

group insatiablerob8 2018-09-26

Fucking into his face, "That's it buddy...suck me...uhhhh...uhhhh...suck that dick!" After a nice round of fucking, he wrapped his hand around me and stroked, "Here honey...your turn?" Bryan stood over us, holding his big dick in his fist and moaning...I was torn, between watching his smoking hot stroke-session or his wife, satisfying me with a face-fuck. I watched her gasp like her breath was forced out, as it pushed inside, "Ahhhhhh...that's nice." With intense moans, she shuddered a little and grinned, " ready to pound me? We were fucking harder...she was completely wild with need, squeezing me tight...we both felt the pulsing...her dick...pushing and pulsing against each other. We both pushed into her; again, we spit-roasted Tara...this time on the couch and her husband got to enjoy that tight, little pussy.


Wife's Company Gangbang

group MrsCanyon 2018-09-26

Steve stepped forward and started fondling those big tits, saying, "Open your little mouth, Tracy, and make me shoot." In a second Tracy was kissing his dick and slobbering all over it. Tracy was still slobbering all over his cock, licking his balls now, sucking and moaning, One guy, almost as big as Steve, climber up behind her and pulled her legs apart, then started fingering her pussy. She was moaning and whimpering continuously, crouching there with one big guy rubbing his cock all over her face and another working on her pussy from behind, with about ten other guys watching it all, the guys around the bed now started taking their clothes off.

Detention pt 2

group griffen1 2018-09-26

Susie took her son's cock out of her mouth and peeled 'Susie, you already know Mrs. Smith,' said the As Toby was led away by the teacher Susie tried to stand inched his hard cock slowly into Toby's arse until his This time he fucked Toby hard and fast. He could feel Toby's cock expand so he let go and 'Your turn.' said Mrs. Smith when Adam was naked. Susie's mouth onto his throbbing cock just as Mrs. The headmaster was holding Susie's head and fucking her Mrs. Smith pulled out and unstrapped the cock. Mrs. Smith had cum the headmaster was rock hard again. 'Sounds as if Peter has finished with Toby,' Mrs. Smith afternoon and Mrs. Smith took her urges out on Toby.

A Trade

group easy kimmie 2018-09-26

"Hey Kimmie, I'm having dinner with friends and I'd like you to join me." Her father asked. But her father knew that the men would be distracted in leching over the young girl and the women would think it cute that a teen would be so poised and mature. Her father bound across the yard and shook Poppey's hand vigorously. They went into the house, Kim looked around, the place was dirty and badly worn. He was engaged in a quiet conversation with Poppey and the man they called Baker, every now and then they would pause and look at her. After her father left she stood in the center of the room surrounded by the Busch's. "Stop arguing boys." Poppey said.


group blueraincoat520 2018-09-26

"Hi, Eva. How's your day going?" Adam tried to sound nonchalant. Lilith didn't act as if she knew Eva. Adam did remember Eva scheduling the dinner for tonight, but it had hardly registered at the time, just some friend of hers and he assumed it would be an early night for him as they caught up on each others lives. It was eye opening to wander around the same places where these stories were told and retold." Lilith talked about the old cities she saw and cravings that showed different female goddesses, as many evil as good, and just the fun of traveling around the birthplace of civilization.


Cassandra's Revenge Ch. 03

group Winderboy 2018-09-26

A moment later and Chris was having a hard time even keeping the camera in his hands as Cassie began to blow him with amazing skill. Cassie's firm buttocks were resting firmly on his thighs and she let out an animalistic groan as she collapsed back towards his chest, nearly hitting the back of her head on the camera before he managed to lift it up out of the way. The enormous head of Chris's cock was wedged so tightly inside her that it was actually keeping all of his cum bottled up and the pressure against her womb was like nothing Cassie had ever experienced in her life.


Watching & Listening

group rjohnson 2018-09-26

It's just that I haven't had a good hard cock inside me for so long and after hearing the two people this morning, I wanted to feel Jerry's cock fucking me. Donna slowly lifted her head away from my wife's cunt and kissing it softly a couple of times, moved up into the waiting arms that surrounded her. I moved between Donna's legs and thrust fully up inside her, making her moan into my wife's cunt. "Oh yes, fill her up," my wife yelled as I started to pump my come up inside Donna's cunt. I slowly withdrew my cock and watched my wife climax once more as Donna continued to lap at her cunt. Joan quickly started licking and sucking at her cunt, making Donna groan loudly.

Beach vacation

group vtevte 2018-09-26

When Dave finished having his fun with Cathy's slick cunt and ass, she was taken from the table and we were e****ted to the living room, where the boys had laid out our new bathing suits, suits they had bought for us. When both boys had shot a load of cum into a hot ass, they pulled out and let Cathy and I lay there cuddling against each other's cunt for a while. After she calmed down a bit I resumed the tit squeezes and cunt fingering until Cathy had a second orgasm and until Jim pulled her onto his cock and held her while his hot load of cum was spewing up her tail.

We Rule the School Ch. 04

group TheWorldSpins 2018-09-26

Last Halloween, Simon, the guy she thought was the perfect boyfriend, had more or less blackmailed her into a public, humiliating anal sex experience. Katie couldn't believe a girl could be with someone like Simon willingly. Katie wondered what his angle was—not only was Simon not really the boyfriend type, but also it was strange for him to pick a girl he had basically treated like a whore as a girlfriend. The brothers absolutely loved to fuck girls in the ass, and Hannah had first fallen prey to their lust for sodomy on Halloween. Thanks to using one hand on Will and one to balance herself because of Deacon's increasingly forceful anal pounding, Hannah didn't have a free hand to jerk off Sketch's cock like he liked.