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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group Xamphos 2018-09-26

As she cupped, kneaded and suckled at the young girls breasts she watched Sabrina strip away the last of Daisy's clothes. Directed towards Sabrina's raised derriere I saw Chloe position herself over Daisy's face and watched as she sank down onto the flicking tongue awaiting the taste of her clit. Sliding her hand along the length of my quivering pulsing rod, Sabrina jerked at my cock till I could hold back no longer, in a rush of spouting gushes my love juice sprayed into Daisy's waiting mouth. Daisy reached up with outstretched hand pulling my still hard length into her mouth slowly she licked and sucked it clean as Chloe and Sabrina licked away my spray from her face.

Vegas Swingers Pt. 02

group SubBiLover 2018-09-26

I quickly stripped off my suit, and lube up the butt plug, I stood it up on a chair and lowered myself on to it slowly, letting it stretch my ass open for hopefully getting fucked later. I felt Robert running the head of his cock up and down my ass, every time it came near my hole I push back trying to get it in me. Robert had his hands on my hips and was fucking me like a mad man, I knew he was close, I wanted to feel him fill my ass with his cum. As soon as he cock was out of my ass, Kim latched her lips to my ass and shoved her tongue in to suck Robert's cum from my ass.

Marilyn's Club Bang

group cachick 2018-09-26

Standing in the flickering lights dancing off the red brick walls outside Club Rendezvous, Marilyn wondered if she had put on a little too much perfume. A long glass topped bar fronted the dance floor while tall steel bar tables were filled by couples and crowds of laughing and drinking people on the other side the central room. Finding a place at the crowded bar Marilyn asked, "Miller Light please!" After yelling her request to the bartender she turned and watched the crowd on the dance floor. A lot of other girls running around here tonight, "she said, looking past Adam for a moment, just for a moment, to the dance floor. And that naughty school girl look you have going is totally hot," Adam said, standing close to Marilyn.


Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 16

group tk5555 2018-09-26

Chance had asked the hostess to seat them in a Misty's section so there was a short wait while a table opened up. Rick looked quite a bit younger than Chance, she wondered how many times he had done something like this. Rick grabbed Misty and put her back in the bed of the truck, securing the tarp over her. As the truck bumped along, winding its way out of the garage, Misty felt a mixture of his cum and her wetness running down her legs. Chance pulled Misty on to her feet, interrupting whatever Rick was doing to her. Despite having just filled Misty's mouth with his cum Chance felt his dick getting hard again.


The Pool pt. 2

group 2018-09-26

"No, that's not why I'm not going to call the manager." said Naked Man, "I'm not going to call the manager because you're little tart there is going to show me her beautiful perkies and give me a hand job!" Naked guy wasted no time and reached up and squeezed both of my babe's breasts. One hand after another she grabbed the base of his dick and firmly pulled towards the tip as if trying to tease it into getting even longer. Without warning, Naked man reached out and grabbed my cock and squeezed it firmly. Can you come meet us sometime so you can teach my wife to suck my dick like?"

New Years Games

group m_storyman_x 2018-09-26

"good!" I said as I pulled my softened dick from her pussy and got up to put my pants on. I backed my suburban out of the garage, and Jill climbed into the passenger side, making sure to spread her coat wide so I had an unobstructed view of her tits and pussy, even though it was dark out. "Ummm Not a good idea." I said as my dick had clearly grown from looking at Jill and my men's bikini underwear were barely containing me. She kissed the head of my dick and sucked the head into her hot mouth briefly before pulling my pants up and covering me.


Road Trip: Philadelphia

group _Savannah_ 2018-09-26

Quickly Savannah removed her fingers and placed her open mouth over Kim's slit, lapping up the juice now freely running out. After Savannah and Kim left the limo, Khalid drove around to the back of the building where there was assigned parking for limousines and the like. Kim, Savannah's right hand, had her fingers stuffed up her cunt, sawing away like mad. His cock throbbed at the memory of Kim's dark hand holding Savannah's head tightly to her, of her hips bucking as she came all over Savannah's face. As much as Khalid was enjoying the feel of Savannah's hot mouth surrounding his dick he could see that Kim was in desperate need of attention. Quickly Khalid pulled out, lowered himself and slammed into Kim's pussy under Savannah.

Joe's First Threesome

group knownobounds 2018-09-26

"Just join in when you're ready." Laura said, her heart in overdrive as she licked the top of her ice cream and headed back to where Joe stood impatiently kicking stones off the path. Looks like your lucky day." Laura reached between her legs and ran her fingers along the length of her swollen lips, then with her tight bum pointing invitingly out, she turned back to Joe and slipped his cock back between her lips. As the Italian's excitement rose, Laura was fucked with more desperate thrusts, and as a result was pushed deeper and deeper onto Joe's cock until his bulbous head pushed into the back of her throat and her jaw ached from stretching around his shaft.


Art Class Ch. 02

group jakladd 2018-09-26

David lovingly gave me such a sweet blowjob and Jon was as in love with my ass with his cock as he was years ago with David’s. Justin slid off and I was there on the bed with still a cock in each hand, David and Matt’s. David placed Matt’s hand on his own cock for Matt to feel. As David’s cock started to cum in his mouth, Matt took his mouth off and started jacking it, embarrassed to taste the sticky cum, but amazed and curious to see another guy cum in his hands by his doing. Cum was splashing out of David’s cock and over Matt’s hands as Matt intently watched the pleasure of jacking off another guy.


Mother Daughter Tag Team

group 2018-09-26

The Major had been incensed with this desire, from the night my husband showed him nude photos of me, taken from my personal modelling portfolio, my bum in particular, excited him, it was the topic of conversation all night long, and like that night so long ago, I was willing to bet, my daughters bum was high on his agenda at this moment, noting how surreptitiously his hand had just halved its distance to her crotch, since he had rested it mid-thigh, my daughters eyes had never left his craggy face, her longing look and acceptance to his crossing that imaginary line a woman sets on her legs, surely he could feel her heat from the apex of those teenage long thighs, how I wished at that moment in time she was wearing my diamond nets, nothing sets of a good fuck than seeing a girl in stockings, being fondled by an older man.


group Sxxyangl 2018-09-26

Mark knows I'm somewhat of an exhibitionist and so he isn't surprised when I reach my hand over to him and rub his cock through his suit. Jay and Joe's mouths drop as I rub Mark's dick until it's pointing to the sky. I continue to suck on Mark's meat as Jay probes my hot wet pussy with his tongue. His tongue finds my clit just as I've got all of Mark's dick in my mouth and I practically scream. Joe's cock fills my entire mouth just as Mark's fills my entire pussy. Little did I know that Mark was just getting his dick wet. I sit up on Jay's dick and rock myself up and down on his huge Greek cock.

Irkutsk Ch. 25

group Wanda_5 2018-09-26

I was frogmarched to the low stage at the front of the dining room, where my shoes, pants and shirt were removed, and I was dressed instead in a grass skirt, a bra made of two half coconuts, and my head was covered with a wig made of dried seaweed. These must have been other Ladies' thoughts, most of which I had tuned out automatically, even though I had been able to receive messages from them when it was important. However, years ago he had known some crew members in some ships who had had two, and in one case three "wives" in different ports.


My Valentine's Visit

group Cymrudragonlady 2018-09-26

I open the door and standing there are my two favourite local police officers. I stand up slowly, trying to take in what I'm feeling and trying to figure out what's going on. I feel his hot breath on my neck and then his teeth as he nibbles at my ear. The first one starts undoing my trousers and his hands slips into the front and into my panties. The second one is massaging my 40dd tits in his hands, squeezing my nipples and sending thunder bolts through my body. I kiss the head slowly, my hands start stroking and then I take him into my mouth. Not much is said except to arrange for next time so officer two can have his turn.

Submissive Surprise

group LadyFrederika 2018-09-26

"And you - the other side." Long hair brushed against my cupped, clamped tits as I felt the incredible sensation of women's tongues sucking my nipples into their mouth. As the music got darker and heavier - with forceful mantra chanting and heavy bass rhythms - I felt different people inserting their fingers into my soaked cunt. As I began to lick her smooth asshole, trying to push my tongue inside her, another shock of pleasure hit me as I felt a Hitachi Magic Wand buzzing against my hugely aroused, soaked cunt. I let out a loud scream of enjoyment and then felt a hand grabbing me by the hair, forcing me to tonguefuck the woman's asshole.

Jersey Girl

group tdallyn 2018-09-26

"I really wanted to be able to put in the pool this year," Tracy said calmly. All of the ones that I'd met, not just hockey, but also soccer, football, etc., were college kids who did it as a part time thing to pick up a little extra money and to have some fun. My friend Liz would definitely be up for it too, if you'd like." Katie stood up with the other cheerleaders as the horn sounded ending the period. "And by the way if you were thinking about Stephanie over there," Liz pointed to the full-breasted blonde who greeted me earlier, "when you said those things, you were pretty much right." Both girls giggled, "She's a skank."


Beyond the Green Door

group wild_jay 2018-09-26

You shifted uncomfortably, and shot me a quick glance as she slowly unbuttoned the front of your dress, just enough to give her access, to slide her hand in along your ample breasts, brushing over your nipples, feeling them harden through the light material of your bra. I felt you move slightly and glanced down; she had unbuttoned further down your dress, her hand had slipped into your panties and her fingers were buried in your hot, wet, and by now I knew, throbbing pussy. And her fingers expertly worked your clit...rubbing it, vibrating it, flicking it...bringing you to the edge, then moving lower, gliding along the slick swollen lips, then penetrating into the core where she lightly tapped on your G-spot.

Fay's Dirty Discoveries Ch. 09

group toocold 2018-09-26

She got the message, and started to suck him, but the tramp had been told to take control and that's what he did, thrusting with his hips and fucking Fay roughly in her mouth. None of the men came, but they were all taking turns with her, pushing their cocks into her mouth or pussy, thrusting for a few minutes, then swapping. Seeing her actually let them fuck her mouth, pussy and bottom at the same time with still no objection, the tramps finally realised what a raging, dirty slut they had on their hands (well, on their cocks anyway). Like an obedient little slut, Fay held the spunk of the seven men mixed in her mouth, looking expectantly at them until they nodded.

Kissing Contest

group sterlingdaydream 2018-09-26

Leaning over me, within a breath of me, Kayla and Kris came together in a long erotic kiss, and I could see tongues coming in and out. Kris came up to the edge of the tub and she looked up at me and smiled, and then slowly, her lips moved in until they had found the tip of my cock, and I felt a soft warm kiss. The next time I opened my eyes and looked up, the sports bras were gone and they had my hard cock pointed straight up, and Kayla and Kris's tongues were battling it out like they were sharing an ice cream cone.

Wife's first black man/men

group mwm4cuck 2018-09-26

The next day after work I pull Sonya aside and told her I was in but my husband wants to come to if that's ok. As I was sitting on the bed naked I couldn't help but to think of the images I've seen on the web, with the girl just laying there and the black guys cum running out of her! She kisses me back and moves to my neck and I start talking shit to Tyrone saying " is this all the friends you got that wants to fuck me?.... Tyrone says " let biggie in, he might want to fuck this white ho too!" Looking down at me" don't worry girl, I got a couple mo on da way too!"

Intimate Strangers

group sirensong47 2018-09-26

I stood rooted to the floor unable to enter further into the room without feeling like and intruder. Their tongues were exploring each other's mouths as their hands delicately traced their bodies. Two fingers ministered to the stretching vaginal walls while her thumb massaged the clitoris; her mouth sought the other's nipple as she suckled feverishly. Andrew smiled and kissed me lightly on the lips. In the short time it took to fill his glass and mine, a woman who obviously knew him walked up and put her arms around him in an affectionate hug. At that moment, into the room walked Andrew and Simone. At some point he took my hand in his and led me out of the room.

My Freshman Year Ch. 03

group Mrs_Jones 2018-09-26

Bill said "since we did it last night the guys would do us first tonight to show the dancers what will happen to them so they won't be scared when it is their turn and see how good the sex feels". Bill looked at us and said "Since me and the rest of the guys are naked, I think it is only fair that the Sorority girls get naked also." All the dancers agreed so Bill told them to take our clothes off. They said the teacher told them that these leotards helped the dancers see and learn what their bodies are doing and what they look like in the mirror while dancing.


Threesome Fun

group wolfncare2008 2018-09-26

It started as a normal Friday night for Amanda, Jake, and Mike going to bar's as usual to have a few drinks and just relax, away from their busy work week. Standing at 8.5, and very thick Jake grabbed it and slowly started to suck, taking the head in ever so gently before shoving the whole cock into his mouth deep-throating it all the way down to his balls. As Mike sat there moaning, Amanda started rubbing her pussy faster until she had another orgasm, which kept her in the mood. Mike went and got some lubricant and rubbed it all over his cock and the inside of Jake's ass. Mike started to slowly fuck Jake up the ass as Amanda continued to suck on Jake's cock.

Rocker Girl Ch. 04

group KenJames 2018-09-26

Your cunt is all mine!" I sank back on the bed, closed my eyes and played with my tits as she continued going down, occasionally pushing her tongue into my depths or flicking my clit. The brothers watched, hard-ons as big as ever, as Nancy and I recovered; two sex-flushed women, naked in each other's arms except for our self-supporting black stockings. As Dennis slipped his index finger into my hot wet pussy, Kevin pressed his cock against my lips. I continued sucking Kevin as Dennis slipped his cock into my hungry cunt and fucked me to a quick climax. Nancy, Dennis and Kevin were all on the bed with me, tenderly kissing my lips and face.

Alexi's Massage

group angstypleasure 2018-09-26

The idea of watching Alexi getting oiled up by some guy and rubbed all over while she wore nothing but a towel (and knowing her, that wouldn't last long) was exciting. I sat in a chair on the other side of the large room, and I could see Alex relax as Curtis began to work her over from head to toe. His enormous package began to rub up against Alex's hair and forehead, and he moved down to her feet to finish working on her legs. Oh, yeah, that's good," she said, starting to rock on Curtis again as I worked slippery fingers into her anus.