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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Marcus Day 01

group Thane63 2018-09-26

"Thank you, Rebecca," Marcus said in his rich baritone and the girl could feel herself trembling as his voice washed through her. Looking for the source of that response, Marcus nearly walked into a door when he saw what the two girls were doing before he and Alina arrived. "Time to wash up," Alina called into the pool room, smiling when both girls jumped as though they had been caught doing something wrong in staring at Marcus. "Yes," Alina smiled as Rebecca said, "No." "Then you know that Rebecca had her cuffed and bent over the bed before we arrived," Marcus said, surprised. Unaware of Alina standing just a few feet away, the two college students were taking off Marcus's clothes and kissing their way down his body.

Black Widow the Slut

group Starhero999 2018-09-26

Then she left and Tony took a shower to get all the evidence off so Pepper wouldn't find out then Natasha went to Steve's apartment which Steve was just about ready for bed and a knock on the door came and he still in just his underwear and unaware of the traditions of modern day society went and answeareed the door and Natasha immediately got Roger's underwear off and started to give him a blowjob which he liked the sensation but still didn't really understand the Erotic thoughts going through his head at that moment then Steve and Natasha both still fully naked took a shower together and then Natasha left with her clothes and went to Bruce's new place since he has to keep moving for the government not to track him down and Natasha figuired out a way to have Bruce go into the hulk only for Erotic purposes instead of anger and so she got fucked twice by him.

The Geek's Sex Games Ch. 05

group SexyGeek 2018-09-25

On the couch were the other three girls: Faleesha in a low cut top tied just below her coffee-with-cream colored boobs and showing an enticing cleavage; Kia with a tight t-shirt over her small tits and very short shorts; and Sara with flashing black eyes and her typical bikini, this time a thin white material which barely covered her boobs and let the nipples show through. Thirty seconds was Nostradamus' time limit in the first round, and the seconds ticked away to quickly for Mike and Kia. As she went back to the couch we could see Mike's hard cock straining against his loose slacks. Go for it." Mike took a deep breath and began to rub in earnest, making Jamaal's cock twitch under his hands.


A Slut in Reno

group skip.69 2018-09-25

Jim once again came forward for the kiss, but this time his hand also went straight to where I was wanting it most - on my excited and already moist cunt. Wayne picked up a plastic bowl which was lying in one corner of the room and took it to Jim, who simply placed it under my bottom and said, "Now, piss, you slut!" At the same time I felt her tongue lapping away at my own oozing nectar, before she suddenly raised herself up again and I saw a huge black cock slide right inside that gaping cunt.


Melissa Goes Wild Ch. 11

group littlesquirt 2018-09-25

I'll be back after my next show." Destiny kissed Nick and Josh then me before she got up and moved to another table. I pulled my dress up a little, then bent over like I saw the other girls, so the guys could see my thong-covered crotch. Dancing up and down the stage a couple of time before I dropped to my hands and knees, and did a slow sexy crawl over to where Nick and Josh sat, stealing Skylar's move. Josh stripped, then got between my legs, slid his cock on my pussy a couple of times before pushing it in. I let him go, then reached down with both hands, grabbing Josh's ass to pull him in deeper.


Teachers Classroom Gangbang

group steakmonster 2018-09-25

Tim and Rich did as they were told; all three of them were now gathered round the front desk, Miss T leaning against it with her feet now on the floor, Steve to her left standing while Miss T continued to caress his hard cock through his black boxer shorts. Miss T was now letting the head of Steve's cock slip in and out of her mouth, pausing every so often to kiss and run her eager tongue around the tip while her left hand ran up and down the shaft with a slight twisting motion each time.



group CFBwriter 2018-09-25

"I keep thinking," she said slowly, "that I want something with no identity. Is there some kind of mask that would cover the head completely, face, hair, everything, so there are no clues to allow others to define her?" She was gesturing around her head vigorously, and I was watching the remaining Scotch slosh around her glass. I asked for the proprietor, and we were quickly led into a back room clearly marked "Adults ONLY!!" She had obviously been practicing her list of requirements, but described only what she wanted the mask itself to do. For the most part, though, they are frontal masks only, and you said you wanted your head covered," he offered.


Two Girls, A Guy, & Some Hot Sex

group Blueyed_Mermaid 2018-09-25

He closed his eyes at the warmth of the breasts pressing against him on both sides and swallowed before opening his eyes to see Suzy leaning across him to take Beth's face in her hands and kissing her passionately, her tongue sliding into Beth's mouth. He started to get up , but they both moved to push him back down and Beth grabbed the back of his head to pull his mouth into hers and kiss him deeply, slipping her tongue along his dueling with him as he squeezed her tits rhythmically feeling the scrape of the lace against his palms. He groaned loudly when he felt a tongue slide across his asshole and begin rimming it while Suzy's mouth slid down his cock, her tiny lips encasing him tightly.

Bikinis, Wives + Friends = Fun Ch. 03

group Justtoold 2018-09-25

I said, "After watching Amy and you flaunt your almost naked bodies all afternoon, when I told them there was the chance to get the two of you girls in bed there were no second thoughts from any of them about not taking the opportunity to fuck Amy or you." I reminded her, "We are normal hot blooded guys, and not too many guys I know would pass up a chance of having uninhibited sex with a very sexy gal." Amy told Al that she found it very stimulating having four guys staring at her body and lusting after her, and knowing that we wanted to fuck her senseless affected her like nothing she had ever experienced before.

Forc*d into a Foursome, Part-1

group chandru21 2018-09-25

Without me realizing I was kissing his head while he was taking turn in biting both my nipples and pressing my boobs hard like a guy who has been starved of sex. Seenu now took me inside the room were Raj was lying below Mohamed who sucking his nipples and playing with his balls. Meanwhile Seenu inserted his rock hard 8 inch thick uncut cock into my mouth and started to mouth fuck me slowly while Mohamed was still playing with nipples and sucking my boobs and at random licking my whole body. Realizing this Raj held one of my legs and Mohamed the other which lead to me to state were in all I could do was just become a mere spectator and bare the pain hoping it would change into pleasure.

Love to Cum

group bob_martin4125 2018-09-25

The first two minutes of our first phone conversation were a bit tense but as soon as we started role playing she warmed up and within minutes I was spurting my cum over my chest and she was moaning down the phone with a rabbit vibrator banging away in her dripping pussey. Within minutes Emms was soaking dripping wet down below and my cock was starting to ache with the pain of having such a full on erection cramped up in my trousers. At this point I pushed the cock part of the vibrator deep in Emms and she gave out a large moan, again lifting her bum up from the bed. Ideally I wanted to fuck another pussey but Emm's was busy and Lolly was busy with Jesus's cock.


Blue Dragon Sex Club Ch. 2

group Praxus 2018-09-25

Tamara and her boyfriend Eric, Dana and her lover Curtis, and occasional invited guests enjoyed finding new sexual games to play. As the two men sat down, hands dutifully placed behind their backs, Dana squatted in front of Curtis and Tamara assumed a position on her knees in front of Eric. Dana held Curt's cock in her mouth for a moment, then slowly started to pull away, pressing her wet lips tightly against his brown shaft. Dana continued to suck hard on Curtis, and was nearly successful when she took as much of his large cock into her mouth as she could, then drew back off of it, letting her teeth lightly pull over his sensitive skin.

Sally's Guests

group Zorro69 2018-09-25

Initially they were both looking at the screen to check Sally's inbox, which had a large number of new messages awaiting her attention, as she opened them Sally smiled at the pleasant comments, appreciative words and smutty suggestions that had been left for her by her on-line admirers. Her hand had fallen to the front of her pale blue briefs as she moved her fingertips over her clitoris while her eyes never left the screen. Sally was looking forward to getting her tongue under the skin of Craig's cock. Her eyes flew open as Cameron gently nibbled at the fleshy red nibble in his mouth while Craig sucked and rolled his.

Eve's BBQ

group eveseducedadam 2018-09-25

Then I begin to let it drizzle over her left breast then her right, tracing her nipple with the sweet honey. Sarah tastes so good, the honey and her wetness mixed. I stop and take the honey bottle over to her mouth and tell her to open wide. I fill Sarah’s mouth with the honey and tell you I want to watch her suck your cock. You put the head of your throbbing cock right to her lips as she opens her mouth the honey oozes out a little. Your cock looks so good fucking her mouth with the honey dripping out. I put the cucumber to your lips and you begin to suck it and taste her cum.

The Divorcee's Club #01

group maidenlefoy 2018-09-25

Feeling Mike's intensity, Rochelle moved her hand from his thigh to his groin, rubbing his now swollen cock beneath his boxer trunks. Rochelle stopped kissing Mike to look at the pleasure on his face as she rubbed him. Empowered by her striptease and watching Belinda and Amelia seduce Mike, Rochelle commanded him "Suck and bite my tits". Rochelle was turned on by his soft lips kissing then gently biting on her nipples, his hands squeezing her breasts. Seeing the pleasure on Mikes face Rochelle put her tongue on the tip of his cock and slowly proceeded to kiss the tip gently. Mike then starts to gently suck on Rochelles swollen erect clit like it were a nipple.

Two Plugged Asses (FMF, bi-female)

group naughty_bi_interest 2018-09-25

"I'm so excited to put that in your sweet little asshole tonight, baby," Matt said, reaching over and taking her hand, pulling her onto his chest. Like a good girl, Amanda got on her knees on the bed, ass up in the air and face down to the mattress. Millimeter by millimeter, it went in until it reached the rounded teardrop edge before the handle as Amanda held her breath, bravely taking the plug like a good girl. One of these days, I'll get to fill your ass up with cum, too, baby," Matt said, helping Amanda off the bed as he stood.

Sexual Medicine

group sevenoneeighth 2018-09-25

My desire to eat this hot woman's pussy practically made me cum right then and there but I wanted to drive her wild with lust before I drove my tongue into her sweet, firry mound. Growling, I pulled out my dripping wet cock, spread her butt cheeks apart, and slowly pushed Mikey into her deep, hot anal canal. We broke into laughter at the delayed response, and then Julie said, sweetly, "I'll do anything for you, Michael!" Slowly, I pulled my dick out of her cum filled butt, bent over and licked her sweet, pussy, then pulled her up to kiss her passionately again. While I fondled her massive tits, Julie's tongue playfully jabbed and licked the delicious pussy of this wanton, hot babe.


Kylie & Jane Ch. 03

group weakone 2018-09-25

The girls smelled like suntan lotion as they went inside, Kylie slightly pink and Jane a bit deeper bronze, their breasts pressed together as they kissed, their bodies angles and curves drove Tommy wild, he felt he would never have enough of them. Quickly enough Jane crept back down and pushed him into an office chair, knelt down and as Tommy leaned his head back in anticipation of her lips and teeth sliding down his shaft he heard two clicks from a set of handcuffs, pink and feathery of course, felt a kiss on his cock and Jane sprinted away laughing. She pulled back, kissed Kylie and made her lift one leg onto the arm of Tommy's chair, he then had the front row seat for Jane's slow penetration.

The Devil's Pact, Cult of the Ghost Chapter 1

group qudduse 2018-09-25

I worked my hips, the pleasure swelling inside me as I ate out this young woman My tongue flowed through her cunt, licking, sucking, moaning my pleasure into her. Carla fucked her hips back harder, our asses slapping together as she drove the dildo so deep into my pussy. And then the Ghost had m*****ed us, and Ursula had come to love my tongue licking through her slit. “I pledge myself,” I moaned, fighting through the pleasure of my orgasm to scream out with the other women, “body and soul, to the devotion of the Ghost of Paris.” White-hot bliss pumped into me, his cock cumming into my pregnant pussy.

The French Maid Ch. 07

group susan12346 2018-09-25

"Of course Sir," I said, unbuttoning the back of my short black dress, turning away from him and then sliding the straps off my shoulders. This time he raised both his hands and cupped my bottom with them, while his face went to my chest where he planted several kisses on the upper parts of my breast along the bra line. It took just a couple of minutes before he started to grunt and I felt his hand slide between us. He pulled his cock from me and then I felt the first spurt of string very warm cum land in a trail on my back from my bottom to my shoulder. "Now stand there with your pretty little bottom facing me girl, put your hands on your knees and lean forward a bit."

The Party Ch. 01

group Steelecowboy 2018-09-25

A beautiful blond was panting in ecstasy as her man had his tongue buried deep inside of her, other couples had passed that point entirely and the moans filled the room as they fucked like crazy in a variety of positions. I drove inside you harder and harder as I watched this as well, and with every slap on your ass you moaned out "Fuck me, yeah!" Just as the guy in front of you had shot his load all over the brunette's chest, I buried myself inside of you with one final thrust and reached around to finger your clit as you felt my cock swell so big and then start to throb as I released gush after gush of hot cum into your aching pussy.

My Freshman Year Ch. 04A

group Mrs_Jones 2018-09-25

After about 30 minutes and one drink later, Bill told Amy and I, it is time to go to the clinic and got us a cocktail refill for the way over, getting us even more turned on. On the way over Bill told us not to worry and obey Dan's instructions, and to finish our drink because it will help us relax so our exam go better, we won't feel so embarrassed. Pam still had a shower cap on from soaking in the tub, and Dan said it makes her look more naked and saves exam time. Dan said we look beautiful and the guys are going to love your naked bodies. Dan said when the company heard about Bill's study of girls sexuality and creating the perfect girl, they wanted to work with him.


Pick Up Truck Part 1

group sej5994 2018-09-25

She pushed my hands away and told me not to spread her ass cheeks to far because she was wet and did'nt want Tony and Kevin to notice. Feeling bold I lifted her skirt and started rubbing my rock hard cock up against her nice little ass. Tony's cock was a good 8" and cut with a nice mushroom head but when Liz got mine out his eyes grew wide. Kevin had taken my place grinding on Liz's ass as we still kind of swayed to the music, Liz stroking my cock in front of Tony and licking her lips as she looked at his tight abs and uncut cock.

Maxine & Her Mom Ch. 1

group heryankee 2018-09-25

He finally got her to say yes to dinner by offering to fix her 19-year-old daughter up and double date. I bent my head and began to kiss and suck her nipples. Maxine moaned loudly, and held my head tightly to her chest. I began lick and suck her clit until she started screaming in orgasm. She slowly licked her way up to the tip and dipped her tongue in the little pool of precum acumulating there. She licked and sucked as her head stood still. Taking her head in my hands, I began guiding it up and down my shaft. Maxine swallowed as much as she could, some dripped down her chin, The residue left on her lips was very sexy and she licked it off.