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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sharing with His Friends

group Flesh_Rocket_ 2018-09-25

Just as Jake began to open Laura's blouse, Matt, Sue, Steve, Rachel, Mark and Tara all slowly and very quietly opened the door from the kitchen and moved into the living room to begin to watch the couple on the couch. "Well finally got to meet my friends last night......and I know I've already told you a lot about them........" he told her between kisses on her neck, as the men slid their pants down to the floor and their girlfriends standing beside them all began to stroke their boyfriends' already rock hard cocks. "Well......" he continued over her moans of pleasure." know how I told you we like to share.......many of our things......." Unhooking her bra with his free hand as he finger fucked her he slid back slightly to pull her bra down and off, exposing her lovely and perky breasts.


Tantra Sensual Day

group chrisukbishare 2018-09-25

Take 12 sensuous beings and put them in a warm room together with two grounded and skilled guides, an array of sex toys for the senses, chocolate, fruit, blindfolds and a mountain of soft cushions. Then we began to see, to explore objects with all our senses, to explore each other with smell, and then to work in pairs to explore touch. It was wonderful to explore first an unfamiliar female body, and then an unfamiliar male body as the sensuous giver of pleasure. What a glorious way to start an exploration into group pleasure, tantra, sharing experiences with and beside my partner, ignoring male and female expectations, and taking myself, and others to points of, I hope, sensual and erotic ecstasy.

Learning From Mom

group zimabean 2018-09-25

As we walked to the room two other men joined up with us, mom said they could join us. I looked over again and mom had her top off with her tits out, her bikini bottom was down enough to see her snatch and one of the men had his pants undone with his cock out. I could taste his precum and smell his sweaty pubes.Then the man eating me out got up and told the other man that I was plenty wet and he moved on top of me and pushed his cock into my virgin pussy. Mom and the other two men had finished, everybody was standing around with fresh drinks talking.

Maria's Adventures: Story 1, Pt. 1

group MariaS12962 2018-09-25

As I kept "stroking" and licking, with an occasional moan to vibrate his balls, I felt his hand join mine and hold it steady, as he started a slow thrusting movement, his cock sliding between our joined hands and his balls sliding across my open mouth and tongue. Then an alarm went off when he said " 'Cause yer getting it all the way to the balls, you slut!" My eyes flew open as he pushed forward and slid his throbbing cock into my throat. I was tied with my hands under me, my legs pulled back to my chest opening my pussy to his big cock, a vibe working away on my clit and my lips wrapped around a sizable dildo that tasted of my own pussy.


Office Threesome

group writemarksmith 2018-09-25

Katie took a breath, feeling a little dizzy from how naughty she was being, then bent over under her desk, brushing an ass cheek against Jeff's face. Frank nodded slowly towards the tent in Jeff's pants and said, "It certainly looks like you have been teased." On Thursday evening Frank came by and almost immediately told Katie she looked "very nice in that skirt." Katie knew there was nothing special about the skirt other than the fact it was rather short but she had in fact worn it with Frank in mind, knowing that he liked her legs. When 5pm finally came around, she gave Jeff a treat with an extra wiggle of her ass while she got her shoes and the two of them headed out for Happy Hour.


A Hot Summer Day Ch. 05

group nighttimestories 2018-09-25

I again slapped her ass as I was sliding in and out, "For being such a naughty girl everyone is going to fuck you tonight." I kept plowing deep into her pussy and she went back to Dave's cock. Sam, leaned his head back and closed his eyes and said, "Here it comes slut." He then started cumming in my wife's pussy. While Tom was cumming on her face Dave who had not got to fuck her yet went in behind her as her ass was still stuck in the air. Sam was under her so that his cock was at her face and she started sucking his cock while he ate her pussy and Dave fucked her ass.

Well... Ch. 07

group Pegleg 2018-09-25

Indeed the man with the small dick was a surprise to Mary as when he came he completely filled Ann's expert mouth and despite her best efforts a considerable amount of semen trickled from it and fell to her amazing chest, where Mary wasted no time in cleaning it off for her with her, by now, well educated tongue. It slid in like a knife through hot butter and Brian started to pound her pussy in no uncertain fashion, making Ann whine with joy and Mary miss Ann’s clit every now and again. Ann was cleaning it off as soon as she turned round while Mary cleaned off Brian’s softening prick and it didn’t take long for the huge amount of semen on Mary’s beautiful body to be disposed of by Ann’s Hoover like mouth.


V.I.P. Room

group sandy1000 2018-09-25

"Hey, she's mine," said the green-eyed man, who jealously pushed aside Sam and climbed atop Sarah. Her husband Sam was just getting ready to push his cock into Sarah's hole when Julia let out a loud sigh. Sarah glanced behind her to see Conner lapping at her friend's slick wet pussy, fresh from being fucked and sucked from previous V.I.P's. Sarah watched, spent and exhausted, as her husband finished fucking the shit out of her best friend's asshole. "Yeah, I think you're right," said Conner as he slid his fingers in and out of Sarah's pussy. As Sarah pumped up and down on Conner's erect head, she slid the dildo in and out of Julia's cunt while Julia ate the shit out of her husband's cock.

Christmas Games

group sxy_rob 2018-09-25

Vikki would run her hand up the length of Rob's cock through his pants, or Dan would grab Laura's ass, but it never went beyond that. Laura and Dan sat out first, sitting on the couch and fondling each other laura was stroking Dan cock and Dan had to finger in Laura's pussy as Vikki began to suck Rob's huge cock. Rob could feel her pussy starting to clinch onto his cock and began to fuck her faster, wanting to cum with her. As they both began to calm down, Rob collapsed onto the floor next to her and began to suck on her lovely breasts as they watched Laura and Dan get started.

My mulitple blowjob at Sparkle this year!

group 2018-09-25

A fun weekend for Transexuals,Crossdressers,Girls,everyone really,that happens in Manchester once a year. I had only been in there for about half hour,the club hadnt really even started to get busy at this time. She then went on to lift the front of my dress,pulled my pouch down and my cock,which needed some room to move at this point,sprang up and she showed all her friends. These 5 girls then spent about maybe 20 mins taking it in turns to suck,deepthroat and gag on my raging hard cock,while talking dirty to me. The rest of the nite was amazing,with lots of dirty dancing with hot girls,and i will be there again next year come hell or high water!

A Trip to the Lake

group kenkx 2018-09-25

"Would I really want to share Cindy with Eric?" Gary mused as he stroked his stiff cock that night after the moonlight cruise. Gary and Cindy were halfway through with their second glass of wine when Eric and Marilyn noisily made their way down the dock. Gary returned to the present when he heard Eric exclaim, "Hey, Cindy, did you know that champagne makes a girl's nipples hard?" Eric sat back dumfounded and watched Cindy and Marilyn wait on Gary hand and foot, ignoring him most of the time. Cindy nodded and moved back while Marilyn bent over and laid a deep kiss on Gary's surprised lips. Cindy moved up and down and she felt Marilyn's fingers surrounding the base of Gary's cock.


The Divorcee and the Yard Boy Ch. 10

group SpartanWitherby 2018-09-25

She bent over a little bit and let out an "Oh, oh, oh," so that even through the window, Brian would see her mouth and know what was going on. She reached her hand in to her panties, licked her lips in a big way toward the window, and pulled the phone out. She pressed the phone back against her pussy, over the panties this time, and turned so her ass was back to the window. She swayed in front of the window, her panties slid down to her crotch, for a moment until the phone started buzzing again. As she turned to shut the door, Brian said, "Step out and wave to the guy across the street.


My First Threesome

group cutecoed05 2018-09-25

Screaming into her cunt, I felt my pussy spasm around James' cock. Mandy buried her mouth into my pussy as I writhed beneath her, watching my boyfriend fucking my beautiful friend. Mandy pulled away from me and started screaming for James to fuck her harder. I turned my head and began sucking and licking at his balls as he fucked Mandy's mouth. Mandy and I both pulled away from James as he grabbed his cock and began to pump it hard. James turned his cock to Mandy and unloaded three more spurts one on her cheek, one on her lips, and one on her eyes, before turning back to me shooting more on my face and eyes.

Sex on the Beach Ch. 02

group scuik 2018-09-25

Stuart keeps fucking her mouth as Wesley eases his dick into her ass. She guides his cock into her pussy as Stuart moves forward and returns himself to her ass hole. Louisa feels Stuart pushing his cock all the way into her ass hole, before withdrawing sharply and standing up. Stuart moves round to join Leroy and Louisa turns her head to wrap her lips around his dick. Leroy leans over behind her and enters her ass hole, while Wesley kneels down behind them and slides his cock into her pussy. Just as Doug and Ethan are starting to get erect, Wesley moves himself off Louisa and takes her hand to help her onto her knees.

Picnic Ch. 01

group MungoParkIII 2018-09-25

Marjorie rested her head on her hand, watching a single grasshopper hop onto the red plaid blanket the group had placed on the ground for their "picnic." Johan and Andrew had planned the afternoon, winking their eyes at each other each time they mentioned picnic, giggling when anyone mentioned hunger or eating. It was quite a unique experience for her as Edie had a way of bringing out the best in the guys, so Marjorie slipped a hand between her legs and slowly caressed herself as the watched the group writhe in front of her. Opening her mouth wide, Edie slipped her mouth over just the heads of both cocks and slipped her tongue around, dipping into the tiny holes, tasting the different flavors of the pre-cum from each guy.

Game Night

group MidnightSun 2018-09-25

To both delay the second orgasm she felt building up inside her and to allow Joey easier access to what he was after, Christi put her hands on the couch behind her both for balance and directional guidance, and slowly pulled herself back onto the couch, causing Melissa to break her contact with her clit and her fingers to slip out. Both girls let out deep, throaty moans, Christi reached her hands back to grasp the couch cushions and arch her back, Melissa buried her face between Christi's legs deeper, and moaned into the pussy she was licking, as they both orgasmed at the same time.


Fun At The BBQ

group gandj130 2018-09-25

"You will have more fun later, you want my cock again Jayne, don't you?" Jason said softly from my side as he put a very firm hand up my skirt fondling me above my stocking tops. "I guess you'd like to watch Sue fucked by my husband?" I said quietly as David knelt beside me. I was so hot and wet, watching Gary fuck Sue, Jason adding to my frustration, teasing me by slight movements of his cock rubbing my pussy. As David started to fuck me hard I was pushed harder onto the cock in my mouth, my hands worked on the shaft and on his balls, as Jason took a grip on my hair.


A Game We Play

group LostVine 2018-09-25

You can start when you feel up to it, I have a feeling he already is." Christy giggles as she reached over and gave Jacks cock a little squeeze. Tara licked at his vein, under the head and then back down and started softly taking his balls in her mouth and her hand scratched up and down his legs. You like feeling his cock in your mouth don't you." Tara could only moan around his manhood sending small waves threw him. Christy lowered herself so that her clit rested on the back of Tara's foot and as her friend sucked, she slowly rocked, fucking herself. When I looked back over to the others, Sam was still fucking Tara but Jack was sitting back sucking her tits again.

From Nerd To Stud In One Month

group walterio 2018-09-25

Melissa slipped underneath her and began to lap at her pussy as Carol moved behind Joan and started to rim her asshole. As if it was the most natural thing in the world, Joan moved her mouth to Anna's cunt and began to eat her pussy. Henry held on to Melissa's shapely buttocks and squeezed and fondled her firm ass cheeks as he ate her pussy. Henry continued to eat her pussy as he held her ass tightly in his hands. Henry pumped his finger in and out of Melissa's ass as he continued to maul her pussy with his mouth. Henry began to pump his cock in and out of Melissa's pussy as she wrapped her shapely legs around his back.


Going Back To School Day 01

group westerntiger 2018-09-25

This was going to be a very productive week as he worked at the college teaching some professional workshops for Jeff and his students in the theatre department, and maybe some lovely little horny coed would like to suck his 9 inch cock while he was here. As Megan started to sucked his prick into her mouth, plus Kasey's tongue was going to town on his ass and squeezing his balls, the feelings that these naked coeds were giving him almost made his knees buckle. At the same time, Dylan's mouth was flooded with a thick cream of pungent girl cum as he continued to lick and suck her hot squirting cunt.


Fuck Club

group Guitarman2016 2018-09-25

While Rukhsana was sucking Ian's cock, he would reach out to grasp Nick's, running his fingers around the head to gather up the pre-cum, which he the offered to Nick's mouth. Licking a finger, she reached down to run it over Rukhsana's clit, giving her an instant orgasm which coated Ian's cock with her cunt juice. Ray still had his head between Sheila's legs, licking her slit then strumming her clit, while Nick had moved up from Sheila's tits to her mouth and was face-fucking her vigorously, his head now only a few inches from where Ian's cock was pounding into Rukhsana. When Charlotte had emptied Rukhsana's cunt, Nick grabbed the back of her neck and forced his tongue into her mouth, where they passed the cum between them.


Getting to Know Ourselves Better Ch. 02

group noody2005 2018-09-25

"Do you mean the clothes or the wearer?" Without waiting for an answer she added "they get better" handing me a couple of her on the beach wearing just a tiny bikini, then topless lying on her stomach showing off her beautiful, well toned back and shoulders with just a small towel covering her round butt. As I studied it I felt Jean move her chair closer and her hand brushed gently against my thigh "you're right it's not Ron's" she whispered, "carry on, I can tell you're getting more inquisitive" she whispered quietly in my ear. "All I want now is you!" he said rolling her onto her back, his hard cock head nudged between her waiting labia and sank deep into the sopping wet cunt as she arched her back to meet his thrusts.

Day With the Girls

group Angelic_Grace 2018-09-25

Then when his lips, kissing my body, tingles running through me, eyes closing as I murmered a soft moan, feeling his tounge flick over my nipple as his finger moved to my clit. Lips parted as I went to speak but nothing mut a moan came through as Melissa started to rapidly lick my cunt and clit. Sam suckled happily on my right nipple, fingers pinching, tugging at my left as Melissa's tongue worked wonders. And That's what I got Melissa took her turn on my breasts, abusing my nipples as Sam pushed the vibrator in me, it was turned off but still felt great. Beside me I felt two bodies, the girls were back and Sam was moaning, Melissa giggling as she was doing what ever to her.

Mother turned me into a cum slut (PT1)

group jnthn1 2018-09-25

I sat in the chair watching people sucking & fucking. There was a lady on the bed spread eagle with her pussy just wanting to be fucked. OH fuck he's going to cum in my pussy. I looked down & there was a lot of cum on the chair by my pussy. I looked up and saw my mother standing getting fucked from behind. He put his dick in my pussy & started pounding it hard like the 2 guys before him. My mother came by (not by accident I'm sure) said that looks delicious & began to eat me out, all the time telling me I'm now a slut, a cum dump like her mother & she's proud of me.