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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Elle's Group Fantasy

group JohnMav 2018-09-25

The table is ready and we can go through anytime.' Jay approached them through the crowd and on reaching the bar shook hands with Rob and John whilst giving Suzanne a big hug, 'Looking good Suzanne, gorgeous dress and it looks like nylon is the thing this evening for you two girls.' Elle hadn't taken long to notice Rob looking down at her legs and took the opportunity to stretch them out on the pretence of smoothing her stockings and made sure that she hitched her dress a little higher as her hands swept slowly back up.


Desperate Measures: The Caterer

group soflabbwlvr 2018-09-25

He and his wife and two other couples are going to spend the weekend there, from Friday afternoon through Sunday morning. "Well, I think I'm going to have to keep him in the kitchen all weekend so he doesn't get into any trouble," Sonia said. Sonia and Luis followed Kika's bouncing butt cheeks through the opened French doors into the house. "Where are you going, Liliana?" Luis asked. "We," Liliana pointed to Luis and herself, "are going to the grocery store to pick up supplies." Liliana seized the opportunity–she climbed on top of Luis, swung her hips around to his face, and lowered her crotch to his mouth. Luis bucked his hips, driving his cock another inch toward the back of Liliana's throat.


Sharon's Story

group LazerGuided 2018-09-25

The guy down by her legs was stroking her thigh with one hand and fingering her pussy with the other while the other guy was playing with a breast and having her suck on his fingers "Like you're going to suck my dick later." All the stimulation to her body was getting Sharon horny. When she felt her orgasm start, she clamped her eyes shut, let her head hang off the edge of the bed and opened her mouth wide, taking a deep breath. As she felt the cum land against her cervix she gasped for more air but got something else, the timing had been just right that when she opened wide to get a breath the dick slid past her tongue and down her throat.


My Girlfriend's Roommate Ch. 02

group emoguise 2018-09-25

Lori wondered what Gary found so appealing in Alexis. With Alexis' legs spread over Gary, Lori could see every fold and shape, even the color of her pussy. After having stared at Alexis' cunt for so long Lori became curious as to the feel of it. Lori straddled the ends of Gary's legs and crawled slowly up his body. Lori knew that if he reached out to touch her, he would know it wasn't Alexis, and she wasn't through with her games yet. Laying naked to his left was Alexis, her hands and feet bound to the bedposts and she struggled in vain, and sitting in front of him, naked, with a smug look of triumph on her face was his girlfriend Lori.

The Race

group Art 2018-09-25

The thought of these two men willing to drive like maniacs over that distance to spend a little time in bed with her was very flattering - and got her very turned on! He wasn't all that excited about beating Paul, but the thought of taking Gabriella to bed really got him going. When John got home from work, he simply put a suitcase in the back seat of his car, threw a map of the Western U.S. on the dash, and considered himself ready to start this race. Just before six, John checked himself and the car over to make sure that it looked like he was about to drive half way across the country.


The Game Ch. 1

group SpankMaster60 2018-09-25

As I knew that Deb and Todd were pretty sexual and had a lot of swinger friends I knew this evening would be something special and Nikki had just confirmed my feelings. Nikki smiled a devilish smile and pulled her tight little black mini-dress over her head and smoothed it over her gorgeous ass. We went into a dining room where others were getting to know each other and Deb told us Todd would be back in a minute as he was finishing up the meal. Todd and Deb seemed to attract people such as these, being the fun-loving couple they were. Deb started to tell us about the evening's game: "After dinner we will come back here for drinks, at which time I will bring out 2 boxes.

Soccer Mom Still Has It

group jocular_guy 2018-09-25

Mike moved to the other breast, twirling, sucking, back and forth as Kim reached down Steve's pants to feel his bare ass, pulling him even harder against her thigh. Steve kissed her mound more and reached up behind her, slipped his hands under the back of her panties, feeling both checks of her ass, and slowly pulled them down, revealing Kim's pussy. Kim moved more and more until she felt Steve's tongue touch the bottom of her pussy, and slowly lick upward to her clit, barely touching her lips, just as he savored the cake. With a loud moan, a thrust upward of her hips, and a blast of wetness from her pussy, Kim moaned and gasped as Mike and Steve tried to stay on the gyrating holes of this women letting go in orgasmic pleasure.


group PrimalRoots 2018-09-25

I was kissing His neck when he said it for the first time, just making my way down to where I wanted to be. "We're looking at a big dinner tonight, hope you've got room," He managed to say before his eyes came to my breasts. I had taken off all my clothes the second Erica went out the door, and played with my lips ever so lightly to get myself excited. I never thought that by kissing someone else, I would feel such immense love for Him. But that's where the tingle came from, in knowing that I was doing something for Him. He looked like he was watching television, but the little smile on His face said otherwise.

Morgantown Gang-Bang Part 2

group swat412 2018-09-25

He wasn’t a bit bashful; as I got on the bed he grabbed the waistband of the panties and pulled them down to my knees, I saw him use a little Crisco on his cock (I’d lubed myself ahead of time anyway) then he moved in behind me, grabbed my garter belt, found my rectum and buried his cock all the way. With great relief (it’s hard to describe how my rectum felt at that point but ‘burning-raw’ puts it best) I pulled his head down and moaned, “Do it baby…give me that black seed!” He buried himself so deep that I thought his cock was in my stomach, our lips ground together as I squealed and he moaned like hell!

An Invitation

group JamesLacy 2018-09-25

Scott moaned in pleasure and Beth released his cock and returned to Darrin, deep throating him as well. He could feel his cock getting harder inside Beth as he began to push back against Scott's thrusts, enjoying his first ever ass fuck. Scott seized the moment to thrust his face into Beth's cum oozing cunt, covered it with his mouth, sucked out all of Darrin's cum and swallowed it. Beth sighed as Scott cleansed her and she rolled her upper body to lick Darrin's cock clean of their blended cock and cunt cum. Beth looked at Darrin's face just inches away from hers and quickly released Scott's cock from her mouth and placed the head on Darrin's lips.


Camping Sex Party

group snaillover69 2018-09-25

Ted brought his hard cock up to Pam's wet pussy and started fucking her doggy-style. Mark sat up and pulled Gail's mouth off his cock, he rolled her over and grabbed an ankle in each hand and spread her legs as wide as he could and shoved his hard cock in her drenched cunt. As soon as Lisa had finished sucking Jack's cock dry, she moved over to Ted and Pam. Donna and Pam looked things over, Gail was getting the banging of her life, and Lisa was getting her as fucked good and hard. Lisa, Gail, and the 3 brothers gathered around Donna and Pam and watched as the two girls sixty-nined.

A Sea Change in our Sex Life Pt. 02

group EddieH 2018-09-25

Fliss's father died , of a heart attack, when she was 12, and within a year her mother had married her late husband's business partner, Martin. Now her mother doted on Martin, but Fliss never really liked him. Then there was a bit of a melee as they all tried to ger a feel of her tits, or get their cocks in her mouth! Just like Molly she gaped wide to try and catch their spunk, and sucked their cocks after they had finished! Bring this little slag along any fuckin' time yer like! I opened the door and hauled my wife out, put her face down over the bonnet, and pushed my cock into her spunk-filled hole!

No Suck, No Fuck

group Bluespark 2018-09-25

"Now that I would like to see," my roommate said as his girlfriend took a big hit, "how would you like to fuck her, little buddy?" "Show us how much you like our show Christie." Robbie said as we stroked each other's cocks for her. "See how easy it is," she said looking up at me, "I want to feel your big thick cock fucking me but first I want to see you sucking Robbie's big hard cock." "Damn, Tommy, you really do want to fuck Christie bad." I tried to pull my lips away but Robbie pushed his cock deeper into my mouth. "Mmmmmmm...yes Tommy suck my cock." Feeling Robbie's hot thick cum hitting my throat made me start to cum too.

Debbie's Distraction

group literot 2018-09-25

I think I said before that I love watching people have sex; I swung around to watch Michelle and Bob, and without asking dropped myself with a gasp onto Charles' rampant cock. Bob put his erection between her breasts and started to tit fuck her, and with each thrust, Michelle's mouth took the head of his cock like a consummate pro. Suddenly we stopped laughing and watched in amazement as Gabbie and her Adonis, soon to be named as Jake, walked boldly into the room, completely naked and amazingly confident for their age. "All change," one of the men shouted and before I knew what was happening, Michelle and Gabbie were sitting on the couch and I was being manhandled into a crouching position on the bed.


The Initiation

group beautyhasnocolor 2018-09-25

He didn’t raise his head to look at them, but as they passed Nakia noticed Desiree checking him out, hoping to make eye contact with him. “Well, I already heard enough about Desiree, so I’ll leave you guys alone to get acquainted,” Nakia said, turning back to the door. “I need to go to my room,” she said quickly, turning to her left, but Nakia put her hand on the wall, blocking Desiree’s path. Nakia repeatedly pushed Desiree’s head onto Marcus’ dick, sometimes hard and sometimes harder, and Desiree kept stopping whenever she needed a break. Desiree opened her mouth to protest, but Marcus quickly took a step forward, put his hands behind Desiree’s head, and gave her a hard, heavy kiss on the mouth.

Kinky Wake-up

group Azuldrgon 2018-09-25

It had been a few days since a man had touched her skin and she felt a little cheated from the night before when this man passed out from too many mojitoes instead of taking her back to this place and ravishing her body the way she wanted. This woman crawled onto the bed and allowed her skin to touch Adrian's leg as Jessie began to kiss down Adrian;s chest. Adrian could feel the masked woman kissing up his legs from his feet as Jessie held his attention. As the pierced tongue began to lick around the skin holding his testacles, he felt as if he would lose control soon.

Guests at a Wedding

group theheathen 2018-09-25

She was moaning and softly whispering "Oh fuck" over and over again as I got closer to her nipple, but when I stopped and started kissing the outside of her breast again she told me to stop being such a tease and give her what she wanted. We kissed around his cockhead, and then Christine went back to licking whilst I took him into my mouth for a nice, long suck. As she fingered me and licked my clit, I pinched my nipples hard and watched Rick fucking her, and then suddenly I was thrashing around on the bed trying not to make too much noise (it was 4am and there was a room on the other side of the wall with more wedding guests in it).

BBQ, Cards, Cum

group ferociousfred 2018-09-25

Sally, was the opposite of my girlfriend Erin, she was about 5'11" long dark hair, small tits but perfectly formed in the tight T-shirts she used to wear and the rounded ass that was just asking to be fucked. After a while, I started to think Sally had noticed me spying on her ass and tits as every time I went to visit she wore increasingly revealing clothes. Then I lost and opened my dare "swap clothes with another player" Sally was wearing her boyfriends jeans and jumper by this time and they weren't giving me the view I usually look forward to when visiting so I suggested we change.



group oldhippie1949 2018-09-25

As I pulled into the tourist information rest stop near Hardeeville, South Carolina, I spotted Larry and Sheila just getting out of their dark green Cadillac CTS-V Coupe. "Actually, Sheila, we compared dicks and Larry's looks a lot like mine...about the same length, seven or so inches...about the same girth, both circumcised...Larry's cap is a bit smaller than mine. "Let me see...I thought about how sweet your butt looked in those sweats...I thought about what good shape you're in...I thought about your outgoing personality and how you must be an animal in bed...I couldn't envision your breasts because I really couldn't see them under your big sweatshirt." "Let's stop at this liquor store and get a bottle of wine." We picked up a merlot and, at the last minute, Larry bought some tequila minis.


Boating Weekend Ch. 03

group kenkx 2018-09-25

Part way down the long dock, Sue could hear Jack's laugh and knew she was headed in the right direction. Jack placed another blanket down nearby and stretched out next to Sue to watch Frank and Ken work their massage magic. Minutes later, Frank heard Ken ask Darlene to turn over. Ken began at Darlene's feet and Frank followed his lead with Dana. From the corner of his eye, Frank saw Ken entering Darlene and he knew that Ken would have no problem with him fucking his least not right now. Ken and Darlene were already on the boat, pulling on suits as Frank and Sue crawled up the swim platform and, grabbing their suits, hurried into the cabin.


A Stimulating Opportunity

group sweet_lusciousdesire 2018-09-25

No ties, no binds, just incredible hot wild sex any way I want it with lots of beautiful women with wet pussies, big tits and tight little toned asses. I looked over to another section or is that sextion, a tent in the tent, watching a woman with long hair flicking her hair as she arched while accepting a big cock deep into her mouth. I'm gonna satisfy every one of your pent up needs," Lara purred showing off her incredibly sexy body and big tits. Holding her head I just gave it to her hard pounding my big cock into her sexy, and oh so pretty little mouth. Her arch effectively pushed her sex ass out seductively as a big man entered her tight pussy.

Lust Filled Aspirations Ch. 05

group sothickwidit 2018-09-25

"This is Megan", Giselle said introducing us, "Megan this is my, uh, friend, Brent." "Rub your tits." He said as he came and sat in a chair directly facing me. "Play with that tight ass pussy, stick your fingers inside and I want to here it gushing." I lowered my right hand to my pussy, spread my lips with two fingers and rubbed my clit with another. Brent loved to grab my hair and force his cock down my throat. But, I wasn't sure if I was ready to have my ass destroyed but before I knew it, I felt the tip of Brent's swollen cock penetrating me.

Escalation Ch. 03

group interqueen 2018-09-25

Jane watched still, her own pussy desperate for cock yet she didn't give in, wanting her friend to have all ten men for herself. The final man, having waited so long, didn't last long, fucking his pent-up load deep into Alison's cum-filled uterus. "Holy fuck..." Terry said as one bobbed inches from his face, a thick, white cock at least 9 inches in length. Her eyes were stuck together with cum so she didn't know how many men were still waiting, but she kept hearing the door open and close, so more must be appearing all the time. By next week I want to completely ready to get fucked up the ass by some big cocks.

MaryAnn Ch. 03

group MaryAnn678 2018-09-25

A couple nights after Jeri's visit, Fritz called to talk to both Ron and MaryAnn. Ron and MaryAnn were indeed ready for a vacation and one with two good friends sounded like a wonderful idea. When they met in the living room, MaryAnn, remarked, "Hey Jeri, we look like a couple high class hookers. Jeri seemed to spend a lot of time looking at Ron, just as MaryAnn figured she would. "Ron, Jeri told me that she and MaryAnn had a wonderful chat a couple nights ago. Jeri broke in with, "Yes, was the first time scary for you MaryAnn, and did you worry about Ron watching?" She knew the answer from the earlier conversation but wanted Fritz to hear it.