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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Opening the Door-Expansion

group aldenbradley 2018-09-25

"Ken's not used to hearing that women like to fuck," Kim said. Last week, Laurie had asked Larry if he thought David would like to fuck her. This week, Laurie was supposed to ask Larry the same question regarding Ken. Trish's question directed to David had trumped that effort. Once the six friends reassembled in the den of Laurie and Larry's home, the hostess asked David to help her in the kitchen. Laurie touched Trish on the shoulder and nodded toward the sixty-nine between Kim and David on her carpeted floor. "Well," Kim said, "Laurie is supposed to ask Larry if he thought Ken would like to do her. But, Trish jumped in and asked her David if he thought Ken would like to do her.

Chemistry Classmates

group JohnEnjoys 2018-09-25

Jan slowly bent over and moved her attention to Brian's cock. When I took a moment to look up, Brian's cock was deep in her mouth and her hand was kneading his heavy balls. She tried her best to keep sucking off Brian, but when I would start pumping her cunt from behind, she'd have to take his cock out of her mouth or she'd gag like crazy. For a few moments, Brian and I used her body as our personal fucktoy- slamming her pussy and her mouth- both of us wanting to cum. She moaned loud too- trying to keep Brian inside her mouth as I felt her cunt tighten and squeeze my cock- and I knew she was cumming too.

Beth on A Level Results Night

group lolaenglish 2018-09-25

I had never been with a woman but the action was instinctive, lapping and nipping and sucking the sweet-tasting flesh as her sighs and moans mingled with mine and I pumped my fingers into my pussy and rubbed at my clit to make myself cum. I withdrew from the penis in front of me and turned to see, exactly as I had fantasised, Louise bent over, her thick black hair pulled back by Dan, her beautiful tits bouncing in front of her and her pussy being brutally used. "Come and join in or fuck off." With that he groaned out as my cunt pushed him over the edge and he pulled out, blasting my back and the back of my head with sticky cum.

The Troika

group Starlight 2018-09-24

During that time things had been implied, rather than actually stated, which led me to believe that all was not well, sexually speaking, between Sandra and Paul. Jill and I had been on holiday with Sandra and Paul quite a few times, and from sounds heard through thin partition walls, and from the bumps and whispers I overheard, it seemed that their sex life was not failing for want of trying. When I had completed what felt like a rather less than entertaining command performance, Sandra moved me away, got off the bed and said, "Thank you, Malcolm. I continued to try and persuade Sandra that an enhanced sex life with Paul need not damage her relationship with me, but she turned argumentative.



group XLaylaX 2018-09-24

He turned the, clearly drunk, girl around in his arms to face me and her head fell back against his shoulder, his hand resting on her breast. Ben kissed the girls neck, slowly sliding his hand into her dress, cupping her breast. With my other hand I slowly push my finger inside Blondie and she almost screams her pleasure. Rick has his hands in my hair and pushes his cock balls deep down my throat. He sucks the closest tit with such ferocity that I think I'm going to cum right there, abruptly he pins me against the wall, and in my hazy state I see Blondie over his shoulder, being fucked for all she's worth by another of Ben's friends.

Unexpected Threesome Ch. 03

group Joanmcarthy 2018-09-24

That assumption was challenged when she shuffled her body towards him to close the gap, leaving her nipple resting lightly on his chest and her mons pushed firmly against the projecting base of his hardened manhood; the tip of it pushed into the soft flesh of her stomach as her arm came over to circle the small of his back. For all Ned knew the girls had fallen back into sleep, only the gentle rise and fall of their breaths giving life to their still bodies; although he thought his fingers did detect a growing arousal through Amy's crotch and the fact Issie was ever so subtly still circling her bud on his fingers and thigh.


Dispatches from the Front Line

group txstanford 2018-09-24

We saw the swings and the beds and the bathrooms and the hot tub and were almost ready to leave when we decided to push through into a play room where, though we didn't know it, a dozen or so people had grouped to watch a woman about to be triple teamed. So hot, in fact, that when it was over, Stuart and I found ourselves compelled – and that is the only word for it – compelled to throw off our towels and get into each other right then, there on the hard floor with one of the pads under my head, coupling in the exact same place where we'd just been sitting, aware of the audience around us but not caring at all.

The Cuckold Waltz Ch. 3

group jamespatrick2001 2018-09-24

I was teetering on the edge of my seat, about to slide off, when I heard her say: "Any ideas, James?" After a pause, I heard myself - at first I thought it was someone impersonating me - say: "Knickers. I couldn't imagine her saying at the tribunal: "And when I asked the defendant if he liked looking at my cunt, he refused to answer." This was definitely going somewhere else. I thought to myself, do you know, Amanda, what I'd really like now is to have my dirty cunt licked out. Like the obedient boy he is, he began licking me out…I do love that expression, so base, so working class…I came all over his fat little face within seconds.

Craig's Scuba Dive in Barbados Ch. 02

group scubasam61 2018-09-24

Craig started to apologize for coming into the bathroom without notice, but his cousin, Brenda cut him off to explain that Vanessa got sunburned and when the shower water hit her body to wash off the soap, that she gave the killing scream. Brenda and Vanessa then drove off back to their villa to start shaving the little hairs left on their pussy area and prepare the food for tonight's special dinner and sexual play. Craig asked Brenda and Vanessa how their day went, what they did, where they went and the girls laughed, explaining they decided to buy these new bikini's, that they hoped he liked, which of course Craig told them they looked beautiful and very sexy in them.


Wifes Christmas Office Party

group goodnnnight 2018-09-24

Eventually Joanne broke free and Martin loudly exclaimed "phworr," as Barry and then Brian took their turn, each copying Martin as they pulled Joanne towards them so that they could feel her tits against their chests while their hands roamed her back and kissed her deeply. Brian smiled and said "Joanne," as he took her in his arms and gave her a long kiss, firstly pulling her into his chest and then moving his right hand to her left breast. Joanne squealed as Martin began fondling her tit again, and Brian slipped his right hand down the front of Joanne's blouse and started to grope her left tit.

Teaching Her Husband To Receve Cock

group danielblue 2018-09-24

Soon they were both naked and both Mark and Angela gasped when they saw the large, fat cock jutting out of the centre of the little guy. It was a cock that demanded attention and because Mark was too slow off the starting block Angela got down on her knees and cupped one hand around those big eggs while she guided his flared cockhead into her mouth. The sounds of Phil's meaty cock sliding in and out of her husband's ass, Mark's groans as he ate her pussy and got pounded in the ass, they were too much for her.

Moms and their sons

group savita009 2018-09-24

Alison was hoping it would make her son so awfully horny, he'd want to Alison's pussy started throbbing as she watched her son's "Oooh, Randy, it looks like it's going to explode," Alison purred, Randy did as his mother asked, his huge prick throbbing wildly, Alison sucked her son's prick extremely hard, as if she were "Jesus, Mom!, I'm gonna cum!" Randy gasped, wincing as his mother's mother's pussy now, and Randy could hardly believe how good it felt to "Fuck me, Randy!" Alison squealed, growing hornier and hornier. "Fuck it, Randy!" Alison gasped, her face contorting in a grimace of Randy fucked his mother hard, slamming his prick to the Alison sighed and settled back on the bed, feeling Randy's cock still

A Time I Was With Many

group lustyem 2018-09-24

My b/f knew I'd been with a few guys before him and liked to try new things which I went along with most of the time. As the party went on Peter danced with me a few times and even had me dance with some of the other guys there. I knew I was getting a little drunk, so I tried to slow my drinks down but the guys just kept toping me up. My legs were un tied and held up high as he kept pushing it hard and fast deep inside me, then I felt him go all rigid and I knew he was cumming in me.

Radha: Bewitching Adultress Ch. 03

group sajit 2018-09-24

He had been extremely turned on by the sight of this naked uninhibited ‘Iyengar ‘ slut giving his friend a fantastic blow job, and he'd been jerking off while he watched, so he was well prepared for a fast release, his cock drilled into Radha's mouth like a hot knife through butter, the tapered cock column cruising through the tightly-stretched oval ring of her lips and his balls slapping her under the ass-cheeks. After all that, to give both of them a good look at the creamy climax and see just what she was swallowing, Radha pulled her lips off the head off Sikandar's prick and finished him off by running her palm up and down on his moistened cock head, and at the same time held her mouth wide open an inch from his cock hole, letting the white cum laced on the jaws and teeth, erupt and show up from the very interior.

Pet for this evenings entertainment

group steve69xxx 2018-09-24

Both at the same time a pair of hands grabbed both of my wrists and I could feel them attach what I thought were chains to the D rings of the leather cuffs. Drool from my gagged mouth was now running down between my breasts, once the whipping stopped and the clamps were all removed several pairs of hand and a couple of tongues starting exploring my body. Eventually at the end of the night I could feel someone gently unclipping my cuffs from the chains holding my ankles and wrists, My legs and arms just dropped I lay their naked on the sling totally exhausted almost limp like.

Cindy's Filthy Gangbang

group ExtremeGangbangMan 2018-09-24

Cindy was 37 years old, asian, 5" tall, petite & delicate, with small tits, long black hair, a tight round ass, and a shaven little pussy. The bastard to my right noticed this and he yanked Cindy's asscheeks wide open in a rough and uncaring way; he pulled so hard in fact that it made her little rosebud asshole protrude in distress. For his part, the guy on her right also stood up and grabbed her by the back of her head and pulled her little cumsoaked face onto his cock, busting his nut down her throat. I watched as my precious little Cindy's throat quietly gulped down his sperm into her belly, staring up into his eyes as if eating his load would give her inner peace.


Poker Night Ch. 02

group jt123 2018-09-24

On the way home Jim asked Traci what she thought about what Lynn had said. Jim pulled his gaze away from her chest long enough to notice that both Traci and Lynn were also staring at Gwen's barely contained tits. He glanced around the table and noticed that both Lynn and Gwen were looking at the bulge from his hard cock. Jim excitedly looked at Gwen expecting to get a full view of her big tits, but instead of her bra she removed her panties. Lynn's eyes glowed with lust and excitement and Jim stared excitedly as she moved her hand to her chest. Jim noticed Traci wasn't watching him or Lynn but was looking directly across the table at Gwen.


The Slutress I

group Trevor Zachary 2018-09-24

Jim knelt behind Cynthia and with both hands grabbed her left ankle, sliding his fingers over her three inch heels and commenting on how sexy they looked, "I just love the way your calf muscles bulge in these shoes Mrs. Bridges." She wore no hose, only heels, a thin cotton sundress, black like the shoes, with no underwear or bra, just as Charles had instructed her to do. Jim grabbed a fist full of Cynthia's shoulder length black hair and pulled her toward him while pushing his hard crotch against her ass, careful not to let the three fingers flailing inside this hot woman's cunt slip out.

Thursday Night Betty

group SmithCommaJohn 2018-09-24

The woman who had suggested this field trip in the first place noticed the door to the video preview booths, and asked the man behind the counter, who appeared to be in his early fifties and had the trim look of an ex-Marine, whether we would have to buy tokens first, and the man shrugged and said, "Only if you're going to watch the movies." In a group, we walked into the back of the store. It just seemed to go on and on, and I thought that maybe some men were coming back for seconds, or they were calling their friends and telling them that there was free head, pussy and ass at the video store, and to make excuses to their wives and girlfriends and sneak out of the house.


We Just Click

group EricsBabe 2018-09-24

Admittedly, I'm a jealous bitch so when Eric tells me that he wants no other woman, I'm good with that. I drive to work thinking about the possibilities and decide to send a direct text to Johnny -- "need you inside me tonight." He texts Eric who says -- go ahead, play with my girl; I'm still an hour from being home. Knowing that cock is about to be inside me is so hot, I take a lick of his head, and a little suck. Johnny says "I'm gonna cum in your woman." He starts building the rhythm and knows I like it hard and fast. Eric comes over and sits on the other side of me, gently kisses me and says....."Up for a little DP baby?"

From unwilling cuck to willing cuck

group 1daymayb 2018-09-24

Then I heard the guy fucking her turn to his mates and say "I knew this one was a real slut, the fucking bitch is getting wetter and wetter with each stroke!" Oh god no, how can she do that, how can she enjoy what this lot were doing to her? Her legs were pushed apart and another guy stood between them and shoved his cock inside my cum filled and very well fucked slut of a wife. Well We've had many a fuck thinking about what a dirty night that turned out to be and I've wanked looking at the pictures probing my wife is such a filthy cum slut.

Prankster Ch. 12

group Paris Waterman 2018-09-24

Ginger giggled and said, "Ohhh, Tony that feels so good!" Then she took him in her mouth and tongued the head of his cock until he began discharging some precum. When Ginger eased her fingers out of her pussy and lifted them to her nose, both Essence and Barely groaned aloud, and then, startled, laughed giddily at one another while their cameras moved wildly about the room, filming everything but the fornicating couple on the bed. When he stopped licking her, Ginger waited a moment, then realizing he was finished, she got up and slowly walked to the lavatory, her ass swinging provocatively with every step, knowing the cameras were following her. "Ginger," Tony said as they got into the cab, "I want to make sure I've got your real name and a number where I can reach you."

The Cold Winter Ch. 04

group sexygirl76 2018-09-24

Michael had stood over the arm of the couch while Sarah sucked his cock and Henry took her from behind. When Michael moved his hands back on her breasts freeing her nipples, Henry locked his mouth on one, whipping his tongue over it as he continued to slam hard into her willing body. "Your mamma is probably still sore sweetheart." Henry said kissing the girl on the cheek before moving over to Robin and taking her in his arms. Sarah had stopped crying but was looking at her while she rested her head on Michael's shoulder. No one knew that Michael and Sarah had sex together while they were alone at the house but they and Henry and they knew the big man would never tell their secret.


Club Games

group mikeinto 2018-09-24

He spread my legs and began kissing me passionately, pushing his tongue into my mouth while running his hands over my thighs and ass. Ethan undid the belt and jeans and slowly slid his hand into Isaac's boxers, feeling his thick hard cock, warm with excitement. Ethan began stroking Isaac's cock in smooth slow movements, admiring how nice it looked in his hand. I could tell Isaac was getting more and more turned on as he began stroking his own cock faster. Ethan began to use his fingers to work Isaac's asshole, which opened up nicely from his being so turned on. Ethan seemed to have found our lube from the shelf and in almost no time, had more than 2 fingers inside Isaac's asshole, making him moan.