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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sue and Jerry

group maudecardy 2018-09-24

Then later on, if I was very lucky, Ann would not say no, so I'd be slipping my cock into her imagining I was fucking Sue, and watching in my mind her wool-clad breasts bounce about as I pushed firmly in and out of her. Jerry was dressed just in a shirt and jeans - like me - but Sue was even more fabulous than usual in a thick pink polo neck, which had a pattern of ribbing down the front and looked so soft I wanted to stroke her and cum on the spot. I think that..." she began, but Jerry suddenly turned round to his wife and kissed her passionately on the lips, his arm going round her waist, stroking her soft sweatered skin.


Movie Day: The Prelude

group dreampilot79 2018-09-24

I watched her face as Horse slowly entered her with the huge cock she loved so much. Jill was on her hands an knees, her mouth wrapped around my manhood, her pussy stretched by Horse and again she began to cum. Horse reached his head up to suck a nipple into his mouth as his hands wrapped around her waist and rocked her on his cock. She controlled each man with skill, sucking faster on me and fucking Horse slower so that we all came at the same time, flooding her with man seed at each end. I think it was the wine talking but I couldn't believe it when Jill told Bill that she was insatiable, she craved sex morning noon and night.


A real woman - called Rachel

group adel5000 2018-09-24

“Of course there’s one person joining us there to whom Kyla and I owe particular thanks.” Reece glanced down at Rachel, and his bride turned her garlanded head to bestow a radiant smile. “You’re holding my husband’s dick.” Rachel automatically went to let go, but Reece folded his strong hand around hers and clutched her to him, running the palm up and down his shaft, so she felt all his lovely thick inches. The bride’s hard nipples were brushing her own bosom, those fingers still teasing between her legs, when the question came: “Would you like my husband to fuck you?” She was looking past Rachel when she said it and suddenly the bridesmaid felt Reece’s mouth upon her neck, his kneeling body closing in on her back, so that his upright cock pressed to her spine.

Bang Bang Bangs!

group HairAddict67 2018-09-24

Trixie, with her shoulder length hair gathered in a little pony tail and new straight across bangs, dressed in a sports bra and tight, short shorts was to be the first one to engage with Joe. Kimmy, who had her long blonde hair in a ponytail, had on a tank top and runner shorts with her new bangs able to swish about. She couldn't believe that there were two insanely hot girls behind her feeling each other up and Joe just wanted to play with her bangs. Trixie latched her lips to her friend's breast while Kimmy removed Joe's shirt and began kissing his chest, her bangs brushing his skin.


Any Chance We Could Ch. 22

group Reindeer58 2018-09-24

As Ashley and Katrina left, Veronica pulled Georgina's card from the bulletin board in the kitchen and called her. After chatting a few minutes about how awful some people look in casual attire – sweats, jogging suits, baggy jeans and tops – the coffee was done and after pouring two cups Veronica asked, "What's on your mind, and how can I help you." You're a beautiful, sexy woman Georgina and I can't image that she won't." Veronica said with a grin and gleam in her eyes. Georgina and Veronica chatted about other topics for another half hour before Georgina said she had to run to the walk-through at the house she thought would interest a prospect.


Becca's First Gang Bang

group Becca8008s 2018-09-24

After a moment of confusion from being ordered around by a strange man, one of the men made to turn it off but I, accustom to quickly following Sir's commands, was already at the TV pressing the power button. Another glance at Sir revealed no objections, so I grabbed the large black cock and stroked it a few times before pulling it into my mouth. I pulled the cock out of my mouth and turned to the one on my left and began sucking it as I stroked the one on my right. "Yes sir, I do want to suck it for you." I replied obediently and kneeled in front of him grabbing his huge cock with both hands.


The Camping Trip Pt. 06

group Tetris07828 2018-09-24

I felt Tina stir and without any hesitation climbed on my cock in reverse cowgirl in order to face the other two women as they dressed. Now relax and enjoy yourself." Tina said as she placed herself on my face. It makes me feel wonderful knowing that I helped bring on such a strong orgasm out of you." Tina said tenderly. I want to explain what's going on." Tina said to me. "Tina said that you enjoyed the feel of me inside you." It was obvious to me that Emily was picking her words carefully to avoid antagonizing me. I looked at Tina who was smiling hopefully and at Emily who was sitting in a short dress that reminded me of a school girl outfit.


Costume Party with Friends

group Roscoe0829 2018-09-24

While Christine and I were standing conversing with a couple dressed as a pimp and ho two men wearing nothing but their masks came up to my wife and asked if she was ready the play and be taken as Cleopatra had been for crimes against her people. Some of the masks came off and I saw her ex-boyfriend Fred having her sit on his cock while her friend's husband, Jeremy, fucked her face. I noticed, due to their masks being removed that our friend Jeff was banging some hot blonde while his wife was next to him on the receiving end of a huge black cock.


Briget Ch. 04

group velvethammer 2018-09-24

“Karen has decided that she wants to be a bad girl, isn’t that right?” Briget leaned over and kissed Karen chastely on the cheek, while stroking one of Karen’s huge tits at the same time. Now Briget was getting Karen to talk about what kind of things she really wanted in her sex life. Looking at me, she smiled and said, “I guess I’m bicycle!” I just about fell off the sofa laughing and Briget and Anya looked at each other. Then when she stood up, I held her close and asked her if she wanted to fuck the night away with the two of us and she said yes. I kissed her on the cheek like Briget and told her that I’d see her at work sometime.



group kelley_and_tracy 2018-09-24

Finally stopping our torture of Chris, Christine rolled me onto my back, quickly between my legs, her long tongue snaking it's way deep into my swollen pussy, then forcing it's way into my ass. Christine then sank onto my face, her large protruding wet pussy lips muffling my cries as Chris continued to sink his cock into my depths. My legs were numb, my pussy was throbbing, my last orgasm finally subsiding as Christine completed her task of licking Chris's cum from my cunt. Incredibly, I began to feel the heat in my crotch again as Christine expertly licked her way around my neck to my breasts, sucking each nipple deep into her mouth, then out again.


What I'd Do To You Both

group vixxxx 2018-09-24

Tom, you reach your hand up and I lick you clean of my cum, whispering, "Thank you." You smile back at me and I kiss you tenderly, saying, "I love you, and only you," before turning to you, Ryan, and starting to kiss you again, lifting your t-shirt up and over your head to reveal your slender torso, which I cover in little kisses, working my way downwards until I reach your belt. Suddenly I realize that I have two lovely big cocks all to myself, and give Ryan's a little kiss before moving over to you and taking yours into my eager mouth.

Untill He Learns To Love It Ch.2

group Rust1 2018-09-24

“Here we go” I announced backing off of Dominick and almost as soon as I did Dominick’s dick exploded white liquid that made a rather large pool of semen on the floor under the table but I couldn’t say if it was from my sucking or Otis’ fucking, “did he just!?” Otis asked sounding surprised, “he did…” I confirmed standing up to find that Pierce and David were now taking turns sharing Dominick’s mouth, “I need a break or things’ll get messy ” Otis said with a chuckle pulling his dick out then walking over to get something to drink.

Carl and Lorie and Andrea

group Lizzy_Beth_26 2018-09-24

Aimee: I met Lori when I took a part time job at a local department store in town. Carl has a good job but with the demands of a new house and children, we felt it best that I help out financially in order to alleviate any money problems down the road. I have multiple orgasms without much of a problem and he always enjoyed holding me in his arms while I would cum and then taking his turn fucking me when I was good and wet (as well as totally spent). I called Danny and told him that I was going out after work to have a bite to eat with Lori and would be home later.


Sweet and Spicy Horny Toads Ch. 07

group TxRad 2018-09-24

poor little saddle, I'll just have to kiss it and make it better," Karen said putting an arm around Sue's shoulder. When Sue's foot returned to the seat Karen's head moved forward and her tongue slid wetly across Sue's bare skin. Sue's mouth shot open in a silent "Oh," and her hands went to Karen's head. I sucked and licked on Karen, as she did the same to Sue. My manhood had raised its head earlier in the shower watching the girls. Sue's ass was jumping off the bed and she had both hands on Karen's head. Now Karen's hands were on Sue's head but she was trying to push it away. Karen removed her hands but said, "If you want too, but let my clit rest.

Summer of Lust

group Marc S77 2018-09-24

But he soon joined us again, carrying what looked like two big, expensive-looking terry-clothe robes and some towels - only instead of taking off his clothes, he left them on and sat on the edge of the Jacuzzi in his shorts; his legs dangling in the water. "When we saw you at the beach last week, and saw your body and how incredibly big you were, we were interested right away - especially Lori," he said with a smile. "Let me feel," she said grinning as I felt Lori's hand grip my penis below the surface of the water.


Three into one does go

group 2018-09-24

I didn’t think I was going to be able to hold my cum for long with the attention I was getting from my wife and her s****r, and I think Kayla knew the same thing because she quickly stopped and pulled her mouth off of my dick, still slowly stroking it with her hand. Samantha continued to slowly lower herself further onto my dick as Kayla moaned behind her, “yes s*s take it slow, let your pussy get used to it.” I had never heard my wife talk like that before. Well for that you have to clean out that cum now.” I looked at my wife and grinned, “now how am I supposed to do that?” Samantha collapsed on to my chest, breathing heavily, as my dick slowly began to soften inside of her.

The Best Seats in the House Ch. 2

group Nico 2018-09-24

She crossed the elevator still wearing her incredibly sexy fuck-me boots and grabbed Mia from behind, pressing Mia's perky tits almost flat except for her nipples, which she let escape between her middle and ring fingers so that I could suck on them and cause Mia's eyes to roll back in her head. As I rubbed her and fingered her clit, Mia wanted my cock in her ass more and more and slowly began to relax her tight ring of muscles so that I could enter her. She continued to suck and lick Michaela's clit, making her whole body shake every time her tongue came into contact with her incredible sensitivity.

Spring Break Ch. 03

group HLD 2018-09-24

"But I saw the look in your eyes when you were watching me feel Leah up last night at EPCOT. In part, we didn't want to push our other two friends too much, but on many of the rides at MGM, either there isn't the same kind of privacy that there is on some of the attractions in the Magic Kingdom or the rides are more thrill-oriented, and the last thing any of were thinking about on the Tower of Terror was feeling up the person next to us. And I don't know that I satisfy Carl the way you and Leah satisfy him." Katie's hands were shaking. Melinda held her hand until she calmed down and then we went to catch up to Leah and Carl.


Widening the Circle Ch. 08

group fntsymn 2018-09-24

"Oh, he just repeated the offer he made the other night." Vanessa told him, and leaning forward to kiss him softly on the lips she added, "He said we could come and strip anytime we wanted, and he included Karen too. "I said I would also think about it." Karen replied slipping her hand over Robert's thigh placing it over his erection, "And how about you Bob, does the idea of your wife and sister in law stripping in front of a room full of strangers excite you?" He got a nice shot from the side, Pamela's legs wrapped around Vanessa's head and Karen's body in the background riding Edward, her breasts bouncing in synch with her movements.


When Hubby's Away

group eve-l 2018-09-24

Pushing in and out with his tongue licking my cunt like a lollipop. I lye back and enjoy the sensation but, start to long for his hard cock in my mouth. She pulls your cock slowly into her mouth "that's it start out slowly, get it nice and wet, lick around his head make sure he’s nice and hard.” I encourage her. Amy you know he really likes it when he starts thrusting into you and can't seem to control himself.” I tell her. You slide down onto my bed going slow enough not to dislodge Amy's suckling mouth I straddle your head facing Amy, watching her take you deep into her mouth.

A Lesson Learned Ch. 01

group EJSimpson 2018-09-24

Alice knelt more upright until the head of his cock was only about an inch from her face, and with her hand still wrapped around his length she opened her mouth. Alice might be the one with her mouth around his cock, but she knew who was in command; staff who upset Sir Robert didn't stay in the house very long. When she reached the edge of her hand she momentarily stopped, then just as slowly she leant back and withdrew his shaft from her mouth, until her lips were almost kissing the head of his cock and the old man let out a long low groan. Sir Robert closed his eyes and with a wry smile he raised his hands to sides of Alice's head.

Waiting for Alice

group FerdGerfel 2018-09-24

"Well," Nicole said, shifting her position so that her pussy rested firmly against my thigh, "One time in college I got drunk with one of my girlfriends, and one thing led to another, and we fooled around a bit." I could feel her ever-so-subtly press herself against my thigh. Those couple of days were quite an emotional roller-coaster, alternately thinking that I was about to embark on a sexual adventure that would make me the envy of all of my male friends, and then that my relationship Nicole was going to crash and burn because she fell for a lesbian that wants to take her away from me.


Passion & Perspective Ch. 05-07

group adamgunn 2018-09-24

"Hell," Molly said, "I went to bed with Keith simply because he was a good kisser." Some people didn't want to go further than a handshake on the first date, and we decided that if all went well, why not just go for it on the spot? It took us another fifteen minutes, but Molly finally swallowed the last of her wine quickly and said, "Steve, thanks so much for meeting with us. "Canova's Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss, of course." In the act of explaining the sculpture Mark placed his arm around Molly's waist, his hand on her hip, the first time he'd touched her other than the innocent brushes at the bar.


Massage on the Beach

group OneWhoKnows 2018-09-24

Ruth Ann chose to let her friend go first, so she got up and walked a little ways down the beach, sat down, and enjoyed watching the surf in the moonlight. I picked one leg up, laying it on my thigh, started at her toes, then the rest of her foot, and kneaded her calf muscles, up to her knee. I would start my hands outside her knees, and slowly work them up the outsides of her thighs, over her beautiful butt cheeks, and on up to her waist. The results were almost identical, except that when I finished, about 40 minutes later, instead of her getting dressed, Ruth Ann waved to Karen, who came back to the blanket and undressed.