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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 46

group riverboy 2018-09-24

Oh fuck!" I said to Lee, our bodies slapping together and our eyes locked like laser beams as we climbed toward big orgasms. Margie kissed her pussy ever so gently and Chrissy's deep soft moans floated from her lungs like sweet music from Yo Yo Ma's cello, the only thing letting us know her limp body was completely and thrillingly alive. I slowed a bit and Chrissy sucked my balls into her mouth and I came deep in Margie, with glorious slow thrusts into her hot depths, my cock spasming as it pumped her moaning body full. I turned my head and kissed her deeply, my cock still slowly finishing the job on Margie, and Lee's body moved slowly with mine.


Second Time On Bi Side Ch. 04

group TUCSON RED 2018-09-24

She removed one and placed it in the player rewinding it firs she punched play and I got the surprise of my life there was mom and I in the shower. “Ahhhh yes this is good you are tighter than any woman’s pussy.” “I love the feel of having my dick in your ass.” “You like being my little whore don’t you?” Reaching around he got a grip on my prick starting to jack me off. “Ahhhh shit this is where this thing belongs.” “You are so big it feels like it will come out my mouth.” Just as I was starting to feel that this was going to be fun Beth struck me across the upper chest with the whip.

Pool Payments Ch. 11

group Tx Tall Tales 2018-09-24

"Beth and I thought you deserved a little fun, and we'd let you in on the whole thing after a few 'play dates'. Traci and Beth shared a look, and then my wife pulled me closer, hugging me with her legs and arms. "Like at pool parties, or dress up parties," Beth added, leaning against me, letting her hands wander over my body. "So I thought it might be fun to let our friend here, who God knows you've lusted over long enough, flirt with you heavily, and get you worked up, maybe add a little spice to our life." I hate to say it, but I was getting worked up by the show, and I grabbed Andrea by the hair, and encouraged her to pay attention to the job my wife had assigned her.


The Indian Prince Ch. 05

group sr71plt 2018-09-24

I had a palace limo dedicated to my needs, although what I really needed was a pair of roller skates to scoot around the marble-floored palace corridors between the prince's apartments, the Rawalina's apartments, the Badshahrina's quarters, and Mir Yusaf Adil's private trysting room. You told me not to—and I haven't seen General Sungar since the day the Rawalina tangled with Bhadur Khan." It came as a great surprise—but probably shouldn't have—when General Sungar announced that what we had been summoned to was the marriage ceremony between Prince Bhadur Khan and the new Rawalina, Aruna.

Retail Therapy at its Best

group Boudoir_Babe 2018-09-24

I had already picked out Anna's two trials, my selection of underwear to model to James and a couple of outfits I genuinely wanted to try on. I quickly returned the lame nurse's outfit, hid the sheer dress under the other clothing and turned to see a smiling Anna making her way towards me. I knew his instruction to buy sexy underwear had been made in the hope that Anna and I would end up in this very situation, I was still unsure of my feelings but I knew I enjoyed the fervor and passion with which James rewarded me every time. Soon I could sense Anna's impending orgasm and knew my own was not too far out of reach, but I had to have James' cock inside me.


What's a Little Sex Among Friends?

group friends5000 2018-09-24

I continued thrusting in and out of Lindsey sexy sweaty body as she stopped rubbing her tits and rubbed her clit as her body tensed up more and more she started to moan out "Oh fuck Im gonna cum oh oh ooh god Im CUMMING " she yelled out as she lost control and grabbed on to me tight as she pulled me in for one last hard thrust as all nine inches of my cock rammed into her pussy and my balls slapped against her an orgasm ripped through her she let go and hardly moved as she panted for breath I knew I was ready to blow my load so I pulled out of her wet pussy and looked at her huge double D's as she smiled and nodded I stuck my cock in between the large mounds of flesh and she squashed them together as I pumped my dick in between her tits a few times before warning her I was about to cum and I finally did getting jizz allover her chin chest and in between her tits as I pulled it out and she sucked my dick clean I then laid on the ground next to her as we spooned a little and I played with her tits and pussy as we watched the other two finish up.

Tell Me About Dick Ch. 05

group KenJames 2018-09-24

Karen's breasts were much larger than Linda's, but they only sagged slightly when her bra fell away. Karen pushed Linda's legs open and began licking her panties. When Karen had the thin fabric good and wet, she lifted Linda's legs and pulled her panties off. Karen stretched out on the bed with her legs open, positioned so that Linda's head wouldn't block my view when she began kissing Karen's pubic mound. Linda had stepped away while Karen was blindfolding me and the women's' bare feet were silent on the carpet, so I wasn't sure who was kissing me. "Nice boys don't stare," Linda said reprovingly, putting a finger on either side of her freshly shaved slit and pulling it open.


The Dark Muse Ch. 01

group Lost Boy 2018-09-24

“This is Moira.” I returned her smile and took the bottle offered and downed a healthy mouthful followed by cheers and the bottle began working its way between the four of us. I closed my eyes as the blondes began to work on my head and chest and quiet Moira slowly worked her way up, anticipation forming a swelling in my shorts. I looked up and in that unholy light watched her ride the dead god as its wet glistening stone cock pierced and pleasured her. Somewhere far away Kim cried out and Jane took her place moving slowly joined in the flesh I could not feel.

The French Maid Ch. 06

group susan12346 2018-09-24

The bald man pulled away, pushed my tunic back over my breast, took some food and said simply, 'thanks'. I crawled over to his cock, bent it downwards gently with my hand and then forming an '0' with my mouth, just pushed my head back and forth over the cockhead and shaft. His hand was under his toga and he was rubbing himself slowly as I was being pushed up and down, my lips rolling back and forth over the long cock in my mouth. Anna was over a table with one man standing between her legs, thrusting in and out, with both his hands on her pointy breasts, while another man stood behind her head, feeding his cock into her mouth as her head hung upside down over the edge of the table.


Business Trip Encounters Ch. 06

group Imanok 2018-09-24

After what seems like eternity, Hazel released her hand from me, adjusted her towel, looked me in the eyes and said, "Sir, thank you so much for the job, we really appreciate it........really." After the last word, I felt her wet hand felt for my cock from outside my shorts and gave it a light squeeze. Nina, sensing my excitement, placed her hand on my cock and said, "Moreover, it does look like you have a very tense muscle down here, why don't you let us rub it down for you?" Probably it was obvious that my face was been flushed with blood, Nina took this as a signal that I was about to cum, and dropped her head to my crotch and join Hazel is giving my cock a double orifice therapy.


Praying for Rain

group FrankyDiVito 2018-09-24

Mawgrit's attendant sounded a bell, and [after covering her naked body with her robe,] four strong young male members of her tribe entered and picked her up. Her eyes closed and her mind wandered to the pleasurable sensations her body was experiencing as the elders droned the ancient prayer designed to enlist the favor of the rain god in this sacrifice. More and more pleasure rolled though her being as she felt the energy of the Earth being stroked back to life by the God. Her breasts swelled and peaked, wanting to give feed. As Mawgrit came to herself, she felt the sweet rain on her naked body and opened her eyes to see her husband lying with her, feeling his hands fondling her breasts.

Kathy's Wet-T

group geronimo_appleby 2018-09-24

"This really is a fantastic cock you've got here, Rod." She grins around at the shocked faces and adds, "If it wasn't so public, I'd let you put this thing inside my pussy. Kathy isn't fazed by the crowd at all, she works her breasts over Rod's cock, squeezing the outer flanks with both palms, face tilted to where his big dome pops up under her chin with metronomic regularity. The blonde holds Rod's cock with her lips, her hands mauling her own breasts as she finds the biker's eyes with her stare. "Because I know how to give a guy pleasure," Kathy retorts, keeping her stare set on the girl's face while ducking in to such her cheeks concave, Rod's big plum between her lips.


Share and Share Alike Ch. 02

group ken5121 2018-09-24

Kate had been gone from the room for several minutes, and by now Sheila had one hand on the top of Steve's head as he bobbed up and down on my cock. She squirmed in response to my touch, causing her clit to be stimulated by the head of my cock. I didn't want to tell her that it probably would never be like that again, so I kept the thought to myself and simply ran my fingers through her hair, allowing her to come down slowly before taking her into see what Kate and Steve had gotten up to.

One Hot Summer - BJ Lesson

group irishcurse 2018-09-24

She looked back down at Jill, and as I settled my arms back down, my hand found a home on Missy's hip. And as Jill worked over my cock head, I clutched and full handful of Missy's round ass. Missy slid her fist down to the base of my rigid cock, turned her head sideways to look right at Jill. I tried to focus on her, instead of the incredible sensation Missy was giving me as she stroked my cock with her hand and licked its bulbous head at the same time I could see Jill's tongue against Missy's lips as the two girls devoured my cock. Jill's mouth still wrapped my cock, and Missy's tongue curled and twisted and massaged my balls.

The Circle Ch. 34

group SteveWallace 2018-09-24

Stephanie had been gone from The Circle for a year, with almost no communications other than through Sandy to let her and thus the others know that she was all right, and that she'd moved to the east coast. Steph said, "I told Nick I didn't want any more group sex sessions with his friends, that I was feeling cheap and too slutty. Tears started to roll down Steph's face and she choked up a little, "Oh, thank you." She wrapped her arms around Lynn and buried her face in her shoulder and cried. The women kissed as Jim cradled Steph, and stroked Sandy's hot cheerleader body. Alice and Sandy sat with Stephanie the next day and talked about the many changes in The Circle since she'd left a year earlier with Nick.


A Chick & Two Bi-Men Ch. 3

group toysrfun 2018-09-24

"How do you like the feel of your cock in my ass, baby" said Angela" The look of lust on her face was incredible as she watched Matt's head bobbing up and down on my cock and her strap on going in and out of my ass. Angela picked up the pace and started to slam her strap on deep into my ass, the fake balls hitting mine on each stroke. I lifted my hips up to take Angela's strap on deep into my ass and I came like I had never cum before. Angela took the strap on out of my ass and covered by face with kisses licking up the cum and sharing it with me.

Summer Foursome in College Ch. 02

group DanteInferno6 2018-09-24

"You little white whores, you love our men, don't you slut?" Lenore said the words so calmly, with no trace of malice, in such a low seductive voice that Amy was caught completely off-guard. The black man began to stroke himself slowly as he looked at Amy, then his wife said, "Then show us you sweet little white whore. Amy could do nothing but be a living sex toy to the black couple, and Amy sucked the professor hard and fast until he exploded into her mouth, grunting and shaking and moaning as his wife calmly berated the young white girl swallowing her husband's huge sperm load. "Beautiful white slut isn't she baby," the professor said, still buried inside Amy, slowly pulling out.

Kelsey's World Ch. 35

group riverboy 2018-09-24

"Kay want's to know if we'd mind if a twenty-three-year-old woman joins us," Wendy said to Matt after she'd hung up the phone. In her mind he'd always personified the handsome, sexy older man, and at times over the years she'd even felt odd twinges of jealousy toward Kay. When Ashley really thought about it, though, she was jealous of the whole family. "Ashley, would you like to join us?" Kay asked, as Wendy's zipper went down. "I'm...pretty sure I'm gonna need a drink first," Ashley said, marveling at Kay's amazing tits. Matt smiled at his wife, standing there with an 'Oh my God!' look on her face after Austin carefully draped her dress on the back of a kitchen chair with Kay's. "You look amazing, Honey," Kay said as she watched Ashley's jiggly tits.


What I Saw

group OhPossum 2018-09-24

Grasping him firmly by his hip bones, I rammed my raging meat deeply into his oily orifice, my balls slapping against his firm, young cheeks as I fucked him in a steady rhythm, my gaze still fixed on your pet's sensual attention to your now fully oiled thighs. Maddened by your unholy screams and unhinged by the demonic display of your sinful assault on your pet's fingers, I threw my head back and bellowed in howling relief as I felt my lava coursing through the canal of my Episcopal shaft speeding to its release as Squire erupted into his maid's engorged throat, sending his flow directly into her stomach and propelling her backwards like a limp doll against the wall beside the door frame.


Best of Both Worlds

group PegSyren 2018-09-24

I looked back at the door, half expecting my friends to be making their way towards my table. But when I turned back around, the only person making their way to my table was that pretty little brunette. I couldn't hear what was said but she grabbed his hands, bounced a bit with excitement and then came running over my way. And then that wary look in his eye as I mentioned quitting smoking had confirmed for me that he was in no way the mastermind behind this plan. When we got to their place she wasted no time grabbing me by the hand and dragging me to the bedroom.

Othello takes Michelle for the Night

group boxerali 2018-09-24

I feel her hands caress my ass an then come around the front to let her hands touch the hard bulge in my briefs. Soon I'll fill her mouth with what's inside - but for the moment, I just want to feel her kiss and touch through the fabric. She's on her knees and takes her hands and stroke my penis while she let her mouth glide over the head and shaft. As her mouth pulls away from the head, I feel her hand stroking me. You show me your pussy soaked fingers and I can't wait to taste her juices and let my tongue push inside her. I want to feel my dick deep inside her wet pussy.

Take A Break

group Vayene 2018-09-24

“Oooh…” was the last thing she said, before opening her mouth and closing her lips around him. She moved closer, curled her hands around his growing shaft and stroked him while she took his balls into her pretty mouth. He pulled out of her mouth, and I saw he was still hard. I gasped as his fingers slid into me, and my hips pushed back against his hand. He pulled his hand away, but the next second he slid into me, hard and fast, stretching me around him. Bill drove into me hard, driving me onto the desk and forcing my mouth into her slick folds. Annie yelled, gripping my head so hard I thought she’d rip my hair out.

My young stud adventure!

group bigredhair 2018-09-24

The guy, I'll call him Joe, looks me up and down quite hungrily and says, "she's HOT!". Joe came over and started kissing me and we sort of stumbled back and lay on the bed, his fingers finding their way up my short slip and into my pussy lips. Hubby was sitting on the couch back a little bit from the bed and stroking his hard cock watching Joe finger my big pussy lips and kiss me passionately. He was moaning like crazy and looked at hubby and said "she really knows how to suck cock well, huh?".


group zxew111 2018-09-24

U were told to shut up and a ball gag was placed was placed in your mouth-there were a lot of men in the room from the talk and then a whip landed on your tits, and another on your ass, and another across your stomach, back of your knees, across your nipples, stomach, back, ass, tits, thighs-u were screaming from the pain and scared out of your mind U were dropped to your knees on the dirt floor, hands still over your head, bound to ceiling and a cock, about 9 inches was pushed into your mouth and down your throat-u were faced fucked rapidly, saliva and precum dripping down your face and tits and stomach-he pulled out, soaked, and another was pushed in, maybe 11 inches all the way to his thick pubes