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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Just Desserts

group kjtatts 2018-09-24

I turn my head to look and see another beautiful fat cock, just inches from my face. I love to watch a cock grow hard, right in front of me. The feel of being slapped with a hard cock is nearly indescribable. He releases my hair a little and lets the head of his cock dip into my mouth. I'm licking your friends' cock clean as I watch you pump more of your seed over my belly and cunt. I feel you moving up my body, letting your cock drag across my breasts. You both have your cocks resting near my mouth and I'm able to hold one in each hand, licking each in turn, while you both catch your breath.

Fisher's Catch Ch. 02

group Alan D 2018-09-24

When he did Kathy's back, he also got a good feel of her breasts, and then suddenly she turned on her back and said: "Do the front too, please, Jeff". "I know the girls like and respect you a lot," said Kathy, "and I know they trust you as well." Jeff didn't know where this was heading, but his mind was racing in every direction. When the girls came back out, Kathy was naked, and Jeff was putting lotion on her ass. "Put lotion on everywhere." The girls stared as he dipped deeper, letting his fingers slide into the crack of Kathy's ass and swirl sound her asshole.



group azwildkitty 2018-09-24

All you have to do is learn the magic words and perform the ritual…then your long awaited night of ecstasy shall begin. I ran and asked Maria for the spell and ritual instructions. The note said, "Plastic for plastic, flesh for me, two women, one night only." So now I had the words! This was to be repeated ten times before I could begin my night with two women. My dick was pointing to my chin as I stick the dildo in the doll's mouth, pussy and ass while I said the words. While I slid my dick in Maria's pussy, Suzie played with her clit and sucked my balls.

Art Students Forced to Model Nude

group regularguy13 2018-09-24

He read the letter and said, "Yes, but before they allow you into their graphic arts program, they are requiring that you take a drawing class. I hope they have the class I need," she said suddenly afraid she wouldn't be going to college in the fall. "There are lots of 100 level summer drawing classes," Gaven said. She walked to the stage, smiled at them and said, "My name is Marie Nemours and this class is an introduction to figure drawing. He said to himself, "I'd never have signed up if I knew I had to be naked in front of the whole class." He looked over at his friend. Marie said, "This is a five-year-old's drawing of her hand.


Party Hookers

group enup 2018-09-23

As Riya and Lisha walked out of the airport lounge, Pretty watched them Her pussy juices were already flowing in anticipation. Riya had gone down and was teasing Pretty's pussy, pulling the chains, tickling her pierced folds with the tip of her tongue. Lisha moved to her boobs and planted her mouth on one and grabbed the other with her hand, biting and kneading them, twicking and pulling at the nipples. Riya was pushing her boobs at Lisha and her hands grabbed Pretty's head and pushed it further into her pussy. The girls then switched dildos and Pretty moved between, Lisha and Riya taking a dildo in each hole. Each of the six girls, led by Ranil's girlfriend Lolita, took their turn at slurping some cum from Riya's open mouth.


The House Ch. 08

group phsssst 2018-09-23

‘What am I doing,’ he said to himself, ‘with all these women in the house I’m going to waste it on the shower floor?’ He dressed and gathered all the wet towels strewn over the bathroom, taking them to the basement adjusting his cock on the way so it rode more comfortably in his pants. The house understood Wendy’s needs, pumped a little scent into the air, and sent erotic urges to John’s body maintaining his interest in all things sexual as it gathered the pheromones left by the recent coupling. While her pussy farted and fucked building the sexual tension that now all in the house felt with maybe the exception of the still sleeping but highly aroused Cynthia, Sue climbed the stairs wanting to become John’s next willing victim.


Mary Beth's Idea Ch. 2

group yellowhed_getter2002 2018-09-23

Mary Beth took her mouth off of Nancy's pussy and said, "Sean, come over here and fuck this chick's tight ass while I fuck her cunt with my vibrator. I went over and kneeled behind Nancy's ass and I watched Mary Beth bring Nancy's pussy juice up to her asshole, and started to slide it on. Mary Beth then flicked her tongue at my balls as I rubbed the head of my cock up against Nancy's tight back door. Obviously she was serious about it because when I looked up, Nancy was helping Mary Beth put it on, getting little licks at her pussy at the same time. Mary Beth pulled out the dildo from my ass, took it off, and began sucking my cum from Nancy's chest.


group Cromagnonman 2018-09-23

This is the first time that I've seen anything like this and, while I've heard of this sort of thing, I've never really thought about getting involved." I knew what was going to happen next and my mind went through the available options, I could say no but I had the feeling that that would only delay the inevitable outcome, I would either be dumped by Pete, something that would hurt for a short time, or I would be subjected to ongoing pressure to comply, that would hurt even longer, or I could take control of the situation, and that would give me great satisfaction.


Double the Pleasure

group Erlikkhan 2018-09-23

Jenny was attacking my cock with her lips, mouth and tongue like a depraved woman. I pulled Jenny's mouth from my cock and kissed her hard on the lips. I knew the taste of Jenny's pussy was still on my lips and tongue but Lorraine didn't seem to mind. Lorraine's mouth, lips and tongue became even more aggressive, sucking and slurping my cock in loud smacks as I fucked her mouth. Lorraine arched her back and closed her eyes, grinding her pussy hard against Jenny's hand trying to relieve the pent up sexual energy she had been repressing. Jenny pushed her legs apart and clamped her mouth over Lorraine's swollen peach. Jenny gasped and pulled her mouth from Lorraine's pussy.


Last Party of the Summer

group Chimney Sweep 2018-09-23

Karen put her arms around Val's head as I started to pound away at the freckled fuck toy on the end of my cock, driving her quickly into a state of frenzy. I could have come then, wrapped tightly in Valerie's snug little snatch and watching the feast of flesh in front of me, but I wanted that evening to last as long as possible and I knew that with all that alcohol in my veins I was likely to pass out if I came, so I held back. The girls reacted well and Valerie came over to help me, and soon I was half kissing Val, half licking Karen's tits, and completely enjoying myself.


Mountain Air

group zimabean 2018-09-23

It was weird to see these white people walking around naked, flowers in their hair and smoking pot and drinking. Maggie told me that they had an open marriage and her husband knew she followed me out here to fuck me, she said the whole camp knew. I watched as my black cock was swallowed by her white pussy. I did not know what that meant, so I let it flow, a massive load of hot sticky cum jetted out of my cock into Maggie. Then the man said that Ty and the rest of the group were getting very acquainted back at camp, we should join them. The frizzy red head started to fondle my cock as Maggie kissed me.

Waiter Gets Lucky

group Highlander 2018-09-23

"Damn, it looks like it's going to rain again" said Allison with a grin on her face that could only be described as pure blissful sarcasm. Their waiter, Lance, a young, hard-bodied college student had caught Erika's attention as he served the pitcher, and she purposely made it a point to lean on the table and show a little extra cleavage to the young stud. We want some cock, and we want it now" said Allison in a lustful voice that almost made Lance lose it. She panted as she reached for Lance's cock and guided it into Erika's hot pussy. To tease her, Allison pulled Lance's cock from Erika's pussy and sucked it.

Cocktail Party

group Jimbow 2018-09-23

You watched as Sir James kissed her fully on her lips and she began to fondle his stiffening cock. He shoved your mouth down on Laura's compliant pussy as he commanded, "Eat her well slut! Greg who had been watching the scene while slowly beating his engorged cock now arose crossed over to Beth and James. As James lapped the large woman's pussy, Greg Kissed her neck, cheeks ears and mouth. While this was occurring Laura took digital snap shots of the orgy as Bobby slowly fondle her pussy with one hand and jerked his cock with the other. You could taste Beth on James' penis and contrast the distinct flavor of Greg's cock from the sexual stew.

Kathy and the Old Men

group zues2u2 2018-09-23

When he rolled away from me Mack was back behind me only this time his fingers were rubbing cum from her pussy on her ass pulling her cheeks apart he shoved his dick up her ass Kathy screamed at the invasion but soon began to rock back into his thrusting. John spoke up "guess it's me" and climbed on the bed by her head and Kathy sucked him as she bounced up and down on Jim. As his dick grew his fingers Steve rubbed the cum on her tits. She obliged and sucked him deep Gary was finishing his Jack and coke then climbed on the other side of the bed leaning in close he grasp Jims shoulder and they both slipped their dick heads into Kathy's mouth.


My Fantasy

group housewife09 2018-09-23

"Your breasts, your feet, your neck, your hands, your ass, your pussy and last but not least your mouth." The female continued explaining. My hands were being kissed by what felt like a man and a woman. All of those glorious hands and tongues and mouths came back to me and resumed pleasuring me. The woman with the husky sex laden voice began to narrate the scene before her eyes and it came to life in my mind. My narrator came back to me and said, "Meet Jennifer, taste her, feel her, enjoy her." With those words Jennifer climbed on top of me and planted her cum coated pussy over my face.

Birthday Celebration

group wildsweetone 2018-09-23

Rich moved to lie on the couch, his head resting in my lap, his mouth firmly attached to my breast. Julie's breast in my mouth felt so good, but I moaned out loud when I felt warmth touch my pussy. Rich's tongue lapped at my pussy lips and I felt his fingertips as he parted them and held them back. She looked into my eyes as I watched her tongue moving against my pussy. I breathed deep as Rich sucked on my clit and screamed out as with the next push her whole hand entered my pussy. Rich moved to the floor and with Julie's hand still deep inside me, he lifted my legs up onto the couch.


Just Going Where the Night Takes Me

group luf716 2018-09-23

I feel her nipples hard on my hands as I try to keep standing while looking down at my cock going in and out of her mouth I she puts a hand on me and gently pushes me back, as I pull out of her, she quickly gets off the table and on her knees and starts wraps her lips around my cock tasting the mixture of her pussy and my precum. My one hand puts the bucket on top of the ice machine, and my other arms grabs the back of Erin's head and pull her to me and I kiss her deep and hard. That is when I see Erin and be beautifully naked body across the room, staring at her sexy ass and the lips tattoo on it.


Big Man on Campus: The Dancer Ch. 02

group TripleL 2018-09-23

She had recovered a bit from our furious fucking, but I heard her breath quicken as Melanie kissed and licked her face. Before long, Melanie got the last of the cum from Alyssa's face, sucking it up with a slurp. I started to move faster, giving her deeper and more powerful strokes, and Melanie managed to pull her head from my cock to look me in the eye. I pulled my cock from Melanie's tits and aimed it up at Alyssa, firing off a trio of shots that splattered against her face. Then I stuck the head in Melanie's mouth and stroked my shaft, feeling my cock throb twice more, each throb coinciding with another shot of cum that would compare favorably to a normal man's entire load.


Aspiring Director Ch. 01

group Sean Murray 2018-09-23

Able to now fully concentrate on my cock without the distraction of my tongue licking her pussy and clit, she deep throated me to perfection all the way down to my balls, and brought me to an explosive orgasm in her mouth. My hand worked every inch of it, as I imagined a naked Paula standing before me, my head buried in her snatch, and Jerry's rubbing his own hard cock as he watched me eat his wife. The thought of fucking Paula especially from behind while I gripped her shapely hips and stared at her incredible ass, or of her sucking my cock until I came in her mouth or on her tits filled me with desire and made my cock rock hard and tingle with pleasure.

A Birthday Drink

group SouthJerseyMale 2018-09-23

I smiled at him when he asked and he knew I would do it, so he unzipped his pants and I started sucking his dick." Joe said sure and I never stopped sucking his dick. "'How about me?' Ken asked, and when I looked over, his dick was out." "So did you suck his dick too?" I asked, breathing heavy as Sue stroked me. "Yes. And while I was sucking his dick, Justin and Brian came out and sat in the back seat." "Oh god yes!" I said, and Sue gave me one of the most incredible blowjobs I've ever had, swallowing my load and smiling as she snuggled next to me, quickly falling into a deep, drunken sleep.

The Winnebago

group 2Ready05 2018-09-23

She teased Heather by licking her rectum and then tonguing her ass, causing Heather to squirm and almost choke on Tim's cock, then she moved on to Heather's pussy and began sucking on it, sucking her husband's cum out of Heather's distended pussy, and pausing every now and then to bite Heather's clit and pull it out of its sheath to be at the mercy of Mona's tongue. Don pulled Mona's body so her legs hung over the edge of the table and began to pound his cock into her pussy, fucking her hard and causing her to breathe in short moans, echoing with each thrust.


group Maximus~the~great 2018-09-23

Raynes' hands cupped the Edges face as lips again parted; the soft darting and caresses of their tantalizing tongues ensued once more. Coming up from behind the Edge, pressing himself to the tight demin bottom, while long fingers spread wide grasped the silk covered curve, discovering Raynes lack of panties. Snapping his head back in shear bliss, marveling at the dual sensations, the driving deeply of Rayne's core, her walls so tightly gripping him, and the texture of the Edges tongue broadly sweeping the underside of his shaft. Climbing off, Rayne knelt beside her partner in carnal delight as she continued to glide with the same manner before, eyes intently fixed as the Edges took him in time and again, and wondered if that's how it looked when it was she in the same position.

Cassie, Jade, & the Boys Ch. 1

group StarGoddess 2018-09-23

Cassie brought her lips to my flesh, trailing kisses along my inner thigh, escalating her way into my panties, pulling the lace to one side enjoying the sight, smell and soon to be taste of my body. He ran his tongue along his bottom lip, his right hand cupping my chin, the left firmly placed in the small of my back letting me know that I was in his control. On her knees in front of Will, she was moving her mouth up and down his shaft, her hand firmly grasping the base of the cock, her tongue swirling on his skin around the tip, licking the pre-cum that glistened against the lights.

The Masturbatorium Ch. 01

group jehoram 2018-09-23

My own cock was rock-hard now and, holding in my mind an image of a slim woman I'd seen exercising that afternoon, her ample tits bouncing inside her sports bra with every step on the treadmill, I let the orgasm well up in me until it exploded in a gush of white cum that erupted from my cock, spurted into the air, and spattered my bare torso. "I thought this sort of business was illegal!" As I talked, my eyes were on an image of a naked woman jerking a naked man off as she thrust three fingers into her own cunt, her hands moving in unison until they both climaxed simultaneously, the man's jism spurting onto her small breasts.