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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Surprised By Wife's Best Friend Ch. 07

group m_storyman_x 2018-09-23

"I didn't say that, I just said that it's too bad she won't get to see how I look in what she bought," I explained while my wife stroked my balls through the slick material now getting wet with our combined juices leaking from her pussy. "Maybe a little, but then I'm not complaining about the view," Linda replied, clearly looking at the head of my dick while my wife continued to gently stroke the material that still covered part of me. "So, if no one was going to stop you, what would you do with someone in a suit like this," Nancy asked Linda as she stroked her finger up along my hard dick again. I mean it's pretty hard to ignore that dick sticking out like that." Linda said as she stroked one finger back and forth across my engorged head.


My New Job Ch. 04

group marriedpervs 2018-09-23

Anyway, as they entered the first condo, the two men followed Dee into the main living room, watching her gorgeous ass sway as she clicked her heels across the floorboards. It was a gorgeous sight - Dee with her cheeks swollen by cock, being grabbed on the hips and fucked deep and hard by a man desperate to cum deep inside her pussy. He was enjoying the fucking he was getting from this amazing aussie woman, and was feeling the second cock enter her asshole, the thin membrane walls separating his friends cock from his inside Dee pussy and ass.

College Trio

group JoeDreamer 2018-09-23

"You know your roommate is a male slut, right?" Maureen asked with a grin from the next door over. "So, how is calling you a nice guy an insult?" Maureen asked as she joined us. Dottie and Maureen, or Dot and Mo as they liked to me called, were both nice girls and good friends. I should have left it there, but I couldn't help adding, "The only reason why we wouldn't be able to fit in a twin bed together would be because Dot is right." "So, does this mean you won't accuse me of being a nice guy any more?" I asked, finally looking away from Maureen's breasts. "So, are you going to share your bed with him?" she asked Maureen with a grin.


Well Used...

group d4david 2018-09-23

Bruce came first filling my oral cavity with his spunk, Charlie moaned and grind his crotch deep into my behind and I could feel his savage spurts of his seed filling my bung hole. Gagging and coughing as Bruce shot continuous loads of his seed into my mouth and throat, Charlie moaned and hunch each spurt of his substance deep into my anal cavity. Bruce pulled from my face and Daniel presented his enormous tool to my lips and muttered '...suck me good bitch, your ass ain't through yet...' I grimaced in terror as to what he meant, yet reluctantly I slowly parted my lips as Daniel pushed his huge mammoth size cock head into my mouth.

Gangbanged By Women

group biguy13 2018-09-23

It started out in the morning when Carrie told me we should start celebrating the night early because of the fun we were going to have. For the next few hours, each girl took they turn riding my face until orgasm and doing me in the butt. Once they all had their turn on me from both ends, Carrie got off of me and all their hands and tongues were all over my body. Some cum got me while the rest, I assume, went into their mouths and on their faces. "Ok Jay, now that you got to do stuff with them, you have to balance the equation with their boyfriends." 10 guys, all sexy as hell, came into the room naked already stroking their cocks.


Couples Massage

group MilesXLR8 2018-09-23

Miles gradually rubbed oil on each thigh, sliding his hands up slightly higher with each pass. Miles began to finally rub the outer side areas around her pussy with oiled fingers. The masseur oiled his hands as well and started on her upper chest and working his way around each breast to gently rub her stomach. She rocked back and forth, sliding the masseur's cock in and out of her fiery pussy as Miles continued to rub the end of his cock on her lubed rear. That's it, right there." Miles was now pumping his cock to the hilt into her ass and knew that the masseur was doing the same into her pussy.

Confessions of an Addict Ch. 03

group LucidlyConfused 2018-09-23

I inhaled deeply as he bit my neck lightly and followed it with kisses, I arched my back to have my chest meet his and spread my legs wide for him while lightly scratching his back, letting my body beg him for the cock inches from my waiting slit. After our first class I met the boys in the hallway and while it was the usual time I got a quick dose of cock, Chris decided he wanted the three of us to cut class instead. I bet you Mr. President here has got you beat where it counts," I said, patting the inside of Chris's thigh, eliciting a smile from him and a bit of an uncomfortable shift in Bryan which he immediately covered up with an over-exaggerated laugh.


The Good Girl Ch. 04 Version 02

group Katies 2018-09-23

I felt her hot breath against my asshole and then gasped as her tongue sank into the crack of my ass and started lapping all around the tight little hole, prying it open and making it nice and wet. A gasp escaped my lips as the big, slippery mushroom head split my asshole open and he pushed deep, until my cheeks rested on his thighs, making me cry out as my bowels were filled up with stiff, hot cock. Several times I felt my asshole gaping open as the cock slid all the way out, and the guy teased me, popping the head of his cock in past the ridge and then back out before slamming the whole thing back up my ass.


Whistling Swans

group eclare 2018-09-23

On the fifth tee I watched Yvonne give Cora a warm rub up and down her spine while smiling. As we played along Cora and Yvonne would sometimes look over their shoulder to our cart and start giggling to themselves. "Okay, here's the deal," Cora said, "You and Helene against me and Yvonne, combined team scores, lowest wins." "No way!" Helene said pointing her finger at Cora and Yvonne. "You didn't have to," Cora said and also gave me a kiss on the cheek as I handed her the wine. Yvonne and Cora both brought two plates to the table and said, "Okay let's sit down." I was carefully guided to sit across from Helene.


My Day Off

group angell13 2018-09-23

I don't know if it was the lack of sex in my life lately, my throbbing pussy, or just the feel of a man this close to me, but something snapped inside me, and my body took over. She licked and sucked on my pussy lips more, but this time let her tongue come through my slit just a little. Adam started fucking me a bit harder now, getting deep into my pussy, causing me to moan while I continued to lick Veronica's clit. She began to lick my clit and run her tongue all the way up to my cunt and around the sides of Adam's cock, pulling back occasionally to suck my juices off of his balls.


Ben & Gabrielle Ch. 13a

group TheMadSonneteer 2018-09-23

"I think that's everything," she said, looking over a kitchen counter crowded with snacks, drinks -- including soft drinks for Ben, and the two party guests under the legal drinking age -- plates, napkins, silverware, and other supplies, as she again pushed away his hands. As their guests joined the countdown, Ben pulled Gaby to him and pressed his lips to hers, giving her a long, deep kiss which bridged the old year and the new. Gaby leaned against Ben's right side as she watched Andy slip her hand into the back of Santana's undergarment. He moved his hand to Gaby's perfect ass, squeezing her through the latex of her costume, while Santana's mouth drifted to Andy's neck.


Raquel Ch. 02

group valexander 2018-09-23

I called my husband and let him know Irene and I would be spending the day together, he was fine with that as long as I called him the next time I decided to stay away all night. "I parked the car around the block from his house then walked back and sat on the side of his house, I think it was his bedroom because I heard the two of you…making love." He stopped talking and went to fix himself a drink. "I heard the bed moving and knew you two must be getting ready so I quietly opened the door leading into your room and watched the two of you kissing.


The Slave of the Harem

group regnglad 2018-09-23

My own hands are pulled this way and that, drawn to caress the bodies of the women surrounding me, one of them licking my fingers and then sliding them along her cunt. They push my head down until my arms rest on the sitting woman's thighs, I can feel her skin against my own. I suddenly found myself gazing straight up as a woman pulled my head back, making me look up at her bosom from beneath, gazing down into my eyes she kissed me. Fingers and nails trailing allover my skin and making me shiver as other hands push me in and pull me out of the kneeling woman before me.

Island Fever 2: Eternity Ch. 08

group Jeremydcp 2018-09-23

Alongside the northern shore on this picture-perfect Thursday afternoon, with sheer volcanic ridges laced by waterfalls that rose as high as 3,000 feet as our background, and waves thundering in like stampeding horses, Pamela and I were enjoying what was going to be our final day on the island for the foreseeable future. With that vibrant, cheerful smile of hers, she focused upon me and commented, "How could I have ever left the island and went back home to Maryland in the first place?" Pamela giggled and shook her head, adding, "It makes no sense to me now." Returning to her hands and knees, Pamela crawled closer to me and the shoreline itself, only to come to a stop and dig her long, supple fingers into the wet, messy sand.


Ryan and Pierce

group Elenia26 2018-09-23

I'd known Ryan and Pierce for a long time, over ten years, and when my husband left me for a girl younger than all of us; it was my old friends I moved in with. I kept my eyes on Pierce, walking back and forth in the kitchen, looking over at me as often as possible, as Ryan began to finger-fuck me. As I sucked Pierce's cock down into my mouth, I felt Ryan's hands fully working into my pussy and ass. Ryan yanked my head back by pulling my hair for another passionate kiss, and he began to fuck my ass so hard the entire bed shook, Pierce slowed his pace, letting Ryan do most of the work, and as we moaned and panted I felt Pierce losing control.

A Hot Card Game

group ostinatobravado 2018-09-23

After one minute was up, he slowly pulled his hand out of Page's jeans then sat down beside his wife, who was in utter shock but also so very turned on and wet at the sight of her husband feeling up one of her friends. Amber had already pulled off her dress and was rubbing her pussy while watching the show, she had a small orgasm as she heard Ruth cum hard on Dean's face. Ruth turned around but kept sitting on Dean's face and had orgasm after orgasm while watching her husband fuck Page's pussy. By this time Page pulled the blindfold off and saw Dave standing over her with his cock in Ruth's mouth, and his cum all over her.


The Massage

group farmacheez 2018-09-23

The massage began at my neck covered my whole back and then she worked on my shoulder for about 10 minutes. This time the older woman took me into the room and came back after I undressed to massage me. Her name was Sue and the massage was even better if that was possible and my shoulder felt great afterwards. This time as I turned on my back Sue massaged me and then without asking began to jerk me off. The following week Mei was there and Sue greeted me and sent me into the room to undress. As I left that evening Mei told me that next week I was obligated to stuff her pussy and eat Sue to orgasm.


A New Lifestyle

group jim313 2018-09-23

As he buried his head between her ample thighs and started slipping his tongue deep inside her pink hole, a mouth covered his organ, which he assumed was his wife's, and began feverishly sucking on his cock which sent shivers of fabulous sensations throughout his body as he lost himself in the pleasures he was experiencing from both ends. "I promise you that I'll break you in so nicely, you'll be begging me to fuck you again." Barry told him and then asked which position he would prefer and when John got on his hands and knees in front of him, he rubbed his crown over the tight, puckered anus and got it good and wet with his precum before forcing the head inside and holding it there a moment as he reached underneath and played with John's big balls.


Marcia, Nastiest Slut Ever Ch. 08

group danzinman 2018-09-23

You then looked up at the black guy saying, "After you are through fucking me and have filled my cunt with your juicy black cum, I want to lick your smelly ass, I want to eat and taste your ass, I want to tongue your rosebud, I want to lick your crack, I want to suck your smelly balls, I want to lick your cum and my juices off your cock. When you started to move forward to get your face back in his crack, he said, "If you want to eat my ass some more, you have to follow me outside on your hands and knees slut." He got up and began to walk toward the door.

Three On A Hide-A-Bed

group GoddessKaren 2018-09-23

As Mike laid me on my back and began to play with my pussy, I looked over and saw that Lance had stripped off and was watching us intently while he stroked himself. I began to roll my hips, riding Mike as I slid my wet mouth over Lance's hard cock. After several minutes, I could not take any more and leaned forward, letting my tits dangle in Mike's face as I lifted my hips up and down, riding his hard cock for all I was worth. I began to rapidly lift my hips then slam back down onto Mike's cock, fucking him fast and furious. I moved my hand as Mike lifted my hips and began thrusting into me hard and fast.

Rebecca's First Gloryhole Fun

group prkrwse08 2018-09-23

He placed his hand on the back of her head and started slowly fucking her mouth with the half of his cock that would fit. Chuck slid her skirt up and grabbed her by her hips, ramming his hard cock into her tight wet pussy. Then the eyes disappeared, only to be replaced seconds later by a hard cock that was about the same length as Chucks but it was a little thinner. The man on the other size thrust at the perfect time just as Chuck rammed his cock in deep and pushed Rebecca forward. Chuck then let out a grunt and slammed into her one last time and she felt his cock pulsing inside her as he filled the condom with his load.

A Swinging Friday Night

group hotterchemistry 2018-09-23

One Friday I heard from someone that a fun, dance band was playing at a nearby hotel, I talked with Sue and suggested going out with Jack and Pam for drinks, dancing and a swing after. Sue is glorious for pushing things along in a down to earth and fun way, and she could feel free with her advances because we knew Jack and Pam shared out swing style. Finally my wife's passion reached the breaking point and she moved her right hand up the rest of Pam's thigh and into her crotch, and stroked her lace panty covered pussy with 3 fingers in a back and forth movement, not breaking for a moment the intensity of the kiss.


group Hot_Sister 2018-09-23

I followed her into the lounge and watched as Nikky stood up to meet her: the handshake, the eyes flicking over the girl's body and then her face, and then over her shoulder to me. I'm stretching your tight little pussy.' I leaned forward and grasped the nape of her neck with my left hand, pinning her to the bed as my hips thrust back and forth. 'God yes, but first I fuck you.' She pulled away and rolled off the bed, pressing me down with urgent hands to lie on my back; regarding me with hungry eyes before clambering over me and grasping my cock with slippery fingers to hold it at the entrance to her body.


The threesome

group flamingdice 2018-09-23

Then one day during a group chat on KIK, they said that they had been talking about me, Nancy wanted me and so did Nut, and was I interested in coming to London for the weekend? ‘OK Dice, take Nuts cock in your mouth gently, remember, no teeth, go slow and use your hands and tongue!’ she said..... I obediently dropped to my knees and began licking her wet hole, teasing her thighs with my hand sand lapping at her clit she began to shake, grabbed my hair and pulled my up to her right breast, Nut went for the left and we began suckling at her enormous breasts, her nipples now like bullets!