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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Gang Bang of a Goddess

group VitalWalt 2018-09-23

The only thing spoiling my view was Brad, his head thrown back eyes closed---thinking about George Michael's mouth on his cock I guess--while Heidi Klum's younger better looking sister was sucking his cock. Anyway, we all left the studio together, and even though all her holes had been repeatedly filled with cock and cum for three hours Susan still looked as beautiful as ever, although a bit worn around the edges, she had some dried cum still in her blond hair. She said thanks--for arranging her gang bang or filling her holes with cum, I don't know--and without looking at me, got into a cab with Tom and Dick and was gone.


The Hotel

group AndyLearner 2018-09-23

"Excuse me, I speak Japanese can I help translate?" After the receptionist nodded affirmatively, I informed the girls what had happened. The hotel couldn't help because after the girls didn't show up, they gave their rooms away. Once we had finished looking at the falls for a few minutes, I helped them set up their computer so that they could check the internet for other hotels. Sachiko went into the shower and Keiko came over and sat down next to me. Keiko, who was clearly more outgoing than Sachiko, and most Japanese women for that matter, responded by giving me a long hug.

Island Fever Ch. 16

group Jeremydcp 2018-09-23

There were several valid reasons for the excursion, but the primary one was the simple fact that a few of the girls (Lindsay, Devon and Kristanna to be exact) had made recent comments about it being time for a trip to the hair stylist. Pamela and Lindsay were seated upon the sun deck, engaged in conversation, while Devon and Kristanna kissed and snuggled together on the floor right here with me in the main bridge of the ship. "I vould hook Devvy up vid Pamela because it vould make yew happy," Kristanna explained. I dink nudding vould make yew happier dan having Pamela and Devvy in yewr life togedder." She nodded her head and concluded, "I vill see vat I can do to make it happen."


Sex Shop Swap Swinger Anal

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-09-23

His wife was watching like I was and even though the two off them were partial blocking my view of her she had one hand squeezing one of her breast and the other was shoved between her crossed legs and it looked like she was playing with her pussy. Every time he fucked her pussy her mouth would be shoved against my stomach and my rock hard cock would go deep into her throat. His wife shook her ass at me and went on to say that she wouldn't let her husband fuck her butt with his huge cock. "Your cocks feel so good fucking my cunt and ass." my wife yelled.

Fucked by the New Neighbors

group carrie_morse 2018-09-23

Soon I am talking like a slut: "Oh please give me that beautiful hard cock, I'm begging you, fuck me please, I need your hot cum inside me…" And then I push my face into her pussy again. But my husband is so horny for the other man's cock, he won't let it go, and it's clear from our new neighbor's moaning, twitching and thrusting that he intends to cum in our faces. So while we both stroke and lap and suck at that massive and beautiful cock, I watch as it begins spurting great white jets of cum -- first right into my husband's face, and then filling and overfilling his mouth as he hastily clamps his lips over the head.

Imprinted Ch. 04

group darcysweet 2018-09-23

It seemed like she was talking to me, so I slowed the hand on my cock. My hand hard and fast until my balls tightened and my cock pulsed out an orgasm I felt from my feet to my scalp. "I think you do," she purred the words, sounding so sure, as if she knew all his secrets. She fisted a hand in his hair, hard this time. Got up on her knees, brought her hands up and started to massage his shoulders. So good." I watched her hand go down to Mr. D's cock. The last word came out as a groan as I watched cum spurt from his jerking cock.

First Gangbang

group collegegirlnerd 2018-09-23

You begin to fuck my face and soon you cum in my mouth. After a while of using my pussy you say, with a smile in your voice, "now onto that beautiful ass of yours." I moan and say no but you untie me and flip me over into doggy style. You fuck my ass hard making me scream both from pleasure and pain. I gasp, making the cock in my mouth go deeper as someone enters my ass and fucks it hard. The cock in my mouth cums hard and I swallow it all. That man moves away and is replaced by someone else who unceremoniously sticks his cock in my pussy and starts fucking.

A Shade of the Past Ch. 01

group NymzanSusauren 2018-09-23

To be real, he would be like the humans' God, Christ: the son of the first man to exist of their race. "How would your mother feel if she saw you like this", he asked dangerously. "It took Gracie much longer to figure it all out, and never, not once, has he asked the question of me!" Her eyes danced as she realized she had finally managed to do something that even her beloved brother feared. Startled, Sam looked into the older woman's angry eyes. Sam'hain frowned asking, "Nadiana, right?" The woman nodded warily. Don't let go of my hand and no one will know you are here." She walked around the place swiftly seeing the children and her mom with the irritating Aidyn Kane.


Serving our Troops

group SLICKHEAD 2018-09-23

I was in a daze and feeling like a slut but it felt so good I didn't want to stop until they rolled me over on my hands and knees one guy entered my wet pussy from under me while a cock was guided into my mouth, Then I felt someone lube my ass up and placed his cockhead against my anus and started easing it in my tight ass hole, It hurt at first but after he got in all the way It felt better.

Double Down Ch. 02

group Aaronnw 2018-09-23

As we snuggled together, Jerry and Patsy in front and Sara and I in the back, I thought: It doesn't get much better than this. "I don't know about the rest of you, but I had a great time tonight." "Me too." Sara said smiling at me. "So..." she said, "Is it over or are you guys up for some more?" Sara looked shocked for a minute, and then smiled shyly at me. Patsy came over and sat in my lap and Sara joined Jerry on the floor. I looked Patsy in the eyes and said "Are you almost ready to come again?" She just nodded and closed her eyes and moved her ass up to me.

Tender Thoughts and Moments with Daddy.

group Fridagirl 2018-09-23

I watched the tortured expression on his face relax as he sank slowly to his knees between my legs, my feet searching his midriff as I pulled him into my open cunt, 'Let them see you cum in me', I moaned, my head swimming, 'Fuck me', I moaned over and over, the man inside me moving around was just a cock, and all I could hear was the approving and applauding from the men gathering, my young body was exciting them, and my willingness to have open sex, made one shoot in my direction.

3 guys, 1 girl, 6 nuts, 5 Os

group EBSFGNCU 2018-09-23

The fun started Friday night with Leigh and Daniel; a pair of new sexy friends we recently had the pleasure of playing with. Daniel gets this cute smile on his face as he flips me over and buries his cock deep in me. Jason holds my hip and thrusts deeper and deeper until his hot cum is unloaded deep in my pussy. Smiling.....I think, 'that's' 2 sexy guys, 2 busted nuts and 2 mind blowing O's in one night. In no time at all Leigh is wiggling and riding Daniels' face while I work his ever hardening cock in and out of my mouth. Sliding in nice and deep, Jason worked me like he always does, with the knowing touch of a husband of 17 years.

George Works Late

group Wolverine_G 2018-09-23

Connie sat up and wrapped her legs around his ass, pulling her pussy level with Al's large cock. Al stepped away and George stepped into his place, his cock coming to rest on Connie's pussy lips. Squeezing it hard, George pushed his cock deep into her pussy, gliding easily all the way in until his balls came to rest on the table beneath the two of them. Hearing Connie's sharp intake of breath was the only encouragement needed for George to slide his dick all the way out again, his cock head resting against Connie's pussy lips, then plunge it deep into her again. As Connie grabbed Al's dick and started to stroke it back to life, she looked up into George's eyes.

The Whore And The Gangbang--2

group 2018-09-23

But Rahul didnt allow him ..and said “No one would clean this slut…let her be in our cum and spit … she should not be allowed to clean herself!!” So the boys move aside and now the manager grabs my ass and starts in my pussy !! Kumar says “yeah she should be pissed upon..first let her throw on floor and then we would piss on her…let her be on ground filled in filthy cum, sweat, spit and now our peee.” They catch me from my hands and legs and put me down on floor… I am now sitting on floor..heads down…totally exhausted..not in a condition to resist at all…The boys come over me and start peeing…I can feel the warm liquid over my head,, face… breasts…and under my ass!!

Threesome in the Hayloft

group fannyanny 2018-09-23

Jake's own hands ran over Carol's bare back due to the halter-neck she was wearing and down over the short skirt to squeeze her buttocks. He watched as Carol's mouth opened in an 'o' of enjoyment and wanted to feel those red lips of hers round his hard-on. He pulled his cock from his trousers and began to rub at it with his hand, imagining that everything Jake was doing was actually himself doing it. Carol appeared to be so immersed in the moment she barely noticed Robert slip his fat cock into her mouth. She felt Robert's balls tighten in her hand and then he came deep into her mouth and half of his cum slipped down her throat straight away.

Mandarin Chinese

group Proust69 2018-09-23

The Mandarin Chinese class consisted of meeting with the professor in his on campus apartment 3 times a week for roughly an hour each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and then a general lab in the library where we listened to Mandarin tapes. Come Wednesday, Sydney was again wearing a dress, but Vickie was back to her usual garb, and it being a warm spring time day, she was wearing baggy shorts. Vickie sat demurely through almost the class, till almost the very last five minutes where when the next time in our rotation of answering the Professor in Chinese, it was then appropriate to look over at her and lo and behold, I got a brief crotch shot of her bare essentials.

First Oral Threesome

group Heather 2018-09-23

When I got into the car after I dropped the other car off, he said that I had amazing breasts and that he wanted to touch them. Well, to make a long story short after pulling over like ten times I said that he could feel my breasts over the clothes. When we got back to the house Rob was pissed and he said that he was not going to any concert now. So when he called me he said that Rob wanted a piece of what I gave Eric. When I switch off and started to suck off Eric again, Rob fingered my asshole, not the most enjoyable thing at the time but I had my mouth full and I very well couldn't tell him to stop.

00063 An MtF with a Bi Wife Ch. 01

group Tarbut 2018-09-23

Cora laughs at first, but when she sees Ralph wearing a 48K bra with a couple of fake tits in it, and behaving with her the way he often saw Naomi do, she becomes serious and even somewhat intrigued. "Only an ex-Marine like you knows their true value," Cora notices, and Ralph says, "My original intent was to mock you, Naomi, but when you started laughing I realized that we shared the same opinion about militarism and botched wars. Once they're done, they sit on Ralph's thighs and hug him; Cora remarks, "It's a pity these tits aren't real," and Naomi adds, "We could spend the whole days fondling and sucking them!"


Perfect Threesome

group pjwolf 2018-09-23

Luke gasped when he felt a warm wetness surrounding his organ as Marissa began to take him into her craving mouth. Christine then stood there, in a black lace bra and her skirt, with her hands on her hips looking at the silent Marissa and Luke. With that, Christine slumped down on a chair and watched as Marissa slowly began to take Luke into her mouth. Marissa licked up and down his shaft and then played the tip of her tongue along his open slit....Luke began to moan as his cock twitched. Christine's eyes were wide and fixed on Marissa's mouth taking in Luke's cock. Marissa released Luke's cock and reached out to take Christine's hand, bringing it to her lips, then licked the fingers...tasting Christine's nectar.


The Chance Meeting

group Edwina 2018-09-23

The camera then panned to the ‘mother’ who with skirt around her waist, legs wide open, no knickers and displaying a wide open vagina which she was masturbating - a few shots later showed Charles actively having sex, no dammit, fucking the ‘mother’ whilst Pamela was in the 69 position with the girl. The following day was Pamela’s turn to visit me for afternoon tea and I had to decide whether to say nothing and just hand back the video, or tell her I had started to watch but realised it was not ‘Brief Encounter’ in fact it was a very enjoyable long encounter for me!!

Secret Desires Ch. 02

group Inspirinious 2018-09-23

Jessica surprised herself by getting more aroused listening to her husband talk about how he wanted to fuck Gina again. "I will admit that watching her ride your cock hard, like she did, and then helping her reach an intense orgasm was extremely erotic." Jessica said "Just doing that last night, gave me a small orgasm." "However, my real question," Jessica began "is whether last night was a one-time thing, or might we do it again?" She asked even though she thought she already had her answer. "After watching you and Gina last night, I think I am willing to accept you being alone with another woman." Jessica replied in a slow deliberate voice.


What Women Want

group Hypnotic_22 2018-09-23

Not noticing Lana for a while, I looked up to see her now naked in front of me; taking my face in her hands she pulled me forward for a kiss, as she stood on the chair to suck my tongue out her friend knelt on the ground before me praising my cock with her lips. It was very rare for me to find girls that squirt; amazed at the lovely sight- she began to squeeze her nipples hard and suck on her fingers, still in a crouched position, I saw her moaning and screaming aloud, as she spewed her cum all over the table.

Three into one does go 2

group 2018-09-23

“MMMMM that looks so hot honey, yeah suck my hard dick.” My wife moaned as she put her hand on the back of my head and started moving her hips back and forth, mouth-fucking me. She began to slide the dildo back out of my ass as she said, “that was so hot baby, and you didn’t cum either.” I chuckled lightly, “yeah but that was one intense orgasm.” She smiled as the dildo slipped out of my now gaping asshole and began to remove the straps from her hips, “so you had an orgasm without actually cumming?” I nodded as Samantha finally got the strength and rolled off of me. I felt her small hands on my ass as she said, “ok Brian, stop moving for a bit.” I buried my dick deep into my pussy and stayed as Samantha got up on her feet behind.

Hot Babe Romi Ch. 06

group MONALISALEE 2018-09-23

She was bent over so guys could see down to her tits or maybe even a girl if one stopped she thought at the time some pussy would have even shown. The three guys that were left one laid on the seat of the truck and fucked her juiced up pussy, one fucked Romi in the ass and she sucked the last man off his cock was huge it went half way down her throat and she loved it. After the guys were done with her Romi sucked and licked each of their cocks clean and then they all got dressed, Romi had no real way to clean up and had cum on her face and running down her legs, she sucked off what she could with her hands and licked them clean.