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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Improbable Dream

group Duke_of_Fluke 2018-09-23

Her right hand had reached the top of her thigh, and now, as she spread her legs wider, she glanced down at her exposed pussy and started stroking the neat line of hair at the top of her mound. In fact, it was a struggle just to see her face; I had to lean my head right back onto the cushion of the sofa just to see past her jutting breasts (which looked fantastic, by the way, her excited nipples pointing out over my head). As my cock inflated, the girl on the sofa moved closer to me, a hand idly stroking my hair and face as she watched the blonde coax my dick back to a full erection.


Three Days in Arcadia Ch. 04

group becky23kiss 2018-09-23

That tipped him over the edge, and he grunted and thrust his hips forward, Rebecca angling the head of his cock at the Swede's face like a fire-hose. "Fucking slut, look at her getting off on being ridden by one guy while another dumps a load on her face," Rebecca marveled to herself, as Inga orgasmed, her whole body trembling and seeming to crumple onto the chair supporting her. Brad's eyes widened as Rebecca stepped in close to Inga and suddenly punched her smartly in the lower back! The punch from Rebecca had sucked, but in a weird way she kind of liked the way it had made her body squeeze hard on Brad.

cock tail party for hooker

group 2018-09-23

She took me by the arm and walked me away from Richard, "Oh, it's the least I could do after you were kind enough to visit my husband in our home and fuck him in my bed. Turning to the two security guards, she said, Samuel, you fuck her, Khalid, put your cock in her mouth. I knew men like this kind of fucking, and before long his big black cock was ejaculating his seeds deep inside of me. Even with Samuel's big cock in my mouth, I was totally into the way he was fucking me...long strokes and good hip action which enabled him to hit me in all the right places.

Spread Out on the Boat

group beccajane 2018-09-23

Then I felt someone rubbing my wetness and pulling on my tampon string (it was at the end of that time of the month). I was getting all of this attention and notice one of the guys pull down his swim suit and crawled up on the berth. They continue to use my body and I felt hands all over me, some rubbing my breast, my legs, my ass, and my femininity. More swimming suit came off and I ended up with two hard males in my hands and still had the one in my mouth. I heard some of them saying “Who going first?”, without a moment notice I felt myself being spread open and being fill up with manliness.


Secretary to Slut - Susan's Journey Ch. 06

group CiaoSteve 2018-09-22

Bex stood up again, embracing the young girl with one arm and gently reaching between her legs with the other, feeling the dampness as she started to rub a finger up and down the folds of her pussy lips. Eventually, Bex returned to Susan's side, gently holding her hand she encouraged the young girl to take another couple of steps forward. Bex had knelt down on the footstool, head between Susan's outstretched legs and was running her tongue up and down the young girls pussy, probing just a little deeper ever time until the outer lips parted. Withdrawing her tongue Bex slowly guided one finger deep into the girl's love canal, a gasp coming from Susan as the finger pushed beyond her pussy opening.


Sunset with My Two Girlfriends

group lars_sunshine 2018-09-22

Vivienne unbuttons my loose trousers and Sarah reaches inside and grabs my cock with her hand and starts rubbing slowly up and down the long shaft. "And when you can feel the throbbing in your balls while they are pumping all the sperm out through your cock," Vivienne says. She squeezes the cock head with her lips and nurses my balls with her hand so the next orgasmic waves pushes more sperm out over Sarah's tongue and down her throat. Then Sarah stands up and sits on my thigh and leans over me and kisses me so I taste my own strong salt semen from her lips while Vivienne continues to hold and squeeze my throbbing cock.

Balls Eye

group tamol 2018-09-22

I went up to John and informed him that I couldn't stand any more of sitting around here, and was going to go home and watch a program I wanted to see on television. John walked into the room as did Mike, Jim, Larry, Tony, Bill, Steve and Dave. When Larry and Dave saw this, while still holding my arms they moved around and each of them took a nipple in their mouth and began sucking and nibbling them. John objected that the neighbors might see, but Larry said as long as we made no noise he couldn't see anyone looking out at such an early hour of the morning. "I suppose you want to fuck me know," I said trying to hold back the tears.

Ecstasy In Vegas Ch. 02

group dmwriter 2018-09-22

Tammie beckoned me to move closer to her head by saying, "Come here Dale and let me suck on that hard cock." Another "oooh" and "aaah" escaped her mouth as the attention she was getting from Sally was sending her into a state of near ecstasy. Tammie seemed to protest as I withdrew my throbbing cock from her mouth, so I leaned down and gave her a hard kiss then said, "Enjoy the pussy massage that Sally is giving you, and I will try to give her enough encouragement to keep her going." "Sally, if you want to do dinner later let me know after I get some sleep." With that I left, closing the door to the pleasure palace of my dreams for at least a while.


Daddy and Jack

group loloishorny 2018-09-22

I'm bent over with daddy licking my pussy and ass while I suck on Jack. Daddy stands up and puts his cock in my ass and begins to fuck me. Jack pulls from my moutha nd tells daddy that it's his turn for me to be fucked by him. Jack pulls me back, holds my tits and fucks my ass hard. Daddy pulls my hair and moves my head so I can fuck his cock with my mouth. My pussy is wet again and I want my daddy to fuck meand for Jack to jerk infront of me. Daddy just moaned and told Jack to fuck his ass. Jack pulls the vibe out and puts his huge cock in daddy's ass.

My First Gangbang

group cdsexslut 2018-09-22

I didn't like the fact that 90% of the cum landed on the table and not my mouth, so we started using a tortilla ;-) Pretty soon, guys would just put their cocks in my mouth right before they came! It was actually kind of surreal as she walked in, the guys, completely naked and erect and working my mouth and ass with their poles, grabbed a cookie and said, "Thanks Mrs. So-and-so." She saw that I was the only one that was bottoming and told me that if I needed anything, a drink of water, a sandwich, anything, to let her know.

The Socialite Chronicles Ch. 03

group Tappy_McWidestance 2018-09-22

Valentina led her two charges on a lap of the mall pretending to window shop for Karen's new clothes but in reality just using the time as a excuse to tease her slave's eager pussies. Karen and Terri squished their way through the mall as Valentina directed them to a small, upscale clothing shop on the top level. Firmly grabbing Britney's head with both hands, she forcefully pulled the sales girl's head to her crotch and began rubbing her pussy against her mouth. As if on cue, the door to the changing room opened and Valentina and Terri stood by looking in along with the store manager, Jacquelyn.


Three's Company

group Styxx5 2018-09-22

Jenni had a burgundy and black bustier, pushing her gorgeous tits up and together, over a very short leather skirt, under that was a spider-web body stocking that was more than open at the crotch. My wandering attention got snapped back into place when I noticed Sally's hand on Jenni's leg. Her sky-blue long coat had opened to reveal the spider-web body stocking and Sally had her hand resting about an inch from Jenni's snatch. Jenni took Sally and Trevor's coats and hung them in the hall. Trevor had stopped rubbing Jenni's twat I noticed and had been watching the interaction between Sally and I.


The Massage and More Pt. 03

group Ingrid11B 2018-09-22

"It's my turn to undress you, Tommy", Abby revealed, " I want to see and feel with my eyes and fingers what I'm going to have inside my body." She had already seen Tommy's magnificent chest and long hairy legs when they were swimming, but as she lowered his blue jeans and his helmet came into view she was surprised at the thickness and protruding arteries carrying the blood that inflated it to full size. They went back to bed and Tommy said he'd like to teach Abby about oral sex in the morning, but he wanted to hold her in his arms and talk about tonight and how he could have been a better lover.

Karen's Pool Party

group Sean Renaud 2018-09-22

Karen was the first to let loose a moan tilting her head back so Sara could start kissing and licking along her neck. He didn't respond, instead he continued to stare dumbly at the two girls as Sara slipped behind her friend cupping her breasts and still kissing along her throat. "I'll show you how to suck a dick honey." Karen teased gently pushing her friend aside and wrapping her lips around Enrique's shaft. Enrique let a pleasured gasp escape his lips as he moved his hands to Sara's hips guiding her up and down over his shaft. "Oh god cum." Karen rasped clenching her cunt down around Enrique's hard shaft squeezing down until she felt his hot juices spraying her insides.

Fantasy Night

group Tagurit0096 2018-09-22

Lifting my thigh with your hand, you lean your body into me, capturing my mouth, driving your tongue in between my parted lips. You push into me harder against the door, I can feel your hard cock digging into me, throbbing against my body. I feel hands on my breasts, caressing them as a searing hot mouth closes around my right nipple. The mouth leaves my nipple and I feel the bed shift as a warm soft body straddles my waist, pinning me down. I feel hot wetness against my stomach as she leans in to kiss me, her mouth soft and exquisite against mine. I'm thrashing underneath her, bucking my hips against your mouth, pressing hard against your tongue, needing to cum.

Total Submission

group naturalginger 2018-09-22

Jessie talked to the guys and liked them all but Jody was the one that got the butterflies in her stomach going the most. Jessie only had one boyfriend in school and even thou he was the only guy that she had sex with since the age of 17, the sex wasn't mind blowing and Joe seemed to be more interested in her mouth than her pussy. About the third day into her complete make over the guys finally came into the coffee shop and it wasn't long before all of them noticed her. Jody then put his throbbing hard dick into her mouth and Jessie was trying her best to please him but just couldn't get her body to do what she wanted.


group Winemaker 2018-09-22

One minute my hard cock is buried in a hot pussy, then I'm dangling in the cool night air, my balls aching. The next minute, I feel a hand guiding my cock back inside another hot, wet pussy. This pussy starts the same, moving very slowly, pressing back against me, burying my hard cock deeply inside, and just the same way, then squeezes tightly as she pulls away, creating an intense suction on my cock. "Please wait until you hear our car start before you open your eyes." They both kiss me deeply, and I feel one reach down and gently stroke my cock one more time; then they are gone.

Adventures Of A Cum Slut

group ghostlygoddess 2018-09-22

Just the thought of all those hard cocks and making them cum took me to the edge of orgasm. Using long slow strokes with the candle, and me grinding against it in pleasure; he worked his cock into my soaking wet pussy. More than ready for the real fun to begin; I put my feet on the coffee table allowing my skirt to slide down my legs; giving a full view of my bare pussy to all of them. Reaching down, he grabbed my ankles and pulled them over my head, lining his cock to my pussy opening. Forcing him to watch as she leaned forward to lick the cum dripping from my pussy.

An Unusual Route

group myname4now 2018-09-22

"It is a good thing my wife made reservations for 2 rooms!!!" He help push Tracy into the hotel Lobby. "You mean to tell me," again the boldness of Dino's voice invaded her, "...You have never thought of sucking a dick and being fucked at the same time by another cock?" She dropped the soap. The bed where Richard head was in between Karen's legs, with Karen's head was in between Tonya's legs, and where Tonya was holding a good looking cock of Joey in one hand, and her head was bobbing up and down on Sammy's provisions. "Rich...Di-ck...I am....actually feeling...rather turned on by this scene." She looked at Joey's manhood, reached for it, gripped it, and a very inviting smile possessed her face, "...and I think I might like to join you?"


Girlfriend's Dream Comes True

group add1cted 2018-09-22

As she said that she got out and back in a few seconds with four other guys and her best girl friend - Cassie. They sat around me and saw that I was watching some TS/male porn and Alex asked me "Have you sucked real cocks?" I replied "No, but I am looking forward to it." As I was doing this Alex got beneath me and pulled away my thong and started licking my ass. In a few moments he took out his dick, told me to get on my knees and ordered me "Work for that cum, bitch!" John is gonna fuck you both in the asses but cum in Cassie's ass and then she is gonna fart it out in the slut's mouth.

Tres Amigos in Bakersfield

group Mojave 2018-09-22

He pumped 7 times hard and then relaxed his grip as I slid his cock out to the point where I could get my tongue working his glans as I applied suction. He slowly pulled out as I swallowed the remainder of his man juice and then holding my head in his hands I looked up at him and he smiled down at me and said “Thanks. He tried to pull away after his 6th shot but I gently held him in position and took his glans in the front of my mouth and worked it with my lips and tongue.

My Best Friend Emily Ch. 04

group FerdGerfel 2018-09-22

This time Emily texted me a photo of just her mouth, wide open and shaped like an 'O' and underneath she texted 'put it right here.' A moment later she added 'btw you just made me wet :-O' I shifted uncomfortably in my chair, my erection raging and tingling anew. The mud fight, the shower sex, the threesome, the food fight, the blow jobs from Emily, Lisa in that lingerie, the sexting. "It's okay, Emily texted me," Lisa said, and she smiled at me enigmatically. "Yeah," I said again, remembering my 18 year old self that watched that movie with Emily on her living room couch, trying to hide his erection from her.


The Conference

group zimabean 2018-09-22

My mom has the most beautiful cunt and I could not believe she was allowing these men to enjoy it and leave their cum inside her. They had come out of the room and the men were talking and then mom came out saying they wanted some more pussy they better hurry before last call. Mom was about to orgasim and I had a huge load ready to explode, I was about to pull it out for the money shot when I decided to push in as deep as I could, mom orgasimed hard, her cunt tightened its grip around my cock causing my cock to explode pumping several ropes of my hot cum deep inside her.

Erin's a Party Girl

group ErinNycGirl 2018-09-22

When we got to one stop a felt the hands of two guys grab me ass on their way out the door. David took the time to show us around the house, the kitchen with all the drinks, the large living room perfect for dancing and mingling, and he made sure to show Heather just where the bedroom was. David then took Heather to get a drink and Nicole and I started to look around on our own. I grind with Heather a little more and as I turn to face her she slides a strap off my shoulder and one of my breasts falls out. I start shaking my hips and ass like a stripper and Heather rubs her hands all over my body.