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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Becky's Revenge

group Seenitall 2018-09-22

During the first year, Becky and Ted spent a lot of time together and went on trips together. When Ted got home, she told him that she was sick so that he wouldn't come upstairs reeking of scotch and start pulling her panties off. Becky invited Frank, Yvonne's husband and three men from the company who strongly suspected that Ted had been involved with their wives. With that, Becky pressed the remote, and the TV began to play the sex scene with Ted and Yvonne. When the video stopped, Becky announced, "Tonight, I'm going to get my revenge on Ted. But it's not just for what you just saw: my husband and my best friend screwing each other's brains out in my bed.


Rochelle Meets Her Sugar Daddy Ch. 02

group Spotscat 2018-09-22

"Well, Steve," says Raylene, "I've got a big crockpot of homemade beef stew cooking, would you like to join me? Raylene leans forward and I feel her long, bright-red fingernails walking up my arm and gently playing with the hair on the back of my head as she hesitantly asks, "Do you think you could make me happy like that?" Raylene gets some of the lubricating pre-come that's beginning to copiously ooze out of the head of my cock on her hand, and she gently, steadily begins slowly stroking up and down my cock, as I whisper in her ear. The head and the first couple of inches are inside her warm mouth, and I feel her tongue licking the underneath of my cockhead as she begins moving her hand up and down my cock faster than before.


Anther man fucks my wife

group Boz1 2018-09-22

I could see she was having orgasms, she finally told me that she wanted me to join them, she had me lay down and put my cock in her pussy, and told me to fuck her hard and deep, and told Peter to stick his cock in her ass. In the shower she wrap her legs around Peter's back and he fucked her in the shower, watching her pussy take Paul cock was a turn on for both of us, it was so surreal to watch my sexy wife take another man cock in her pussy after being married for so long. To watch my innocent little wife act like a porno star, and watch how much pleasure she was receiving by having another man's cock in her pussy was so erotic.

My Turn

group MeOhMy 2018-09-22

The lips suckling my breasts had not let up for an instant, and I now was aware of three pairs of hands stroking all over my body as my nipples and clit were being so lovingly stimulated. I felt my legs being spread wide and the brush of long hair across my belly, as feminine lips traced a wet trail down to my pussy and to my clit, now licking it rapidly at the same time the long, hard cock of my best friend's husband was still sliding in and out, touching that special place with each penetration. I slowly became aware of three pairs of lips gently kissing me all over, on my face, on my breasts, on my soaking wet throbbing pussy.

The Tutorial

group MandolinRain 2018-09-22

Where Val was long and lean and blonde, that Cali-girl look Brian loved, Kim was just as dark and petite, but as he got a view down her blouse, he realized that she was also very curvy. Val's eyes gleamed, watching Brian with Kim, knowing he must be reciting something to himself to keep from cumming. "Kim, if he looks like he's about to cum, I want you to do this." Val took the head of Brian's cock between her fingers and pinched it gently, holding it there until the need to cum ebbed away. Kim echoed, "Mmmmm...." her hand sliding up and down his slippery cock, slower now, and more lightly, watching Brian's face contort, his groans spilling without restraint.

Whore Wife Fucked Infront Of Hubby – Part II

group chandan0707 2018-09-22

Listen to this dharampal ordered everyone to make way for his monster, he had approx 9 inches long and 6 inches thick cock ( looked like a black python ), in an instance he got underneath jyoti between her fat sweaty legs and gestured Ram ( who was in no mood to stop raming his rod in my wife's virgin ass hole ) to push jyoti down, Ram got the clue and while puping hard he held jyoti's both shoulders and pushed her down, Then Ram took his still rock solid dick and shoved it in my cute chubby wife's mouth between her plump rosy lips which had lipstick speared all over and litterally began mouth fucking jyoti he held her hair tightly from the back of her head and was jabbing his monster in her sexy mouth, jyoti tried resisting however was of no avail they all caught jyoti's hands legs and started enjoying her mouth fuck

Three Boys and Movie Night

group lazymartini 2018-09-22

Andrew laid his glass down and leaned back, letting out a sigh, moaning as my hand began stroking the hard-on he developed. Andrew pulled down his pants and boxers and began to stroke his cock and suck my nipple at the same time. He whispered to me "Will you let me fuck you?" and I handled his hard cock, stroked it slowly a few times, inviting many moans, before slipping his cock into my wet, slippery pussy. I don't know if I should expect things to be weird or anything, but Ty's called to ask me to dinner with him, his girlfriend Min and Josh tomorrow night, almost as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened at all.

After Hours Alicia Ch. 08

group NewAgeErotica 2018-09-22

After the gangbang and spending so much time with Tommy, Alicia realized how bored she was of Peter. It made her feel desirable and attractive for men, like Tommy and others, to want to have sex with her. Alicia walked into Tommy's room and saw him throwing clothes left and right. Now every time she's at Tommy's, she gets to walk around completely naked all she wants. "Tommy's friend changed his mind about coming, because I'm going to be here," she thought. As she lay there, with cum leaking out of her pussy and running down her leg, she thought to herself, "I hope the guys tonight are as rough with me as Tommy just was." She smiled and sighed deeply, enjoying the feeling of being freshly fucked.


Gang Bang Nympho Ch. 2

group Jamie Ralph Gardner 2018-09-22

As the guys were tying up Larry and Mary, Kathy went to get the camera and a lot of film. Just as the guys got done tying Larry up, a totally nakid Kathy came in the room with the camera and boxes of film. As Paul held the camera, Kathy said, "The first cock that I suck will be of whoever takes of his clothes first!" "I'm waiting now boys. Kathy put down his cock and said, "I love to be called a slut." She looked around and she saw that Louie's friends, except for Paul, now also had all there clothes off. "As I suck Louie's cock, I want to feel your cocks on my body" said Kathy.

Truth or Dare Ch. 01

group davedadog 2018-09-22

As I opened the door I watched them stroll down the hall, Monica taking long exaggerated strides and Chloe looking back at me to share a laugh about it. "So who won?" Chloe asked, and now Monica turned bright red and we both new the answer and burst out laughing. "Ok, Eric's turn, Truth or Dare?" Monica said. Monica looked at me cruelly, "I dare you to kiss Chloe's ass." Monica started laughing and calling me an ass-kisser and Chloe pulled her shorts back up and turned to sit back down but not before catching my eye with a look I had never seen before. I told Chloe I would try harder next time, and she turned and asked "Truth or Dare?"

Dentist Appointment Leads to Wild Sex

group stimac 2018-09-22

Jesus Carol, your cunts soaking he said as he shoved three fingers up my hole, I grabbed his prick as he fingered me, he was rock hard, his bell end was covered in precum as I ran my fingers over it, the dirty fucker spun me round and pushed me towards the wall, he pulled my skirt right up and rammed his knob right up me, I was so wet, my cunt farted as he went in. I was now passed caring and stood up and walked across to the sofa with my skirt round my waist, I climbed on the sofa and stood in front of Ali on the sofa with my legs apart, I grabbed his head and shout lick my fucking cunt, as his tongue went up my hole I squirted immediately, his face was wet with my cum, I looked at.

Turning Twenty Ch. 02

group MareCrisium 2018-09-22

Between the punctuated series of squeals and groans escaping her lips, Cindy's breathing came deep and heavy by the time Mike had finished with her ass and finally worked his tongue back up and into the slick cleft between her legs. Looking down at Mike from where she lay, Cindy watched him delicately rub his shiny tip along the row of toes on her right foot before she leaned her head back, stared up into my eyes and swallowed three inches of what I held close to her mouth. "Lots of guys would love to have their balls and ass teased by young girls with hot little tongues like yours." With that, he pulled his semi-hard shaft out of the way and pressed Cindy's face close to his exposed crack.


Corrupting Vanessa Ch. 03

group M_Sirk 2018-09-22

As Amy continued to kiss Vanessa I slipped my hand under the younger girl's T-shirt and up to her little breasts, feeling her nipples through the thin material of her bra. Barely thinking about what I was doing, my eyes on the two girls, their mouths locked together, I parted Amy's legs and pressed the head of my cock against her pussy. Amy lay with her legs apart, one hand idly fingering her open, now glistening cunt as she watched Vanessa sucking me. About to cum, I moved up to the top of the bed and, taking Amy's head in my hands, her brown hair falling over her face, slid my cock into her mouth.


Addictive Choices Ch. 04

group jay.palin 2018-09-22

They broke their kisses finally and Cam clutched Sherri's upper body to her bosom and looked at me over her shoulder. She whispered something to Sherri about her dress, causing her to pull her arms out of the three-quarter sleeves and nestle completely naked into Cam's caressing hands. Finally, as if knowing better than anyone else what her friend wanted, Cam stood in front of her and bent her forward, so that my strokes into Sherri were now very deep, with each lunge goring her cunt only to be stopped by her cervix. Soon she was nearly parallel to the floor, standing on the rungs of the stool with her fists clutching Cam's dress, which she'd wrenched open to expose the succulent shaven labia which I'd had the pleasure of knowing intimately for a week.


Holiday Party Among Friends

group LadyPleezr 2018-09-22

At that moment, as she started to walk away, I noticed that Lexi was now dancing with Jim and that Vicki was headed toward Mike. Sitting with our respective partners, Vicki and I sat together on one couch while Mike and Lexi sat together on the other, while Melissa sat on the floor to retrieve gifts from under the tree. Each girl also had a small gift wrapped box that they here holding in their hand out in front of them (On their way out Melissa also had a large bowl that contained several more of these gifts, in which she placed under the tree just before they lined up). When they recovered Jim and Melissa kissed briefly, then as she got up he pulled out of Vicki and took his place on the couch, leaving Vicki lying on the floor, panting heavily.


My Wife Pulls a Train in Biker Bar

group DooMyWife2 2018-09-22

My wife only gave me the generalities of it all, the time line of events, the names, (of who she could remember, there were apparently many men she didn't know), but she wouldn't give me the explicit sexual details that I was wanting, and in fact, needed to hear. So now, I am going to tell you the story about what happened to my wife, Brandie, that night, in Strokers biker bar, when she had sex with 29 men, for $50 each, for 15 minutes with her.



group Giselle_Renarde 2018-09-22

"And the whole time I watched you chatting with your girlfriends, all I could imagine was you, Sharmini, and Dulce-Maria in a great big hot tub full of popcorn." I laughed my ass off at the idea of a hot tub full of anything right in the middle of my office, but the more I processed Eddie's insane conception, the hotter it got me. I'd still be digging popcorn out of my red wine as Dulce-Maria came over with a gravy boat full of liquid butter. Dulce-Maria would toss off her heels and sink into the tub to sprinkle me with salt before the two of them bowed their heads and started eating.

Paradiso Ch. 14

group SlyKink 2018-09-22

My dick had gone limp so while Devi and I watched Sara and Liam going at it I gently stroked her clit with my fingers to make sure she was having a good time while I recovered my strength. When Devi took the sensitive lobe into her mouth and I felt her hot breath in my ear and her tongue teasing the sensitive flesh I began pounding away with abandon and in less than two minutes we were both cumming, almost at the same time. I pulled most of the way off his cock, leaving only the head and an inch or two of shaft inside and began stroking the rest with my hand while I teased and tickled the tip with my tongue.


The Office Slut Ch. 09

group Lady Grey 2018-09-22

I was not sure what I would need; Martin had not said anything, so I put in a selection of sexy underwear and four dresses for evenings, as well as a couple of outfits for the daytime. "I like that one," he said thoughtfully, "although I think it would look a lot better without the undies." I smiled to myself as I pulled the dress up over my head and dropped it on the bed. "She is a real beauty, this one," I heard Rose's menacing voice say; then I felt something hard like a stick, rubbing across my breasts and down over my stomach.


Tales of Dirty Old Man Ch. 06

group Andyhm 2018-09-22

"Shush woman," he said, "If this attractive young lady want to help me put a condom on, who am I to say no?" He turned to Simone and kissed her cheek and told her, "Thank you beautiful, I will most certainly call on your assistance when I need it – very soon I hope." I could feel her gently laughing, "Pay no attention to the silly woman." I carried on speaking to her breasts while teasing her areola and nipples with my tongue, "You know I love the way you harden and crinkle as I kiss and suck you, and the way you tell me what she's thinking." "When I met Julia," Mike said,"I fell head over heels in love, and I couldn't imagine anything other than being a traditional married couple.


Corporate Slut

group coolguy2020 2018-09-22

This time he again made me drank it which I do not like but have to make him happy.I loved his cock when it penetrates my pussy and I lost my virginity to that cock too. As soon as they moved out of the room he immedialtely said you can have the business but I need that girl to serve me. He slapped me by saying that and his cock started coming in and out of my mouth. His cock head was pushing against my pussy lips and suddenly it moved in. Shower was running and my tears were mixed up with the flowing water and his cock was fucking my mouth vigoursly.

Well i can say this was an shock in woods run..

group jillywilly60 2018-09-22

I'm in heaven looked over "Joe" was getting double fucked by two black guys or should i say huge black guys, they were ramming hard with cock in his mouth. fucked each of us til he got to me the last one and unloaded a huge warm pulsating pumping i have ever felt and let a moan and everbody rubbing my body except one he was sucking my dick.we all laid there half of boners, the age differece went 25-50 and we did what came to do fuck cum. so i said lets take a shower and you can fuck me, so we went steam everywhere i bent over and he took his cock fucked me for hours, every position, and felt so good besides the other 5 cocks we found.

Rainbow Threesome

group TheDarkRepublican 2018-09-22

So sometime had passed and I started to talk to my wife about having her friend Nikki come over and we could talk about having a threesome just like my wife had wanted. Just as Nikki was starting to really get into it, my wife came over and started in on my cock to, it was like nothing I had ever experienced before in my life. I had my wife lay on the bed I wanted to lick her pussy, and show her how much I really liked the present she had given me. I got up and then had Nikki lay down on the bed and I got my head between her legs too, I wanted to lick this ebony pussy.


group scottish-couple 2018-09-22

Only one "B" and the rest were "C's." Sarah saw that Lizzy was disappointed and spent time up to the 2nd break reviewing her mistakes and teaching the methods on the correct way to study math. Sarah tried to get her composure back and said as a reward for her efforts, Lizzy had free use of the swimming pool and could stay for dinner if she wanted too. When they got out, Lizzy said she wanted to wrestle Sarah like they did after gymnastics practice; it was just for fun. Lizzy knew it was time to remove the bottoms and she wanted Sarah's tongue on her in the worst way. Sarah thought Lizzy looked like a young goddess towering over her subject.